My baby Zucchini plant is dying - buds dying BEFORE opening

tanny1499May 15, 2012


I am new to gardening and I started an organic container garden on my patio a few months ago, South Florida. I planted the Zucchini seeds in March and the plant was doing fine until a few weeks ago. A few of the leaves started turning yellow and dying and now the tiny flower buds are also dying before opening. I transplanted to a larger pot a few days ago and checked for root rot and other pests but no obvious signs. I get about 3-4 hours of sunlight per day. Below is a link to pictures of my plant. Please help!! This is disheartening for a new gardener!!

Thank you.

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The Husband Guy says that it sounds like too much fertilizer. however, he also said that 3-4 hours of sun is not enough. If it got very hot where you are, a container pot could dry out very quickly.

At any rate, I suspect that transplanting it did more harm than good. Sorry, but I think you need to forget this one and start over. He says that where you are, in South Florida, you would not have to worry about the last freeze date and could plant much earlier than March.

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