Idyll #264 A Beautiful Day in May

deanneart(z5Southern NH)May 4, 2006

Ok all let's keep the beautiful spring pics rolling here....

Good morning all,

It is going to be a gorgeous day today! The weather people are saying it is going to top 72 or so today with pristine blue skies and a light breeze. Wohoo! I cant wait to get my gym duty done today. IÂve got a couple things to do with some customer correspondence this morning then it is out to the gardens for me. I might just try to get to The Mixed Border today too. IÂm thinking IÂm going to pick another ÂArabellaÂ. (DonÂt ask, I donÂt quite know where IÂm going to put it. LOL)

So all the poking, prodding, echoing and wiring up is over and done with. The echocardiogram technician turned to me with a twinkle in her eyes when she was finished and said she would lose any sleep even though she canÂt give you any information about the test. Te he I was also fitted with one of those gizmos that monitor your heart rate and I have to have that with me for a month. It doesnÂt record for a month you just use it if you have an arrhythmia.

Then I saw the nutritionist and she actually had some insights the doctors didnÂt have and I learned a few things from her. The most important of which is that she feels that my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is extremely low from the many years I was obese  that is the amount of calories you need if you just sat and did nothing for an entire day. So all the numbers you find on how many calories you can eat in a day are simply not accurate for me. The trainer and dietitian at the gym computed my BMR somewhere around 1,400 calories per day and the person I spoke with yesterday thought it was probably only around 800 or it might be even lower. Yep she said it stinks but that is just the way it is. So regardless of all the exercise I do I still only need 1,800 calories per day, or less, depending on how much I exercise, to maintain my weight. Not the 2,500 to 2,800 calories per day all the charts give me. I have to exercise for every additional calorie I consume. She felt that if I broke up my cardio and did a half hour in the morning and a half hour after dinner I might be able to get that BMR up a little more. She also had a few ideas on how to modify my diet. Basically, she was pretty impressed with our diet here and we couldnÂt eat more healthfully. She just had a few ideas on changing out my lunches. She also said that she doesnÂt think IÂll ever be able to get off any more than an additional ten pounds and it will be a constant struggle to keep it off. Apparently this old bod is where it wants to be. IÂve sort of figured out that was the case but IÂm a bit stubborn in case you guys didnÂt notice. I had to hear that from three different health care professionals before it started sinking in. Sooooo ennyhow, IÂm now going to have to learn how to be happy in this particular Âpackage because it wonÂt get modified by any more weight loss.

On a positive note, my Rosy Dawn coleus order came yesterday and holy cow!!! Are those plants ever gorgeous. I already have them all potted up and there are a few in there that might just become my very favorite coleus of all time. IÂll have to see how they perform in the containers this summer. I canÂt recommend that place high enough. Every one of those plants exceeded my expectations.

Marian, it sounds like you are into early summer with your iris and peonies in bloom. Would love to see some pics if you have the time.

Sue thanks for that ID on the ÂGeorgia BlueÂ. BTW be very thankful for your top notch metabolism. I was thinking of you yesterday when I was speaking to the nutritionist.

Michelle, thatÂs great that your dahlias and cannas are all potted up. IÂve got to do mine and might just get to that today or tomorrow. ~~ My ÂSutherland Gold is also in full sun. I do keep it well watered though.

Eileen, ROTFLOL, you so have me pegged! I was feeling silly at the nursery. The whole concept of flying a bunch of trees home was pretty funny. I agree with you about Dicentra ÂGold HeartÂ. IÂm planning on trying to find that plant soon. It truly is gorgeous. I need to find a spot for it here.

T, holy cow about those bees!!!! Incredible, I hope you didnÂt risk getting stung getting those photographs. I canÂt believe your DH is allergic and doesnÂt carry an epi pen. That really is pretty dangerous. Doug is very faithful about having one with him at all times any time the weather is warm enough for bees. After that incident with the broken leg etc. he just wonÂt risk another episode. The docs said if there is a next time his throat could swell shut and that is pretty scary to contemplate. BTW what is that huge rose bush the bees are in? It sure looks like a happy camper.

Cindy, so just photograph all of it! LOL Sounds like you need some rain there too. We actually got an inch of rain out of the last two days and IÂm happy things are looking so much better today.

Mary, how did your lunch date go? I hope you had a lovely time.

Eden, I canÂt recall if you got your Rosy Dawn order yet or not. Can you even believe the size of the plants?

OK off to the gym and then the gardens, Have a great day


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Good Morning, Bella spent the night last night and I can't believe she's not up yet so I'm going to try to whip up a short post here. I got alot done in the garden yesterday. I planted a few more containers of seeds, done with that now, potted up a couple of dahlia tubers, and put a few plants from the "ghetto" in the ground. It looks like we may have a passing rain shower this morning but after that Bella and I will be back out in the garden. Yesterday was beautiful and felt more like a summer day than spring.

Deanne, I'm so glad it looks like your tests came out ok and you got some new info from the nutritionist. You'll love dicentra gold heart. I was looking out over the garden this morning and it stands out more than any other plant at this time of year. I ordered from Rosy Dawn last year so I know how nice their coleus plants are. My order hasn't come yet for this year.

T, mother nature is sure giving you some challenges this year isn't she, between the woodpecker and the bees!

Michelle, My Brent and Beckys order should arrive today. Hope yours isn't too far behind. I'll have 6 more cannas and 5 dahlias from it which brings my canna variety total to
16 and 10 different dahlias. I think I got kind of carried away with the cannas this year, lol.

I hear Bella stirring around so that's it from me this morning. Hope everyone gets some garden time in today. Isn't this just the best time of year?


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Good morning!

I've just got a few minutes before I need to turn on my jets and get flying around the house. I uploaded some pictures from was a very pretty day and I spent some time with shovel, wheelbarrow and a chair in the shade.

First off, the swarm continued on and I missed their exodus from the rose bush.

Deanne, I don't know the name of the rose, it was a start from a dear friend and the bushes are in many people's yards in this area. Starts are shared and no name ever tagged onto the bush. It has some buds so I'll share when it begins blooming.

I know, I know.......this is the same darn view you see all the time from me.......but it was a pretty day and I took another photo of it. ;o)

The critters were laying about soaking up the morning sun (Boo started to get up when I got a little too close to his stack of hay--he thought he was going to get fed---again):

And just some of the things blooming right now (not much--but watch out when those new curvy beds get planted next year):

Oh and here is my beautiful soil that I'm using to top dress the new curvy beds. I don't think there is going to be enough here to do the backyard, which disappoints me greatly. I've not decided what to do about that (purchase more? lol).

Okay, gotta run. I hope the pics don't bog anyone's computer down......if they do I'll remove some or all of them tomorrow.

Hope the sun is shining brightly wherever you are!


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We had a beautiful evening. I planted out some variegated nasturtiums that I had wintersown in the Welcome garden. They are a nice edger and do so well out there. I decided to weed that area. With all the rain, comes nice green growth on plants and weeds as well. The lawn finally got mowed after all the rain and it looks so nice. Its a beautiful emerald green color.

Yesterday I had lunch with my parents and Kenzie. What fun. The only problem was she wanted to stay at my office with me.

Eden, what does Bella do in the garden while you work? My mom said she had Kenzie out while she was working. At first she wanted to run out of sight, but was ok after she realized she needed to stay around.

Deanne, what coleus did you get from Rosy Dawn? Ive looked at their website and they have some fabulous ones.

T, good to see that honey bees live in your area, but good to see they decided not to take up residence so close. I never get tired of seeing your fantastic view. I agree that is a beautiful pile of soil.

Honey, I think Sue had an excellent idea to invite gardening friends over to brainstorm together.

Babs, I think you asked if I was collecting in my new rain barrel. Im sad to say that project isnt done. We need to put up the gutter on the backside of the garden shed and the barrel needs a hole, a plug, a spigot and an overflow hole. Too many projects and too little time. LOL

Not much else new here.

If you can have a great gardening day!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good morning all. Another rainy, thundery morning. It started during the night and continues. The thunder has stopped, otherwise I wouldn't be on here.
I dragged and pushed a lot more of the indoor plants out on to the deck so they could get a good wash.There is hardly room to walk out there now. Naturally they will have to be rearranged when then rain stops.

Deanne, I sure wish I could take new pics to post, but my poor camera has came to it's age of retirement. :-(
It will probably be a while before I can get another. I will just have to post mental pics until then.
It is good that you are getting such wise advice on your health and weight. Most of us have something about our looks that isn't as we would like, but we usually have to accept it. One of mine is my has rather a large bump on the bridge. Another is the padding on my abdomen needs to be rearranged to my derriere-smile-. But I think my biggest embarrassment is the skin on my arms. They look like crepe paper. :-( You look great in your pics.
Oh, another less than lovely part of me is my hands. Fat lumpy fingers from arthritis, and wrinkles that I have had even when I was young.

Teresa, I am so glad the honey bees moved on. Neither of us are allergic to them ( yet), but I have a healthy respect for them. Our Tulip Poplar has been buzzing loudly ever since it started blooming. It really attracts the bees.
I love your view and the picture of it, and the horses' pic.
I am envious of your soil pile.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just a quick pop in, as I need to go run some errands.

Marian - It all sounds so wonderful at your home (minus the storms, of course...LOL) You have me itching for more clematis too. I haven't bought any new clematis for awhile. About 3 or 4 years ago I had a serious case of clematis wilt that hit just about every clematis I had. Last year everybody seemed to be doing much better, but I did lose my Duchess and almost lost my Perle d'Azure and I've been afraid to introduce anyone knew to the group. Do you know if Clematis wilt can be spread from one clematis to another? I really want to get one called C. viticella Venosa Violacea, but haven't found it locally. Would love to try your Aso (sp.?) too. I remember your picture of it last year and it was just beautiful. Our Home Depot had gorgeous *huge* flowered Multi-Blues the other day. Do you have a Home Depot nearby? Well, even though I already have one Multi-Blue, I couldn't pass up the beauties at the HD, so I am now the proud owner of a 2nd Multi...LOL! Sorry about the camera woes! I'm sure going to miss all your pics...I'm already missing the peepers! :-( Will you have to get a new camera? I know sometimes with the newer electronics, etc., it's actually cheaper to buy a new one than to repair an old one.

Deanne - Just wanted to let you know I mailed out Freckles & Illustris (don't know if you got my email). They should arrive by Monday.

T - I've really been enjoying all your pics! The bees were fascinating and I've never seen an active hive. Glad that they are moving on though, I missed (until the 2nd time I read) the fact that DH is so allergic. I was also thinking that if they didn't move on, maybe you could find a local bee keeper who would love to have them. Funny, every time I look at your pics it reminds me of the book Secret Life of Bees...I loved that book! Your surroundings are so beautiful...glad you had a lovely day. All your close up pics were beautiful too. Every time I try to do a close up it comes out blurry. My hands must shake, but I've never noticed it. Mmmm I can smell that lilac and that rose. My lilacs are just starting, but no roses yet. What is that pretty flower in the 3rd pic? Boo is adorable! And you have goats...I forgot that! Do you have any with the little nubs? I'd love to see more pics of your goats too!

Michelle - that was one of my surprises when I came home from Arizona...we had rain here and the lawns are looking so beautiful. I do love that emerald green! :-) BTW, I missed the rain barrel conversation. Are you making a rain barrel? I bought one several years ago from Garden Supply and I'm just crazy about it and use it all the time and I don't know if it's my imagination (probably is) but I swear the pots that get watered with that rain water are the happiest of all!

Okay, gotta go....TTYL! Ei

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I'll say...

Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice if not better.

Tonight I skipped the workout and almost finished getting the front garden cleaned out. Tom has agreed to dig out the overgrown, floppy Miscanthus I have out there to make room for something better (and yet to be determined). I'm leaning toward one of the Japanese maples I got at Mary's. I also have a "grove" of Annabelle hydrangeas in that spot that need some thinning. Nothing like progress.

Time for bed. T, keep up the good work but bee careful out


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I didn't get any dirt moved today........maybe tomorrow morning I can hit it hard before it warms up too much.

Ei, that 3rd picture is a roly-o-den-dron blossom. There were a couple of big fat bumblebees buzzing about the bush and I was trying to get them to sit still long enough to locate where they were and get a clear photo. Didn't get the clear photo but was tickled to find which blossom they were hiding in.

That rose is a tulip......none of the others have the curling petals but I thought it was a pretty pink and now that I looked better at it, it does resemble a rose. The lilac smells heavenly and this is the healthiest that bush has looked for years. It doesn't do well where it is situated and Deanne suggested putting some lime on it. I bought the lime but haven't applied it yet. I need to study a bit and see when to apply it.

We went for a walk in the pasture this evening. Found a hawk feather and an intact Robin's egg. Some other bird must have stolen the egg from a nest as it was laying on the grass out in the open. A good night for some of nature's treasures.

As I came home from town this afternoon, I noticed a logging tower being taken up a logging road nearby. I am hoping they aren't going to begin logging behind our house. I dread the day they clear cut behind us....although they do replant right away. It will mean about 10 years of feeling exposed while awaiting the newly planted fir trees to grow to a nice height. I have no problem with logging, even clear cutting as I see it as a 'crop' just as a farmer has fields that they harvest & replant. But when the harvest is in my backyard so to speak, gulp.....not as happy to see the crop go. I think the trees behind us are too young still for them to cut, but maybe not....I'll be listening for chainsaws and log trucks. But then again, since they brought in a log tower, they probably aren't going to cut right behind us as they wouldn't need a tower. Hmmmm, my mood is improving. ;o) (A logging tower is set up at the top of a steep hill. It has long cables attached to it and they use it those cables to pull logs up the hill to the loading area where the log trucks are loaded).

Marian, sorry to read that your camera has bit the dust. :o( That must be very disappointing, especially in the springtime when there is so much bursting out in bloom. I hope you can find an inexpensive replacement. Prices for digital cameras are sometimes quite reasonable compared to what they were 3 or 4 years ago.

Well, guess I'll shut down the computer for the night.....

Hello to all! :oD


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Wake up everyone! It's Cinco de Mayo.


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Good morning

Just popping in before work. Wow T - those bees are something! Wildlife seems larger than life in your neck of the woods. I'll keep my fingers crossed you are spared the logging. Your view is gorgeous - please post it as often as you can! (and your pile of dirt!)

Hi Marian - we'll all miss your photos. As T suggests, is going digital an option?

Ei - did you have a fabulous time in Arizona? (perhaps I missed you writing about it). Hope you sister is continuing to do well.

Deanne - I had a very nice Thai lunch with DH a couple of days ago. It was a treat for mid-day as I usually eat on the run adn we never get to see enough of each other.

The week has zoomed by, filled with Little League, music practice, vet visit, karate and a school play tonight. I can't believe its Friday already - Ahem Sue!

