Idyll#442 Tranquility of leaves

anitamo(5)May 28, 2009

The title comes from something 'bug and woody were discussing, and it sounds so serene that it stuck in my mind. What would a garden be without leaves? So many textures, colors, sizes and fragrances. Share your favorite leaves. I'll post one soon.

Carry on...

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I haven't been able to upload photos from this season, but here's some from last year to illustrate their tranquility, and to show that flowers aren't always necessary...

Love these different textures and sizes...

Grasses and siberian iris foliage add an airiness to the mix, and in the background, you see the lacy foliage of solidago 'Fireworks.'

Finally, different colors brighten up a shady nook. Hakone grass, hosta, japanese painted fern, bleeding heart, heuchera and off to the right, a touch of 'Jack Frost' brunnera...

I'll have to look for photos of the fragrant ones.

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A quick one this rainy, chilly morning.

Congratulations to V. who's triumphed over the ceiling and has to feel great about it. When are you going to being stencilling the ceiling for a little extra something to do? The wedding date is really sneaking right up on you, isn't it? I had to smile at the notion of celebrating a wedding anniversary on a Friday the 13th., there's something about that that appeals to me. Have you picked a dance tune yet... please don't pick anything too "goopy", OK?

I do know that there are some types of tulips that will return reliably for some years but I have never been particularly enamored of tulips in general, I'm sorry to say. I'm not sure why except that they can have a sort of bloated and gross presence in a garden... I feel rather the same way about overbred dogs... say, Bulldogs or Chinese Crested. I liked your combination of them with Camassia, 'bug. Very pretty, the palette appeals to me. What have you interplanted with them to hide the ripening foliage after the flowers fade? And I will keep in mind the species tulips when the Bulb Nag officially begins, relying on your recommendations to purchase some "good uns".

Anita, I love nice foliage combinations, too. Flowers are fleeting, but good foliage is a joy throughout the season. Nothing is prettier to me that the stand of Osmundas on the southern edge of the compound full growth. I particularly like the last photo you posted above and I really have to address the necessary service pack for my camera! I think I'll have to add some Hakone grass this year, too.

We fired up the woodstove last night to ward off the rainy, raw chill. I made a cake yesterday afternoon preferring the company of Bruce to Kirby. I also picked up some carpet remnants to put under the sewing machine legs to protect the Salon floor. Next feat is to get the machines moved and raised to the height of the benches. Maybe I'll get the helpmeet to assist with that tonight. Maybe not.

OK, I have to get to work. Yesterday was a pleasant day (I need one of those) and today I think I have to replace the tops of two cushions that someone's underexercised, unbeaten, and over-loved dog ate. Speaking of which, I howled at your predicament with your "pit bulls", Julie. Fear not! no one has ever really died of embarrassment and when you have more time to devote to beatings such behaviors will begin to dissipate. Ask me how I know this... . Jerri works with pit bulls and knows well that often their fearsome reputation unfairly handicaps them. Discrimination in whatever guise is unfair and counterproductive.

Now I have to go. Wah.

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Good Morning

I've been in a real funk this week so excuse me if I'm grouchy. I feel the clock ticking louder and louder on our health care benefits and am becoming ever frustrated with adminstration. Jobs I was urged to apply for have never been posted, phone calls are not being returned, information seems to change depending on who I am speaking to, and the person in charge of coordinating benefits has been fired. Argg!! I've never felt so low when it comes to work and am at a loss as to which way to turn.

DH is travelling as ever, and when I called him from work in tears of frustration he was unable to do more than say he was sorry, but just on his way to a meeting. The scenario repeated itself a couple more times during the day as I managed to catch him with people and at a dinner meeting. Groan:0( There have been other disappointments on the homefront too involving absent music teachers that I won't go into. And capping the weekend David had his first lesson on the lawn mower and was so excited with his new skill mowed our neighbors front lawn as a much needed favor (he promised not to accept any money, just an act of neighborliness). We know them well enough that this was appropriate, and are also aware that it is not a chore they enjoy. David was bursting with anticipation to see their response (he did a nice job) but so far there has not been a word. Seeing your children disappointed is always so hard:0(

Well, to turn to something more cheerful I loved the henhouse with the green roof which has me seriously thinking about trying one on a smaller scale. There have also been some glorious spring photos which could lift the spirits of even the grouchiest gardener.

Red Betty now has an international following having been brough indoors for her first appearance on the webcam while Annie and David showed her off to their cousins in Wales. She clucked beguilingly at the camera and won everyone over. The little chicks and one of the quail also had their moment in the spotlight.

The quail are growing feathers and continue to interest and amuse us. I cleaned their cage yesterday and was surprised when I went to lift them out at the ease with which they popped through the wire to hide behind the toilet. It was like watching rats leave a sinking ship. Once everything was ready I showed the first two the way back and the rest followed, scrambling up the sides of the cage and in. I wonder if they leave the cage and party round the powder room when we're not watching?

Have a great day everyone.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So good to catch up with the internationally famous flock. So sorry that the health care "system" is failing everyone. Seems from where I sit that it has been floundering for YEARS.

Chelone I totally agree that "reputation unfairly handicaps " where dogs are concerned. People make assumptions... Our kennel used to breed Rottweilers, and stopped when idiots came by asking to buy their meanest and ugliest. What's with that? A shop in Toronto used to have a Pit Bull that was the laziest old thing...funny too! It used to sleep on the sidewalk next to their front door unleashed. Hardly fit the reputation!

On the baby girl front: Ivy has kept her name for a week now, minus the middle name. DD votes for one middle name, DSIL for a different one. Some day they will agree. DD is willing to cave in, just hasn't found time to discuss it.

Here's the latest: Ms Ivy in ruffles.

Enough pictures Mom!

She is already in training to handsign "toilet" and "milk". If all goes well, she should be signing at 3 months of age.

Gotta go...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, I am sending you good wishes and hugs, and to David also. I think gratitude is becoming a scarce commodity in this age...Do let him know we all think it was a great thing that he did. I wish he was my neighbor. I would shower him with appreciation.
I got a kick out of the quail antics, espacially about your ponderings on their activities when you are not watching. I suspect they would leave evidence of such. :-)
Your distress reminds me of a dear friend in our congregation. She is at the age that brings her to tears very easily. She gets lots of hugs from me. I call her my 'daughter'. ( Her mother and granddmother both passed three years ago.)

Okie doakie, it is cloudy, but not too much of a chance of rain, so I will soon be on my way to town. It has cooled down considerably. A normal thing for the end of May here.

I got almost all of the mowing done yesterday. Only the old garden spot and the old chicken yard left to do. The deer are grazing in the old garden. Lots of hop clover out there...

One less housemouse. Caught in a tarp last night, but I am sure there are more. No more plant damage. I put their containers up on top of the side-by-side out in the utiltyroom over night.

I enjoyed all the lovely pics, both on this new thread ,and on the end of the last one.

TTYAL, Marian

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Thursday already...rain and more rain here.

Anita, you have coneflower blooming already and mine is still in the bud stage. I don't have a white one though, maybe that's the difference. And, no hydrangea blooming here either. Hmmm... Lovely combos. Pretty hosta is so pretty with the Japanese Fern. Your hydrangea will take enough sun to satisfy the coneflower? Hope you will keep posting more photos of your garden.

Marian...I hope you have a 'rain free' day. :-) Sorry to hear that the marauders continue to make off with your hard work.

Miss Ivy is certainly looking sweet in that ruffly outfit and very feminine even without the pink. [g]

Hang in there Mary...maybe there is just a delay in the neighbor's response to David's kindness, I hope so. I can't imagine having my husband traveling and away often. It's hard enough when he is at the office just 20 minutes away when something comes up and I need his support. Talking on the phone always makes a difference for us, but he can take the time to stop his day and spend a half hour on the phone most of the time. It must be so much harder when he can't fit that in. I hope some decision about where the job situation is going can be arrived at soon. The uncertainty creates so much anxiety. When will DH be home again?

Here is another photo of a green roof. I particularly like this one and have it on my desktop. I would love to have this view out my windows. lol I find the light uplifting and the architecture makes me wish to explore up close. But since we are not moving to Switzerland any time soon, then I would like to have a shed with a green roof, maybe with a little more contrasting texture and color then here.

Hardy sedums, insects and birds rule the roof at a hospital in Basel, Switzerland, where foliage is mandatory on new flat roofs. If we steal the ground for a building," says International Green Roof ASsociation director Wolfgang Ansel, we can give it back to nature on the roof."

From Green Roofs Photo by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel

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Hi Everyone! I would like to backtrack if possible and say Happy Birthday to Cindy! I have been trying for a week to figure out how to post a picture using this Mac, and think I have it figured out. Cindy, I took this pic while in DC for Devin's Spring Break a couple of weeks ago, and thought you would like it. Hope all is well with you, and sorry I am so late.

I am traveling with Skip, and it is amazing to me to be able to cruise down the highway at 65 miles an hour and be "connected." (He's driving, not me:) Anyway, I figured that this 12 hour drive would give me a chance to figure out some of the mysteries of a Mac. Now, I think I may just need to take a class at the Mac store. Anyway, since I have conquered the picture upload, let me show you a couple of the babies that I took last week. I have potager pics to follow tommorrow when we get back home.

Here is Nina, Jen's baby sitting at the little table I bought them at Home Goods last year. I don't think I have posted a pic of her before because of my lack of skill.

And here is Charlie Boy, Mr. Cool.It is also a little glimpse of the outside of the potager before we had the fence nailed down. (More to follow when I get home) He leaves these sun glasses on. I could never get my kids to cooperate on something like that. He is very compliant.

Devin is 12 this year, and the little boy who used to jump in front of the camera is gone. I have to chase him around to get any pics now.

Chelone I am going to post my kitchen pics as soon as I get them minimized. I haven't forgotten.

Mary I love your little birds. How cute. A guy I know trains German Wire Hair and German Short Hair dogs and he has tons of quail. He told me that they do everything they can to commit suicide. For example he said that they will huddle together in a corner as a group and the ones on the bottom suffocate. He has hundreds of them.

Bug, you could tell your daughter that she could use both middle names. My sons both have Herman as their third middle name as a symbol of respect to my MIL wishes. It is Skip's first name and his father's too, so we figured if one of the boys had to have it, they both did. On Mikey's Birth Certificate they spelled it Human, and now he has to carry around an affidate stating that it is a misspell. I told him he is certified a human. Either way, Ivy is growing!

Julie I hope your husband is getting better and better. What a scare!

V sounds like you are making headway on the projects. You will have lots done early in the summer and then can sit back and relax and enjoy the rest.

Eden good job on getting the crew out there. Nice to be able to work on a family bonding experience.

Well, Skip is telling me I need to get off the computer so we can go to a rest area. I will check back in with more pics. I will probably make you all sick of them now!


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drema...what adorable grandkids you have. I love that table and will be on the prowl for one. sorry for all the healthcare woes you are going through. I really hope you get an answer soon.

PM...those photos are from last year, I'm having an issue with my downloading of photos from this year. The H. paniculata 'Limelight' can take as much sun as the coneflower, so they combine well.

Ivy is adorable, bug. It's outstanding that she'll be able to sign at such at early age. DD doesn't use diapers during the day?

Off to work.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Ivy wears cloth diapers during the day and night both, but they are usually dry because she is held over the toilet at critical times...and boy...does she ever let you know when that is!

I agree Drema, that table and chair set that Nina is sitting at are adorable. Mr Cool is a cutie too!

Chelone, we had to turn on the heat in the family room as well last night. I had thought we'd seen the end of that for a long while, but no.

Lunch seems to be a good idea soon. Sure miss Sue, but I guess all this baby talk has chased the poor lady away. :(

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

can I post?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Bwaa-haa-haa! My plot to take over the idylls has succeeded.

