I do not understand our local Lifeline system

gandle(4 NE)May 1, 2010

Well, our invalid neighbor did it again. Last night about 10:30 we got a call from the local lifeline people asking Leone to check on our neighbor. She did and she had fallen this time she broke an arm and cracked a rib. Fortunately after late last falls escapade when I had to crawl in the upper floor bathroom window I had given this woman a new door lock for her front door and insstalled it. Then I disabled the storm door lock so we had entry with one of the keys we kept. I couldn't help Leone I would have just been in the way. Leone called 911 and the ambulance took this woman to the emergency room where they called us to tell us about the broken bones. I called this woman's son who lives about 50 miles away and gave him the news. No point in coming here after 11:00 so he said he would be here in the morning. After we were in bed, the phone rang at about 1:00 AM and the doctor on duty wanted Leone to go to her house and bring all tyhe medications she takes guess they would give her drugs from the hospital pharmacy but he wanted to see every one of her prescriptions, so about 1:45 Leone finally crawled in bed and stayed there for the rest of the night.

I thought that the whole idea of Lifeline was that if you pushed the button emergency responders, well responded instead of calling a neighbor. Not that we mind helping this woman but why call a neighbor we aren't EMTs or paramedics which if someone pushes the Lifeline button I would surely think they would need

Leone just came back from the hospital after taking the neighbors mail and paper there and said that her son and DIL had laid down the law, she absolutely was not coming home but take a choice between 2 assisted living homes. I guess she was arguing but there was no give, YOU ARE NOT GOING BACK TO THAT HOUSE. In a way we hate to see it but will be glad if she is in a safer environment.

In all this about all I could do was give moral support to Leone she had to do all the work.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Well...lifeline doesn't work unless you push the button....
All the more reason why she should be in a care facility.
Bless Leone's heart for doing the running....but I would have done the same thing....
I know you'll miss your neighbor but not the worry.
Linda C

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I don't understand the particulars of Lifeline, but giving moral support to Leone was probably a HUGE DEAL, so don't minimize it. I am relieved for both of you that the decision that needed to be made has been made and that you are no longer feeling the burden of being responsible for something you cannot control. You both are exceptional neighbors, and I'd love to have you for my own...

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If I understood our local Lifeline people correctly, once they are notified by the wearer, which apparently she did, since Lifeline called you, they are supposed to call either the police or EMS. You neighbor apparently had you listed as local people to notify or person who could let EMS/police in the house. That should have been secondary to calls to police or EMS.

Thanks that you had the foresight to fic the door and Leone being able to help. You are a great couple.

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I remember your mentioning this neighbor before today. You and Leone have been so good to her, but it surely is time for her to be in a facility where she will get constant care.Poor woman.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

My mom has life line. when she presses it, they call and ask her what is wrong. Does she want the EM's or her daughter. Your neighbor probably said call my neighbors. Our lifeline folks are great. They have the most soothing voices. They could make the awfulest event sound like a stroll in the park.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

I don't know anything about Lifeline but I do know that you
have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Bless you for
caring. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Neil has Lifeline.
As soon as he pushes the button the lifeline
starts talking, telling him that they are calling for help.
In about 5 seconds the phone rings, goes to speaker phone
and asks him if he needs assistance.
He can say call my wife which would be my cell phone number.
If I don't answer then they go down the line.
I didn't put any neighbors on my call list but did put our
best friends who live and work just down the block.

Lifeline calls the police or ambulance only if there is no
response from the patient after they have pushed the help
button or if the patient asks for emergency help. Otherwise
they call the fist number on the list of responders and then
on from there.

Neil has to test the system every month and so far it has
been working great. We haven't had to use it for real yet
but it is comforting to know that it's there. I only leave
him alone when I have to take Katrina to the doctor but I
feel like if he needs help he can get it.

George, your neighbor is long overdue for assisted living
and will probably adjust quickly to being with people all
the time. Over the years you and Leone have no doubt been a wonderful friend and neighbor to her.

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My Mama had a care call button too. It's a wonderful tool for a single person living alone even if they're not aged or disabled. I do sometimes dangerous stuff in my work and I carry a cell phone in my pocket just to keep in touch with humanity should I need help quickly. I have slid in the ice, been stung by bees and fallen over hills and so far I have bounced pretty well but it only takes once.

Janis described how it works very well. I've had to respond to my mother's alerts several times and once when the emergency responder thought it might be serious, he said he was alerting the medics anyway even if I was on my way. Usually it was not a medical emergency....more like getting caught on her chair glide and getting stuck, ditto her raising recliner when the dog accidentally disconnected the power and the batteries when dead. LOL. I slept better knowing she had it. She, however, was so afraid of accidentally setting it off, she was almost afraid to use it. She did though when the chips were down.

I recommend them for peace of mind.

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I have not seen this thread before, but it has good information just in case I would need a lifeline or alternate.

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The thread is two years old and was brought up by a new poster to this forum. This poster did join in 2008 but does not have any posts when entered into search. The company linked is not recognized by the BBB and states at the bottom of the page "Owned by God, Operated by Assistive Technology Services LLC - All rights ..." I have not found anything of substance for or against them on any sites not related to them, reviews, consumer complaints, rip off report or snopes. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.

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Don, thanks so much for the "heads-up"; DH is needing some sort of *call assistance* and we have been trying to decide what to get. I actually put that site into my Favorites, so I could check it out; now think I'll delete it.

DUH! I just realized the date on George's post was 2010--not 2012!

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I may need the info in this thread at some point, so lets keep bringing it up.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

West Gardener...book mark it or save the thread to your documents.
that way even if the page rolls off the site you will still have it.

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