Need to run, have a great day everyone


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Oops - you were there first Sue. A nice pink wake-up!


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Good Morning, Sunny but nippy here this morning. Just a short post from me this morning. As soon as Bella gets here we're going to my sister's for a garden consultation. She want my opinion on some landscaping work they're doing in their back yard. She wants to do some container gardening on a new deck they're building so I'm thinking bananas, cannas, brugs and coleus since it's by their pool. I got a couple of plants shuffled around yesterday but have more to move, hopefully this weekend, since thinks are really starting to put on growth now. My problem is that it's like a domino effect, for every plant I move I have to shuffle something else.

Sue, nice picture of your front garden. How ofter do you have time to sit back in those chairs and relax, lol? Having Bella here this spring I've found that I've just sat and looked at the garden more this year than ever before while I'm keeping an eye on her. It's been a good thing. In the past everytime I'd sit down I'd see something that needed attention out there and be off and running again.

T, glad the bee swarm has dispersed. What's the latest on the w. pecker? I never tire of seeing your beautiful view there.

Michelle, Here's what I do with Bella when I'm out in the garden...

I fence her in on the deck. Brad's going to build a fence around there with a gate in the next couple of weeks and we'll probably leave it up this year and next. I've just been using her play yard, straightened out and anchored with bungee cords as a temporary fix. She has plenty of room to wander around and play there and every so often I take her on walks through the garden and show her things. Next year I'm going to start her working though, lol. I showed her the dicentra blooms yesterday and she was fascinated by them. How long does your mom have Kenzie? They can really tire you out at Bella and Kenzies age if you have them round the clock for a couple of days.

I've run out of time so that's it from me for now. Have a great Friday!


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Good morning!

It appears to be another sunny day on tap for us. I should be out shoveling dirt but am still debating on which direction to go this morning. My DM (dear mother) has put the guilt trip/summons on my shoulders so I should make a trip to go visit with her today, I have the soil to do, I have housework I'd like to tidy up before the weekend and I just really would love to put down my roots to stay home today.........but the guilt/summons will win out. I know it, I knew it when it happened but yet I spent time, energy and precious brain cells (don't have many of those so need to conserve) trying to work out a way to not leave home but also not make DM feel badly or neglected. :oP I should have just given in immediately.

Gosh but this sunshine shows how much my windows need cleaning. :o(

The woodpecker? I think it is gone! Two or maybe three days without me hearing it and having to shoo it away. It could be that I've just not heard it when it has been here.......but I think it is gone. :oD

I got an 'atta girl' from DH on the bees being gone. Like I had anything to do with the swarm leaving. Oh well, I'll take any praise he sends my way.....

Eden, I like Bella's play area.

Sue, your front yard seating area is so welcoming. Do you & Tom sit there very often and do you leave the chairs out year round?

Okay, I'd better get myself out of this chair and moving or else the day will pass me by.

Hello to all!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello, do you remember me? Thats good, because its been so hectic Ive forgotten who I am. If anyone has a clue, please email me!

Its been busy at work, but it needs to be more so. We have a couple of new employees and they still dont seem to be quite settled into the routine here. Ive switched my radio from NPR to a rock station and when the tension gets too thick, I just go to my happy place! This too shall pass.

Honey, sorry to hear the landscape design was such a bummer. I have to say, I take enough phone orders that I know some designers (note to lurking designers I said "some" not all!) have a limited palette that they work with, and each and every design will end up with those plants, no matter what. And some dont know their perennials very well. I asked one designer if they wanted to sub something for the lambs ear which was not ready at that time, and they subbed variegated sedge. Hmm I agree that you have a great sense for design and can probably do better. Perhaps you could have the designer lay out the hardscape and the beds, and specify only general requirements for plants and then you could choose what you want to go in the beds?

T, so glad you were bee-ing goofy and posting the bee pics. Ive never seen a swarm like that; it was especially interesting to see the after photo to truly appreciate the mass o bees that you had! I love your views and hope that they dont go bald for ten years! And the "action photo" of Boo is so cute. Can I come lay in the sun with him?

Sue, the photo of your garden that you posted on the last thread was absolutely stunning. It could have come straight out of Fine Gardening. I think I will have to ask you and the other idyllers for some suggestions on my front beds. They arent bad, but they arent stunning.

Caveat here I know Im not commenting to everyone, but if I wait until I have the time and the brain to do that, it will be December. So hello to everyone else, and this post will now get a little self-centered!

Last weekend I went with 5 other friends to see "Menopause the Musical". What a riot! The show is very funny, and all the songs are parodies of songs we all know well. Our seats happened to be in the first row of the center section. At the end of the show, the actresses start pulling people out of the audience to come up and join a "chorus line", and given the location of our seats, I was one of the first people they came up to. A word of advice to my idyll friends do not try to do a chorus line kick while wearing clogs. And let it be known that V., in her first appearance on a professional stage, brought the house down. nuff said!

We had a great dinner afterwards, and even went out to a bar for drinks after that! Woo-hoo, 6 women from the small town loose in Chicago for the night. It truly was a lot of fun, and we are planning to do it again, but next time well include a hotel for the night!

Lest you think it was all wine, women and song (tee hee) I also planted 25 hazelnut bushes, 10 white pines and 10 Frazier firs on Saturday. The evergreens are for future Christmas trees.

This weekend I have to attack some of the weeds before they attack me. I will also hit a plant sale on Sunday to get some natives and some heirloom veggies. I think the rest of this month will fly! One more week and I go pick up DS from school. Hes on track for a second semester of straight As, which will certainly help his efforts to transfer to the Big U for his junior year.

A little sad news here as well. First, I found out that one of DSs high school classmates is in drug rehab out of state for a heroin problem. Wow not the kind of thing you expect from our small town, but I keep hearing its not just a big city problem anymore. Anyway, I knew this girl from church and was quite shocked.

Also, our bell choir director is leaving. She has aging parents over 5 hours away and has decided she has to move closer to take care of them. Very sad, but I can understand her situation. Depending on what arrangements are made for fall, I may take a year off from bells. I wouldnt quit while DD was playing with me, but now that she will be off to school, I may just go on sabbatical. Last night, DD made a comment about playing in a bell choir in her college town! Her mother loves any idea that connects her to a church when shes away from home.

Well, thats all the news thats fit to post, so I will get back to Friday at the office. I hope everyone has a good weekend and some quality gardening time in their immediate future.


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Cool and cloudy here today. I am leaving work early today so hopefully it will warm up some.

What a fun little area that Bella has to play in. LOL about putting her to work next year. Kenzie has the cutest Dora sun visor, garden trowel and cultivator. She already likes flowers. She sticks her nose in them and sniffs out instead of in and says "pretty"

Marian, bummer about the camera. Hopefully, you can find an affordable one. I sure enjoy your pictures.

Ei, I planted a c. Multi-blue several years ago, but it must have been mislabeled. Im sure its Jackmani. I did plant another last year that is growing well. You should see how big my Illustrius is getting, what a fabulous plant.
RE: the rain barrel. I saw one online made from an oak whiskey barrel with a spigot. DH spotted the barrels at Walmart and he is going to make it into a rain barrel, but it is one of the projects that isnt completed. I do have another large planter that I use now as a rain barrel, but Im greedy and want more.

Sue, that picture is the epitome of spring. What are the white blooming trees? Is one of them your neighbors?

V, sorry to hear about the director moving. It sounds like something that you enjoy.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Well, good afternoon all,

Im finally taking a short break here from the two very best gardening days weve had here since last year. It has simply been beyond perfect. I finally took some time and went out to The Mixed Border yesterday afternoon and a few things sort of leapt into my cart. My absolute favorite is this fabu dwarf Pinus parviflora Arnold Arboretum Dwarf. You guys should see this lovely, tiny conifer. I couldnt resist it. It is supposed to be only three feet tall and no more than two feet wide at ten years old and very slow growing. Anyway, Im going to dig out part of that huge patch of rudbeckia next to my Picea orientalis Bergmans Gem and place it somewhere in that vicinity. It looks dynamite with that dwarf Picea.

The other thing that asked to come home with me were another c Arabella, a c Betty Corning and c Pearl dAzure. I have to tell you guys, Ive NEVER seen a better or healthier collection of clematis offered anywhere. They have hundreds of varieties and all are beautifully grown and supported. If anyone in this area wants clematis now is the time to go there and pick them out. The selection really is unbelievable. Im about ready to start putting together a few of my summer container gardens and have been daydreaming looking at all the annuals Ive got in the garage and driveway at the moment.

Im really hoping to get the last of the back yard cleaned out and mulched tomorrow then Ill have some time to get all those dahlias, cannas and callas potted up. Doug is talking about building me a temporary holding bed on top of the hill behind the trailer park and I told him to make the dimensions so that the new cold frames fit right over them. That way next spring I can just plant all the dahlias etc right into the cold frames instead of doing individual pots which takes so long to do.

Im still over the moon with my coleus from Rosy Dawn, Michelle was it you who asked what I bought???

Apocolypse, Trailing Salamander, Bi Polar By Golly, Trailing Rose, Black Lace, Thumbelina, Blackberry Waffles, The Boss, Burning Bush (this might be my favorite)Swallowtail, Shocking Pink, Chocolate Drop, Pineapple Prince, Dianes Gold (this is a great chartreuse one)Malabar, Fiesta, Dragons Claw, Mahogany Giant, Fireworks, Lemon Meringue, Little Twister, Glory, Kiwi Herman, Wild Lime, Gold Giant and Kingswood Kritter. Im probably going to grow some of these as specimen plants for this summer so I can evaluate their habits etc. Im thinking Ill put some into combinations though. Just so many neato, different foliage colors and shapes.

HI V. Good to hear from you. It sounds like youve been out straight for a while now. Sorry about your bell choir director leaving. Im sure you are going to miss her.~~ Glad to hear you had a good time at that musical. Id heard that it really is hysterical.

T, so maybe your DH thinks you are a Bee Whisperer LOL. Great photos of your view. Thanks for sharing them. Glad to hear the woodpecker seems to be headed to different parts. That must be a relief.~~ Our lilacs here have just started blooming also. The neighbors patch of lilac is scenting all the local airspace and it is heavenly.

Eden, what a great play area youve got set up for Bella. She is one lucky little girl to have you share your love of gardening with her. I could just picture you walking around the garden with her and showing her your treasures. ~~ So how cold did it get there last night? We will probably get that weather in a couple days. ~~ I SO know what you mean about the domino effect. Every time I want to more one thing it seems I have to shift two other things to make way for the one I want to move. Im seriously NOT looking forward to moving all the plants out of the corner bed where the wisteria tree is growing. There is a ton of stuff in there and it all has to be moved out in order for Doug to get that huge boulder out of the corner where I want to move the wisteria. Nothing is ever easy is it? ~~ Oh yes, I wanted to ask you how much shade you grow your Dicentra Gold Heart in?

Mary it sounds like you had a lovely luncheon with your DH. Ive never tried Thai food. What did you eat?

Sue, lovely spring garden shot. Who can resist this time of the year. Everything looks so fresh and new. Is that bit of blue toward the center of the pic your Jack Frost? If so it looks like the division you gave me last year didnt affect the size or blooming one little bit.

Marian, that really is too bad about your camera. I hope you can get a replacement soon. ~~ You are too right that most of us are unhappy about something with out looks and you are 100% correct that we really just have to learn to accept things as they are. Ive got that arm thing going too and there isnt anything I can do about it. I guess I should be happy they aren't blowing in the wind. LOL My upper arms really used to be the size of hams. Te he..

OK I think Ive caught up for now. I sure hope we hear from all our missing Idylls soon. Have a great evening all.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Goodevening all. I was late reading the posts this morning because our power was off. I imagine a tree fell on a power line. The ground is really soggy here. I saw some toppled trees on my way out to the highway. Luckily they were away from the road. The rains have stopped for today, but the water is still running in the driveway in front of our house.
Since it was sunny this morning I had to get the plants (that I'd put on the deck) into shadier locations. I ended up moving the bench from under the dogwood to into the island,perpendicular to the one that was already there. I can now see both of them from the house, and front yard. I had a tendency to forget the plants on the bench when it was in the other location. It was behind Nolon's pickup, and out of sight.
My right eye got to hurting pretty bad. The vision in it is getting blurrier and blurrier. I called my eye doctor and was told to come on in. My regular Dr wasn't available, but the other one in his clinic was, so I saw her. I have been set up for laser surgery Thursday the 18th, and prescribed a sauve to put in it before I go to bed.

Eileen, Sorry , but I can't answer your question about the clematis wilt. I hope someone more knowledgeable can. I know a cousin's wife had wilt get into hers. I think they came back.
I am going to look for another digital camera. I may try a pawn shop.I will need one that uses floppies unless I get a newer computer that has access to the more modern digitals. I not even sure the floppy drive isn't bad in my computer. :-(
Yes, we have a new Home Depot, but I haven't even been there this year. I REALLY don't need more plants. By the time I get the starts of coleus from Deanne, I will have all that I need to plant my containers. I have bought several bedding plants, and container plants already. Some are from Wal Mart, and some from a stand that sets up every spring. It is operated by local people.

Sue, your yard is lovely!

Teresa, do you have cowbirds there? they will remove eggs from other bird's nests, and lay their own in it's place.
I hate them!
Thanks for your concern about my camera, and your kind words. I 'do' miss it, and am taking pics with my other camera when there is something extra special that I want to record.
Glad to hear that both the w-pecker and the bees are gone. I hope neither return.

Mary, check what I said to Eileen about getting a digital camera.
That's a neat place that you have for Bella. I like the rocking chairs too.

Who's V ???? LOL Sounds like a lovely weekend with your friends. Funny about the 'chorus line'.I wish your friends would have taken a pic and shared it with us. ( smile)
Wow! that's a bunch of trees and shrubs! I have a row of hazelnuts, but seldom get any usable nuts. Mine are so small. Anyway, I suspect the squirrels get most on them.

Michelle, I am smiling about Kensie 'sniffing out' cute.

My word, Deanne! I am flabbergasted at the amount of coleus you bought to add to all you already had! I am anxious to see the results. I 'know' it will be fabulous!
LOL on your arm's skin "blowing in the wind". I don't have near the hangy down skin on the backs of my arms as my dear little mother did. She didn't work outside like I do. Maybe that keeps mine toned up.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow T! Now I'm even more in love with your flower. I really, honestly thought that was a rose just beginning to unfurl. That's a tulip?! How pretty! Do you know the name of it? LOL, I'm laughing at myself. You guys must get absolutely sick of me asking everyone who posts a tulip..."which one is it?, which one is it?" LOL! Really enjoyed reading about your day yesterday. How fun to have found nature's little treasures. I love when that happens to me. I have a big dish upstairs on the cabinet, where I place all the little tidbits of nature that I find; bird feathers, acorns, pine cones, unusual stones, etc. It gives me pleasure to stop and rummage through it all, I don't know why, it just does! :-) Hope the loggers hold off from your property for awhile. Is there any way you could start planting your own little forest on your side of the property? LOL on the brain cells, you nut...I don't think you have anything to worry about! :-) But did get a chuckle out of your story about mom...think we've all been there at one time or another! :-)
Actually, you made me feel a little better because ever since I came home from Anita's, I just feel so worn out. I thought getting the break would make me ready to face the challenges again with sis and mom, but I just feel pooped and just want a break and then I feel terribly guilty and ashamed for being so selfish. I really *love* my sis and my mom and would not be happy not doing everything I can for them and then scary thoughts come into my head like "what if my sister doesn't make it?" "How will I handle it?" and how guilty I will feel for ever having a selfish thought! I guess I'm not as together as I thought!