OK, just kidding. I wasn't going to do an entire post, only to have it rejected by the server issues here, but it looks like I am officially logged in and can blather away.

'bug, you're right about the doggie stereotypes. We used to have neighbors who raised Rottweilers as show dogs. Those dogs were so well-trained and well-behaved that I never had an ounce of fear of them. Respect for their size, yes, but no fear. They also had a miniature poodle, and it was the poodle that was annoying.

I did a quick WALAT sans camera after work, and was amazed at the size some plants have put on in the last three days. A little rain and some cool temps and things are just enormous. There should be a healthy dose of beauty in the yard in two weeks for the post-wedding brunch.

Humor in the modern age - DS created a Google Doc to track wedding responses, addresses, etc., and it has worked quite well as we all can access it from home, work, etc. and keep it updated. This evening, in the brunch response column, I entered "Declined" for myself and DH. Wasn't more than fifteen minutes later that I got a text message - "You can't decline!"

Mary, so sorry that the insurance issues continue to dog you. How frustrating!

Marian, I got a chuckle from your typo on the mouse. I have this visual of you chasing a mouse, trying to throw a tarp over it. I know you caught it in a trap, but it's fun to picture catching it in a tarp!

Anita, your foliage photos are fabu-fabu! Nice combinations.

Drema, well, talk about a drive-by post! The babies are beautiful.

I think I'll post and see if anyone else is out here tonight.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL V. I was hoping nobody noticed that....I have another 'tarp' set, hoping to catch another one tonight.

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I have done my digging chores tonight, have a glass of wine, and as my team is visiting Chicago I am waving at V through the boob tube. Yoo-hoo V , my team is winning. As they often do.

Wanted to send some good vibes to Mary this evening IÂm sorry you are having a rough time with your work situation, and I hope there is a resolution for you soon. ItÂs really unprofessional for supervisors and HR folk to ignore your inquiries. All the salaried folk at my employer today were handed a 5% salary cut effective in two pay periods. IÂve quite frankly been expecting this for months and was not shocked at all by the news. Most of us are really happy that we still have jobs , and 5% is pretty slight compared with other companies in our industry.

Enjoying all the pics, and though these are not leaves , I am seeing daylilies coming into bloom rapidly in my garden. IÂm going to fool around with the camera this weekend and get some leaf pics to post on this thread-

Fairy Fanfare From Garden 2009

Purple Rain From Garden 2009

Some gaudy annuals From Garden 2009

I see you V !

Kathy in Napa

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I hauled about 2/3 of the plants outdoors tonight. DH was in the field picking up rocks. When I arrived on the patio he had a bottle of wine and 2 glasses waiting. It was quite pleasant since it was 82 when I left work.

Kathy, I scrounged around in the garden shed and found some of the purple celosia seeds from 07. I dont think I saved any last year as I had a bunch of volunteers. Id be glad to send you some, email me your address.

There is a Swedish restaurant in Door County WI that has a sod roof with goats that live on it. The picture below is from a garden we went to in Colorado last summer. Notice all the succulents on the roof.

Drema, how fun to see pictures of your grands. The table set is adorable. Charlie sure is quite the dude in the sunglasses.

bug, the ruffles sure are cute on Ivy, even if they arent pink.

Mary, I think you need a break, good grief life has been pretty rough on you lately. I got quite a kick out of Red Bettys webcam appearance.

Anita, lovely foliage shots. Ill have to look for some.


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I made a boo-boo. 'Purple Galaxy' is the correct name for pic 2. I do have 'Purple Rain' but it is still in bud.

Thanks Michelle, mail forthcoming.

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I've very much enjoyed the sod rooves in several of your posts. From a purely technical aspect I'm curious about the framing required to support such a thing and what, if any, provisions must be made to support any necessary drainage. Snow loads can be very heavy, with rain on top of snow being quite dangerous... which makes me wonder about the relative planning required for not only soil, but wet soil. Hmmm.

I send sympathy to Mary who has had more than her share of worry in the past 5 mos.. I am of the opinion that "Human Resources" is basically a waste of payroll and benefits and most people in that field could be replaced by a good, interactive website. I see Mary's present experience lends credence to the notion. I feel the same way about "Social Workers", having encountered exactly ONE in all the years with Mum that was worth her salary. The rest of them? basically paper shufflers with not enough sense to master a trade. There is nothing worse than feeling all alone with such looming worries, either. I remember that feeling well, too. And even though you understand the necessity of solving it yourself it doesn't make the doing and the solitary worry any easier. If you were next door to me I'd invite you over for some wine, some nibbles, and some more whine. You've earned that right! I would be falling all over myself to express gratitude to a generous and industrious young man with a lawn mower. Keep your chin up, I recommend kicking Clousseau roundly. ;)

Drema, the grands look about as cute as snotty-nosed kids can be (consider the source)... does Nina have a tea set to go with that adorable table and chairs? and I love the sunglasses on Charlie... that made me chuckle. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen, too. Reminds me to get crackin' on the bathroom here!

Ivy in red polka dots and ruffles brought a smile to my face, as well, 'bug. I don't think something in pink can be terribly far away, frankly. I have faith in DSIL and the power of a little girl to overcome the anti-pink resolve. ;)

Oh mercy, my solid yankee work ethic is waning daily, you guys. I really don't want to go "there" to work, I want to work here, but on my estate, not on fabric. I'm holding out hope for some sunshsine tomorrow. Does't it figure that the rain settles in just as the Iris and the Poppies are ready to do their thing? I am now convinced that the next round of torrential rain will coincide with the emergence of the Peonies. And now I must leave for another 9 hours.

Ta ta.

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Good Morning, I'm up early because I need to make a nursery run (plant, not baby) this morning before Brad has a squash game at 10am. I'm almost done with the planting, except for a couple of new plant orders I sent out the last couple of days. Gotta keep the "ghetto" stocked you know.

Beautiful babies here to see this morning!

Drema, Nina is cute as she can be and I love her little table set! And Charlie, what a dude! Thanks for giving us a peek at them. I can't believe Dev is 12! Seems he was just a little guy.

Marie, love seeing Ivy in her ruffles. And I also love seeing her little baby feet!

We had breakfast with Jen and Kate yesterday. Seems she's growing noticeably everyday and she's starting to smile and laugh now.

As for Bella, this was Meg's status line on Facebook yesterday... Isabella said, "My mouth is hot." I asked why and she said,"Because it needs some ice cream."

Mary, sorry to hear things are stressful. Hope they turn around for you soon!

Have to run, the clock's ticking.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

More gray, cloudy, rainy this morning. speaking of pot ghettos, too much of this and some of my plugs are almost rotting. I hope to get everything in the ground this weekend, but Saturday morning will be spent at DD's helping her with her deck containers and DH and DS will be helping her set up a new grill.

DS filled up the wheelbarrel w potting soil for me and left it in the garage and I dragged some pots in to fill up this morning. No use waiting for better weather. Small Bluestone Perennials delivery due today. I think that will be the last of my purchases for awhile.

Drema...glad to see you are mastering your Apple. Nina and Charlie Boy are as cute as can be, what with the kitty cat ears on Nina's hood and sunglasses for Charlie. Looking forward to future photos of kitchen and potager too.

Anita...I thought that might be Limelight. I didn't know it took so much sun. Nice way to use the white coneflower. Was it you who said they watch DWTS? If so, I wonder if you also watch SYTYCD?

Kathy, your nasturtiums are really cranking out the blooms.

Michelle, thanks for posting another green roof. Looks like that one has more than just sedum on it.

Hi Eden...hope you will be posting photos of your garden once you have finished planting.

Happy Friday all!

Here is another green roof in New York City. I also wonder about how these actually work out. Especially the flat roof in snowy areas. I've seen them on a pitched roof, which is interesting on a small structure like a shed, because you can view the plant material well.

Some green roofs can be far simpler to create than traditional roof gardens. Volunteers from Cook + Fox installed the New York City architectural firms roof themselves using Green Paks. The polyethylene bags, marketed by St. Louis-based Green Roof Blocks, contain low-maintenance plants and can be laid out with no preparation beyond rolling out a layer of waterproof material that controls drainage and blocks the intrusion of roots into roof structures.

See more photographs from the May 2009 feature story "Green Roofs."
Photograph by Diane Cooke and Len Jenshel

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Chelone, I had lunch a while back with some folks who are involved in green roof installation, and their thoughts were that the Europeans in general have been doing this longer and better than we are doing it, that they can be done quite well and that there are some companies here in the US who are not doing it well. As with many things, when the popularity expands some people jump in who may not be qualified and who do not appreciate the fine points of the process. Proper material selection is key.

Kathy, sob, sniffle, hello! You won.

Off to seize the day.


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Good morning

I put in another call to head of HR yesterday and was assured by her assistant she would call me back. I'm still waiting. I will repeat the procedure again today, being polite but professional as I'm not sure what other options I have. I hate this stuff and will take Chelone's advice and look for a dog to kick.


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Good morning Idylls!

I'm happily packing this morning for a girl's weekend in Maine with SunnyD and a couple of others. Last year we went to Soakology and enjoyed tea while we soaked our feet in large terracotta bowls of infused water (mine was peppermint). Wonder what we'll do for fun this year?

Mary, I'm sorry that you're getting the run around. I will have my fingers and toes crossed for you.

I imagined you building a new coop with a living roof of hens and chicks :)

Michelle's pavillion picture has me dreaming of a structure like that - wonder if I could cover the columns in hypertufa and have a sedum roof? I know just where I'd put it.

I am enjoying all that is posted here and am afraid that I've been lax in saying so. All the babies and gardens and wisteria, too! It's nice to see Drema and now that we know you can post on the fly, we expect to hear from you more :)

See you next week (unless I find myself waiting for my ride later today....)!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - I noticed the tarp trap too and got a good chuckle from the mental image that created!

Mary - what a frustrating time you're having! HR depts always seem to be a PITA! I hope they get their act in gear and do something for you soon.

Lots of cute kid pictures these days....

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Yesterday's log-on problems here puts me woefully behind - o yes, what's new about that, LOL? My constant state....

Chelone -- I sympathize with the concurrent downpours and poppies unfurling -- had that problem this year and many things went soggy... we have to continue to dream and go to the place that helps to pay the bills and re-stock the plant ghetto as Eden says, LOL...

Drema - thanks for the neato birthday shot - never too late! and great to hear from you more regularly w/ all going on in your life -- I am comforted and amused to hear you have a son who's a certified human - what a story... those grands are major cute and cool looking -- what fun you must have with them!

Re the green roofs, I've read that one must indeed make sure one has proper support and drainage both -- it's a definite speciality - I hope our U.S. counterparts study the European methods properly as it would be a good thing to see happen more in this country.

Mary -- sounds like you've got the persistence plan down altho that doesnt make it any easier or less stressful -- I confess I concur in Chelone's opinion re HR departments -- I've never found one that works properly or has any intelligence in it - I've probably now stepped on someone's toes who is in the HR biz, but for most of us, this seems to be more the regular event of no-answers or evasions to important questions when it comes to our jobs and benefits.

I love the toddler stories -- think having a hot mouth is signs of a clever mind, Eden -- it doesnt take long for them to figure us out does it? Ivy is adorable -- I hope everyone just hangs back and enjoys her -- no need to rush her to greatness yet....

Saucy -- enjoy your X weekend!!! You deserve it -- look forward to hearing what exotic treats you guys have in store for yourselves.

Happy Friday all.


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Sneaking in here, just had to comment on Saucy and SunnyD soaking thier feet in bowls of herb infused water while sipping tea. This seems to me to be a very suitable activity for a post garden-tour day , subing a cocktail of course for the tea. I think Chelone needs to scare up some large terra cotta bowls and Saucy needs to get a recipe for herbal infusion.IMHO.

