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youreitJanuary 30, 2006

Forget teasing or twisting! A masochist posted this over on the CA forum, and I think the timing belt broke in my head.

Any takers?


A long question (just for fun) (Fun???!!)

A delivery truck takes 4.5 rosehorums to get from its warehouse in Garden City to the customer in Floralville at a speed of 50 PPP (poppyomiscum per petuniaminium) and uses 10 cedariters of special Milorganine fuel during the trip.

How many pansyometers are travelled between warehouse and customer and what is the driverÂs fuel mileage in poppyomiscum per marigoldetum?


A rosehorum is a unit of time

A petuniaminium is a unit of time

A cedariter is a unit of liquid volume

A marigoldetum is a unit of liquid volume

A pansyometer is a unit of distance

A poppyomiscus is a unit of distance


Eight (8) petuniaminiums equal one (1) pineyosus

Three (3) lilly-pillies equal one (1) pansyometer

Seven (7) begoniolas equal one (1) cedariter

Four (4) raggabaggas equal one (1) farkleberrium

Five (5) poppyomiscum [plural of poppyomiscus] equal one (1) lilly-pilly

Six (6) pineyosa (plural of pineyosus) equal one (1) rosehorum

Two (2) marigoldetums equal one (1) begoniola

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I have the answers at 2400 pansyometer and milage at 257.142857142857142857142857 poppyomiscum per marigoldetum.

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Brandy, this is very cool! Thanks for posting it. Hope you didn't bend any valves in your brain when the timing belt broke! LOL!

Below is my answers and my "logic". If you are posting your answers, skip this part until later...

OK, my answers are:

(a)720 pansyometers
(b)77.14 poppyomiscum / marigoldetum

First to simplify thing, I only used the first 2 letters of the units of measurements given (RO, PO, PE, CE, etc...).

We know that:
1 RO = 6 PI
8 PE = 1 PI ...or... 48 PE = 6 PI

From this we can conclude:
1 RO = 48 PE

The truck travelled 4.5 RO. Using our derivative, we now can figure out that it travelled 216 PE (4.5x48).

They also told us that the truck travelled @ 50 PO/PE. This means that it travelled a total of 10,800 PO (216x50).

3 LP = 1 PA
1 LP = 5 PO ...or... 3 LP = 15 PO

From this we can conclude:
15 PO = 1 PA

Question (a) wanted to know distance travelled in units of 'PA'. So all we have to do is divide 10,800 PO by 15 which gives us 720 PA.

The second part gets easier. They want to know fuel mileage in PO/MA. We already know 10,800 PO... so all we need to do is convert CE to MA.

1 CE = 7 BE
2 MA = 1 BE ...or... 14 MA = 7 BE

From this we can conclude:
1 CE = 14 MA

Since we know that the truck used 10 CE of fuel, we now can figure out that it used 140 MA. To get the mileage (PO/MA) we divide 10,800 / 140 which is 77.14 (rounded off to two decimals).

If this is NOT correct, I blame the Lion Heart Stout beer I just devoured. If it is correct, then I take full credit! :-)

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ah-hem. waaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands....but that's a good thing! i am beyond short circuited here. as a matter of fact, only my alternate personality is able to communicate at this present time. my dominant personality has been thrown into a catatonic state.

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

I'm sorry, but I NEVER calculate using freaky funky and fallacious functions of fancy. :)

So as far as I'm concerned, both Mike AND SiFi are right, since I'm not about to go to all that trouble, lol.

Pansyometers??? Uh huh? OK

Sounds like the natural language for Beavis and Butt-head, or somebody. :-P

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Holy mathematical brain-imploded calculations, Bullwinkle! A former Marine who wears sweaters and does impressions of Einstein in his free time?! Isn't there a special pageant for people like that? (Mr. America or something....?)

As long as you leave your clothes on when you take out the garbage....:D


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

So wait! Were my answers correct or were you just impressed that I knew what the equal sign looked like?!?!?! :-)

And unfortunately, I am NOWHERE near Einstein's talents. :-(

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According to the calculations of several others on the original thread, you're either all wrong or all right, Fi guy. :D

Einstein is precious! Ok, you're not an African grey, but being an American red, white & blue is pretty nifty.

(What does an = sign look like?)


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

I think it is safe to say that Semper is all right.

He knows how to do math too ! :-) Congrats Semper!


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