Waiting for a call

gandle(4 NE)May 28, 2011

Leone left this morning for a trip to her 65 class reunion. A distance of about 250 miles. Waiting for her to call so I know she arrived O.K. She told me you don't have to go with me, I don't think you would enjoy it. I went with her on her 50th reunion and she was right, I didn't enjoy it besides I have to work at the museum tomorrow. If I can make it 2 more years I can go to my 70th class reunion. Unfortunately there are only 2 of us left from that class a woman and I. Of course there were only 13 of us graduating that year and WW2 was very hard on the boys.

Apparently there are 20 some in Leones class that have signifed that they will be there, she had a much larger graduating class 35.

Hard to wait for the call.

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gandle; I'm in awe---no lie; my mouth hung open in amazement as I read your post.
I sure hope you're making copies of all the things you've written about over the years.
They are priceless insights on the simple life, kept burnished with hard work, pain, honesty, dedication to home, family, and trust in our Maker.

Thank you for having shared so much with us over the years.
We are enriched by you both.

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gandle(4 NE)

Got the call. Hey, I'm not a bad cook. She used to buy frozen dinners for me when she was away but I always complained about them so she just leaves me on my own for meals. She asked "what are you eating tonight?". I told her I was thawing a pork chop. She said "don't let it get caught in the toaster." then she hung up.

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I'm glad you got the call from Leone; one always feels better when they know a loved one is safe. You were smart not to go to her reunion, IMO. I tell my DH he doesn't have to go with me, but he usually does. (My 60th was last year.)

I LOL'd when I read what Leone said about the pork chop. Females get sassy when they go off, alone, don't they? :>)

Like KJ, I always read your posts with pleasure. Please keep on keepin' on.

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Your posts I always look for and enjoy them very much. Glad that you got your call. That's something I don't have to worry anymore, if there is one good thing about giving up driving.
Know how you feel about Leone's class reunion. I went to my husband's 50th reunion, the first one he ever went to.
Another guy and he were the only ones who left the area. Everybody and their spouses knew each other, the other guy was single and I did not know a soul. On top of it, I was the only foreigner and I felt like a fish out of water.

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Just another weekend with the Gandles. :o)


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I am glad you got the call, George. Good thing about driving all these distances where you are, mostly straight and flat, but the weather can be your enemy.
I admire you and Leona for driving all over the place - I quit and don't regret it. Of course I didn't even start until I was in my late thirties and never really liked it - just from a different life-style, I guess.
Bet that pork-chop tasted good!

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Actually, I like peanut butter and jelly on raisin toast---wonder how it would taste on toasted pork chop?!

Bet you've had to work hard to evvvver get the jump on that gal!!
Perfect match---the roaster and the ROASTEE!

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