Sneaking back out
Kathy at the awfice

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Wondering how I'll seize this day.... I'll let you know later.

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Kate making friends with her butterfly, even a bit of a smile :)

I've been to the nurseries, both plant and baby, this morning. First dropped off some of the extra zinnia seedlings for Jen and the stopped and bought some more annuals. Now Bella and I are going out to plant a couple of containers.


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I'll seize the day by working, then again tomorrow. Of course, the weather is beautiful...sunny and in upper 70's. I have a night planned in the city (not downtown, a local neighborhood) on Saturday night. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to garden play on Sunday, another delightful day is in store for us.

chelone...I'll race you to the falling peonies. My thought exactly, as soon as they open, the hard rains follow. I hate that, but I staked them last year for the first time, and that definitely helped...A LOT.

PM...I did watch DWTS, and have SYTYCD on DVR, but haven't watched any episodes yet. Is is good? All these initials, I feel like we're talking in some secret code.

Marian...funny about the tarp trap. A regular trap would be more useful. LOL.

saucy...have a great girl's weekend. I'm sure you'll come up with a fun agenda, and if not, just getting away is great. I liked your thoughts for Mary on a coop with a living roof of hens and chicks. Perfect.

Mary...I hope HR gets their act together today and gives you the answers you need. Shame on them for making you wait for what you rightfully deserve to know. Did the neighbors acknowledge David's hard work yet?

I'm struggling right now with chipmunk eradication. They are multiplying fast under my deck and all around the foundation. Their droppings are right outside the back door so Tequila (the dog...not bottle) can't go out there. I'm afraid she'd eat them, no wait, I KNOW she'd eat them. They were here long before I arrived, and aren't doing any harm to the garden, so why harm them? They are tunneling under the cement stoop, or the side of it anyways, and I have seen the young ones going in and out. So there is potentially some hard damage. Any thoughts?

Hi to all! Have a "chipper" day!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi dog lovers, and Chelone too! LOL Nothing brings me out of the woodwork faster than doggy discrimination. We now have a "pit" bull mix. She was a foster who I could not stand to part with. The people who wanted to adopt her were just frightening! Many times dog fighters will use mellow large bread dogs to train fighters on. I've seen a couple in reacue and it's just horrible. The nicer people seemed to be afraid of her. She doesn't have a mean bone in her big 'ole body. Last night I remarked how the cats love walking over her while she is asleep. ;) I can't help but wince when they do it since she could do serious damage if she wanted too.
Julie, I'm sorry you had to experience that ignorance first hand. Your two little guys are far from being pitties anyway. Off my soapbox now. LOL

I love all the spring photos. Even the baby ones aren't too bad! LOL Not much going on here except a LOT of work. Unfortunately mine is at the awfice too Chelone.
Speaking of which, I better get back at it...


P.S. I may be working but I'm dreaming of cotta bowls, herbal infusions, and cocktails! Happy Friday all!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

A damp start to the day here but then it became sunny and warm so we traded the tranquility of leaves for the tranquility of water and a walk by the lake:

Hi Jerri! Trying to find a good home for the pitbull rescues must be tricky indeed!

Kate has a very cute smile.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Speaking of leaves....

"look at your worries like leaves going by in a stream...notice them but then let them continue on downstream and move on."

A nice mental image!

This morning I drove to the nursery to check out clematis supports. I have so many that need staking or obelisks or SOMETHING after torrential rains and winds. I found four old ones from last year which I got, but never enough. And I really wish I could get them all to match. (Fat chance...)

So when I returned home (with some plants that jumped into the back seat) I started playing musical tuteurs, placing taller ones with large vines and little ones with the smaller clematis. I fear I'll be doing this game again next year. Of course I also moved a clematis to a sunnier spot, planted a new one and weeded some too. Never enough of that here either. Woody, the clematis seem healthy on the arbor, but it will be a while until they are in bloom. One early one is blooming now but hard to photograph. All of them need better support.

It has turned into a beautiful day here after a cloudy start.

I'm enjoying Miss Kate and her butterfly. They are so much easier when they begin to smile I think, don't you Eden?

OOPS! DH just drove over the bridge and will catch me on the computer rather than cleaning up dishes...


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Tut tut everybody: How come no one wants to generalize about doggies but HR types don't get the same consideration? Hmmmmm? HMMMMMMM?????

I was an HR professional for thirty years. I stress the word "professional". Not returning phone calls, avoiding issues, being disrespectful, and not knowing your job inside out and backwards is not professional behaviour. I must admit I got my self into hot water more times that I can remember by applying the legislation according to the intent, instead of to the letter. A major problem with most HR stuff is that it is reactive, not proactive. One case in fifty thousand causes a blip and before you can blink twice there is new legslation to stop that from recurring - to the detriment of the other four hundred and ninety nine thousand cases. The best education I ever had was working in the Prime Minister's department (Privy Council of Canada) where the motto was "You simply do not embarass the Prime Minister". This often meant being flexible without breaking the law...and you had better know what the heck you are doing (in both Official Languages at that) when under media scrutiny. Do most HR departments work well? Heck, no. Mindless application of written rules, unwillingness to face scrutiny or criticism or even confrontation, poor training, dreadful workload, beaurocracy or just plain stupidity can destroy anything. I ended up being a policy interpretation officer for 140 HR pros looking after a segment of HR work for a department of 45,000 employees across Canada, and I didn't get there by avoiding the clients. So Mary, hang in there. There must be SOMEONE with their head on straight in this mess.

Off the soapbox. Into the garden.

Day four of rainy and pretty cool weather. Some more cleaning got done, but not much. TCS came home from school at 10 a.m. feeling sick and looking pale, and wanted attention for a good part of the day. By afternoon I was pooped so I went to bed, just getting up now. Any bets that I will be wide awake all night? My garden is growing like crazy now with all the rain. Especially the Hostas, which are humoungous! and very beautiful and green. It is still early for bugs and bunnies to gobble up the lucious plants, and spring green is so beautiful anyway! We are supposed to have nicer weather for the week-end so I hope to enjoy my garden by being in it instead of just looking out the window.

DH is ready for a sit down, green tea for him Chardonnay for me. I sure hope I can get some lovely leaf tranquility shots tomorrow! and soaking one's feet in an herbal terra cotta tub, and sipping away on a cocktail sounds like a definite IU activity. Remember, we are supposed to have a Bloody Mary bar!



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Julie - I had no idea you worked in HR - I'm sure you were wonderful and efficient and diplomatic. I so wish I were dealing with you instead of banging my head against the wall with these folk! I placed this morning's call, was told I could leave my # (did they loose all the other messages?) and could try again this afternoon. I did just that but have yet to speak to anyone. To rub salt into the wound, the letter explaining Cobra which I was promised had been mailed at the beginning of the week has yet to arrive. Wouldn't you think HR staff would have some obligation towards telling the truth? I'll have a hard time not stewing about this over the weekend so forgive me for venting here. I just need to get it out of my system.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, I want to apologize to you. I think what I said to you was not very appropriate....
I have never been in your situation and cannot even imagine what you are going through.
I did have an uncomfortable relationship with my second boss at the discount store that I was bookkeeper for. But it was mostly due to his ignorance of any problems that I had. I just stopped asking him, and figured them out myself.

Our indoor rodent problem has escalated into evidently being a bigger rodent than the little mouse that I caught. I think it was a chipmunk! ( Nolon calls them groundsquirrels, but they are chipmunks...).I found one of the chinese chestnuts, that I had used for 'bait' inside the house, outside the house! So... I commenced looking for any entry big enough for the culprit. I discovered a hole up near the ceiling that I am pretty sure led in and out of the utility room. Nolon has now rectified that situation! Although there is/was a mouse inside too, the other critter would explain the absence of mouse droppings in the usual locations...

Anita, I have a coleus like the one in your first pic on this thread.It is one of my favs. I carried it over winter, and have rooted several cuttings from it. I am it one Deanne sent me??
I saw lots of Japanese ferns at the plant places yesterday, but none of them had sufficient coloring to prompt me to buy one.
As for foliage plants, versus flowers, I love all of the ones that are available now. They are lovely even without flowers.

Marie, I agree about Ivy's just may lead to pink. :-)

I am having the same thought's as Chelone on the plants on roofs. Espacially in areas tha have lots of snowfall.

Drema, Nina and Charlie are very cute.

Kathy, I like your "gaudy annuals".

Eden, I love the pics of smiling Kate.

Woody, what a lovely place to walk. I am thinking it will take a while for Randy to realize that things have changed for him, and the same will probably be true for you, too.
It will be a very new experience or him not to have a job to go to, both for him, and for you. Been there, done that. I hope it will more compatible for the two of you than it is for many couples.

I hate posting pics at the end of a thread...they frequently go unseen...:-(

I did not get much done today with my plants, or other things that needed done. Not one of my better days.
We did have the pleasure of a visit from our Florida friend that was here last May. His 13 year old grandson was with him last year. His brother was with him this year.
I met up with him in walmart yesterday, and told him to come he did. He has cousins by the dozens to visit while here, so I am happy he took time for us.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

See, I just knew there was some HR professional in someone's background, LOL -- apologies for generalizing, Julie -- that often becomes the case and we step on unknown toes -- there is always that rare exception and I bet you were one -- sorry you felt ill (not from IU verbiage) and wisely went to bed.

Mary, is it possible for you to show up in person at the HR dept or is it some distance away? Sometimes that makes it impossible for avoiders to avoid.....

Well, it's pouring here once again... I heard on way home something about records for hte spring having been broken (some record since 1871) - we've had almost 8 inches of rain this month and something like 13 or 14 inches in april and may... I have a bad feeling things are rotting out there... I will attempt repairs tomorrow and hope to get things off the ground... egads, feast or starvation here...

Well, hope all has a quiet weekend.

Gardenbug, it gave me some reassuranc re your issues w/ obelisks - I've been having both the same issues -- finding ones that arent horribly over the top expensive, and finding ones the right size or being able to move in size... it's comforting to hear that you the professional clematic has the same issues, LOL.. let me know if you find any attractive obelisks/tuteurs in bulk!


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Always a pleasure to land at Friday Night International Airport. The flight in was a little bumpy, but once landed the transition was smooth.

My WALAT tonight (after digging) presented to me the tasks of the weekend , and I managed to avert my gaze from the pit-like circumstances inside the house. I always calculate my weekend in hours. I believe the inside is a 4 hour gig. Not sure I can manage this on the last weekend in May with perfect gardening weather. Maybe my strategy should be making sure the area where I am liable to sit for two hours to watch a baseball game is tidy. Apply blinders for the rest of the house.

I am one of the lucky ones I guess; our HR dept is pretty good at my company. I have never had lack of response or bad information. If I recall correctly, we won some kind of an award in the late 90s . Our VP of HR and I have a running joke about whether Human Resources or Purchasing is the most unpopular dept. in the company. Purchasing (that would be me and staff) has been on an intensive PR campaign to improve our image for the last year or so. HR has unfortunately had to spend the last 18 months performing layoffs. No amount of PR can help with that .

Were even V.

That polka-dot ensemble for Ms Ivy was tres chic bug ! Looks like it wont be long before she outgrows it-maybe they need to find one the next size up ? Perhaps in Black and white for a more mature' look, lol.

Marian, glad you found the culprit/plant thief youd think there would be plenty of nice snacking opportunities on your land without having to come and steal your container stuff ! I like my gaudy annuals too- once the Zinnias get going that bed will be pretty loud.

(((Mary))). We can handle the venting just fine here, though we dont always have the answers. I can only say that you are by no means alone in your dilemma. It is just plain ugly out there.

Jerri, nice to see you check in over here ! I know the non-FB folk are glad for a visit from you . Thinking we need to coax Sue to come over too.

bug, do you have account on how many Clems you have ? If all else fails you could build rebar teepees might be pretty cheap.