Eden - if I was Bella, I would never want to leave Grandma's house...LOL! What a wonderful little playground she has and all her very own! :-) Love all those bright colors! It's pretty cold here today too and I guess this will last for a few more days. Wondering if I will need to bring the annuals into the garage tonight. I might just take a chance and leave most of them out and just bring the tropicals in. They really all should be hardened off by now.

Shoot Sue...Cinco DeMayo! I should still be in Arizona. I remember reading Tucson was going to have a huge celebration. BTW your picture is gorgeous and I agree with V, it certainly does look like something out of Fine Gardening Magazine! are beautiful inside and out! And of course, so are you Deanne! But Marian is so right, I'm sure we all have things we don't like about our looks. I could make a list of mine if you guys have about an hour...LOL!
Marian! I just read your latest post and I'm very worried about you. Thank Goodness you were able to get into the doctor so quickly. So, what exactly is wrong with your eye? I'll be thinking of you and worrying about you, so please keep us posted!

Michelle - your rain barrel sounds neat! You'll have to show it to us when you get it done...but *no pressure*! You have been one busy girl! I'm so tickled that Illustris is doing so well and that you are so happy with it! :-) Oh, and before I forget yet again! I've been meaning to tell you the garden stake you made Deanne is so beautiful! I love the many talented Idyllers!

Hi Mary! Thanks for asking about sis, yes, she is doing pretty well, I think! Arizona was wonderful and the best part of all was being with Anita, except every time I see her I am reminded all the more how much I miss her! I couldn't love her more if she was my own sister. I count the day I met her as one of the biggest blessings of my life. Glad you and DH were able to spend some time, just the two of you. :-)

Hi V! Great to hear from you and so nice that you had a fun time with the girls! It really is special to get out once in awhile, just the girls, isn't it? I can't believe all the shrubs/trees you planted! WOW! Did *you* have to dig *every* hole? Sorry to her about DD's school classmate...that is so sad! I agree, it is wonderful that DD is thinking of continuing the bell choir while at college.

Deanne - Wish we had a "Mixed Border" here. There are very few places here that carry healthy clematis and not many varieties either, so you can imagine my pleasure when I spotted this Multi-Blue at the Home Depot!

Now really, is there any way I could have passed it up? Even *if* I already have one! LOL! And if I remember correctly, I think I paid $12.99 for it! I generally don't give a lot of my business to Home Depot, but every once in awhile I'll see something like this and I just can't pass it up! BTW, Perle d'Azure is one of my all time favorite clematis. It never fails to produce of shower of the most gorgeous color and sweetly formed flowers. LOL on T as the "bee whisperer"...I like that! T The Bee Whisperer! :-)

Okay folks, well I'm signing off for now.

P.S. I'm missing a lot of people too and have been thinking a lot about Yeona and Julie...hope all is well in their little corner of the world and I'm worrying about Taryn and Bruce and Gigi. Concerned since we haven't heard any new reports about Bruce. Hope he is still improving!

And a little Friday Night Song:

Seals And Crofts
Summer Breeze

See the Curtains Hanging in the Window
In the Evening On a Friday Night
Little Light Is Shining Through the Window
Lets Me Know Everything Is All Right

Summer Breeze
Makes Me Feel Fine
Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind

Summer Breeze
Makes Me Feel Fine
Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind

See the Paper Laying On the Sidewalk
A Little Music From the House Next Door
So I Walked On Up to the Doorstep
Through the Screen and Across the Floor

Summer Breeze
Makes Me Feel Fine
Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind

Summer Breeze
Makes Me Feel Fine
Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind

Sweet Days of Summer
The Jasmine Is in Bloom
July Is Dressed Up and Playing Her Tune
And I Come Home
From a Hard Days Work
And You Are Waiting There
Without a Care in the World

See the Smile Waiting in the Kitchen
Through Cooking and a Place For Two
Feel the Arms That Reach Out to Hold Me
In the Evening When the Day Is Through

Summer Breeze
Makes Me Feel Fine
Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind

Summer Breeze
Makes Me Feel Fine
Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind

Good Night All! Ei

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I did take off work early and was pleasantly surprised by the sky clearing and the sun coming out. It was a beautiful evening. I walked down to the pond and took a few pictures. It reminded me of the movie "On Golden Pond" I wish you guys could hear the sounds. Birds, ducks, frogs and more. I thought I could take a video with my camera, but when I tried it said that the batteries were low.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a super day. All the plants are going out of the shed and into the holding area.

Deanne, my word what a lot of coleus. Ill have to go to their website to look them up. Are you addicted???LOL Im sure that I had Trailing Rose last year. It got huge. I have to order clematis to get anything unusual.

Ei, I hope my Multi-blue is as pretty as the one you got. That is a nice healthy specimen. Ha, Summer Breeze my thoughts when I was at the pond. "Makes me feel fine"

Marian, what did they say is wrong with your eye? That sounds like a scary incident.

This picture is looking down to the pond.

I love emerging spring foliage. I think I grow peonies more for the spring foliage than the flowers.

It amazes me how these survive the winter in the cracks - Sempervivum 'Purple Beauty'


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! It looks to be a beauty here today. I've already slapped on sunscreen and will be heading out as soon as I finish my coffee.

Did everone else get an e-mail from Marie's husband that her server was down? If not, that's why she hasn't been around lately.

I see the eye candy continues around here. Yes, the white tree in my picture is my neighbor's dogwood. She has no less than 5 planted on her less than quarter acre lot along with a variety of maples, a black walnut and a huge blue spruce. The one in my picture is the only one that is still relatively healthy. The others need to be removed along with all the trees but at 92 I don't think she'll be making any home improvements. Yes, Deanne, the blue plant is that incredible Jack Frost. Why don't I have more of those? Maybe I'll just divide that one and spread the wealth around.

Yesterday I visited my local nursery and was sorely disappointed. Nothing new really and certainly nothing unusual. I did get a real Viburnum 'Onondaga' since it turns out the one I bought there a couple of years ago is just a plain V. sargentii. Since I don't have room for both the other one needs to go. The whole reason for choosing 'Onondaga' was the purplish new foliage and maroon emerging flower clusters. A big green shrub wasn't what I wanted.

LOL, Deanne, got enough coleus? I bought half a dozen new ones at the greenhouse earlier in the week but I don't retain the names like some of you. Maybe I'll start planting some containers today. I recently got wind that our street is going to be repaved. It certainly doesn't need to be-just another example of wasting tax dollars. From what I see going on around town they remove all the curbs to do this and basically trash the curb area a few feet back. That is really going to stink because I have a garden that goes right to the street. Yesterday they dropped off the new drains so I'd better get out there and dig up anything I want to save. Just what I have time to do. All the more reason to plant nothing with any value out there. Why does it seem like something is ripped up every year?

Michelle I love the sempervivums. So far I haven't found a spot where they will live here.

Mackenzie's new family will be coming for her first thing tomorrow morning. Then I'm off to the spring CT plant swap we organize through the New England forum. Sounds like we've got a large crowd this year. Tonight I have to bake whoopie pies as my contribution to the potluck lunch. On the way home from the swap I'll stop at Broken Arrow and see what they have new and unusual. I see this weekend evaporating fast.

For Ei...

Enjoy your day!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hey worries! My eye condition is a common occurance following cataract surgery and very easy to correct.If it had been an emergency they wouldn't have had me wait til the 18th to do it.It is quite a nuisance, but not a serious problem.

Eileen, you are so sweet. I wish you could come visit me. I bet we would laugh ourselves sick! ( We have a spare bedroom, and I am good at cooking breakfast.) :-)
I would let you "rummage" in my plate of natural items! LOL
And, yes , I 'do' have one!
Your new MultiBlue is lovely.The early blooms on mine are losing their petals, but the remaining part is still attractive ...

Michelle, nice pics. I am fond of foliage too, and enjoy the peony's early growth. I plant my beds as much for various types of foliage as I do for the flowers. I love the differant shades of green and the varying shapes all mingled together, sort of like a patchwork quilt. The blossoms are an added bonus. Your sedum in the rocks is neat.

It is overcast, again, and looks like we may get MORE rain. It is chilly, too...49 out, and low 60s in. I may have to fire up the heater. There is no need of us 2 old fogies sitting around in the cold. ;-)

I love all the pics of everybody's tulips. I have to enjoy them vicariously since I can no longer grow them here. Eileen, you are a hoot! it's okay that you love tulips so much. :-)


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Good morning

Just got back from a very chilly trip to the farmers market. It was sunny when I woke at 6 AM but by the time we pulled up it was rainy and cold and I was shivering in my sandals. I loaded up on produce but my friend and I were too cold to spend much time at the plant stands, heading to the covered shed for coffee instead.

I did get a treat for supper tonight - fresh skate - my favorite fish. I'll cook it with browned butter and a few capers - yum! I also bought some delicious locally grown asparagus and new potatoes so it should be a good supper.

Michelle - those shots are gorgeous and the pond just beautiful. Do you have fish in there?

Sue - I think our street is due to be repaved this summer, but unlike yours it really needs it. Hope McKenzie is happy in her her home. Will Martie be at the plant swap?

Ei - what a lovely clem! I'll have to check out our HD for one. I get good dahlia tubers from there, but they are hopeless when it comes to caring for live plants. Our Lowes is further away but has a very good garden department so I might head that way soon too. SO glad you had such a wonderful trip to Arizona.

Marian - hope the surgery goes well. Its good it is easy to correct. Hope you bump up the heating so that you and Nolon stay nice and warm in this drab weather.

Deanne - we are big afficionados of Thai food. I love the coconut curries and the kids enjoy the noodle dishes, most of which use rice noodles so we can all eat them. Pad Thai is a fav. If we go out we nearly always eat ethnic foods as they are so different from my cooking at home and usually very reasonable for a family. Vietnamese is another favorite. Your list of coleus is incredible - you and Eden must be tied for number of varieties.

V - your night out sounds hilarious. Hope you will give us another rendition of the chorus line, perhaps in your gardening clogs!!

I wondered where GB was, along with others. Hope the server is up soon and those MIA check in.

Off for music lessons - have a good one everyone


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Good morning...

The sunshine is gone and once again we're experiencing Washington weather (drizzle). It is what allows us to have all the green.....but I sure do miss the view. ;o)

I'm hoping this will show the size of the swarm/colony that was in the rose bush a few days ago. A before and after photo of the bush.

Not much progress on the curvy bed unfortunately....maybe today......

It is a good morning for cuddling up with a blanket, book & a steaming cup of coffee laced with Baileys. No Baileys but coffeemate will have to do. :oP

I was missing Marie......hope she is back soon.

Marian, hope you don't have too much discomfort between now and the 18th.

V, good to 'see' you back......was missing you!

Michelle, your photos are beautiful. I didn't realize you had a lake nearby. It looks lovely.

Ei, the tulips came from my mother and she just bought a big box of miscellaneous bulbs from some catalog, so no ID is possible, I'm sorry. It is a very pretty color and I liked the curling petals also.

I took down a couple pics at the beginning of the thread so I wouldn't feel like I was overwhelming the thread with my pics....and I tried to make these smaller so hopefully they won't be bogging anyone on dial-up down.

Hope it is a good day.....hello to all!


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It's downright cold here today. The sun's shining brightly but we could use another 10-15 degrees, so Bella and I are staying inside. I'm another one who made the trek to the farmers market this morning. I picked up a few pots of annuals, nothing exciting, and then stopped by the nursery for 3 big bags of container soil. The delivery men have been making a path to my door the last couple of days. I received my High Country and Lazy S orders yesterday and luckily I only ordered a couple of things from each of them. My eyes are always bigger than my garden in the middle of winter, lol. I think the only orders I'm still waiting on are Avant and Rosy Dawn and I don't expect either of them for a couple of weeks. We had a frost warning last night and when I went to cover the banana with his trash can he'd outgrown it. I think that thing is growning inches a day now. I can't wait to see what the growth rate is once the temps really warm up. There are also 3 or 4 pups poking up around the base. I've got a new dwarf banana to put in a container garden called Red Rowe. It's supposed to be an improved version of musa zebrina, with better red color.

Deanne, my dicentra gold heart is under the canopy of the neighbors maple tree, but gets alot of sun at this time of year when the tree's not leafed out.

I had noticed that Marie hadn't been heard from in a couple of days and checked the other forums she posts on to see if she'd been to those. When I saw that she hadn't I figured her server was down.

Marian, I'm sorry to hear about your eye. I hope they're able to correct the problem for you when you go in. I also miss you photography.

T, I just love that big curvy bed you've got going there. I can just imagine it all planted up too. It will be beautiful.

Sue, bad news about the street repaving. Maybe if you can get ahold of whoever's in charge of the job they can give your curbside garden some special treatment. I know they've done that for me in the past when workmen have had to work near my gardens. The electric company brought in a truck with a basket from the yard behind my house to cut the trees off of the electrical lines. They usually just let them fall to the ground but they took them all down in the basket so they wouldn't fall into my garden. Then the guy came and knocked on my back door when he was finished to tell me how careful he'd been.

Ei, good score on the multi-blue from Home Depot. You just never know what you'll find there in the garden dept. and sometime it can be something quite nice.

Michelle, you're pond is lovely and looks so peaceful. Thanks for the pretty pics! I agree that spring foliage is just the best!

Glad to hear from V! So did the clog going flying into the audience and conk someone in the head or what?

Mary, dinner tonight sounds like it will be delicious!

Gotta get back to getting some things done around here so TTYL, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi folks! Although I seem to be back on line, I am only partially so. Monday the guys will come to climb on our roof and (I hope) repair the satellite dish. DH, (the guy with a PhD in computer science) improved things greatly by plugging in the modem. As V says, "enough said."

