Bat question

hnladue(z5NY)January 14, 2008

So I come into work this morning and there a live bat in my empty garbage can..... took him outside to set him free and all he wanted to do was drink the rain water. Must have been stuck in there all weekend. Now I'm wondering if I should have kept him inside. It's 36 out. He's a little thing. Lots of teeth!LOL!! Is it too cold outside for him?

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Bats hibernate in the winter I think. I know in Maryland they go to the caves of Western Maryland where the temperatures remain constant. I would not worry about him - he will find a place to go. The weather is so crazy these days with warm and cold it is not surprising the animals are confused.

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Awww, poor little darlin. Glad you there to let him out, Heather! :D

Hope he finds a comfy place for the winter.


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Well, I kept him in my room for the day. He sat quietly wrapped in a towel, drinking water, all day. Once I got home, I took him out back by a big tree. He didn't want to leave the warm box! But finally he scampered up the tree. Hour and half later I checked. No bat anywhere. So hopefully he found a warm place to hide from the snow!

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