Julie, I assure you I will not forget the Bloody Mary bar. Maybe your DH would enjoy an herbal infused soak for his feet as he sips the green tea? So how about the pics of the beautiful and humongous Hostas ?

Some leaves from today :

Always one of my fave leaves ... From Garden 2009

Cool Dock From Garden 2009

A nice combo, 'Autumnale' , 'Marguerite' and 'Wildstreak' From Garden 2009

Cotinus From Garden 2009

'Burning Bush' From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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Just wanted to say....beautiful photos, Kathy!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK Kathy, the clematis count is stuck around the 200 mark. (BLUSHING!)That's a lot of rebar too. I'll see how many bamboo stakes remain after I stake the delphiniums. After tonight's rainstorm, perhaps the clematis count is lower. :(

Ivy's outfit is black & white polka dots with burgundy trim. DH bought it a few hours after her birth, in Jasper. The thought is to make it into a shirt when she outgrows the length. However, there are dozens of pink gifts in the wings....

WOW, the rain sure makes weeds grow!

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Confession is good for the soul 'bug ! We support your addiction.

Thanks Eden ...

Kathy in Napa

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anitamo(5) those photos! I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite, because I'd be in trouble.

Marian...are you kidding? You think you have a chipmunk in the house? They are underground nesters, right? So I'm sure they were just scrimmaging around looking for food, but with an outside banquet as lovely and full as yours, why do they have to bother you inside? Same with the mice. By the way, mice and chipmunk droppings look very similar.

Hi jerri. Nice to "see" you.

Eden...another adorable picture of Kate. Love her smile.

bug...200 clematis? Not sure if there's enough rebar out there for you. :)

Looks like everyone will be experiencing great weather this weekend, so make the most of it.


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Good evening

Thank you guys for being so understanding. I really don't mean to be so tedious - having an outlet here really does help when things seem overwhelming.

Cindy - I had just the same thought and was planning the "in person" approach for next week.

Marian - please don't feel you owe an apology as I didn't think anything you've said has been inappropriate. I was touched by your thoughts for David and interest in the quail. Knowing you are all out there means the world.

Rather than dwell on misery this afternoon I took myself off to Staples where I have a $30 coupon from recycling ink cartidges. Spending that sort of "free" money is always fun and I picked out a rather nifty labeller. I can't wait to make neat and tidy labels for all my storage and craft items. Perhaps I'll even label the pantry and kitchen drawers so that there is a fighting chance of things appearing in the same place next time DH and kids unload the dishwasher.

I followed up my Staples shopping with a visit to Target for new undies. Unfortunately they were out of giant lime-green Granny Bloomers but I selected a six-pack of low rise hipsters. I can't remember the last time I bought underwear and cannot wait to replace the oldest survivors with something pretty with intact elastic. As I approach 50 it is hard to find the right balance between comfort and style. Not having inches of waistband appear over the top of my jeans is a definite plus and I think I scored with these.

This evening I brought the chickens (big and little) out to free range in the area around the pool while I barbequed some sausages. It was fun watching them explore a new space. Annie, David and neighbor kept a very careful eye on them as I've read a chickens are unable to swim and sink like a brick in deep water. David made me promise if one ever fell in the pool I wouldn't hesitate to dive in to rescue her. Red Betty was not very friendly to the chicks and aimed a few pecks in their direction. She is definitely the alpha hen and will make her position very clear when the time comes to combine the generations.

We took the cooked sausage, some grilled polenta and a salad the children had made over to our neighbors house where we enjoyed a combined supper together and a lot of laughs. I'm very glad the weekend is here and can't wait to spend some time in the garden tomorrow.

The photos of Kate, Ivy, Drema's grandchildren and gardens are all a real pick-me-up. Thanks for posting and sharing everyone.

I'm heading to bed as I have an early start tomorrow with a 6 AM trip to the market.

Sleep well!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Cindy, sorry you are getting rain again. I woke up to more gray skies this morning but it is supposed to improve soon. It's a wonder you have anything growing.

Eden, that baby Kate, what a way to wake up, happy with the little things in life. Such a sweet expression. Thanks for sharing. :-)

I'm also expecting downpours or extreme heat as soon as the peonies open, just like last year. [g] I think the petals were falling 5 days after opening.

Anita, the new episodes of SYTYCD are pretty good. Haven't seen a superstar yet, but it's early in the auditions. It is funny how long they make the titles now. When I was growing up, there were many one and two word titles, Bonanza, Maverick,

Very pretty leaves, Kathy. the dock and 'Autumnale' are standouts.

Hi Jerri :-)

Lots to do this morning... enjoy your Saturday. :-)

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Because dogs cannot speak for themselves, Julie. Clearly you do not labor under the same handicap! ;) Point well taken however, as any job has intricacies and constraints that present challenges to be daily met. Though unfortunately until I encounter someone possessed of your native skill and commitment to your work I'll retain my (slightly) mitigated disdan for HR and "social work". One's experiences in or with any particular field do color perception, afterall, rightly or wrongly. And sadly, mine are directly in line with what Mary is now suffering. It must irritate you to no end to know how it ought to be done and read things like that. It's how I feel when someone brings a poorly tailored garment to me and I have to straighten out the mess (usually against a steep time constraint). We all have our crosses to bear, huh?

I was perhaps too hopeful last night as I noted a very fuzzy cresent moon in the sky and hoped for some sun today. One of the staked peonies has an errant stalk which has collapsed and the unstaked one will require immediate assistance to regain its full stature. The poppies are still just budded and perhaps I'll be able to provide some staking to help them keep their pretty little chins up. :) We were below average in rainfall, so I shouldn't complain too loudly, it's just that we always want it to be sunny and pleasant on our days off. Cindy, is your soil the heavy clay-y sort that I remember from the Ch'ville area? everything used to turn into a greasy, slippery mess after a lot of steady rain. Bet your mushrooms look spectacular, though!

Kathy, I loved the pics of the leaves. I have the beginnings of an Alchemilla mollis ranch out back. It's EVERYWHERE and even worse, it's all budded up. If I don't deadhead and yank a lot of it shortly I'll be completely over-run with it. I think the leaves are some of the prettiest, too. But I kept returning to Cool Doc, the veining is really, really cool! Living in "make believe land" certainly does present challenges with respect to housework, no rainy days. I'd be in really big trouble and applaud the application of a blinkered hood to focus your attention on the baseball game.

I confess I blew right by Marian's typo but the mental image of her stalking rodents with a tarp did elicit a giggle, V.. Our home is pretty "tight" so the only rodents that gain access are escapees from the jaws of felines. Some years ago one brought in a very lively chippie and it took me an hour/so to herd it toward the slider and out onto the deck. Watching him cruise across the floor to seek refuge under the TV stand is funnier in hindsight than it was at the time. Good that Nolon was right on top of sealing off the secret entrance or you'd have to get another Corolla to display your containers. ;)

Yes, it is nice to have Jerri drop by. It's not easy being the only voice of reason with respect to the latest crop of children. I see Sue has been completely overwhelmed and has hoisted the white flag of surrender in that regard. :)

I wonder what Saucy and Sunny D's feet will marinate in today? Sounds downright luxurious. Maybe we'll be able to come up with something similar, followed by some grass therapy on barefeet.

One machine has been officially relocated to the Salon (only 5 more to go!). I moved the head yesterday afternoon (about 75 lbs.) and the helpmeet and I moved the bench last night. He cut the blocks that raised the stand level with the benches and I stapled the carpet to the bottom of the slides so the machine can be repositioned without destroying the floor. My newest machine is the heaviest and we may try to get that one moved tonight; am thinking about putting that one on casters, too. I need to put the melamine edgeing on the benches soon and look into a couple of extensions that will afix to the machine stands to improve tabling. I found a site that caters to manufacturing facilities and carries a nice assortment of accessories to modify stock machine stands for great efficiency.

Having lived with birds for many years I am surprised at how stupid poultry can be. It's definitely not the case with hookbills which are very, very intelligent. The mental image of Mary's quail exploring the powder room in her absence made me smile. They must be growing even faster than Kate and Ivy! Here's hopin' your knicker shopping junket and weekend devoted to gardening provides a respite from the daily frustrations you're currently experiencing. Perhaps a JID (Julie in Disguise) will appear before you on Monday to assist your transition and alleviate some of the worry surrounding "insurance".

Even I am able to see visible differences in Kate and Ivy since their introductions to our world, and that's really sayin' something. They don't look nearly so pickled. Though Kate definitley looks tickled by her butterfly. And Ivy looks nicely displayed against the burgundy plush background. :)

On tuteurs and trellising, so often they are just too small! esp. the former. I have a metal one that supports a Clematis integrifolia and it's completely inadequate for the job. 200 clematis, 'bug?! that's a lot of vines. And even more rebar. How do you manage to keep track of them all?

I have to get some laundry started and come up with a plan to kill some time until the ground has had a chance to soak up the latest drenching. Melamine edgeing? dog beating? balance my checking account and pay some bills?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The "plan" for today was supposed to be like this:
*gardening (staking & weeding)
*cat box duty
*garbage to transfer station
*knit shop to return a pattern
*prepare dinner
*edit submission that DH is preparing for ministry
*personal computer time, investigate flights to Manchester NH airport

When I looked out the window I noticed flat peonies and a rabbit. This already colors my view of task #1. Le grand sigh... Also, somehow there is no garden string to be found. I suspect it got filched by "someone" for a different task (and of course not replaced). I made the mistake of looking at the weather forecast for the week. Lots of nights in the 35F zone...meaning it could well freeze at our place. YARG!

Maybe breakfast will replace the tasks and I can rethink all this...

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Kathy, great foliage! I saw that dock at Denver Botanical Gardens and though it was quite cool. I did search for seeds but never got around to ordering.

Eden, that Bella is a smart one LOL Those first baby smiles are so precious.

I really must get going, 9:00 and I should be outdoors. We have a dinner invite tonight at the lake so we must leave home by 5 and there's much to do.

Peony caging is first on the list along with possibly container planting.


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Good morning to my imaginary friends !

I went out to pick up the newspaper while coffee was brewing this morning and ended up deadheading for a half hour- funny how that happens . Consideration must be given for the siteing of my new stash from Digging Dog naturally this issue was not on the front burner when ordering the stuff. I have a couple of areas that are in need of revision-tired plants, tired groupings and that seems like a good place to start.

Mary has reminded me that I still have labeling chores in the garden too-my markers fade over the winter and many have to be re-done in the spring. I use various types of pens but have yet to find one that is truly permanent. This will be my Mary Job this weekend.

Chelone, I dont have traveling Alchimella, -it edges one of my beds and I am fairly diligent about deadheading when the flowers start to fade. I lold at the vision of Marian heading off to the car lot to get another Corolla for hiding plants from her marauders.

Ok, I need to high-tail it over to the garden center for a couple more Lantana - best to avoid that place on a weekend afternoon, the crowds are vast.

Buds have been seen on the Dahlias !

Wave to all---Yooo-Hooo to Martie , and how nice it would be if Babs and Ei dropped in for a visit this spring. And where did Honey go ?

Kathy in Napa

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3 loads of laundry washed and hung up to dry.
Chocolate-almond tapioca is cooling.
Galley has been sanitized for our protection.
Bills paid and posted.
Banking accomplished.

Still wet outside, but the sun is out and the sky is very blue, with lots of fast-moving clouds, so there are some intermittant cloudy spells. It's beautiful but needs some more time to dry out before any mowing can occur.

Should I:
1.) finish planting the northern windowboxes
2.) apply melamine edgeing
3.) WALAT with canine and feline escort and organize the chores to be done (could accomplish some "ball" and some obedience work at the same time)
4.) Play with the machine in the Salon and list those projects while listening to Aretha Franklin's greatest hits


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I was well into typing a nice newsy post...when the power flicked off! I was extremely frustrated, and worked it off pretty well outside. I will attempt it again this afternoon...the posting, that is.