I want to try to answer clematis questions as best I can.
1.Although clematis are basically easy plants to grow (YES, really!) there are many insects and diseases that affect clematis. "Wilt" is the name of one of these. It is an unfortunate name because it confuses people. Wilt is a fungal disease for which there is no effective chemical treatment available so far.
2. Large flowered hybrids (LFH) often are affected by the fungus through the stems and leaf joints just above soil level. The disease spreads suddenly, quickly collapsing previously healthy growth and turning the affected stem (or stems)black. The infected tissue should be cut back to healthy growth. The cut off material must be disposed of as the fungus can survive for months. Disinfect the tools that you used to do this.
3. Small flowered species and cultivars are usually resistant to wilt. Although the blooms are smaller, the plants more than make up for this with generous numbers of blooms, in some cases, so many that the foliage is almost hidden! Check for plants that are called "viticellas" and "integrifolias" and you will avoid the wilt problem. I adore them.
4. Another problem can be mildew, another fungal disease. Some cultivars are more prone to mildew than others. A little research on a forum or in a book will help you make a wise selection for your conditions. Mildew spreads rapidly in dry mild weather in shade conditions and where there is poor air circulation. Be careful to mulch and water your plant steadily to avoid contamination. Some people begin a fungicide program against mildew early on in the season as a preventive measure.
5. I personally believe that wise choice selections are your answer to preventing disappointment. Ei, Venosa Violacea is lovely, a small flowered viticella that does NOT get wilt and is not especially prone to mildew. My advice to all is to put your list of researched clematis in your wallet and have it with you at all times. You never know when you might end up in a nursery and be tempted to buy something, and why not make a wise choice while you are at it! ;-)

End of lecture. I have many clematis to plant, but it is still a bit early for me to do so.

So what have I been doing? We have been centering the veg garden path and preparing to make a brick path. Here are things so far:

The Momma goose has hatched 4 eggs and today DH saw the family out for swimming lessons. Here is what I managed to capture yesterday.

And every day something new opens, although tonight we expect frost. :( One of my favourites at this time is Epimedium:

Tomorrow I think we will head to my favourite nursery. I'm sure I won't see a thing that appeals to me...LOL.
Happy weekend to YOU!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening all,

What a great couple days weve had. Doug and I started working on cleaning out the pond today did a lot more yard cleanup and made a few trips to the dump. We almost have all the spring cleanup done right to the back fence. Now Im trying to decide what to move about before I mulch the garden next to the shed.

The mailman brought me a great present today. Thanks Eileen!!! My Illustris and Freckles arrived in perfect condition today. You did such a great job packaging them. I really appreciate it. I cant wait to decide what to plant them with.

Bug, great to have you back. I love the look of your veggie garden and what a great patch of rhubarb youve got going there.

Eden I hope we dont get that cold weather youre having. Ive got way too many plants outside now because Ive been lulled into a false sense of security with this week of warm weather weve been having. I spent part of the day planning out what Im going to put into some container combinations. Im having a ball dreaming what to do with all those new coleus. LOL

T those gardens are going to be wonderful. I cant wait to see them filled with flowers.

Mary, youve talked me into trying Thai food. Coconut curry sounds pretty good to me.

Marian, I cant believe youve gone from such warm weather to 49 degrees. Strange! Did you get any more rain today?

NO Sue, I think I really could use another twenty or thirty varieties of coleus. LOL So you even bought another six types or so???? Bwa ha ha ha ha. The coleus thing is catchy Even if you really hate them they will multiply. Bumer about the street paving thing. Just what you need to do is move plants you werent planning to. You definitely should plant more of Jack Frost It really is a fantastic perennial.

Michelle, I guess I have to admit that I am addicted to coleus. Did that Trailing Rose actually trail? And do you recall exactly how large it did get? Love all your photographs especially the one of the pond.

Ei that Multi Blue is lovely. Im going to have to keep my eyes out for that one.

A couple photos from yesterday. It was our first evening on the patio for the season.

The dogwood is so pretty this year

OK Im turning into a pumpkin and have to get myself to bed so I can have another productive day in the garden tomorrow.

Nite all,

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What a fabulous day. We got quite a bit accomplished. I think the garden shed is finally cleaned and organized. We have one more shelving unit to move in there. I painted the side of the shed that we resided earlier. I moved all the plants to the outdoor holding area. Where did all those plants come from? LOL Now as long as we dont get a freeze.

Deanne, great photos. I cant believe the dahlias on your patio. Heres a picture of Trailing Rose. The container is an 18". As you can see it took over. I probably should have kept it cut back.

Marie, your vegetable garden makes me want to cry. My project hasnt seen much progress.

Eden, how cool that your banana not only survived the winter, but is thriving.

Ei, you would love the local Tulip Festival that is held in May each year. It is a huge event and thousands of tulips are the centerpiece.

T, even though you dont have sunshine, the misty look is very cool.

Well, Im shot, I think Ill turn in.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

All my tulips are mush after the frost....I don't dare look at the rest of the garden....
Off to cook up breakfast, then plan the day. It is still 30F but there's sun out there at least!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! It looks like another great day. I've been up since about 5:15. So far I've showered, dressed, loaded that car for the plant swap and been to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. Mackenzie's new family should be here in about an hour. After they leave it's off to the swap with my plants and my whoopie pies. What could be better?

Yesterday was very productive here too. Besides digging a ton of plants for the swap, we raked and shredded the rest of the leaves that were still hanging around, reset the bench on bluestone in my east fountain garden, dug out an old overgrown Miscanthus and thinned the Annabelle hygrangea "grove", shuffled a few more shrubs around and performed other miscellaneous tasks as required. Tom went out for milk and eggs and came back with a new

Mary, yes, Martie will be at the plant swap but I don't think Monique and Les are coming. We seem to have attracted quite a crew this year of new people. It should be fun. The back of my truck is completely packed with plants.

T, I like your view even in the rain. It beats the heck out of mine.

Eden, I believe they will be removing and replacing the curbs when they repave the street. It's hard to do that without damaging things. I started moving some plants out of there yesterday Some I just moved back a few feet to get them out of harm's way.

Hey, Marie is back. Marie, I always love to see pictures of your vegetable garden. It appeals to my sense of order and aesthetics. Such a charming spot. Tom wants me to grow cherry tomatoes in one of the planters on the patio this year. That's about as close to vegetable growing as we'll get around here.

Ah Deanne, we've been out on the patio too. This week I plan to start setting up the pots so I an see what sun and shade options I have before starting to plant. I know that Fothergilla is getting bigger than you wanted but don't you just love the flowers? I have 5 of them now scattered in various parts of the garden. The hot tub is being delivered on Wednesday, BTW. Hopefully it will be up and running for the Tony Avent lecture so plan to bring your suit.

Well, gotta run. Have a great day everyone!

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Hello people.

Thought I would drop in for a minute. I'm trying to chill out here for a bit. We just got back from GDs dance recital. It's hard to imagine she started out in dance as a three year old and is now a jr in high school and teaches classes for the younger students. She and her sister(now in college) really have enjoyed their years in dance and cheer.
It has been a hectic week here. Getting prepared for the floor guys, then having such a mess and no time at all for the garden. (it's a good thing thing the flowers bloom above all the weeds). Anyway they have the tile down and I really am liking it. They will start the wood tomorrow. I have been staining trim. DH has most of the baseboard back down in the laundry room, so now they can put my washer and dryer back. I am still trying to come up with the right color stain for baseboards in the rest of the area. I need to compromise between the floor color and the other moldings and the kitchen cabinets. I think I have one figured out. I will ask the workers in the morning what they think. I wanted to get enough done so they could put the fridge back in its cubby and get it out of the way. I also have a humongeous oak rolltop desk that needed moved back onto the tile in the entryway, that needed trim behind it. Because we had run low on money when we built, we had used the cheaper vinyl covered base and wanted to replace it.

It has been really cool here again. Its killing me that I'm not out there planting and transplanting. By the time I do get out there it will probably be hot and muggy. At least we have had a few nice rains. We needed those.

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes indeed, another beautiful May day!

We began the day with griddlecakes made by yours truly. That was to prime DH for a nursery event... Then I mowed a bit, and then we went to look at plants and collect my order. This involves much napping on DH's part in the parking area and if desperate, some work from his briefcase.

I did not dare spend TOO much time browsing, though there was LOTS to look at. Not everything from my order was ready, so I will have to return again in a few weeks. But here are a few of my new lovelies. (I have lost my catalogue, so the names are missing in many cases)

Anemones: the first is called Green Fingers. The second is the reverse with white in the center.

I also bought fox tail lilies, clematis and more. This is an Epimedium I brought home:

We ate lunch out at our favourite small deli in the area. We passed a home with a wonderful Bouvier des Flandres and got sidetracked. Their dog was a one year old male with cropped ears and energy- and a mind of its own!

On our way home we stopped at the nearby blue heron rookery which is about 1/2 mile from our house. There are well over a dozen nests and we saw at least a dozen herons sitting on them. The deciduous woods is still not in full leaf so they are easy to spot. It is a powerful sight! I didn't have my camera though.

Back home again the tulips have recovered from last night's frost.


Beau Monde

Tonight it was leftovers...and then I needed to cover plants once more.

OK, now the bad news: for the first time in 9 tears (woops! years!)....deer prints in my garden by the creek! ARGHHHHH!

Hope your day was wonderful too!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Another productive day here. Doug and I were able to get most of the pond cleaned out. We tilted that huge rock off the upper pond so we can reset it and fix the leak. Ill be over the moon if we can get all the waterfalls running without any leaks. That would be so great. I also got my banana all repotted and good to go for the season. I warned Doug that we might just have a banana of tree sized proportions by the end of the summer. LOL

So Sue how was the plant swap? Did you bring anything home? Did you get to see Martie? How is she doing? Too cool you are going to get your hot tub before my visit. Ill make sure to bring my bathing suit. ~~ I totally agree that the Fothergilla is a great shrub and I do just LOVE the flowers. I was thinking I needed another one myself.

Michelle, that Trailing Rose is just gorgeous! Thanks for posting that pic. It gives me a better idea of where to plant it and what to plant it with. ~~ How great your garden shed is all cleaned and organized.

Bug, so sorry about your tulips, but glad to see they recovered! It must have gotten pretty cold there to have caused that. I just love that epimedium! How gorgeous! Thanks for the pics.

Hi Norma, great to hear from you. Sounds like you have made some great progress on your home improvement projects.

So here are a couple photos from today. This is my first official summer container garden.
The photographs from yesterday Id just gathered these plants in one spot and now Ive finally planted them together

This is another piece of the Jack Frost Sue gave me last year.

The Terrace Garden in May, you can see the dogwood blooming in the center of the photo.

Thank you Eileen, my first "Molly" flower

Nite all, have a great evening

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Evening everyone. Another nice day although a little breezy. We had a potluck after church today that I was in charge of. Everything went well. Two of Ricks younger grandsons spent the late afternoon and evening here. We played some games and took a long walk exploring. We checked out ducks, geese, frogs, walked through the pasture and the grove. We also made smoothies twice. They really liked them.

I was pleased to see that many of the cannas and dahlias are sprouting. All the plants that I took outside yesterday look pretty good. Although it was breezy today they have a good spot that is protected from the south wind quite a bit. It is really a good spot for hardening off. I can move them further from the fence every few days.

Deanne, the pink container is so pretty together. That variegated fuchsia is awesome. It looks like your garden is filling out fast. I meant to mention that Trailing Rose was grown in mostly shade.

Bug, the blue heron rookery must have been a sight. We see them at times by the river that is a mile down the road from us. They will sit on the side of the bridge and take off flying when you approach.

Norma, it sounds like you are getting things done. Id love to see pictures when youre done.

Sue, did you get anything at the swap? I cant imagine there would be much that you dont have.

Sleep well

Several shots from today:
Last year the deer ate all the buds of these. I guess the anti-deer spray is working.

Fern leaf peony aka Mother's day peony (one week early)

Apricot Beauty:

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

No, nothing from the swap. The nursery where we have it had a couple of pallets of free plants and I grapbbed a Purple Gem rhodie but that was it. On the way home I stopped at Broken Arrow Nursery and bought two more japanese maples-Katsura and a newer variegated variety called Harriet Waldman. I did see Martie and we chatted some. She seemed to be having a great time. It was a sellout crowd this year-people who I don't even think belong to GW but heard about it from others.

Michelle, my fern leaf peony didn't come back this year. I lost a weird variety of plants this winter-stuff that's supposed to be hardy yet the Musa basjoo sailed through.

Deanne, you're reminding me I have to get going on my containers. My Molly has 3 buds but hasn't bloomed yet. It's also very short-only a few inches tall. I don't think I have it sited very well. On line it says they get 3-4 feet tall but one of my garden friends at the swap says 2 feet max. Hmmmm, I hate conflicting plant info.

Jeez, Marie, I only wish I could find unusual plants like that at nurseries around here. Lately it seems to be getting worse too-nobody has anything different. Love that Epimedium. Mine are mostly all blooming now. They are tough to photograph though-especially for the photo challenged like me.

OK, I have a meeting at 8:30 and statements to review so need to get moving. Where is everyone lately? I thought GW was broken yesterday.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

A Good Morning Medley To The Idylls:

Frank Sinatra - Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin

Theres a bright golden haze on the meadow,
Theres a bright golden haze on the meadow,
The corn is as high as an elephants eye,
An it looks like its climbin clear up in the sky.
Oh, What a beautiful mornin,
Oh, What a beautiful day.
I got a beautiful feelin
Eveerythings goin my way.
All the cattle are standin like statues,
All the cattle are standin like statues,
They dont turn their heads as they see me ride by,
But a little brown mavrick is winkinher eye.

Oh, What a beautiful mornin,
Oh, What a beautiful day.
I got a beautiful feelin
Eveerythings goin my way.

All the sounds of the earth are like music,
All the sounds of the earth are like music,
The breeze is so busy it dont miss a tree,
And an ol weepinwiller is laughin at me!

Oh, What a beautiful mornin,
Oh, What a beautiful day.
I got a beautiful feelin
Eveerythings goin my way.

Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

It's a beautiful mornin', Ahhh,
I think I'll go outside a while,
An jus' smile.
Just take in some clean fresh air, boy!
Ain't no sense in stayin' inside
If the weather's fine an' you got the time.
It's your chance to wake up and plan another brand new day.
Either way,

It's a beautiful mornin', Ahhh,
Each bird keeps singin' his own song.
So long!
I've got to be on my way, now.

Ain't no fun just hangin' around,
I've got to cover ground, you couldn't keep me down.
It just ain't no good if the sun shines
When you're still inside,
Shouldn't hide, still inside, shouldn't hide,
Ahhhh..Oh! (shouldn't hide) Ah, ah, Oh.....
(Do, do, Waaa) (Do, do, Waaa)

There will be children with robins and flowers;
Sunshine caresses each new waking hour.
Seems to me that the people keep seeing
More and more each day, gotta say, lead the way,
It's okay, wednesday, thursday, it's okay,
(Ahhh) monday, wednesday, friday, weekday, Ah, Ah, Ohhh.
(Do, do, Waaa)
Ah, Ah, Oh, Oh, (Do, Do - Aaaa)
Wooooo oo oo oh, oh, oh, Ah wo, do, waa
Ohhhhhhh.....Oh, Oh, Oh, .....

