I wish I hadn't done THAT!

agnespuffinMay 2, 2012

I may laugh about it tomorrow, but for now, I hang my head and asked "what was I thinking!!!

#2 son called and asked us out for dinner tonight. Sure, says I, Nothing like going out for dinner, right???

Well, after he hangs up, it dawns on me that I had taken a dose of Milk of Magnesia just a couple of hours earlier. For the usual reason, you know.

It's 4:30. Will I be happy by 7:00?

Whywhywhywhywhy wasn't I thinking!!!

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Post tomorrow and let us know the outcome.

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Nice meal. Enjoyed it with no problems. But I have to tell you that it was the noisiest restaurant that I have ever had the misfortune to visit. Great food, but impossible to hear.

Wouldn't you think the management would notice? Couldn't they install some sound absorbing wall or ceiling panels?

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Apparently this noise factor is prevalent in almost all the fine restaurants, read reviews of eating places and along with four starts there are the symbolic bells delineating noise in an equal number. I have read about fine, expensive eateries where patrons have their mobile devices out and their conversation is done in texting!
I don't understand it, I would not have a nice meal out and not be able to have a pleasant dinner conversation.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Is this a sign of the times? That we can accept that a restuarant is uncomfortably noisy and still describe it as "nice"?

IMO, texting is communication but it is *NOT* conversation. If I go to a "nice" restuarant I expect tasty food, reasonably attentive service, and to be able to hear my companion's conversation. Failure in any one of those categories would eliminate a favorable review.

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How about going to a wedding reception, seeing people you care about and haven't seen for a long time, only to not be able to hear them because the band was playing so loudly.

A few years ago, we were seated with an Egyptian general from a former government. He was fascinating, but the noise level forced us to shout. He eventually left in frustration.
The rest of the folks at the table chose to sit silently, just watching the young people dance. We would have left also, but we were the designated driver for others.

My husband and other veterans we know, lost a lot of their hearing in the service. I remember when (it seemed rather suddenly) it seemed to became necessary to play music at high decibels. It can make the music more exciting, but is it worth it?

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When my mother's hearing started to go, finding a restaurant without a lot of background noise was tantamount, not only for us to communicate, but for her to enjoy it. Our list of available eateries fell drastically to those quieter places despite the quality of the food. I have also chosen to take out of town family to the common diner experience, rather than sit in an expensive one and not be able to even talk. Going out to me is very much about ambiance. If I just want a good meal, I can cook it myself thank you.

It's an American custom........the noise. In any other country, you can hear them coming up a street blocks away without even listening to the language or the accent. They are exuberant, friendly and generous........but very noisy. LOL

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Glad everything worked out ok.
I'm glad you mentioned noisy restaurant. They are noisy here in the valley also. I don't get it, but it must be some sort of trend because we at the GP are from different parts of the country and we have the same experiences.

It did not used to be like that. But then I'm talking about some 50 years ago when I went to a lot of "good, fine" restaurants. And I'm talking about US resturants. You would hear a quiet hum of conversation, sounds of occational laughter, knives and forks touching the plates etc...
The piano player would play softly in the back ground.
Something has changed but I don't know what or why.

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We went out to eat at an El Torito last week and the high ceilings with bare walls was loud. We asked to be moved to a separate room with low ceiling and more corners an nooks that was much more bearable. Could be they are saving by excluding the extra sound deadening tapestries at the cost of noise. We go out lot less than we used to so we notice changes more.

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I think, yes, that the accoustics of modern restaurants play into it very much, but also there is a social construct in play. Libraries have also become noisier and the personnel there make little to no moves to quiet it down. In fact the last time I went to the local history room the docents were the ones carrying on the loud conversations and personal chatter and I ended up just leaving because I couldn't concentrate on my work. I suspect classrooms are also noisier. We're just raising a noisier number of generations. I laughed when we went to the 'quiet' restaurant the last time. The majority of the diners had grey hair. I even commented about that to my dh.

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That's one of the weird things about this restaurant. Most of the people were the quiet, grey-haired type. No kids, nosy teenagers or large groups.

It was just NOSY. There weren't any drapes, just lots of bare glass, hard tile floors and tables that were close together. I wondered if it were just a nosy air conditioner or something. I guess I should be thankful that they didn't have loud music too......but maybe they did and I just couldn't hear it.

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