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you forgot to add :

5. Work on getting camera issue resolved .:-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, I now have been to the dump, acquired garden twine and a few groceries, also returned a library book and a knitting pattern. The sun is still shining and now DH wants lunch... Haven't really started on my list yet. :(

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Thanks for reminding me.

Windowboxes planted.
All but Sanitary Ridge mown.
One half of deck canopy has been successfully scrubbed and now it's time for the other.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Oh Mary, vent away. Chelone is right, it absolutely drives me bananas when people who are supposed to be providing a service simply don't bother. Geeze Louise, I hate this!! (o.k., my vent is over too).

Just to blow my own horn a little, I did receive many kudos during my career, and won an Award of Excellence for provision of service in the previously mentioned large department. But I was not sorry to bid the whole thing adieu when TCS arrived...

We too finally have some sun after a week of drizzle. DS came over and mowed the lawn for us. A neighbour dropped off a bottle of wine as a thank you for silly DH who got up at 4:30 a.m. yesterday to drive said neighbour into the city for surgery to be performed at 6:30 on Friday. Sat at the computer and did the bill-paying thing too, and have thought about weeding or staking my half drowned half frozen tomato plants.

The thing is over the thing though, so I could just crack open the Shiraz and WALAT, or SALAT. Or I could walk the doggies. Never a shortage of stuff to do is there?

I could never live in Vancouver B.C., where they celebrate Canada's Rain Festival from January 1 to Dec. 31 each year. I get really snippy in dreary weather. Unless, of course, I have unsnippy company like you folks to keep me smiling!

The red dock is thriving here too, as is the Lady's Mantle. I was thinking that could be my tranquil leaves, but you beat me to it Kathy. So now that I have batteries in the camera, Hosta it will be. So that's what I'll do now, go outside and take a few shots of them. I will also include the light bulb - everyone who has seen the evidence is appalled....

Happy Saturday to you all!



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I just had one of those 'dope slap' moments.... Misty and I were returning to the back yard via the south alley. I was scanning for weeds as we went... I saw some strappy foliage in the middle of a potentilla shrub. Across the path are some ditch daylilies that I allow to remain because they look great with the neighbour's Jackmani clematis when it blooms - but I constantly have to rip out errant runners. So my first thought was '#$@! daylilies' Then I thought the foliage was too big for a daylily runner. But there was nothing in that spot that would legitimately have strappy foliage. I had a fleeting thought that 5-6+ years ago I had planted a foxtail lily near that spot but never saw hide nor hair of it again; I briefly thought 'Could it be...?' but immediately thought 'Nah... it must be a very vigorous daylily shoot'. So I yanked it... You guessed it... up came that starfish root! I've stuffed it back in place but I doubt it will make it. Are foxtail liles known to go dormant for so long and return at random like that?!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well DH is horizontal and snoring. I guess helping me stake 3 clematis is exhausting work....

I have mowed half the property and need to refill the tank before continuing. I also need to prepare for a meeting tomorrow and finish preparing pasta for a cold salad for dinner.

Tomorrow I'm pushing for celebrating our anniversary. 40 +1 years. Many ups, many downs along the way. After HIS meeting, maybe we can go to a nursery? I need something. Today was the first day I cried for Reed. It's a rotten day.

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Crying is a good way to turn a rotten day into an OK one. Tears for a life that was cruelly short are good! and tomorrow will be a much better day that today is.


I know nothing about Foxtail lilies. Sounds interesting, though.

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2pm beer and waiting for shade to hit the area where I have finally decided to plant out the Nicotiana langsdorfii that I grew from seed and are still languishing in thier cell pack. Also watching Vs team beat my team.

I would love to have some foxtail lilies Woody, but I am afraid they are far too large for my space challenged garden. I read up on them a bit in my Western Garden book, and there were warnings about planting depth, rough handling (!!) and various scenarios involving either wet or dry soil. Winter chill was mentioned and you surely have no shortage of that ! They sound decidedly particular.

Feel better bug !

More leaves

This Pelargonium is new this year. From Garden 2009

Yarrow From Garden 2009

Lace cap Hydrangea From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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As ususal the variEgated leaves caught my attention, Kathy. I am a sucker for them. And I particularly like "blue" and glaucus foliage. Try as I might I just can't quite get into the chartreuse-y/gold stuff. I have some of it around here, but in small amounts... and have yet to truly embrace an evergreen called, "Yellow Ribbon".

Yesterday was one of those disjointed gardening days. You know, when you do a bunch of little things that collectively don't really seem to make a very big difference (but need to be done) and leave you feeling sort of unfulfilled. I have another day of that ahead of me, I think. It's all necessary, but not always that much fun. I think I'll focus on finishing up the daylilies today.

If I had the waterproofing for the deck canopy I'd do that and put it up. But that will have to wait for mid-week. I also have to restitch a small area of the valence binding that's come undone. And there is a tear in one of the lower corners of the largest screen panel that requires attention. It's really nice to have a place to get that done easily. Today I have to get some new bolts for the sewing chairs. I discovered that the present bolts had been scored on the ends (making it impossible to reuse them) when I adjusted the seat height for the new benches. I've oiled the machine and cleaned it up but haven't really sat down behind it for anything meaningful, but I can already tell that the new tabling and set up is going to work slick. I'm gratified because I've spent a lot of time working in so-so shops "making do" and have really stuck to my guns about what I wanted for this one.

'bug, I made a trip to a favorite nursery the day of Reed's memorial service and returned with Juniperus procumbens "Nana", and a couple of Azaeleas. They are coming nicely into bloom now and I will get a picture of them today. I think of Reed and YOU every time I look at the area and think of the order that's been brought to a formerly very disrupted and messy area. Sometimes it takes a very long time and much thought to bring some semblance of order and grace to something so overwhelmingly ugly. Hang tough and remember why we have dogs. ;)

Julie, Mum was a very precise and measured sort of woman. She rarely swore and only occasionally used "slang" expressions and then usually in a humorous context. But she was very principled when it came to good manners and was very good at diffusing uncomfortable situations. You strike me as that sort of person, too. So, it doesn't surprise me in the least to note that you were recognized for the time, thought, and effort you put into your position. I'm certain you look back on those years with a great deal of pride, rightly so! When I was in Jr. High there was a popular expression used by the "radicals" that questioned Viet Nam, pollution, and women's rights. It was, "Give a damn" and surprisingly Mum really liked it. Caring about things in general and what we do for a living brings meaning and depth to our lives, doesn't it?

Marian ought to be back in force with even more news following the loss of her newsy post yesterday. ;) I wonder how many rodents were circling the perimeter of her home in the dark wondering how they were going to get back in to their larders... .

Saucy's feet must be very "prune-like" this morning. Bet they smell good, too.

I've been reading with interest the antics of Mary's flock. Never ceases to amaze me how easily animals sort out their problems and establish comfortable lives for themselves. Would that we were to accomplish the same thing as easily! I have no trouble envisioning you in the pool returning Red Betty to the safety of the pool deck. In your lime green "drawers", of course. How does Clousseau respond to them? have you "introduced" them? I would be nervous about Rex with the little ones, but he'd likely leave a mature hens alone once he understood he was to "leave it". It's nice to have family and home to turn to when the worries set in.

I was thinking about Randy and his retirement. I'm not sure how long it would take for it to "sink in" that there was no more going to "my job". I always figured I'd keep working until I couldn't any more, so "retirement" has never been part of my plan, lol. I've been diligently moving toward working less and doing the work on my own terms for years now. It must be nice to have the man you like best around more. I would like that. Something tells me that you and Randy have many "outside" interests and the liklihood he'll be "following you around" all day is small. :) How are the New Dawn swags coming along? and how has the Dogwood worked for you (I love our's)?

Hope Deanne pops in today, too. ;)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A gorgeous sunny day is on tap here and I believe Doug and I are going to get in the car and go for a road trip.

We had a great day and evening yesterday with the CT gardeners coming up for a garden tour and al fresco dining. The highlight of the day, however, was the trip to Loews for Caladium. There truly is nothing like plant shopping with fellow plant nutballs. It all started when Sue and Monique saw the new large hanging basket I just finished. Sue immediately questioned me, "Where did you get those Caladium?" I just smiled and told her Loews. next question, "How far is it from here" to which I replied, "Just a few miles, want to go?" And off we went in the Suburban looking for Caladium. We found a few but somehow the three of us filled the back of the UAV. Monique found a Patio Peach tree shed been looking for for the amazing price of $25. and Sue found a Rhododendron for the same price. They headed back to CT with Sues car stuffed with plants. Almost too much fun.

Im loving all the fabulous photos and the title of this thread. Im a flower girl but also love beautiful textures and colors of foliage. Here is a contribution from my gardens.

Mary, Im so sorry you are sill getting such a run around from the HR people. Id be frothing at the mouth. Health insurance is critical and especially so with Davids injury. Hope it all gets resolved soon.

((((Bug))))) Sometimes tears can help.

Im loving all the photos and discussions of Green Roofs. I can just visualize Marys chickens having a garden wonder on their coop roof.

Kathy, I have Burning Bush and love it. Its one of those Coleus I dont want to be without. That combo with Fuchsia Autumnal is gorgeous.

Cindy, surely hope it dries out for you soon.

OK time to get moving here, waving a big hello to everyone. Have a great day!

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I really like that vignette, Deanne.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)


I'm not sure how long it'll take for retirement to seem real to Randy. He was saying this morning that he's sleeping much better and feeling more energetic - so I don't think it's going to be too hard of an adjustment:-) His job has already been filled so he has no reason to worry that anyone else is getting overworked by having to cover for his absence.

In our 30s, vague retirement plans involved a lot of travelling. Once my health problems reared their heads, travelling dropped off the list. We may try to take the train to Montreal at some point and see how that goes. One of the things we've always wanted to do is take the cross-counitry train trip, through the Rockies, to Vancouver. If I can manage a train trip to Montreal, we might venture further by train.

Randy is definitely not the type to 'follow me around' all day, but he does need to develop more 'outside interests'. He'll likely be getting a fancy new camera to play with and perhaps take some related courses. For winter we'll probably both be taking courses of some sort. Randy is thinking of perhaps refreshing his French, or taking Italian. He likes to cook too so we have to work on figuring out how to share the kitchen fairly :-) On his 'to do' list is try out a new recipe each week! I picked the recipe last week; his turn this week... Eating healthier and exercising more are also on his list - he's out walking at the moment.... And there are a long list of house issues (painting, de-cluttering, etc.) to go through - good winter tasks.... On the whole, while we'll both have to adjust our approach to tasks, I think we'll get along quite well in retirement. Staying active and busy - physically, mentally and creatively - is key to a successful retirement I think so making sure we do that is our 'job' for the forseeable future.

The New Dawn swags are coming along nicely. When it blooms,I'll try to get some good shots to post. When we were in Toronto last week we stopped at Balfour's (a good used-book store...) and I was looking at a book on climbing roses. I liked the author's approach - he said 'much nonsense has been written about pruning roses' and that more roses have been killed by over-pruning than not pruning. Other than removing older/dead canes or ones that go out of desired bounds, he didn't seem to be really advocating any finicky pruning. I'm not sure who he is/what his 'authority' is but I immediately adopted his attitude! I am no longer worried about the tangle of canes on the arbour and will just tie any in reach onto the chains, cut off any heading into the neighbours shrubs or any that die and leave the rest alone!

The dogwood put on a nice show and I hope it will continue to do so in future years and not succumb to any nasty diseases that I gather the native ones are prone to!

We are long overdue for some pictures of your new workspace Chelone!