U2 - Beautiful Day

Heart is a bloom it shoots up through the stony ground
There's no room there's no space to rent in this town
You're out of luck and the reason you had to care
the traffic is stuck and you're not moving anywhere

You thought you found a friend to take you out of this place
Someone you could lend a hand to in return for grace
Hey, it's a beautiful day don't let it get away
It's a beautiful day don't let it get away

What you don't have you don't need it now
What you don't know you can feel somehow
What you don't have you don't need it now
Don't need it now
It's a beautiful day

I had to dig deep for this one...LOL!

Tammy Wynette - Happiest Girl in the Whole USA

Now shine on me sunshine
Walk with me world
It's a skip-a-dee-doo-dah day
I'm the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A

"Good morning, Morning", "Hello Sunshine"
"Wake Up Sleepy Head"
Why'd we move that bone jungle clock
So far away from the bed?

Now shine on me sunshine
Walk with me world
It's a skip-a-dee-doo-dah day
I'm the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A
Shine on me sunshine
Walk with me world
It's a skip-a-dee-doo-dah day
I'm the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A
Shine on me sunshine
Walk with me world
It's a skip-a-dee-doo-dah day
I'm the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A

Or Perhaps you feel like this?:

Norah Jones - Feelin' the same way

The sun just slipped its note below my door
And I can't hide beneath my sheets
I've read the words before so now I know
The time has come again for me
And I'm feelin' the same way all over again
Feelin' the same way all over again
Singin' the same lines all over again
No matter how much I pretend
Another day that I can't find my head
My feet don't look like they're my own
I'll try and find the floor below to stand
And I hope I reach it once again
And I'm feelin' the same way...

Well, no matter...Wake up sleepyheads! :-)

What a busy week-end! Paul & I went to Michigan this week-end...just investigating. Beautiful pics to come home too! :-) I too was looking wistfully at the preparation of Maries *gorgeous* vegetable garden and already regretting that I decided this year to just do an herbs/cutting flowers planting for my kitchen garden! Well, Im still going to grow my tomatoes...couldnt live without homegrown tomatoes! I plan to just plant them in the regular garden beds...hope it doesnt end up looking weird...

Cindy, I think when you are not sure *what* to photograph, you should photograph it all and then post it here on the Idylls! :-) I would love to see your Viking Queen! Ive always read good things about that one, but have never seen it. Are you happy with it? Is it as disease resistant and hardy as they say? Would love to see you clems, peonies and irises too!

Marian I like the idea of laughing ourselves sick! :-) Maybe I can talk Paul into taking a car trip to Arkansas! You never know...he loves to travel. I guess he didnt do much of that as a kid. I feel blessed in that even though we really didnt have money, my dad always insisted on a family vacation every summer. Usually it was to Wisconsin or Michigan or Minnesota. I think my most memorable vacation, however, was a car trip to Cali For Ni A! I dont know how my dad managed to get that much time off work, but he did, and we stopped in every single state we went through on our way to California. I will never forget that trip! How is your eye feeling today? I am relieved that its not as serious as it sounds, but its still a worry...keep us posted!

Maybe we can take a trip to Michelles too (even though she didnt actually invite us...LOL)! Just kidding! But I *would* love to take a day drive and come see the tulips next spring! :-) You know us tuliphiles!

Speaking of guys are so sweet! Look at all those beautiful *TULIPS!* you guys posted; and with names too! :-)

Wow really scored! That is the most unusual Anemone Ive ever seen! Very cool! And I *love* that epimedium. I have never seen an epimedium with that color contrast! You sure have some great nurseries in Canada. LOVE your tulips too! :-) Thank Goodness they recovered from the frost. Those colors are *gorgeous*...they make a great color combination. Would love to combine those two with a white one that blooms at the same time, with Forget Me Nots at their feet! Oh...I see you already have the Forget me Nots! :-) Thanks too for the info on Clematis. I will definitely do more research and concentrate more on species and small flowering varieties, though those will probably be even more hard to find here!

Michelle your tulips are gorgeous too! Apricot Beauty is one of my favorite tulips! I love that peony flowering tulip...what a gorgeous color! And your peony is *so* pretty. I remember you talking about that one last year. That was a family pass along plant; wasnt it? Lovely!

Good Morning Norma! You sound like a busy lady, but it sounds like everything is coming along! :-) How sweet about the GD! Time really does fly; doesnt it? Its so nice that you are so involved in her life...she will remember that as she gets older, honestly! Take it from a GD who has *lots* of beautiful memories stored in her brain about her grandmas! :-)

WOO HOO Sue...Oh, that rhymes! :-) I see another Gold Heart fan! Think we Gold Heart Fans should start a secret club...The SSOGHLs! I always feel like I have to defend that one when my color sensitive friends are around...LOL! Actually, I think theyre coming around. Dotty asked me the other day if I could give her a start when theyre done blooming. ;-) Ive got about 5 of them now...LOL! Sorry to hear about the road being torn up...what a pain! You seem to be taking it in stride though...good for you! I was a total mess when they buried our power lines fact, I think I cried...LOL!

And a Whoo Hoo to Deanne too! Im so glad Molly is blooming and she looks yellow too (sigh of relief here)! :-) I cant believe how fast Freckles & Illustris arrived! I just mailed them out Thursday. :-O Sometimes the post office amazes a good way!

T I *still* cannot get over that bee swarm...thats amazing!

Well, no time to dilly dally (is that spelled right?) this morning. Im off to walk Scout and then to get busy planting all the containers. Yesterday afternoon I had a little spare time to work on the ones on the back deck, but many more to plant. I also finally finished my leaf birdbath! Im pretty pleased with the way it turned out, but still not sure if this will be its permanent home. I know red is kind of an unusual color to paint a leaf, but I wanted it to color co-ordinate with my "red bed"! :-) I got the instructions on how to mount the leaf to the pipe on another garden website. I think it was one you guys were visiting before and I stopped and checked it out and so glad I did. The guy who made his did a wonderful job of explaining how to do it and *his* leaf was just gorgeous! Anyway, I still have to clean the copper pipe...anybody know how to take off that wording thats on them?

Okay, better be off! Have a great day all! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Woops! I forgot to mention how in love I am with your container planting, Deanne! Such a lovely color combination! Hope to see more garden container pics once everyone's planted theirs...hint, hint. I have no shame...LOL! Can't help it, I so enjoyed everyone's container pics from last year...

Honey, you'll be sharing again too? Please?! BTW, how did the deck turn out? And the landscaping? Have to agree with everyone else, I think you would do a wonderful job, with or without landscapers. Maybe you could draw up a design and just have them install it?

Okay...gotta go! TTYL! Ei

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! We had the most fantabulous weather here all weekend. Its still nice today, but of course Im at the office, enjoying it from my window. I spent most of the day Saturday working in the garden and got a lot of weeding done, but there are still one or two left to be pulled. Oops, left the word "million" out of that sentence

Sunday, I managed to burn myself out by 3:00 and got little accomplished outside. We took my MIL out for an early Mothers Day surprise, which was a pasta cooking class at a local restaurant. The class was great fun and the food was delicious, but what did me in was when they opened several bottles of wine for us to sample. Sample we did! So why didnt I work in the afternoon? ;-o I did get out to a plant sale to buy some organically grown heirloom tomatoes, and to sweet-talk the owner into a possible tour of her operation in July. Then we swung into a garden antiques place and I drove away with four new chairs! Ill use them in the new gazebo, but they will have to come in at night. They look like they came from a Chinese restaurant, but they really came from the Union building at UW Oshkosh, by gosh. They have black wooden frames and the seats and backs are woven turquoise leather.

Okay, I know you folks will be asking for photos, but at the moment neither of the digital cameras are working. The small one quit on the Bahamas trip and I havent seen it since they returned from the trip (despite many requests!) so I dont know if its fixable or not. The large one just needs a new rechargeable battery, but the downside of our lovable small town is that I have to leave town to get that, so it will be a few days before that happens.

Im hoping that it does not rain tonight until after dark. I need to get an hour or so of garden work in; now I just need to decide what that hour of work will be. Since we have a lot of rain in the forecast, Im thinking it would be a good time to shuffle plants a bit, since then I dont have to worry about watering them the rest of the week. I think to accomplish all that I want between now and June 1st, I will have to clone myself and have the clone work full time in the garden!

How about some miscellaneous plant notes? My fothergilla has lots of buds but hasnt opened yet. The shrub hypericum I planted last summer didnt surivive the winter and it was hoiked on Saturday. I need to get a replacement (something different, Im thinking, but it has to be on the small side) when I go to the nursery next weekend. And I have this pink and purple garden that may be the Idyllunion design challenge this year! Every time I think its finally coming into its own, it takes a hit from something else. This is the garden where the Japanese anemones took such a hit from the frost. Theyre not gone entirely, but they sure wont put on good growth this year. And this is the same spot where my Aster Purple Dome has just faded away to almost nothing. Im thinking of replacing the aster with catmint instead, or maybe some phlox?

Ive enjoyed everyones photos and posts. I feel bad that its hard for me to comment to everyone at this time of year, but the piles on my desk are multiplying as I type here, so I think thats it for now. TTYL, and have a good week if Im not back soon!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Hi, Guys Ive managed to miss most of this thread --- as well as the gorgeous perfect gardening weekend last week was a whirlwind and ended up missing the MAG swap too because I had to go do weekend "parental" check-up in Penna. and back last nite but it is so relaxing and wonderful to be able to see all these Spring pics. Things keep bursting out all over in my yard but not much time to move or appreciate I hope that will change THIS weekend Im not setting foot away from the house (LOL)....

Thank goodness were finally! getting some much needed rain here Marian, sorry you get too much but it doesnt make it to the East Coast somehow... Glad to hear your eye prob. is easily corrected.

Michelle I Love your early peony pic Ive always wanted the one of the tenufolias beautiful.

Sue like you Ive lost some weird stuff that I would never have expected but you may find that peony pops back up in another year Ive actually just discovered one that I was sure got scorched out and died the first year I planted it (3 years ago!!) and I just saw one lone "waving" stalk w/ leaves about 2 feet tall this past week! No buds, but I guess its saluting that its "alive" after all hows that for weird?!!! So maybe theres some hope for your fernleaf.. Course Ive had a few clematis do that too to me (but thats something Ive read about happening never heard about a peony before...).

Ei, that is a Gorgeous leaf bath I LOVE the color naturalistic or not beautiful in the perfect spot. When I get a chance Ill throw up some of the peonies & clems starting the V.Q. rose is not yet in bloom altho my Wm. Baffin, Carefree Wonder and some others are -- the V.Q. has lovely foliage though and has grown a lot from last year when it was a baby newly planted. I think Im going to be very happy with it (& yes, it was from a David B referral that I decided to get it to replace New Dawn that had grown mammoth & threatened to overtake my world).

Eden your GD is one lucky princess what a fantastical play space and lovely you can actually get a bit accomplished in the garden while shes playing there safe and sound....

Deanne what to say to someone who has dahlias and fuchsias growing in her "yard" Z5 in early May! such yummy colors, healthy, beautiful you truly have magic hands and eyes. I confess Im a bit daunted about the dahlias I bought I potted a few but am probably just going to throw the rest in the ground Im not sure Ive got any more space for baby nursery right now...

V those garden chairs sound Fantastic!! Are they like "chinese chippendale" backs? I Love garden antiques (for any antiques for that matter) looking forward to seeing them this summer!! I think you may still be surprised by the rebound of your Japanese anemones theyve got all summer to recoup and boy, once theyre established, they know no bounds, so maybe theyll be yummy by late summer for you. & I definitely can relate re the work/personal matters press Ive been swamped at office and am sneaking this in on lunch hour managed to get a couple packs of photos developed last Friday but have yet to even look at or load them up.... blah blah.... There is just not enuf time in the day or energy to do it all....

I have been drooling over the fothergilla photos -- keep thinking maybe I should succumb and find some place to crowd it in.... maybe next year.

ok I guess I better get back to some other chores I need to get to Ill try to throw a few peony photos up when I get a chance (I think I missed them opening this past weekend, bummer.... but they were still looking good this a.m. in the rain)....

Hi to everyone else I didnt manage to chatter at.... I sure wish I could re-wind to a Saturday in the garden time today....


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Fickle spring weather! I'm trying to keep myself from turning the heat back on, but I'm thinking I'll give in and do it soon. Each time I turn it down, I hope it is going to stay turned off/down until such luck.

We've been busy here. Saturday DH noticed that there was something wrong with one of the goats. He was hiding under the shed & not with the other goats & the horse. DH found that something tore off part of his tail. Skinned a portion of it right down to the bone. We called the vet out, he had to put the goat under and amputate the bone short enough that he could cover it with skin and stitch the skin together. The vet said he'd not seen this before and it must have taken a lot to sever the flesh/fur from the bone. DH walked around the pasture, looking for a coyote or stray dog, while we were waiting for the vet to get here, but didn't find anything. He did find the tail, in the paddock, while the vet was here. I took some photos but they are very graphic and I didn't figure they were appropriate for here. It appears that the tail was cut off or torn off with great force since it isn't ragged. The vet felt that if it were a coyote or dog attack, the animal wouldn't have stopped with just tearing the tail off. We are now wondering if Boo might have done it, although if Boo had bit the goat's tail, he would have probably bit through the bone......the vet said it is a possiblity that Boo could have done it and left the bone if he bit the end portion, below the bone and stripped it off. It is probably one of those mysteries that we'll never know the truth about...but the poor goat has gone through great pain and now is sporting a much shorter tail (3" shorter)and his bandage is overed with duct tape. Yep, duct tape is used for bandaging goat's tails. ;o\

Here is the poor guy while still under anesthesia...

Today I tried to take a photo of the goats since Ei was wanting to see them....but when you try to take a picture of a goat while in the pen with them......this is what you get. Curious creatures that they are:

The little girl was much more willing to be photogenic:

Here is the motley crew out enjoying the spring grass:

This time of year I think our pasture is so pretty:

Here's the hawk feather (I think it is a hawk feather anyway) and the Robin's egg I found the other day while on a walk about with DH.

And I saved the best for last..........did you hear chortling & feel the earth move under your feet? Well that was me...laughing & jumping for joy......

Whoooo-Hoooooo! I was so surprised to hear & see that big ole truck coming up the driveway!!! I kept telling the driver "Thank you!! Thank you!!!! This is so wonderful! Thank you!!!" I bet he thought I was deranged. :O)

Hope everyone had a great day.......


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Hi everyone

T - your poor goat! and what a grizly thought to think Boo might have done it. Hope he has a quick recovery. Your pasture is beautiful and so is the luscious pile of wood chips!

