MY MAY Update

posieh(3)May 10, 2011

Well here I am.....May 1, woke up with the ground completly

white. May 1st. ! Didn't last long. My RN daughter was here and when I began having severe pains we went to the ER.

I've had a hernia for a few years and it was not behaving. Monday morn the 2nd. had hernia surgry, all went well, home on the 5th. Mother's Day two other dauhters here and we were out for dinner. How's that for an 80 year old on oxygen? I'm doing great, just can't be lifting. The last few days have been Spring here,even with the sun even shining.

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Good for you, Posie! Keep going and enjoying yourself; glad to hear your surgery went well.

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Glad to hear you are doing well, wondering why you were so quiet, now I know. We should get together, you on oxygent and I with a walking stick.
May will bring sunshine and nice weather - at least hope so

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Posieh, thank goodness your daughter was with you when all that!
You are one tough cookie!
80, eh?
I'm impressed---you and Lilo may be distant relatives, you're both such stoic women.

Welcome back; you've been missed!

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Good to see you posting such inspiration for the rest of us, following to see if our trails lead as far.

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Love to hear that you recovered fast. Keep going, I need examples to aspire to. Take care and don't overdo it.

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posieh, you said:" Well here I am."
Hello, I'm so glad to see you here.

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