Deanne - nice leaves there! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun and supported the horticultural industry well in these diffcult ffinancial times :-)

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Popping in with a warning. I was just contacted on FB chat by 'Jerri'. The person, posing as Jerri, said that they were stuck in north London England, had been robbed at gunpoint. All money etc gone and wanted me to send $500 to help them pay their 'ticket fee' so they could get back home.

I've not read here for awhile and have no idea if Jerri really is out of the country, but this didn't sound right (why would Jerri ask me for money). I asked the person where they knew me from a couple of times, they finally responded with "HS". So not true.

I wrote a warning on my FB page.....and when I tried to write a warning on Jerri's page, she (they) removed me as a friend.

Just wanted to warn all the Idylls that use FB.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I'm safe and sound at home! Geesh, I can't believe someone would pick my name to try and cheat people. I did check that my account wasn't hacked and changed my pw just to be safe. I'm so sorry T. There's enough drama in life without this kind of stuff!

Jerri (or is it??) J/K LOL

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

lol Jerri

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:) Glad you are home and safe Jerri! The person came up in chat with your picture, your name and your last status post below your name. All legitimate and exactly as chat always has been before. I found the person's wording a bit off. They saw my status note and that is when they removed me from your friends' list.

Drama in my little town life. ;^)

T. (who didn't have $500 extra to wire to Jerri when she was in one of her darkest hours).

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Just for the record, our Tim was notified by facebook that his account had been hacked. They said there were 'only' about 250 that had been. He immediately closed out that account, and started another with a new password. He had been using the same password on other accounts! So, he changed all his passwords. This was only about 3 weeks ago.
Most of my accounts have differant passwords.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Back from the meeting & nursery with a few things. Nothing as grand as Monique, Sue & Deanne's expedition. But I did pick up a couple of meconopsis to enjoy for as long as they last. Last time it was 2-3 years. I found more european ginger and the agastache rupestris I was hunting for. Surprise too! One of DD's friends is working there and we were astonished to be able to catch up with each other. DD used to live in the same house with her in grad school.

We have a friend who sent us an apology because someone was sending around pleas for money so they could return from their trip from England. So the story and technique have been used before Jerri. Seems to be in line with the Nigeria scams of yore.

Too cold out there to work in the garden now, so here are a few photos from a couple of days ago. Enjoy!

Clematis Markham's Pink:

DH took this picture which I found when I added my flower pics to my files. She looks guilty I think!!!

Must prepare a meal for dinner now. Thanks for all the support.

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Here is a shot of the bench base before the top was afixed. I can add a shelf below for storage if I'd like:

And one of the 4" total locking casters (I believe the helpmeet ordered plugs to cover the bolts):

The 3 benches configured for a large layout:

I am able to roll them around with pretty much one hand. That makes nestling them around a machine to support large, heavy pieces of work very easy.

And these are the Azaeleas purchased the weekend of Reed's memorial. I had no idea the color would turn out to be so significant (I took these this very morning!):

I have many more pictures but am not really up to speed on managing them very well, need to work on that! I had just finished the daylily relocation project when it began to rain. I gathered up the deck canopy, hustled it into the bahn and came inside for a shower and some chow. BIL helped me with the camera stuff and my pea brain is still swimming, lol. I had 236 pictures on the memory card.

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Another windy day here. We need rain and I'm just plain sick of the wind. This has been a weird spring. Its been quite warm the last week compared to the 60's we had before that. I want some 70's.

I've not planted my containers, I think I'm discouraged by the wind. All the plants are outdoors at least.

Deanne, your foliage shot is so perfect. Everything looks so pristine.

Wow, Chelone the tables are wonderful and will be so handy I'm sure.

(('bug) Tears are usually helpful.

Woody, it sounds like the retirement is quite well thought out with lots to keep Randy occupied. It would be nice if the train travel worked out for you.

One day I decided that I was sick of watering this amaryllis and thought I'd dump it. When I picked it up I was surprised to see a flower stalk emerging.

A few foliage shots:

This was from last year. I thought I lost the 'Black Scallop' but it is slowly returning.

This eupatorium 'Prairie Jewel' was a new plant last year. I was suprised how bright the new foliage is. It becomes white and green variegated.

A few shots from the garden:

Later friends

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Well hot damn, some pics from the Compound ! Chelone those tables look terrific ! How much do you suppose each one weighs ? They are an excellent size for a particularly vast Bloody Mary Bar with the brake on of course.
I am down to one measly Azalea which I have not seen a bloom from in at least 3
years. I dont even remember what color it is Maybe I ought to give it the heave ho. I always like that bright pink color; it is especially welcome as Azaleas bloom very early here, often during some of our more dreary months. I noted Rex lurking in the background (though I suppose it is difficult for anything of his size to lurk, lol.)

Deanne, great foliage combo- is that Huechera Green Spice ? Its my favorite, but mine is living under a Hydrangea that has finally hidden it from view. Im going to rescue it when I get one of my new planting areas ready. Beautiful Hosta too !

Woody, I have always enjoyed train travel, its too bad nice rail routes are so few and far between.

Lol bug, she DOES look guilty !

A few more leaves From Garden 2009 From Garden 2009 From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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Michelle and I were 'duo-posting' ---great shots Michelle ! I always enjoy seeing your garden. What is that pinkish spike fowered plant in the last shot ? I've stared and stared to no avail.

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Michelle - what's the name of those irises - very pretty! I'm guessing the pink spires are gasplant?

Chelone - I want your workspace! Very nice arrangement. I'd love to be able to finish the basement here and make a nice large workspace down there.

Very cute Phoebe picture there - not too outrageously guilt-looking :-)

Blue was here today and will be a day guest the rest of the week. Randy will get some nice exercise walking over to pick him up each day and Blue will get some much-needed exercise walking back with him. Next week Blue'll be here for the whole week when his 'mommy' goes to Scotland to meet up with his 'daddy' who is there this week as well. ('Mommy' is not too happy that she couldn't be there this week - and the previous several when 'daddy' was in Denmark - as well.)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Lovely salmon for dinner with a nice salad. Now Im putting my feet up and enjoying a beverage.

Woody, Im looking forward to seeing the pics of the New Dawn swags.

Bug, great pics! Love that hosta!

Chelone, your benches are fabulous! Wonderful!

Michelle, I just love your blue grass. Ive hoiked mine as they heave out of the ground over winter and in general never look as good as yours. Thats beautiful with the Black Scallop!

Kathy, that Heuchera is Beauty Color ~~ More lovely pics. Is that center one your bamboo?

Nite all

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Shoooie! Kathy, I think your temps have got here. The high was 91F, and now at sunset it is still 79. I am not ready for this....

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Shooie! LOL Marian. I like that one.

Great pictures here on Idylls tonight.

Chelone, I love the tables. They're great. Why do I picture some sort of Idyll races across the Salon on them after you all have your Bloody Marys?

Woody, Randy's retirement sounds like it will be great for you both. Brad has lots of hobbies but since he's not been working this last month he still is somehow able to get underfoot from time to time and I have to admit I'm looking forward to getting back my regularly scheduled life someday hopefully

Kathy, I think thats a dictamus that you asked about in Michelle's photo. I'm surprised hers is blooming already. Mine's just budding up.

Heuchera Beauty of Color is one of the few plants I have multiples of in my garden. One of my favorites!

Michelle, I always love seeing pictures of your gardens. Love that eupatorium. I'm going to borrow that blue grass, black scallop combo if you don't mind...

Marie, hope today was better for you. I think tears are all part of the process and are a good thing. I keep you in my thoughts :)

Brad started painting the conservatory purple today. Pictures when he's finished.

Good evening to all,


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Beauty of Color goes on the list-I have never found my 'Green Spice' again anywhere, and they look quite similar, so this is an option.

Marian, My 90's temps moved east (to your house!) it has not gotten above 75 this weekend here.

Yes Deanne, I actually have 4 Bamboos all in pots , my Black Bamboo is my fave (Phyllostachys nigra) and the one in the pic was not lableled , but my BILs had it when they lived in Mendocino and it stayed about 4ft tall by 5 or 6 wide. They were close to frost free there.

Woody, I don't think I recall Blue? What sort of canine is he ? Maybe we need a pic ?

Kathy in Napa

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Woody, please extend my congratulations to Randy on his retirement. What a milestone. I like the weekly recipe idea too. I've been on a vegetable roasting kick lately. Cauliflower never tasted so good.

In honor of the well-chosen title, more leaves:

Begonia grandis with the satiny leaf:

Phlomis italica:

Kohuhu, "golfball" pittosporums anchor the big, blue Agave americana:

A native fern, Cheilanthes sinuata. Don't know why this photo won't resize smaller:

Hoping this week brings the perfect convergence of weather and opportunity for everyone's plans. G'night.


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Good evening

DH arrived home this weekend tired and with a cold. We've had one of those bumpy re-entries. DH was none to pleased to find chicken free-ranging around the pool, told me the quail smelled, was appalled I'd bought David a bee bee gun at a garage sale and thought letting him ride the lawn-mower totally irresponsible. Groan:0( A little humor improved the situation but I sometimes wonder if he would prefer a wife who kept a spotless house, watched TV and manicured her nails. But where would the fun be in that?


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Kathy, as Woody mentioned gas plant - dictamnus. They are very slow growers and hard to find locally. I have three that are finally start to look like something. There's a house in town that we went past just tonight that has a huge stand of it - it inspired me to find some for my garden. Cool bamboo!

Woody, the iris were pass alongs and I don't know the name. I like the minitures and have them in several colors.

Eden, copy away - I'm honored. My 3 gas plants are all in different areas and this one is the furthest along. I find that interesting in the garden. I really noticed it this spring with japanese painted ferns. One was fully leafed out while another was just barely breaking ground.

Denise, you do foliage so well! The last shot looks like an underwater scene with the blue fence. How big is that agave anyway?

Good night

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Did I beat Chelone this morning? Sleep eludes me today. I am busy worrying about all ther garden tasks ahead and the predicted rain before noon in the forecast.

I really admire the work tables in the salon. They are exactly as I imagined too! The way they fit together is just that one step beyond my thinking though, and I would have regretted my mistake very quickly.

Mary, re-entry is always difficult for me. Although it sounds discouraging, I admit to smiling in sympathy. Your image of the fastidious TV watching housewife is a riot. What a bore! I hope DH is out there photographing chicken and quail portraits soon.

Another Dictamnus lover here,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mary, you reminded me of these lyrics from Little Shop of Horrors...

Well, if not, he's got inner beauty
And I dream of a place
Where we could be together at last

A matchbox of our own
A fence of real chain link,
A grill out on the patio
Disposal in the sink
A washer and a dryer and an ironing machine
In a tract house that we share
Somewhere that's green.

He rakes and trims the grass
He loves to mow and weed
I cook like Betty Crocker
And I look like Donna Reed
There's plastic on the furniture
To keep it neat and clean
In the Pine-Sol scented air
Somewhere that's green

Between our frozen dinner
And our bedtime, nine-fifteen
We snuggle watchin' Lucy
On our big, enormous twelve-inch screen

I'm his December Bride
He's Father, he Knows Best
Our kids watch Howdy Doody
As the sun sets in the west
A picture out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine

Far from Skid Row
I dream we'll go
somewhere that's green.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Monday morning again. We had a 50/50 weekend. Saturday was fairly awful. One of those days where nothing goes right from the minute you put your foot on the floor. But Sunday was nice. The sun finally showed itself and we managed to be productive all day but never made it to the library and fines will follow. DH's back is feeling much better, but he is still being very careful. He was able to drive to the store to pick up bags of mulch and they loaded them in the car and DS unloaded at home. So I am leveling an area of the veggie garden a bit before mulching. Another few containers were filled and have a few more to go and we put a dent in the plant ghetto. All the lettuce is eaten and Bok Choy is next.