Deanne - what a fabulous container for so early in the season, and how neat to see your lovely garden filling in. I hope you were successful fixing the leak in your waterfall.

Ei - your leaf is amazing! What a fun project and it turned out beautifully. I'm very envious hearing and seeing Molly in bloom as despite my best effoets mine withered away at the end of last summer and has not reappeared:0(

GB - your new aquisitions are exquisite!

V - nice score on the chairs.

Yesterday and today were stellar days weather wise. I spent nearly all of Sunday in the garden, fininshing mulching the front beds with the help of Annie and David. I just love the look of the new growth against the dark of the leaf mulch.

David had a Little League game late afternoon where he pitched for the first time and got two players out with a double play. David isn't the strongest player, but he has enormous enthusiasm and loves every minute of the games. He was so excited when we got home, racing to tell our two neighbors but making me promise not to call Dad first. After talking to DH he went on-line to email his 25 year old cousin in CA. The email had about one hundred exclamation points!!!!! In the evening a friend called to see if she could come over and use the hot tub to relieve aches and pains from running. She came with her kids and a bottle of wine and we had a very jolly time together.

Today the crab apples came into full bloom and my white dog wood is looking lovely. After work it was such a treat to potter about just doing a bit of this and that in teh afternoon sun. I potted all my coleus up into bigger pots and cleaned the pond filter. Supper was baked potatoes and roast chicken, eaten rather quickly as David had Cub Scouts. We're finished now for the day - I should really run a load of laundry but I thought I'd post here and head for the sofa instead.


P.S. I had an email from Taryn - Bruce is going downhill and Glen's father is sick so she has a lot to cope with right now. Tough stuff.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi Idylls,

My name is Honey_Mi and Im a plantaholic. I have plants in my driveway, my car, in my garage, on racks in my kitchen, in the kitchen and utility room sinks and on the floors in the house. And I havent even begun making a dent in what I need for my containers. Can you guys stop me!!??? Am I hopeless?

Perhaps the gals who brot trees back from NY on a plane can counsel me on my errant ways. They seemed to have restraint (so the plane would fly?). LOL.

Been busy and too tired to post after being outside or running around all day. I want to thank you all for your thoughtful comments on my rant about the front landscaping. The plants I want are expensive and I dont want to make costly mistakes which is why I wanted professional help. After the present misstep, the good news is that Im more educated.
Camellia, thanks for jumping in a providing insight. I appreciate it. Sounds like you work in the business. I did give this guy a list of plants I like (I'm the QUEEN of lists, lol). He just didn't pay attention to it. For example, I told him I want Acer palatmus "Shaina" in combo with Blue Spruce "Montgomery". In his plan, the Acer is by my front door in combo with Hydrangeas, the Spruce is on the other side of the yard. Duh.

Sue, youre so right that I wouldnt like a cookie cutter plan. The reason I went with this nursery is that they emphasize "custom" designs. I expected much more than I got. I sent this guy an email with likes and dislikes and there were few of the former, most of the latter. I think I have the wrong nursery. Eden seems to concur. Stay tuned.

Thanks for all your suggestions on reference books. I bot two BH&G books one on landscaping basics and the New Garden Book (complete gardening reference). It is more like an encyclopedia with lots of pix and has a whole section in the back on identifying pests and diseases what to do about them. Mostly, I liked the pix! Today, Eden lent me several of her reference books on conifers, etc. Im sure they will be a tremendous help. I just wish I knew last winter that we were doing this so I couldve taken more time to plan.

This weekend DH & I used garden hoses to mark off the new pathway to the front door. The contractor should start the work tomorrow or Wed. We also bot some conduit and figured out how and where to put the electrical supply for future landscape lighting.

Tomorrow the sprinkler guy comes to check and start up the system and make repairs from some frozen lines last fall. Hell have to come back after the walk and new plants are in to move the sprinkler heads around, but at least I can water the sides and backyard in the meantime.

What I day I had Friday! I had an 8 am dentist appt. but when I went to open the garage door, it wouldnt open. The spring had broken and the cable broke and wrapped around the track so I couldnt even open it manually. Luckily, I got a repairman out quickly, and was able to reschedule my dentist appt for later in the am. But boy did it put me off schedule and out of kilter for the rest of the day. I guess I was already quite anxious and out of sorts b/c a friend was having a mastectomy that am, and the garage door breaking was the final straw.

Today, I had a great time shopping for plants and lunching with Eden. She was good and only bot one plant. I wasnt good. I did use all my discount coupons tho. When we got to the restaurant for lunch, I was just about to close the drivers (locked) door on my van, when I decided to open the wing windows in the back of the van to give the plants some air. Yep, you guessed it, I ignored the dinging, left the keys in the ignition and closed the door! Thats the first time Ive ever locked my keys in the car!

Now, mind you, I paid extra to have keyless entry on this car. Do I know the code? Nope! Was it on a cheat sheet in my wallet? Nope! Did I feel stupid. Yep! Tom was a sweetie and left work early and came with his extra set of keys and rescued us. Do I now have the key codes for both cars in my wallet? You bet. Sorry Laura.

Despite the misstep, I really enjoyed seeing you, Laura. Altho I know I bent your ear the whole time. Since I couldnt pick up my door prize from that nursery today, well have another lunch this month for sure!

Tomorrow I have to dig up more tulips in front, move some plants, plant others and the Sprinkler contractor comes and perhaps the walkway contractor. Wed. the walkway work starts and he may finish Thurs. the deck contractor comes to powerwash the deck. So lots of stuff going on here.

Ei, that Copperleaf plant was labeled as a new intro this year. In the photo I posted, the color that looks pink is actually a real pretty peachy/salmon color. It is very unusual. You will fall in love, believe me. I hear you about not listening to clients. Having worked in a PR/customer service type job, I never understood why some colleagues didnt get the concept. Most often, it cost nothing more to delight the customer. If you give them not only what theyre supposed to get but show that you considered their preferences and throw in a little extra, theyre thrilled. Its really not hard to do.

Sorry this post is all about me. I havent had time to read but wanted to say hi to everyone and post this before adjourning to watch The Apprentice. Hope all is well with everyone. TTYL


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I decided to read a bit here before I hit the sack for the night, and got a little chill up my spine as I was admiring T's hawk feather, and then I lifted my eyes from the laptop screen and gazed across the room - at the hawk feather sitting on my end table! So are we a couple of crazy ladies or what - a couple of thousand miles apart with matching feathers? By the way, I think Mystic has goat on his breath...

Honey, what a mess with the garage door! That sure throws a monkey wrench into the schedule when the garage decides to hold the car hostage.

Thoughts going out to Taryn and her family and friends. Bruce has certainly put up the good fight.

Mary, for some reason the crabapples in our area are spectacular this year. I usually joke about the one spring in ten when forsythia looks stunning here abd everyone goes out to buy forsythia; this would be the spring to be peddling crabapples!

I think it was Sue who mentioned losing odd things to the winter. I lost a lot of thyme this past winter. I had one section that didn't die back at all the previous winter (I was cutting sprigs for cooking all winter) and this year it completely died back and is resprouting from the roots.

Okay, Mystic wants to go out and look for goats, so I gotta run.


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I just got in from planting 20 asparagus roots that came in the mail today. What a job. The trench that I put them in got a good layer of my compost. They love that. I had 8 plants that I planted 3 years ago and we have been enjoying fresh asparagus for a couple of weeks now along with an old small bed.

Honey, how can we help you, we have the same problem. You should see my holding area. I ended up with a Copperleaf plant also. Acalypha wikesiana Bourbon Street Theres a little farm store that I drive by each day and their little greenhouse always seems to have the neatest annuals. I also picked up the fuchsia Gartenmeister and and neat rex begonia there.

Ei, I absolutely love your leaf. The colors are so pretty. I have the instructions and always tell myself that I will make one. Its on the project list :o) The copper that I have used had stickers on it instead of ink. I wanted to tell you and all the other Idylls that you are more than welcome to visit Iowa and stay here or if you are passing through. Why do you think I just repainted the guest room and fixed up the guest bath?
The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA I used to love that song. My mom had it on an album when I was a kid and since we only had a few albums, that was my fav.

Sue, what a bummer about the fern leaf peony. I could send you a piece this fall. I find it hard to believe since they seem indestructible, but I had some weird things happen this winter too. Things that are marginally hardy did fine and things that should be perfectly hardy didnt reappear. Although, I havent given up yet as it is somewhat early. I had a lot of die back on most of the roses. The Jack Frost that I bought at the nursery seems to be missing, but a couple that I bought on clearance at the end of the season are doing fine. Go figure.

Mary, thanks for the update from Taryn. My thoughts are with her and her loved ones. What a cute story about David. A double play sounds pretty impressive.

T, what a lovely pasture. Ours doesnt have any nice trees because cattle are very hard on trees. The poor little goat, what an awful thing.

Thats all for now.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Ugh! That was just what I was afraid of! Thanks for letting us know about Taryn, Mary! Its so sad and hard to even think about! My thoughts and prayers to Bruce, Gigi and the kids and hugs and warm thoughts to Taryn and family too! Hope that Glens dad will be feeling better soon too. Ill be keeping them all in my prayers.

Mary re Molly! Im so sorry she failed on you, but thats probably my fault. I should have waited until fall to send her to you. Lets try to do that again this fall, okay? A fellow Margery Fish fan has to have a Molly! :-) Thanks about the leaf! You are right, its lots of fun and *so* easy to least the casting of the leaf is simple. It took less than an hour to make 3 leaves, including all the prep work, setting up the sand, mixing the cement, etc.... They dry very fast outside too! I find the painting to be the tricky part, but thats because I am not very good at painting. :-) Your David is such a sweetheart and loved to hear about his joy! Reading about his excitement just put a big smile on my face. He's a boy after my own heart...loves exclamation points and couldnt live without lasagna. ;-)

Hello...Marian! Are you out there? Im worried about you...please pop in and say "hello"!

Hi Babs! Are you out there? Ive been thinking about you! Hope all is well with the whole family and things are okay with Ryan too? I know youre busy, but just wanted to say "Hi!"...missing you!

T I was so distressed to read about the little goat!:-( Hope hes feeling better today and not in pain?? Poor thing, I can hardly stand to think about it! I cant accept that Boo did that. Why would he do that? Could there be any other explanation? Anyway, I *love* your pictures....I mean how could *anyone* not love goats when you look at faces like that! :-) So full of expression! I love it and each one so unique. :-) Love Mr. Nosey and that little girl is just adorable! Thanks for sharing those with us. Sigh...I *really*, *really*, *really* want a goat! Loved seeing your feather and robin egg. Isnt nature a wonder! That egg! Can you imagine! Thats a color only God could create! :-) Score on the wood chips! So he wasnt pulling your leg after all! :-)

Thanks Cindy! Sounds like we have a lot in common in the rose department! I love my William Baffin & I have a Carefree too (Carefree Delight). And, I also have a New Dawn, which I adore, but you are absolutely right, its a rose that knows no bounds! Mine has already reached the 2nd floor of my home and I wouldnt be surprised if someday it reaches past the roof! Its the first rose I ever bought and is about 20 years old now. Ill have to post you a pic when its blooming this summer...LOL! Cant wait to see your pics!

Honey what a discombobulating day! I hate when those kinds of things happen to me. I would like to say that Ive only locked myself out of my car once, but its been a few more times than that for me...LOL! It's so nice that you and Eden were able to get together though.
BTW, they didnt have your copper leaf at Sunrise...but Ill be keeping my eyes peeled for it. It looks lovely and Im a big fan of those peach, coral, salmon shades...cant wait to find one.

Michelle...make that leaf...its easy to cast and with your artistic skills and sense of color, I know it will be gorgeous! Of course, I know you have a few other things on your plate these days...LOL! I dont know where you find all the energy. BTW, meant to tell you this a.m. how much I enjoyed your pics. I was reminded of On Golden Pond too when I saw your pic...gorgeous! And I love emerging foliage too, especially peonies...I love the way they push their noses through the soil and start out looking like spears of asparagus and then unfold those handsome leaves! I like having peonies in the garden. They have the same kind of weight as shrubs and ground the garden, I think. Plus those flowers! Who couldnt love those flowers? They are so old fashioned and romantic and heavenly! The scent makes my heart pitter patter and nothing thrills me more than a vase or water jug filled to the brim with peony flowers! It feels so decadent! Sarah Bernhardt is still my favorite, maybe cause she was my first, but no, its her feathery swollen blooms, in lovely shades of pink from deep pink to the palest version. Its the same kind of pleasure to my eye as parrot tulips and David Austin roses. The only time I dont like my peonies is when they get that fungal disease, but luckily in the past few years I havent seen that problem. Okay, Ill quit waxing poetic on peonies...LOL!

Disturbing news on the homefront...Ive got rabbits! Tons of them! Today I looked out the picture window and there were 4 of them at my feeder! Apparently they find cracked corn as appealing as my ducks do. Weird, I wouldnt think cracked corn would be up their alley...but apparently it is! And apparently cracked corn makes them mean...LOL! I couldnt believe it! Three of them were chasing this other one off and I swear one of the rabbits bared his teeth! Honestly! It scared the bejeebers out of me. Well, I smacked my hands really loud and they all took off running....I hope for good...but I know better!

Well, I guess I better sign off; I need to get some shut eye. Tomorrow will be a busy day.
Good Night All! Ei

Put your right foot forward
Put your left foot out
Do the Bunny Hop
Hop, hop, hop!

Dance this new creation
It's the new sensation
Do the Bunny Hop
Hop, hop, hop!

Let's all join in the fun
Father, mother, son
Do the Bunny Hop
Hop, hop, hop!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh and meant to say, I had some weird disappearances here too. Lost an Arisaema and a meidiland rose just up and died. I've had it for about 5 years now and it always seemed healthy! I fear because of the drought we had last year that I will discover many other loses as well.

V, that's so funny you should say that about the crabs...mine was literally a huge cloud of white blooms this year; the best ever and it's also looking like my Japanese Lilac tree is going to be the same way. I cannot believe all the flower buds on it. Maybe they like the drought...LOL! Part of me does think it was the stress that brought on the full bloom on some of these guys. I just hope it wasn't so stressful that they decline in coming years.

Okay, time for bed!

P.S. Thanks Michelle! Don't be surprised if I look you up next spring! :-)

Good Night All!


