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lilod(NoCal/8)May 30, 2011

If you would like to keep the quotes going, we do need some feedback - we need a "Quote Wrangler" - The Party has shrunk so much, maybe we have to blame Facebook for that, maybe it's all the gadgets available now.

I have done the Quote wrangling before, Don has done a good job, but has health issues that need to be his priority.

To be clear: I do have a Facebook account and spend time at that place, have gotten acquainted with "lost" relatives and made friends and enjoy it, but the Party seems to be my first destination (after J.Cainer's Horoscope and NOAA) that I visit in the morning. But the few of us who post regularly can't hold it together without more topics, more input.

Please give feedback - and who wants to be the volunteere quote wrangler?

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lilod, I appreciate that you and Don have been quote wranglers. Perhaps that time is over for the GP. In the future, I'll post a quote now and then.

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LIlo, not up for wrangling, but really appreciate how you've stepped forward to get things in line.

Wonder what would be a good solution for everyone?
Do you guys look forward to the quotes each day?
Is it a good way to start the day here?
(I've always looked forward them, speaking for myself..)

I'll fill in this week---hodge-podge, as usual!! :o)

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Thank you Lilo for giving the quotes some attention. I will start a new line up sign up and see if we get some interesting, interested people.

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