DD has a new grill that DS helped her put together on Saturday. First try, the hood was dented and had to be returned, then the gas depot was out of gas. With perseverance she was able to grill her first meal on it Saturday night. She was so excited Sunday morning and loves her new grill, has plants in her window box, and had more company Sunday night for another chance to use her deck and new grill. Made me happy to hear her happiness and she had DS over for dinner too and he had a great time with some of her friends, so I had double happiness. :-)

Thank you Kathy for revising Chelone's Saturday list. :-) What fabulous tables Chelone! Very impressive! Especially the plan for three tables that fit together and move easily. Pure genius. Is there anything that the pair of you are incapable of doing? [g] Really, I think you could go into business selling those tables. It is going to be a very comfortable, efficient and cheery work space. I am loving all the light colors and the view of the trees.

Kathy, your garden must be amazing this year. What great photos, every plant looking pristine. Such variety of foliage, you must be having a blast.

Deanne...lovely vignette!

Woody, Randy's positive attitude for such a major life change is admirable. It sounds like he is happy to have some time to work at his own goals. Happy for you both.

I like that curly hosta and glad to see Phoebe, Marie.

Michelle...everything is looking great in your garden too. Love the color of your Iris and the black scallop edging is so pretty.

Denise...that last photo is so pretty. I like the textures and colors. Very different looking fern, I like it.

I haven't taken any photos lately, but here's a fun one....

A yellow-billed hornbill rests its beak on the camera hood at the Johannesburg Zoological Gardens, South Africa.
Caption and photo by Daniel Born

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Blue grass and Ajuga "Black Scallop" really packs a wallop, Michelle. Brilliant and lovely! I have the remainder of some Dictamnus that lingers on and continues to tantalize and ultimately disappoint. I can't quite rip it out, though. I am really enjoying the photographs of the Anita encouraged foliage combinations. Love that harlequin tri-color leaf you posted, Kathy.

Cold here last night and very, very windy. But it's supposed to be a lovely day today and should get a bit warmer as the week progresses. The Impatiens and Browallia in the northern windowboxes will appreciate that! And today is the day I'm going to get Sanitary Ridge mown. Not sure what the helpmeet has planned but I would like to see the fencing of his garden addressed as that's to be changed this year and right now it looks sloppy and messy. But he gets to choose what he wants to do on his only day off of the week.

We certainly could have table races, Eden, thanks for pointing that out. Was that the voice of experience speaking? ;)

Here are some "foliage" pictures from about 3 wks. ago.
Blue Star juniper and friends:

Emerging ferns, Hosta, and daffodils:

The fern dell on the south side of the Compound:

"Butterflies", next year I hope for more than 5-6 flowers!

I already have another bench/two planned but there is no point in getting the helpmeet's knickers in a twist about it just yet. I find "re-entry" most challenging when one or the other of us has a lot on our mind and is dissatisfied with ourselves. That whole criticism scene wasn't about you at all, Mary (my two cents). Humor is a universial antidote, I think. With that in mind you could point out that free-range poultry will sharpen his immune system to avian flu strains. And how could he smell anything with a cold? ;)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

A lovely 75 degree breezy day is forecast today so Im going to use it to feed the containers and get the new stash planted up. Id gotten the driveway planting area completely cleaned up and it has turned into a pot ghetto again. Id like to get it all taken care of today.

Im hoping the water lilies put on some rapid growth as I dont want to put the large fish outdoors until they have more cover from the GB Heron that took four of my larger fish last spring.

Denise, I almost bought that begonia yesterday but couldnt face trying to winter over yet one more huge plant so I decided not to. I absolutely love all your combinations! Gorgeous!

Eden, I have to agree about that Heuchera, its one of my favorites and I have multiples of it as well. Cant wait to see the purple conservatory!

Kathy, I need to get some bamboo.Notice the word need..

Oh dear Mary, sorry about the grumpy reentry. I cant imagine hed want a Stepford Wife. If he got one hed be bored to tears in no time.

PM your story about DDs new grill and her first meal on her new deck made me smile! Flowers in the window boxes, Lovely!

Lovely pics Chelone, I too love emerging hosta and ferns. ~~ RE table races, If you put air mattresses on the tables and turned them into guest beds imagine where the Idyllers would find themselves in the morning upon awaking? The possibilities are endless. Sniker

OK off to start my day, have a good one everybody!

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I'm back! I just spent an hour with you guys - you are fun and interesting for sure :)

Julie, I didn't say anything, but all my non-Navy time (hmm...and even a bit of Navy time) was spent wearing an HR hat - Staffing/recruiting was my specialty.

Mary, your DH's reentry sounds alot like what goes on around here. I hope he woke up on the right side of the bed today and you all move forward from there :)

GB, your clematis dilema brought back memories of The Climbery from last IU! She had a post for every clematis, some with wooden cutouts of hands and feet (she was working to get them all handed and footed, lol). I don't think your modes of vine travel need to be all the same :)

Everyone's pictures are putting me to garden needs attention, but I keep finding things on the house that need to be done so that I can move forward into gardening season. Today I am tackling the deck. I need to make more leaves this week, and the garage trim still needs to be painted.

I loved/stared at the dictamus, too. I was thinking bear's breeches (another one I want - acanthus, is it?) until I saw the foliage.

I'd better get moving. The computer guy is coming this morning and before I head out to the deck, I need to get the office in a shape that he can work in!

Have a great day, all!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Air mattresses on top of the rolling tables is quite a funny vision, Deanne. A few open windows and gardeners sleeping in the garden might be a very different vacation. lol That was a good one. :-)

Just a thought, no one in our family has ever had to travel routinely, so I have no experience with that but I would guess that the person that is away often could easily feel a bit disconnected from time to time. Hard not to be involved in the day to day and not feel a little surprised when you get home. Hard on the person at home having to make decisions and solve problems alone and then have Monday morning quarter backing when the mate gets home, too. Humor and a few 'together days' hopefully will smooth out lots of wrinkles.

Very pretty Magnolia blossom and that's a lot of ferns there, Chelone! It's nice to see photos of the Compound.

I meant to report that I have had some improvement in my digestive problems finally and tried some solid food yesterday with success, so I'm encouraged. Just spent two enjoyable hours in the garden this morning. Beautiful weather! Pruned the lilac and azaleas, potted up four oclocks, Planted another trio of plants in the pot ghetto, fertilized the rose on the fence and cleaned up the sitting area, while watering a few large shrubs at the base. We've had rain but only in small amounts. I was going to head out to the nursery for a few things, but I think I will wait for the van tomorrow. Oh, and I saw two buds on the new Ville de Lyon Clematis that is not even in the ground yet.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My contributions to the theme of this thread:

A native fern.

Birdsfoot Violet leaves:


And tender Kiwi :

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

The "hecticity" of the day prevents me from a long post -- so drive by it will be --

Wowser - love all these photos - Deanne, you are so the master of foliage and color - I love that spot and the foliage is fantastic. I loved the mention of the plantaholics gathering and enabling session - I hope it happens at IU, LOL.... I suspect I got the same patio peach last year for the same price at Lowes too, aint life wonderful w/ those shopping tips? I managed to have a few succulents hop in my cart at my local Lowes Sat nite... just needed those fillers.

Michelle - for all the wind, your gardens are looking wonderful - I really enjoy seeing them - and those iris are to die for! I had black scallop ajuga die on me in a couple spots (not to come back) but in others it did quite well -- I think it does not like a lot of wet in the winter is what Im guessing from the places I lost it in -- I really like it though and hope it will get healthy for me to place in some other areas as a border.

Geez, I know I've got a lot to comment for others on but gotta get back to work.

We actually had 2 primo gardening days this past weekend (altho more showers, squish squish -- and yep, the mushrooms are thriving and the clay is totally slippery as you recall, Chelone) - but I spent Sunday at the National Gallery w/ a friend for a spanish painting exhibit and yummy Spanish food that is being served for the summer in one of the restaurants in conjunction w/ the exhibit -- it was great fun -- havent done that in a while.

I immediately saw the bunk beds being used for IU in Chelone's fab work tables... I think you should home signage ready for those campers as to which rolling derby bed they get! Maybe Wendy will be available to do some bed rolling....


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A Sea of Foliage Girds Our Garden Round

A sea of foliage girds our garden round,
But not a sea of dull unvaried green,
Sharp contrasts of all colors here are seen;
The light-green graceful tamarinds abound
Amid the mango clumps of green profound,
And palms arise, like pillars gray, between;
And o'er the quiet pools the seemuls lean,
Red-red, and startling like a trumpet's sound.
But nothing can be lovelier than the ranges
Of bamboos to the eastward, when the moon
Looks through their gaps, and the white lotus changes
Into a cup of silver. One might swoon
Drunken with beauty then, or gaze and gaze
On a primeval Eden, in amaze.

by...Toru Dutt (1856 1877)

The above poem was probably inspired by photos such as those on this thread. Excellent examples, all, of the necessity of foliage. Thanks so much for sharing them everyone, one is better than the next. Amazing artists here, that's for sure.

I thought deanne's heucherra was 'Green Spice', too. I only have one, but I think it's become my favorite. It always looks good and grows fast.

DD and I had a hair class today, and got my own hair cut,plus cut DD's, too. Feels so good when those dead ends come off. The sun was shining at 12:00 when class was over, but the second I got into my garden to finishing mulching, the rain came. I did have a carefree garden day yesterday, though, and got a lot of weeding done in the back area. I am finding lots of tent caterpillars everywhere. Crawling on the house (looking to pupate), eating my vernal witch hazel, and landing on my shoulders! ick. It must be a banner year for them, because I never noticed one until last fall. But now that I know what the egg cases look like, I will be on the hunt for them next spring.

chelone...I have to tell you the tables are amazing. The entire salon is so open, and the light colors you've chosen as the decor will make it a soothing place to work.

mary...celone's insight is true regarding when one's mood is sour, and is aimed at a loved one (or not), the problem really is within themselves. Not anything you may have done, just a way to vent our own frustrations or helplessness. So I hope DH is a poultry lover today. :)

PM...glad you're feeling better, and that DH is on the mend too. Love the grill story. Don't you love it when your kids spend time together? It always makes me smile inside.

Hope the Idyll babies are doing well, along with their parents.

(((Bug))) Tears actually have a pain relieving hormone in them, that's probably why we succomb to tears. They really do help.


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My contributions to Anita's foliage thread before it's too late....

This last one is one of my favorite hostas. Hosta Tattoo, there's a tattoo of a maple leaf on each hosta leaf, very cool.

Sorry for the mess of maple seedling sticking to everything in the photos but that's the reality in my garden right now :( I'm not going to leave these up long since there are quite a few. I just couldn't choose, foliage is my favorite thing in the garden!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oh my Eden!!!!!!!!! Fabulous, fantastic, brilliant and beautiful! Please don't take these down or put them on a separate thread if you would? I'd love to come and revisit often for inspiration.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

So I got so excited about Edens pics I didnt scroll up and see all the other posts.

Marian, love that fern. I was wondering if that Birdsfoot Violet seeds around like the ones I have here? Ive not grown fennel in a couple years and your pic makes me want to plant some again.

Cindy, where did you plant your Patio Peach?

Anita, great poem.

Saucy, nice to have you back. Cant wait to see your new leaf creations!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks Deanne. I tried to only post pics of the uncommon. I have many many more foliage plants....and took lots more pics of the less common. One was the purple fennel, but the bright sunlight was not good...No, I am afraid the birdsfoot violet does not reseed for me. :-( The common blue, and the white confederate spread vigorously.

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And the photos just keep coming ! This has been a very enjoyable thread hasnt it ? Kudos to Anita for starting it . It was fun to take photos of the leafy-action for a change- tweaked the perspective a bit. I think all of us here have a very healthy interest in and appreciation for foliage, but I think the exercise of going out to the garden with camera in hand specifically to capture the leaves really framed things for me in a new way, not to mention the cool ideas posted here. We ought to do another foliage thread in fall .

