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endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)May 23, 2011

Summer is just about here. I'm off from work this week so there's not much pressing to do. Wanted to eat at a little out of the way restaurant so I made the short trip across Wheeler Dam. This bistro is out in the middle of a cotton field on the edge of a swamp. Got out of the car and heard a racket that hasn't been heard around here for 13 years. The cicadas are back. This species slumbers for 13 years then breaks the dormant cycle and decides to mate. And are they ever noisy. Just one of those serendipitous surprises that are a pleasure to behold.

Been exercising a lot, as much as 2 hours a day. I'll warm up with a sprint triathlon in three weeks. Then in July it will be an Olympic distance tri in Nashville. Will end the tri season with a half iron man distance this September in Nashville, also. This last one is also referred to as a 70.3. That is 70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running.

All this exercise keeps me busy and produces many, many endorphins. It definitely produces a good mood; an even mood. Rarely do I take anything for hypertension. That's good, but the one side affect that is a bit negative is that it does sedate my muse. Must do something about that.

Went to Huntsville yesterday to work some adult soccer games. As I got there the tornado siren goes off. We didn't need that; we are very gun shy about that now. Tomorrow there the potential for bad weather. The worse will probably be west of here.

Saw my brother and his family on the way home afterwards. They were home so I can safely say that the predicted Rapture most definitely did not happen. *Don't really need to be cheeky about that but I'm gonna anyway* The drive to and from Huntsville is disheartening. There is still evidence of storm damage on the drive, especially just east of Athens. The clean up still continues and will for months.

We don't need anymore storms this year. Really.

Methinks I will go kayaking.

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Wished I could excercise more. For me the best time is in the morning, before my husband gets up, but we either have rain, thunderstorms or strong winds almost every morning. Finally had a dry Friday afternoon and I managed to dig my vegetable beds over and manure in. Planted some cucumbers and tomatoes and beet and squash seeds on Sunday. Then came early Monday morning. Everything washed out and right now it rains again and we are under severe thunderstorm watch. I think I give up on my garden for this year.

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endorphinjunkie, it sounds like you are doing the things you like to do, and the health benefits comes along with that.
Our oldest DS is close to your age and he has had some health issues so he took up running and changed his diet.His health has improved dramatically.
He ran his first Bay to Breakers in SF last week-end, he had a ball and a very good running time.
We invited him to come to an art show in SF this week-end, and that is totally out of his sphere and comfort zone, but he had a good time.
Try something new, to get your "musing" going. I like reading you posts.

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We've been watching the pictures of Joplin Mo. Every time I see that kind of damage, I wonder what I would do. I just can't conceive of starting all over from nothing.

I know that somehow or other, I would manage, but how much of it could I take? I suspect that a lot of those people are thinking and wondering if it's all over or will another tornado come again tonight or tomorrow.

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agnespuffin , I know what you mean. I grew up during WW11 in Norway, the war planes kept coming, the sirens went off, the bombs kept falling but the one thing that never stopped was the human spirit.
I lived through the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, where our house was shaking and rolling on the foundation. Freeways collapsed and people died.
Again the human spirit came through and life went on.
Hang in there.

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You're an inspiration Dorph. I started exercising again two months ago after 13 years of not. sigh. It irks me that loading trucks isn't enough to keep me feeling (or looking) fit and trim. My metabolism was never great, but the last two years it really went in the crapper. LOL I haven't broken into a run yet. I used to run 5 miles per day and lift. At this time, I am alternating between the treadmill (avg 4mph)and elliptical for an hour 3-4 days each week.

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krista_marie, I think your avg is a very good starting point.(avg 4mph). When DH and I started biking, we had an avg of 3.5mph. We're up to an avg of about 6.7 these days and we're very happy.

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