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agnespuffinMay 10, 2011

I spend some time on the care givers forum. It's heart breaking to read about the elderly that can't get around much any more. So I posted about my experiences. I thought that some of you might profit from the same infomation. So I copied the post.

I know you have all seen someone that can barely toddle trying to make it around a store. Trust me on this, you would not believe the difference a rolator makes. The usual walker, (lift, place, shuffle, shuffle, lift, place, etc) just can't compare.

The person's arms and the structure of the rolator (four wheeled walker) take the stress from the back and hip muscles. The legs can then move with a more normal gait.

For anyone looking for a gift for any elderly person that is having trouble getting around.....let me suggest a Rolator. That's a walker thing with four wheels. It will cost about 125-200 depending on how fancy.

I have had one for about one year. And you couldn't pay me to give it up! It has made the difference between sitting most of the day and actually going shopping. It has kept me from falling a zillion times. I need to carry something....like a cup of coffee or an arm load of dirty laundry, it goes on the seat without any trouble.

My son, who is a doctor, saw the difference in my getting around, and the difference in the amount of pain that moving gave me, and he started telling his patients to get one instead of trying to get by with a cane. All but one thought Rolators were for old folks. Only one, so far, took his advice. He said that the next time she was in, she nearly hugged him. She said it made all the difference in the world to her.

Granted, that it might not work for everyone, but it's worth trying to see if the person would accept it.

At first, I didn't think it would be worth the money. But it has paid for itself in more ways than one. My husband doesn't worry about leaving me at home by myself and I can easily use it to hoist my butt out of my chair or bed.

Soooo, if you ever find someone you care for in this sort of situation....try one. I even met a young woman with a baby that had to use one. She said she couldn't manage when she had only a cane or crutches.

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That's good news. Thanks so much! Some of these things are "live and learn" experiences. My walker is called a walker but it does have 4 wheels. I can sit down on it and it has a space to store things in. I wonder what the difference is?

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If the wheels are at least a few inches wide, it's still a walker, but some medical supply houses, etc. will call it a Rolator just to set it apart without having to say "a walker with four wheels"

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Wished I could talk my husband into it, at least for in the
house. He rather stay home than go and see his friends because he can't make it with his cane and of course a handicapped hanger is also out of the question and if even a family member visits, he will not use his walker. GRRRRRR!

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Sounds like a typical macho male ego at work. I can now do something that I never could do before.....carry a cup of coffee without spilling a drop. That seat is invaluble for carrying things around the house. Shopping is a breeze, I pile stuff on the seat, husband is putting things in a cart. We meet at the end of an aisle and my stuff goes in with his.

Anneliese, maybe you could emphasize how much more useful it could be with things other than walking. I even pile dirty dishes on it while clearing the table.

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agnespuffin, thanks for your hint. I have anticipated that I may need some sort of help navigating when I get older.

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Agnes, you got it right. Along the same line, who carries anything besides a book? At least not since he became so sick.

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Funny you should mention a book. I usually have one on the seat. It's there when I go to the bathroom, when I head for the bed, into the kitchen, by the computer. I never have to look for it. It's THERE!

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Unless it's to go out in the garden with tools in your hands, is there a place you can walk to without a book? I thought that was against a fundamental law, at least in this family.

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