Marian, I didnt know you grew Kiwi I think they are beautiful plants and wish I had the room for a pair as I love the fruit too. How do you winter it over ? I have never seen Birdsfoot Violet and can see how it got its name quite clearly. Here is my Bronze Fennel. The photo reminds me of Bird of Paradise. From Garden 2009

Eden, wonderful shots ! What does that bamboo around your pond do in winter ? And all those Hostas ! Just to die for. My damnable snails would just swoon with excitement if they got a load of your garden, with or without Maple helicopters . What is that tie-die looking Huechera ? I dont think they will ever stop coming up with new varieties, I cant keep up with them all. Dont you dare take those photos down Im with Deanne..

((Mary)) I hope the road has been graded smooth at the Mary house. I had particular recognition in what PM had to say- I was the business traveler in my family, and would go several times a year from the time my children were very small through their teenage years , although usually for only 4 or 5 days at a time. I often was very irritated when I got home to a house that I felt had not been kept up to my standards while away. Im sure my DH often found me to be plainly b**chy in this regard, and I expect he was right. The fact that you do everything you do with your children and your active and creative life & still hold down a job amazes me. I would have been exhausted !

LOL hecticity Cindy.. Im going to steal that .

PM, so you are feeling better ? Thats good-fingers crossed that it keeps up. As Saxon Holt says , "The camera always lies" and I should treat you with some photos of my woebegone rose foliage. In spite of our dry spring I am having one of the worst blackspot years in recent history and I actually have mildew, which never appears here . Since I dont spray I am stripping folige off feverishly . I am taking very deceptive and selectively focused photos.

Denise, your pics are all sized pretty small when I look at themlove the Aeonium with the blue fence.! What can you tell me about that particular Phlomis ? I dont grow them becase they get so huge, but yours looks diminutive .

And Deanne-isnt Begonia grandis hardy in your zone ? I had one that I got at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden (I was looking for years to no avail ) and it was choked out by the (insert extremely impolite expletive beginning with F ) Sweet Woodruff.

I have yet to perform my evening WALAT so Id best get to it before the ballgame comes on

Kathy in Napa

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What gorgeous, gorgeous photos!! Thank you everyone.

GB - I had a chuckle at the words from the song. I have a friend who has plastic over her dining chairs. And when she came to visit our house instructed her daughter to only sit on the leather chair as the others had too much pet hair. They have allergies to pet dander but it didn't make me feel like the housekeeper of the year.

Humor has restored DH and I to good terms, and we are trying hard to support each other through current stresses rather than let them pull us apart. I think for the time being though we will save target practice till DH is otherwise occupied or out of town.

I put in another call to HR this morning and was told that the head was unavailable all day. When I asked when she would be able to return my calls the answer was she has so many meetings she does not have time to make calls inbetween. Using my back-up plan I said I would like to set up a face to face meeting and now have an appointment for 8 AM Wednesday. The office is 23 miles from the school I will be at that day and it seems ridiculously inefficient to have me drive all that way for questions that could be easily answered over the phone. Le Sigh.

I think I need a Bloody Mary.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, I started the tender Kiwi seeds from store bought fruit at least 15 years ago. I planted out 3 and they have survived all of our winters without protection. They have occasionally been nipped back, even frozen quite badly after leafing out, but have always came back. I also bought and set out two hardy Kiwis. I have only one of them left. I have never seen blooms on the hardy, but the tender one on the wellhouse is blooming now. The blooms are rather attractive, but there has never been fruit.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I didn't know you had a kiwi vine either Marian. What an adventurous gardener you were to start one from seed. I love that native fern!

Kathy, I am feeling better. Not quite satisfied with the results of initial experiments with 'real' food, but I'm still better than I was and all in good time. Thanks for asking. :-) Please don't show me photos of any mildewed rose foliage or I will have to show you the aphids all over my lupine, just for solidarity sake. lol
I'm sure there is a lot of selective photos posted all the time, except maybe at Deanne's house. I bet maple helicopters don't have a chance in her garden. [g]

I thought Begonia grandis was hardy too and a little on the aggressive side with reseeding?

Nice to see so many photos from your garden, Eden. You have such a nice selection of Hostas! I'm interested to know what the dark leaved tree is? Thought maybe a Redbud 'Pansy' but one leaf reminds me of a beech. Is that a clumping Bamboo and is it planted directly in the ground? Lovely! I bet it sounds wonderful in the wind.

I actually enjoy helicopters all over the lawn and the mulch, but hate it on my plants. I was spraying some off a couple of hostas today.

Wonder how your weekend went, Saucy.

Yes Anita, I really do love it when my kids spend time together. If our middle son would just move closer to home and we could see him more often, then I would be 'over the moon' as someone here is always saying. :-) tent caterpillars here, just winter moth caterpillars and what a pain. You have my sympathies.

Well, I haven't taken any photos this week, but before this thread finishes, this is all I can post at the moment....

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

There's a maple seed on my floor and I'm blaming it on Eden!


    Bookmark   June 1, 2009 at 10:39PM
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What a nice treat to see all the interesting foliage, you guys. I'm afraid the thread will hit its limit before I have the camera out to photograph some things that aren't at least 3 wks. behind the season. Eden, your garden must've inspired your screen name for it is, in fact, a backyard eden! I love the Astilboides, mine are not faring so well and will likely be relocated when time allows, but for now they're hanging in there. ;)

Marian, I love the native fern and the bird's foot violet. I have a special fondness for the stalwart natives that shrug off the vagaries of seasonal weather blips and contentedly keep working away at their "jobs". The ferns here are at waist height (3') and are still quite stiffy and tightly configured. It will take another few weeks before they begin to relax and fall "open" more. The last of the little ephemeral spring flowers that carpet the floor of the woods under them are beginning to finish up their assignments for this year. :)

I discovered 2 Liatris that were in Vegetable World and was told to plant them "somewhere". I've added them to the newly neatened area by the mouth of the driveway, along with 2 abused Perovskia that have lived in pots for pushing 3 yrs. now. It's the same area that now sports the serpentine display of the variEgated Miscanthus, "Strictus". It's the best sun I can offer anything on the Compound.

I diligently mended the deck canopy and the torn screen panel yesterday while listening to Frank Sinatra. Vera joined me through the window that's been designated their official entrance to the Salon:

She promptly decided to curl up on the screen panel I needed to mend. Here she is in "hunting mode":

I have high hopes to get the canopy water-proofed this afternoon, possibly for installion on Thursday or Friday. Not sure about that. It will really start to feel as though summer will be here then. And then it will be time to finally replace the 4 awnings that shield the windows on the south side of the house. I miss their cheery presence and will really miss their contribution to interior comfort in the coming months.

The helpmeet worked in Vegetable World yesterday. It all looks very organized and clean right now (except the fence and the beds he's going to re-side this year). I have been told that there will be lettuce and radishes aplenty for Camp, Early Girl tomatoes and fresh basil. That should help with provisioning. I will try to get some shots of his hard work this afternoon. In all, it was a very pleasant day for all on the Compound.

"C'mon in, the water's great!":

Time to go fix things, you guys. Have a fun day.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Drive by post this morning. Unfortunately, this will be the last photos from me for awhile. I wanted to post some foliage photos for the thread before it rains here later and just as the sun was coming out, I dropped my camera on the driveway. It has stopped working and the lens is stuck in the outward position. I'm trying not to let it ruin my day but it sure took the wind out of my sails this morning. I'm on my way out and will try to stop in later...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Got time to say WOW WOW WOW !!!!

I dont think I've contributed to the foliage thread but I seem to be getting horrible photos lately and havent the time to pull out hte manual and figure it out - Im so much a point and shoot camera gal... for some reason learning photography falls into the "dont care to learn" categories (where mowing grass, learning wines, and creative talents of sculpting and painting also fall).... just give me a great point/shoot camera and Im happy...

Eden -- yep, it would be very cool to get an i.d. of everything in all your photos, LOL -- I think my fav is the last one and Im particularly enamoured of the variegated (of course) shrub to the right... That's definitely a fagus (beech) she's got, PM, but it doesnt look like my Black Swan so I sure hope it's another cultivar or Im terribly jealous, LOL....

Chelone - you are to be commended and awarded for dragging the camera out, taking and uploading pics -- I thought you said you didnt have spring bulbs? I saw quite a lot in those photos! Rex looks like he would get along well w/ 'bug's Phoebe - they share the aquatic dip love obviously.

Deanne -- the prunus persica Bonfire I got last summer I had in a container on the patio -- I just loved it and it got redder and redder -- here it is from last summer:

But I was afraid it would not overwinter in the flimsy pot and couldnt find a good fiberglass one for it, so I ended up planting it in the front in the fall -- it had a bit of ice damage and lost one branch; not sure if this will be its permanent home or not - I'd love love love to have another one to remain on the patio....but havent looked this year. Know I have a photo of it planted in the front but it's not on photobucket.... I know Sue bought one a couple years ago I admired -- and of course the incredible similar type that Inta had was to die for... (dont think that was Bonfire though - it's another kind).

Love love all these photos -- back later...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, this is the last post for this thread, but you've got to check it out!!!

Click the link to watch something cool, and by people with way toooooo much time on their hands!

    Bookmark   June 2, 2009 at 2:20PM
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This has been such a great thread. I just went through all of the photos again and must say the Idylls have really come through on the subject of foliage.

PM, so sorry to hear you're camera is broken. Hope it's repairable? Your family sounds very close, it's always nice when the kids still like to spend time together even when they're grown and don't have to anymore. My kids are like that too!

Chelone, loved seeing the critters. Love kitty stalking the butterfly and that Rex is really something.

Cindy, I love that little peach tree. So cool!

Mary, here's hoping your visit with the PR person is more productive than your phone calls have been. Your description of dh's reentry made me smile. I liked your way with words on that one!

Kathy, I was at a nursery this morning and guess what I ran across. A Heuchera 'Green Spice'. Oh course I had to get it since you gave it such a good review. Seems like one or another of you Idyllers is always with me when I'm plant shopping :)

Just for the record, the maple seeds are driving me crazy this year. But I know it'll only be worse when they all germinate into little maple trees that I will have to painstakingly weed out of my gardens and containers.

Kathy, My bamboo turns brown in the winter but then greens right up again in spring. I've had it in that spot for 6 or 7 years. PM, yes it is a clumper and is planting in the ground.

Kathy, the heuchera is Mardi Gras. It's been a good one for me. I've bought so many heucheras that are weak growers that I'm more cautious these days about which ones I choose.

PM, the red leafed tree is my Corylus avellana Contorta 'Red Majestic'.

Cindy, I do have a Fagus 'Black Swan' but it's only about a foot tall and I've had it 2 years now. It is growing, but slowly. The variegated plant I think you're asking about is Leucosceptrum japonicum 'Variegatum'. Sue talked me into getting it at Variegated Foliage Nursery during IU2. It is a very cool plant!

I thought I was done planting containers but mysteriously 8 coleus, an Amaranthus 'Party Time' and half a dozen other assorted annual things followed me all the way home this morning. So I had to stop and pick up one more bag of potting soil :)

Time to get ready for Miss Bella's arrival. Later,


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

PM, I just love your Ghost fern! They are my favorites I think.

Yes, Phoebe would follow Rex right into the water, but not above her armpits. Then she would shake herself dry right in front of all the nearby people, then lie down to dry. She'd be pretty smelly to.

DH helped saw off some dead branches for me today. I am working on edging around the veg garden and after 2 hours, seem to have cleaned up 1/3 of one side. Slow going! But the clematis will be happy when I finish. I see some clematis seedlings too. As if I needed more...

Anyone enjoy puppies? Here's another URL to look at if you do.

    Bookmark   June 2, 2009 at 5:27PM
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