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Good Morning, It's a beautiful morning here, sunny and warm. I'm off to work outside as soon as I'm done here because tomorrow the rains begin. I finally have all of my cannas and dahlias tubers potted up and even threw the caladiums in some pots last night. I've moved most all of the plants I was overwintering downstairs outside except the big pots of begonias and took all of the perennials out of the greenhouse. It's still filled with tropical and container garden stuff and the perennial pot ghetto is stretching down the driveway. Dotti and I had fun plant shopping FOR HER yesterday. It was still fresh in my mind from the day before just how much "stuff" I have to get planted around here. A scary thing happened to me yesterday evening. I was driving down a busy road around 6pm, lots of traffic, speed limit 50mph. Out of nowhere a big chunk of asphalt was thrown up by another car and hit the drivers door of my car hard. I didn't even see it coming but heard it and then saw it going bouncing off my car. It left a dent, but the scary part is I had my window down and if it had been a foot higher it would have come through and hit me. I hate to think of what could have happened. I really made me think about how things can be going along great and then everything can change in an instant. My guardian angel must have been there with me though because everything turned out fine.

Ei, I really like your leaf birdbath. You did such a great job of painting it. It looks great in your garden.

T, Yeaaa! The woodchips came. That's great news. I loved the pictures of your sweet little goats and how awful for that poor one that had his tail hurt. I hope he's feeling much better now. The poor little thing!

Michelle, did you know there's a new book out on kitchen gardens? I'll link to it at the bottom.

Deanne, Your first container garden of the season is wonderful. I'm always amazed at the way you can put plants together. Thanks for the picture of it and I can't wait to see more. Hope you and Doug were successful at repairing the leak.

Taryn, if you're reading my thoughts are with you and Bruce and his family too. I hope it's not something too serious with Glen's dad.

I have to run. Just wanted to check in quickly. This is such a busy time of year it's hard to find the time to Idyll somedays.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

In addition to the fernleaf peony I lost a variegated Cotoneaster that came through the winter before just fine. Just about all of my shrub Hypericums look dead, even the large Albury Purple I've had for years. They are borderline here-it have been the lack of snow cover and wild temperature fluctuations. No sign at all of Stachys coccinea or Helianthus Prairie Sunset in the patio garden...jeesh. Good news though, the Vitex I planted late last year is resprouting from the base and my Musa basjoo is at least 5 feet tall.

T, that is creepy about the goat. I can't imagine why a horse would bite off a goat's tail but that does appear to be the only rational explanation. Nice pile of chips! I just got a line on another local place that delivers compost by the yard. My previous source moved further away and the delivery charges are outrageous. Starting today though we're supposed to get rain for like the next week. Maybe I'll order mulch for the reclamation area first.

Ei, that birdbath is gorgeous! You made it? How very talented you are. Molly is getting ready to bloom for me-all 6 or 8 inches of I have a woodland peony blooming right now-P. obvata that is quite charming. Lately it's hard to keep up and if I don't stroll the garden frequently I'm afraid I'll miss something.

Michelle, I would love to try the fernleaf peony again in the fall. I haven't forgotten you with the Persicaria and variegated Polygonatum. Did the one you thought you had come back? When I started digging them up I realized how tough they were but I think if you break off the current year growth it doesn't come back that year. Is it too late for me start Castor Bean and Purple Hyacinth vine seeds? It seem like every year I forget all about it until it's too late and end up buying plants. Maybe I'm just destined to be a buyer and not a

Oooh, Honey, I like that Acer p. Shaina combo with the blue spruce. I'm looking for a nice Shaina. Too bad I didn't push the envelope and grab one of the ones they had at Mary's acer nursery last week. All of a sudden I'm all over the japanese maples but I need to start thinking more about placement first before buying any more tree forms.

All righty then-time to buckle down. Good thoughts to Taryn, her FIL and Bruce.


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Good morning........Yesterday was an Idyll birthday and I missed it. My apologies to Lisa in Oklahoma for not being more observant---I hope she had a wonderful day.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Ei you may be right, were "palette mates" -- life is so funny would you believe my first peony purchase was Sarah B. also? My mother has always had about 15 different types and so I always wanted a peony of my own & one of my first garden purchases years ago was Sarah! We obviously share similar palette "tastes". As I said before, include me in on the weird winter failures cornus ivory halo is history; a rosemary bush that was over 6 years old, big and shrubby cut some things in December for cooking & it was going great guns it up & died. deader than a door nail (I checked the roots & wood.) & V, Ive got a thyme planted path that I just have the worst time keeping it going Ive tried amending w/ gravel, etc. for drainage, but the stuff continues to wimp off... I actually lost a lot of herbs this winter now that I think of it for some reason....

Drooling over your veggie garden, Gardenbug its going to look so wonderful w/ brick paths! Id love to lay path in my back but poor Chloe would miss it too much so I cant do that to her, much as Id be happy to get rid of that mowing.... I wonder if she could learn to "love" brick for "business"? LOL

T thats horrible to hear about your goat & her tail yikes! the "little girl" goat is a sweetie!

Eden, how scary to hear about your near miss happenstance is a very weird thing or maybe I should say "guardian angels hard at work?"

Honey those combos sound terrific in front -- & you make me feel better that you have as much "willpower" about plant budgets as I count me in the "not buying anything this year" and broke that by Feb. 1. I really wanted to hit a few nurseries on my trip to PA this past weekend, but had dog in the car & was pretty tired so I lost my enthusiasm for making the trip longer once I was actually driving but now Im regretting it.

Looks like the sun is peeking out more rain on the way Thursday, but I wont complain (yet).


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am still amongst the living...I think, or else I've gone the wrong direction.:-(
I spent most of yesterday mowing all our 'lawn'. Then suddenly I 'took sick'. It started out feeling as though I may pass out. I kept feeling dizzy, and my chest didn't feel right. I 'hung' in there, but just before bedtime I developed rather severe diarrhea ( you really wanted to know that...didn't you? lol). Once I could stay out of the bathroom, I went to bed and was okay, but am still feeling the effects.I thought at first it was a reaction to something I ate, but now think it must be a virus. Needless to say, I did not go to the Golden Year's class.

Ei, I'm sorry I kept forgetting to answer your forget-me-not question. Don't send me a plant, but we might try the seeds again this summer/fall. I am still thinking a few may have germinated but didn't bloom. Are they biennials ? I have a few likely looking plants in that bed.
Wow! Your leaf is beautiful!
You would always be welcome... but keep in mind, we are just old country folks, and I don't even try to compete with city folks...(smile). I kind of like the saying " We're dirty enough to be happy, and clean enough to be healthy". But my housekeeping has really gone to pot! There is so much 'stuff' in our house you may not see the dust..;-)
The yard is beautiful, espacially right after I mow.

Teresa, how sad about the goat's tail! Ouch! I guess it is possible that Boo did it. Thanks for the good pics. I would have liked to got some of the cousin's kids. They were so adorable while really small. They are growing rapidly. I kept forgetting to take my camera when driving out past them. Like yours, they would have all came charging up to the fence if I stopped the car.I feel so sorry for them. They have eaten up all the green leaves that they can reach. There are gobs overhead, and outside of the fence. I sure wouldn't blame them if they all escaped to greener pastures. Since they are about a mile from us, they would have plenty to eat without coming to our yard. :-)
BTW, I loved the pic of the fog as a backdrop for your evergreens.

We are still having chilly weather, and had more rain this morning. More is predicted for tonight and tomorrow, with the possibility if severe weather. Saturday the thermometor hardly moved from the 49F temp. Sunday started out the same, but by afternoon did get into the 60s. Monday started out at about 48 and got to 68. Today is hung on 58! I haven't had to water any of the many potted plants that I put outside.

Marie, I'm glad you got back on line. I love your pics. What a neat garden!

Michelle, your flowers are gorgeous. Apricot is one of my favorite colors. I need to add a fern leaf peony to my collection.

Cindy, We are not complaining about the amount of rain that we have recieved. We are not to the "uncle" stage yet. The main problem is the gulley at the head of our driveway that I have to carefully drive through. It is parallel with the county road, and at least 8 inches deep and about a foot wide.The grader driver had cut the road perfectly earlier this spring, and the runoff was coming around our corner and through our culvert. I guess it was a differant driver who graded it this last time. He really messed it up!

Hmmmmm, V . Is it an epidemic of sick digital cameras! I hope we both get back to the pic posting.

Mary, thanks for the update on Bruce. I am so sorry to hear the bad news. How sad for all his loved ones.
I enjoyed the report on David's pitch. Good for him!

Honey , I hope the landscaping turns out okay. I could never ask someone else to landscape my yard, or decorate my house. I am too independent, and prefer it to reflect 'me, not someone else.

Sue, sorry about the plants that you lost. I think the only thing that really suffered here was the Hemlock tree. It had two trunks. One died completely, the rest looked really tacky. We were going to cut it down, but after Nolon cut off most of the lower branches I Decided to leave the top and see it it fills out again .It is certainly weird looking.

Hi to everyone else. I'm not doing too good of a job composing this.TTYAL.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eden, I missed that report about the flying asphalt( I'm having problems reading..:-( )
You are so right about the guardian angel. Thank God you are okay.

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Goodness but it is a quiet day. I am inside for a water & shade break. 70 degrees with a little bit of wind occasionally. Lovely! This morning it was a frosty 30 degrees and I was so glad I hadn't left the plant starts from Deanne outside overnight.

I've been working all day moving and spreading the soil. My latest job was to pull up some cinder blocks (16"x16"x8") that DH had buried along the 'old' front bed. I tried using crowbars/prybars but that didn't work so I found a long thin shovel and was able to get it under the edge and pry them up. I then used the crowbar to hammer the compacted soil out of the two holes in each cinder block. I remember that DH has always told me when I'd be trying to hammer a nail into something "you'll hit where you are looking so look at the nailhead".....yeah right, like that ever worked for me. Well, I kept thinking "I don't want to hit my fingers" as I'm jabbing/hammering at the compacted what do I do? I glance at my fingers to make sure they are safe and I hit them. Now, I don't do this just once or twice.....I do this repeatedly. Some people need a keeper...............sigh.

Marian, the dizziness & intestinal illness has been going around our area. Hits hard & fast but also doesn't stick around too long. I hope you are feeling better by now or will be soon. Miserable!

Eden, I'm so glad you weren't hurt by the flying asphalt! Sorry about the dent in the door, but I'm thankful that you are okay.

Honey, oh how fun it sounds that you & Eden got to spend the day nursery shopping! Your plans for your new plantings sound very nice. I'm not familiar with all of the plants you've mentioned but it sounds like you've done your homework, you know what you want and the photos I've seen of your back yard are I bet the front will be gorgeous too. I hope you are taking before and after photos for us.

V, tell Mystic to 'leave the goat alone' ;o). Funny girl. I saw Caramel (the little girl goat) laying on the ground with Boo eating hay right behind her.....I can see how he could have stepped on Rainey's tail and cut it off with the edge of his hoof. I cannot fathom he'd bite the goat's tail unless it was an accident (laying in the hay and he chomped everything?). The goats are his 'herd' and he's had goats as his herd for 17 years....never noticed him ever being aggessive with them. They stick their heads into his grain bucket and try to eat along with him...that would be a sure time that I'd be biting some tails. ;o) How funny that you have a hawk feather, too. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this one. I was thinking of saving it for Jamie so he'd have it for show & tell when he gets into school....or maybe just he'll enjoy having it for fun.

Sue, Michelle, Cindy, Deanne, Eden........all of you who are missing didn't know I was there getting things for my new beds, did you? It must be discouraging to plant things and have them not perform as you expect. I guess I'd better get use to that happening myself.....but I already don't like the idea. Sue, sorry to read that the city will be messing up some of your planting area. Hopefully the improvements will be worthwhile and they'll not have to come back for 30 years...or more. :o)

Oh Ei!!! Bunnies!! We've noticed our bunny population has increased again (coyotes had them under control for a couple of years). I haven't noticed any damage in my front bed.....but then maybe there aren't any plants that are enticing to them. They run in front of our cars as we drive on the driveway, but they aren't hanging around too close to the house that I'm aware of. Hope you can get them to leave. Scout needs to go on bunny patrol. :o)

Taryn, your family is in my thoughts often today as are Bruce, Gigi & their loved ones. What a very hard time for everyone.

'Bug, your place always looks so wonderful....

Well, my shoulders are burning but the job isn't done. I guess I'd better see about getting myself out of this chair and back outside. I hope I have enough soil to cover the front bed, but I will have to order more to do anything in the back. I'll need to lay out the hoses and decide how I want the beds to look back there. I won't have enough chips to do along the house, deck and also along the back wall. I need to sit back there and ponder where to begin and prioritize the project. ugh.

Hello to all........


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Teresa, yes, I am starting to feel better. I spent a couple of hours in bed this afternoon. I sure hope Nolon doesn't get it. He has an appointment with his regular doc Thursday.

Funny about the feathers. I tend to bring any interesting ones in, and stick them in flowerpots. I read somewhere that it is illegal to have bird feathers! I guess that means you can't be in the business of collecting them.

I am inclined to agree with the theory that Boo stepped on the goat's tail.

I need to get back to my lasagne beds. I have stopped working on them since spring got here. I will have to purchase soil and manure to finish them. The compost that I spread on the end of one bed has sprouted! I'll spread more newspapers over them .


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening all,

Oh well, it was not a so beautiful day in May here today. Rainy, windy and the temps never got over 55 or so. Brrr that raw kind of cold rain and wind that goes right through you. I did get a chance to get over to the Lake Street Garden Center in Salem, NH. They had a great selection of plants and I was so pleased to see they had the Ajuga Black Scallop Ive been looking for,. They were really large and beautiful plants so Im a happy camper. I also found some Lysimachia Golden Alexander. Nice plant! I really love the regular Alexander so Im guessing this chartreuse variety is going to be a pleaser.

I put together my second summer container for the season and am pretty happy with this one too. It should get pretty large by the end of the summer.

This is a closeup showing the Fireworks coleus from the Rosy Dawn order in the middle of the container.

Marian, too strange about the virus you caught. Believe it or not, that is exactly what happened to me a couple months ago when I passed out on the tile floor in the bathroom. Youre lucky you didnt hurt yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

Taryn, so sorry about Bruce, Even though you knew there was no good resolution to this it never makes it any easier.

T, so sorry about your poor goat! I cant imagine that Bo would have bothered her tail but stranger things have happened. Love the photos of the close ups of the other goat faces. They are pretty cute.

Honey, what a bummer about locking yourself out of your car. I cant imagine you doing that ever!!! How great you and Eden got to go out plant shopping though. What fun! Im going to have to go to the plantaholic along with you. My driveway looks like I could open for business right now. Way too many plants and, was I reasonable today??? Nope, I bought more

Eden, what a scary thing with the chunk of asphalt hitting your car. Thank heavens you are OK. ~~ Im so jealous you have your dahlias and cannas potted up. I still have to do mine and Id better get to it really soon.

Michelle, how great you are going to have so much asparagus. You are going to have lots of it when those plants mature.

HI Mary, nope, the leak still isnt fixed. Ive got to get some pond lining material to put under the rock before we try to get the water running again.

OK Im going to get off this computer for the evening. Have a good nite all

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Hi Everyone!

