I visited a strange nursery yesterday, what do you think?

prairiemoon2 z6 MAMay 17, 2010

We were planning a trip to a nursery we have visited a number of times in the past and to make things more interesting I looked up nurseries along the way to try something new. This new nursery which will remain nameless, was an interesting place to visit. Attractive setting, interesting items in the g*ift shop, healthy looking stock. I bought a couple of small items but didn't come h*ome with what I thought I was going to buy.

They had a website showing photos of gorgeous succulents, cute topiaries and a gorgeous mophead h*ydrangea that I wanted. I didn't see prices on the website. Turns out they were what I consider expensive, more than expensive. I noticed a dark lilac which I have been looking for, it was $75. The succulents were the large ones that look like r*oses. They were $20 a piece, which may be usual. But the topiaries!! Wow! The three tiered ones were $125. They were small. I swear they were in an 6- 8" pot and were just myrtle. I wasn't considering getting one once I saw the price, but I did ask about growing conditions. I'm looking at these tiny pots and thinking how would you keep them watered outside? I have part shade over a lot of my yard, so I thought maybe you could put them in part shade. The employee said that even 4 hours seemed like too little sun for the myrtle. So why do they put them in tiny pots that you would have to keep watering? Were they thinking they were destined to be h*ouseplants?

I was drooling over the photo of the h*ydrangea on the website, turns out it was not hardy to my zone and they were in a zone colder than I am. I was very disappointed. So I left it there. I came home with a couple of vegetable seedlings and a hose nozzle. [g]

But I did learn a lesson. Look over the website more carefully and call ahead and ask questions about what you want to buy.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Sorry! Meant to post this on Discussions side, but since I posted here I may as well say hello. :-) I stop by from time to time and read posts to see how everyone is doing. Always something interesting happening with everyone. I was sorry to hear about Julie's neck injury. Wasn't that a freak accident? We discussed that at our house. Glad you are feeling better and hope your progress continues, Julie!

Great that you did so well with your surgery Woody and I hope they work out the problems with your meds really soon. It doesn't quite seem fair that you manage to survive the surgery and a little pill is causing more difficulty.

Happy to hear Cindy is getting a new puppy. Great idea!

As always, I enjoy photos of everyone's garden and trips. I'm sure you are all busy as bees. We are doing okay here at our house. Enjoying great weather and an earlier than usual growing season. I can't believe it isn't even memorial day yet!

I'm going to post this over on Discussions....happy growing season!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

How nice to see a post from you, PM - even if it was inadvertent, LOL....

that was surely an odd nursery - but I find just like catalogs of plants, photos can be deceiving and nursery websites equally so. If you think about it, even shopping for a new house online -- photos are meant to be the very best presentation of what exists -- with plant photos one seldom sees the full plant and you're lucky if you see foliage - it's often just the flower (which could in reality be 1/2" size, LOL)....and we won't talk about reality of color for plant photos... what a huge disparity!

I recall stopping at a NE nursery years ago whose website I loved and had ordered mail order from - but I was shocked to find out how truly tiny the place was upon visiting it - and I drove about 2 hours out of my original destination to check it out - you just never know.....

Thanks for the best wishes re the pup - I will miss my Chloe forever, but hope to have a new character in the house and to share in August sometime.

Wish u the best of health and fun in the garden and rest of your life! Keep checking in with us, please.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hi Cindy :-)

You are so right about photos. I think I do get caught up in looking at what is presented and don't stop to consider how different the reality might be. Even my own photos of my g*arden, my intent is to take a great shot of the f*lower in bloom but not the messy weeds off to the side. [g] I think it is human nature. I just have to keep that in mind more.

August will be a great time to bring home a p*uppy. Plenty of time for some potty training before the weather makes things difficult. How exciting!! I'm sure there will be plenty of photos. Have you framed some photos of Chloe for your h*ouse yet? I would like to see some of your favorites of Chloe when you post photos of the new puppy. I'm really glad you are getting a new puppy. It will be very good for you...and the p*uppy, come to think of it!

Thanks for your well wishes and I definitely will try to check in once in awhile. Hope you will post more photos of your garden this year too. You don't post nearly enough. :-)


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