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breezienjJanuary 7, 2008

I know this is going to sound very ignorant but I am freaking out...... I have a pond with goldfish (4-5 inches) and 2 large planium Koi (16-18") They have gone through 3 winters already. THis has been a very mild winter until this week. It went from 40-50 degree to 10 over night and our pond froze over. (we have a heater so I wasn't worried) now that it's warm again the ice melted and the two large koi's are floating on their sides right in the middle of the pond....not on top of the water and not all the way down. At first I thought they were hibernating but now I am thinking they are dead! I am so heart broken we got these beautiful fish when they were only 4". What do you think??? The reason I thought they were hibernating is because I had read an article saying if you feed the fish to late in the winter they will lay sideways toward the surface trying to have the sun help digest the food I stupidly fed them. Any guesses? Ughghhh....thanks for your time.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

breezeinji, I have transferred your post over to the pond "Discussions" page, where it should receive more attention. I re-titled it "Fish lying on sides?"
This page is just used for general conversations, about nothing in particular, just like the Seinfeld TV show!

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