I think I am going to make it

anneliese_32(6)May 11, 2011

My closest companions since Friday night have been the toilet bowl and a bucket. Had a doozie of food poisining and am still wobly. I know I should eat, but everytime I think of cooking something, my stomach goes flip-flop.

The only thing which tastes right but is absolutely wrong now, is a bowl of spinach, or maybe a jar of my son's smoked pepper hot relish (have to wait until fall) or maybe some other outlandish, spicy vegetable dish, like kimchee, LOL.

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Remembering my childhood, when we kids acted like that, Mother would make us milk toast with a poached egg on top.
Tasted good this winter after a bout. Otherwise it was tea and soda crackers from grandma. These days it's yugurt and crackers and a piece of very sharp cheddar cheese. I also add some garlic pills and acidophilus tabs. I think Spring could be a cure. Get well soon.

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I always wanted a hot dog with saurkraut. I have no idea why it worked to settle my stomach.

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Sorry you've had such a nasty time of it. Last Friday night, you said? That's almost five days; don't let yourself get dehydrated or you'll have another problem.

For me, the bright side of food poisoning--there really isn't one-would be that maybe I'd lose a pound or two, but that's a hard way to do it.

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Glad you feel better. Ginger ale and soda crackers. Graduating to toast and chicken soup.

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I know what I should eat, had all those lessons as a child, but all of it justs makes me gag, well, Sauerkraut might do it but I think it might not do my stomach any good, just like the spinach.
My son came by and loaded up the refrigerator with about 10 different non-carbonated drinks with plenty of electrolytes.
The trouble with that kind of weight loss is that it is just temporary, once the liquid is replaced, back you are to your old weight. Oh well, can't have everything.

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Yes, watch those electroyles! I ended up in the hospital two years ago when mine shut down! Everyone tells me that saurerkraut is so good for your tummy. Sorry I'm not a fan unless it's wrapped round a good sausage.

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So sorry to discover you have been sick, hope you get better fast. You had so much on your hands healthwise, you and the DH, you need a rest.
When my stomach felt bad, mother made "abgebrannte Gries-Suppe" - are you familiar with that? I still like it as comfort food.

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Anne, I'm so sorry!
Last time I was sick, it was ginger ale, saltines----and those little cups of Jello they sell in the refrigerated section---those were wonderful!
Big, gentle HUG and a prayer for you, my friend.

Be careful----five days of that stuff is tooooo long!

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Oh goodness, painful feelings of deja vu as I read your first sentence, anneliese. April was my special month for having TWO attacks of food poisoning.

Any chance your stomach might tolerate scrambled eggs and toast? Iced tea? Vanilla ice cream? Not sure if they have any proven medicinal benefit. But these are the things that have helped to settle my own touchy stomach.

Keep drinkin' those liquids, and feel better soon!


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