I'd follow her anywhere

gandle(4 NE)May 8, 2012

if she was wearing that perfume. The yellowwood is putting on a magnificent show this year. Perhaps because of the mild winter but there are thousands of 12 to 15 inch panicles with side branches absolutely loaded with ivory white pea blossom shaped flowers, each has a very light floral scent but when you get tens of thousands of blossoms open at once then the neighborhood is perfumed. Yet, it is never over powering. Just a pervasive light scent that seems to draw bees and butterflies by the hundreds. As I was coming to the house there were 4 beautiful mourning cloak butterflies plus incounted skippers and othere I can't identify. The bees are so busy you can grab the panicle they are feeding on and they don't pay any attention.

Unfortunately, yellowwood is not a dependable bloomer. You may go for several years with just scattered bloom but not this year. The flowers are so plentiful the the branches are drooping.

Been planting tomatoes but really know better, they had a rather hard frost just 2 countys west. Planting goes rather slow, when I kneel down I have to have a hoe handy so I can climb the handle. Be nice to feel legs below the knee again but I also know it won't happen. Thats just the way it is so I'll work with it.

If I would quit gardening and figure out how to bottle the essence of my tree I would have a very seductive lure to bottle.

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I looked up yellowwood tree in bloom and it looks so pretty.
Lol, talk about follow you anywhere scent or smell. I fixed a pork shoulder roast in the slow cooker, with all kinds of herbs. It took about 9 hours to cook, the smell was delicious. By the time I was pulling the pork and making it into the most delicious pulled pork, barbecue sandwiches, on moist buns, DH was following my every move.
He's a happy man.

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My backyard perfume comes from the spicebush and blooms for a good 4 to 6 weeks.
We don't have yellowwood trees around here.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

They are gorgeous, and the scent is indescribable. I was lucky enough to visit a friend at the proper time one year when one was blooming. It's supposed to be a native of NC which means it should be okay in my area, but I've never seen one up here.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

I practice zone denial here in Zone 5, and my favorite scent is my brugmansia's at the end of summer, can't wait for the sun to set and to enjoy their lemoney scent, like heaven for me.

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You describe that beautifully.

Yes, the scent in the air............everywhere and pervasive but not cloying or overpowering. This spring has been a serenade of beautiful aromas, walk out of one and into another and have to stop and stick a nose in the blooms to see which flower is emitting what and check for a bee in the blossom first.

Been using a spade handle to get upright myself lately. The old knees don't hurt, thank God. They just protest halfway up.

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