Dove-e talks

meldy_nva(z6b VA)May 10, 2012

For several years we had 2 doves frequently visiting, last year there were 4, and this year 6. Doves aren't quite as varied in coloring as pigeons, but one of the six is notable. Just slightly more slender than the others with a habit of tipping the head while studying whatever has caught her interest, the head and front downwards is distinctly pinkish. One of the others has a pinkish tummy, so they may be related.

The other day I was sitting [inside] by a window which was screened and open to the breeze. My concentration was all on the book I was reading when a noise took my attention. At first I thought it was an owl.. very loud WWWHOOO? whooo? rrrrrr. (The 'whoo's sounded like that, the rrrr's sounded like a cross between an upset Scotsman and a woodpecker.) Then, Whoo? pkkttpkkta rrrrr! I peer up at the trees although I've never heard an owl sound like that; or a woodpecker either. Silence regained and no bird visible in the trees, I returned to my book. Then, right beside my ear and with volume turned up, Whooo? rrrr! pktrrrrrrr? Carefully perched on the sill, looking at me almost beak-to-nose through the screen, was the little pinkish dove-e, tipping her head as she studied me. She [he?] talked for several minutes, coo's and whooo's and a great assortment of pktpkta's and rrr's.

I haven't any idea what she was telling me, but since then whenever I'm on the patio, she flies to the top of the arbor covering it and chats.

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There is a link below with different Mourning Dove sounds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mourning Dove Sounds

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What a neat experience for you. I bet if you put a few sunflower seeds on the window sill or patio, she'd talk to you even more! :>) (Of course, if she told her friends, you might get more than you'd like.)

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I'm jealous!!!
Everyone should have a friend like that.

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I've got dove diner, but they don't talk to me, they just want their seeds.

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Actually the sounds you are describing sound more like the Eurasian collard dove. You may want to Google that on a site like 'allaboutbirds'. They have the sound files. This bird is a recent immigrant, via the bahamas, but originially not a new world dove. They have become established in most of the u.s. other than the north eastern states.

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