how to enjoy a doctor's waiting room

agnespuffinMay 25, 2012

Yep, had a doctor's appt. this morning. I always get a kick out of checking out the magazines that I would never spend a dime on.

AND looking at the ads for all the new stuff.

This one got me. Now I really know how behind times I am.

Make up. Small bottle. Full page ad.


Upper Eyelid Lifter.

What next????????

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Just had the upper eyelid lifter done. Did not come in a small bottle.

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Do tell more about it, oscarthecat.

DH's dermatologist has a lit display case in his waiting room with how to grow eye lashes products. There are three different products in the line, and they have to be used together. All by prescription.

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Don't know about eye lid lifter, but my husband is on three eye medications and has grown since real long, thick lashes. He told me that some of the technicians use one product sparingly, to get longer lashes. Read that in a different form it can be got on a prescription basis by a dermatologist.

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