Hawk in my yard

CaitlynLMay 2, 2013

So recently A hawk has built a nest in my front yard, along with its little babies who are adorable. I didn't mind this.. until now. I can't even go into my house without being cautious, because the Hawks keep trying to swoop down and grab my head.They have succeeded once so far. I'm sure they are just trying to protect their little chicks, But It's quite annoying and frightening when I have to run into my own house. Any advice on what I should do?

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Wow, a hawk in your front yard, that is a big bird with big talons.
My suggestion is to get a protective hat, while the fledgeling are in the nest. When they are gone, remove any hint of the nest so they will not come back next spring.

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Hard hat or bike hat for the duration and as west gardener said, get rid of the nest once they are out and use the water hose if they try to build again.
I am not going to gripe again about our neighborhood mockingbird.

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I talked with Joann about this last night, and she said that in a similar situation, she just used her umbrella as a shield

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That's a super idea, lilo. I could use one of these during nesting season around here. lol
See link,

Here is a link that might be useful:

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West Gardener - I love it!

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If hawk is really dangerous then you should try to find its solution soon. You can contact to wildlife.

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train it to guard your home while you are not at home! This will be better than any security system!

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