I have been missing in action, but am going to attempt to make a quick post.

T- you are too funny with the smashing fingers! I got a great visual from that, and sorry, but a chuckle too!

Taryn- my thoughts and prayers are with Bruce and his family. So sorry that they are having such a struggle.

Deanne- thanks so much for the great photos. It gives me hope for my future garden:)

Honey, I think you should just get out your planning cut outs from your class. I think you just know too much about gardening to be able to give up the planning to any one other than the idylls. Too fun that you and Eden werer able to plant shop together. Get this, you know how everything seems to happen in groups here? I locked my keys in the car Saturday at the Farm Market. Luckily the neighborhood police were happy to help me break in to my car:) Skip was in Cleveland and I was picking up food for the shower, I was talking on the cell phone, trying to do too many things at once.

Michelle, great photos! You have so many nice combos.

Marian, sorry you were sick, hope you are all better now!

Cindy, it sounds like you have some great things going on in your garden. YOu are coming to the idyllunion, right? I will look forward to seeing you!

Ei, thank you so much for the tunes, and the photo of the leaf bird bath. That is so cool! I missed your pics of Arizona, but loved the narrative.

Eden, Bella has the coolest play space! She is a lucky girl.

Sue, you are going to love the hot tub! That stinks about the locals chopping up the front....

V, sounds like you are getting it all together! A lot of work, but it will be worth it.

Bug, great veggie garden.. I have been thinking about potager, but there is no way this year. I have way too muchgoing on just with getting the compost down, figuring out who is crowding who, and I am going to try to get some much, and get rid of this horrible garlic mustard that is attacking me. This may be a strange year in the garden. I usually just kkeep buying, but I think I might try to straighten it out this year and figure out where everything really should go.

Well, I had the bridal shower Sunday. Fun was had by all. I will try to get some pics posted. It has been an absolutely gorgeous spring here. Jenny bought me a gorgeous rose for Mother's day, and couldn't wait to give it to me. I found her a Blue Boy hosta because she likes mine so well, then I came across a Blue Angel, I think I will get that one for her too. I picked up a couple of nice coleus, and put together a couple of combo planters. Someone at work said... Oh.. you do the artsy ones.. I had to laugh, because I look at them so differently since we had the "show your combo" last year, and never thought of myself as an artsy planter type.... Thanks to you guys! I am probably losing my job in two weeks. The university is 41M in the hole, it is all over the media..... so I am trying to build up my real estate, and figuring that this is way bigger than me, I just need to trust and hang in there. I think I am getting better at that, but you know what? During the shower Sunday, I couldn't help but wish that you all lived closer.... DH said no matter what, he wants me to go to Idyllunion. The other good news is that every morning when I go down to Starbucks, they have coffee grounds waiting for me. I love that.

Okay, enough from me...Hope you all have a great week, and know that I am thinking about you!


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Hi Mary... I forgot to say, it looked like you guys had a blast when you got looked so happy...guys looked like they had fun, and Sue's green thumb must have really spread:) Hope it's contagious...

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Sorry, that was a typo about the financial situation. I am not sure what the $ amt is, but they have to cut a number of positions, and since I was just hired I am probably one of them.

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The day is almost over. Sun is setting behind the hillside and the temperature is dropping quickly. I got a lot accomplished outside today and will hit it hard again tomorrow as it is suppose to be another nice (dry) day. Possible rain showers forecast for Thursday and Friday so I'd like to get all the soil done tomorrow.

Deanne, the containers look great. Thanks for giving the names of the plants you used.

Drema, you sound so very busy! I'm sorry about the job loss that is looming. Perhaps it won't happen...or perhaps the real estate market will keep you so busy that you will wonder how in the world you could have ever kept working at anything else. I hope everything works out so that you'll be happy each day.

Ei, I cannot believe that I keep forgetting to mention your leaf ! It is *beautiful*!!!! I love it and I'd like to have you stop by and show me how it is done. ;o) I'm going to try to get Michelle here at the same time so that she can show both of us how to make those wonderful hummingbird plant stakes. :oD Deanne will be here to put together containers while Sue, Monique & Honey are designing which plants need to go where in my new curvy beds......hmmmm, I've not thought of all of the other Idylls' jobs, but I can find something for everyone to do. :oD Yep.......busy is happy!

I decided that I could show this picture of the tail as it isn't can see the 'hole' where the bone would have been. We did not trim it, this is how it was found and it isn't a jagged edge, it appears to have been cut cleanly.

Here are a couple pictures of some of today's work:

DH had buried the cinder blocks to be the edge of the front bed and he took such great care to make them level and a nice curve. I had wanted smaller bricks but he felt these would work better for some reason (buried deeper and keeping grass from going under smaller bricks?) Anyway, it was a big job to lift those puppies out of the ground....and to pound the dirt out of them. :oD (Glad you got a giggle out of that one Drema!)



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Morning all!

I've been enjoying Deanne's containers too. I must put mine together soon, perhaps on the next few rainy days they are predicting. But today is supposed to be nice until dinner time. Hope so! Lots to do, sort of like T, been spreading newspapers and bark chips - and my back knows it! I've ordered more chips, but that may take a while. I was told there are about 20 people in line before me. :( T, your pasture photo is stunning. I love the cool lush look with the dark tree trunks!

We've been eating asparagus and there's going to be lots more. I do get sick of it at this time of year, but then later in winter miss it. Yesterday I cooked up some rhubarb. A friend makes rhubarb muffins that are good so I need to get that recipe.

Well Marian, I too collected a few feathers in my time, but DD has them now I think. I know the cats loved them! I also have 2 robin eggs sitting on the kitchen counter. They were found in the lawn a little while ago.

I wish I could have shopped with Eden and Honey the other day! I so agree that Honey is quite capable of designing her front area. I do realize though that it is great to have someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off of. But then, there's that mastergardener Eden nearby. I bet David B would love to join in too! You couldn't buy help like that!

Gotta run. A full day here. I'll try to return later! ENJOY YOUR DAY!

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Good morning

Hi Drema - nice to hear from you but sorry your job sounds up in the air.

Deanne - keep the containers coming - I love getting inspiration from them!

T - my, you've been working hard! Poor little bobbed goat tail. Speaking of animals, Cousseau caught his first mouse yesterday by the pool. We thought he had a squeaky toy till it stopped squeaking. Poor David was rather upset as the mouse was the same size as Peanut his pet hampster. I was a bad dog mommy last night as we were right out of Cloussea's food and I didn't have time to run to the pet shop. Following the mouse appetizer he had a bowl of home made lentil soup and half a can of Chef Boyardee. He ate it all with relish.

Today is Annie's 13th Birthday and I am now the parent of a teenager - yikes, how did that happen! We're opening a few presents after school but celebrating when DH comes home on Saturday with a lobster dinner. Annie has a chorus/orchestra concert tonight which I'm looking forward to. Her best friend decorated her locker with paper and ribbons etc, and being a particularly sweet girl, also asked me for the combination so that she could tidy the inside too. I think Annie will be delighted.

Another gorgeous day but then some much needed rain. The garden and I will enjoy both.


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Hi everybody!

I'm sorry that I don't have more time to be here,but I've been up to my ears in everything.

Taryn sorry about Bruce and your FIL-I'll keep you all in my thoughts.

Hi Ei; ) thanks for thinking of me!

Drema-I feel terrible for you with all that you went through to move to the new job for such a short time. Is this definitely an imminent thing? So does that mean your boss goes too? I thought that since he was actually sought after that he'd stay and you too. I hope it all works out. Call me if you need to scream. Not that it makes things better but it's good you have the real estate work to help you along until you get things figured out.
Chris is even having some worries. His boss basically told him that if he can find another job he should take it(!).They said there's no faculty position(they initially said he'd get one)and things are up in the air about a decent raise or promotion-all that for a guy who worked so hard for his Ph.D.(I am pissed!)He's miffed that they took their time telling him all this-things have been in upheaval with key workers leaving;ones that bring in the big grants.
His news is not all bad though because now the Sociology dept. is needing a stats person for next year. He hopes this really comes to fruition.

Please everyone think light happy thoughts for Chris on Monday at 2pm...he's defending his dissertation!! I will be sitting there a bundle of nerves: )

Michelle your pic of trailing rose is gorgeous-what an attractive plant-I've only skimmed;is that a coleus?

Love the pics sorry I can't comment individually-I'm pressed for time: (

Have fun, be good and I hope to check in someday might be a while for me.


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Babs, you've been missed! I hope you'll be able to pop in and let us know how Chris' dissertation defense goes. I hope all goes well for him on that day and that all will work out well for his job search.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! Just a quick pop in as this seems to be a busy week! Had a piddle of rain yesterday, but they say there will be more today...Geesh...I *hope* so! I am in such fear of another drought. The weathermen make me so angry too. Why do they say things like, "Well the temps will be nice, but it looks like our day may be ruined by rain"? Ruined by rain?!? What's wrong with these people, don't they remember all their words of woe last year when the farmers were suffering?! Why can't they say something like "beautiful temps. out there today and we will be having a lovely shower which is just what we need to help everything grow to its loveliest!" LOL, I know, I'm taking it too personal and too much to heart, but I am *so* worried. Okay, I'll stop whining and crabbing now!

Deanne - what a lovely combination! Funny, I picked up 'Fireworks' at Sunrise this year. My pot is not nearly as lush or full at this point. I couldnt resist the the antiquey color! They will probably peter out eventually and my plan is that the ornamental cabbage babies in the container will grow and fill in the space later:

Oh, and remember the camassias we were talking about last the foliage gets unkempt and I was just going to cut them back as soon as they got messy? Well I did and they are back again! :-) I will have to look at pics from last year to see if they are as lush or if they suffered from being cut back. In any case, I will probably cut them back again this year. My pics dont do them justice...they are just the loveliest blue and so delicate...really *do* like them:

The driveway is really pleasing me this year and looking very spring like. Wish I could get a better pic, but the driveway is long and I cant get a decent shot of the whole thing. Anyway, thats the tree peony just beginning to bloom and all the way up the driveway are purple columbines with alliums and sweet woodruff blooms. Laughing at my pic now that I get a closer look at it. You can't even see any of the alliums,columbines, or sweet woodruffs, but trust me they are there...LOL!

Finally heres my Goldhearts underneath the Redbud, for Eden & Sue:

Seems to be a lot missing in this part of the garden, I know its suppose to be much fuller than this. Im hoping that things will pop up later because for the life of me I cant figure out whats missing! Drat the drought!

Thanks guys for the compliments on the birdbath. Im a little embarrassed coz I feel you guys might get the impression I have some talent somewhere...LOL! Believe me they are as easy as pie to make. I think I posted the directions last year? But, if anyone would like them, I can post them again. T if I can do it, you can do it, honestly! :-) But, I would love to have a class with Michelle too! :-) So glad to hear that Boo maybe stepped on the poor goats tail...I like that explanation much better! I knew that little sweetheart would not be mean! :-)

Marian My mom had the same saying, only she said it in reverse. "Our house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy." :-) I would love to come see you "country folks". :-) Sorry to hear about the flu, but glad you are feeling a little better today.

Drema So sorry to hear about the funding at work...thats so disappointing. I know you worked hard to get the job and keep thinking with a smile, of you braving the train, which only goes to prove that you can do *anything* you put your mind hang in there! Ill be keeping good thoughts that something can be worked out at the college. Congratulations on the shower...I bet your planters were gorgeous...yes, please post some pics! :-) I know what you mean about wishing everyone lived closer, I feel like that a lot too! :-)

Hi Babs! :-) Good to see you, even if its just for a short post. I will be sending positive vibes to Chris for his dissertation. I know Chris must feel very disappointed, but hang in there, it will have to work out and having his PhD (laughing at myself cause I kept on having to look at how you wrote it) is a real accomplishment, no matter how things turn out. I think his boss was an a** for putting it that way. I know the economy is kind of crazy these days and nothing is certain, but I hope that everything will work out for the best for Chris and will be sending positive vibes about the Sociology Dept. Keep your chin up!

Happy Birthday Annie!

John Denver - Annie's song
You fill up my senses
Like a night in the forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again
Come let me love you
Let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter
Let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you
Let me always be with you
Come let me love you
Come love me again
Let me give my life to you
Come let me love you
Come love me again
You fill up my senses
Like a night in the forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again

Couldnt pass up that beautiful John Denver song...Hope you have a lovely day Annie!

Well, gotta go, have a wonderful day all! Ei

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My goodness...more storms early this morning. T&L, hail,wind, and ( of course) more rain. The hail was only about small marble size and it, and the wind, did very little damage. The hail didn't accumulate. The rain amounted to about 8/10ths inch. We are not through for the day, though. More storms are moving in from Oklahoma.

Deanne, yes, I am fortunate that I did not pass out and fall. I tried to walk it off (smile), and was wandering around the yard. I decided to bring in some blooms from the Duchess of Edinburgh. I went behind the trellis, and realized I would be hid from Nolon's view if I passed out, so came around to the front of it so he could see me. :-)
I am almost completely over it ( I think).
Your containers are coming along beautifully. I haven't even started mine. I have 4 flats of new plants to go along with all my wintered over ones, plus the flat of agastache seedlings from Taryn's seeds.
I planted one long container of caladium bulbs this morning.I've got more of them to plant, but want to get a couple more of the long planters. Planted a pot of 2 Peruvian Daffodils (I've never tried them before). I dug the 3 Dahlia roots out of the large pot that they have been resting in all winter, and discovered they are sprouting, even though the soil is totally dry. I plan on planting them in the ground this year. They did not do well at all in the pot...not one bloom, and much too tall. I potted up my plain green Elephant's Ear but it has not sprouted yet. Probably still too cold, even though it is indoors.

Mary, I don't envy the being a mother of a teenage girl. :-)
And I don't envy Annie for reaching that age. I was a miserable teenager. In 6 months my oldest GD will be 13. But 15-16 is worse, because they can start driving! I 'really' dread that! And then there will be the dating, and that is even worse!! Thank goodness most of it is survivable. :-)

Maria, how I wish the deer hadn't developed a taste for my asparagus. I am hard pressed to get enough for the two of us. I used to take large dishes full to the Golden Year's class. They are still asking me about my asparagus.
Not only do I have feathers, I have 4 dried out bird eggs in the plate of natural stuff that I mentioned to Ei.

Teresa...careful with those fingers! They don't grow back !
You don't want them to look like that poor goat's tail...
Eewww !

Hi Drema. Good to see you back.

Happy Birthday, Annie!

And a belated Happy Birthday , Lisa. I hope you are okay.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning Idylls,

Well, it is another cold and rainy morning here but please dont think Im complaining about it. Im not! We really needed this rain and it is turning into a good soaking rain and will be doing this for the next five days or so. That should hopefully make up our rain deficit here. Im a bit grumpy at the moment because I had my AM post half done and then had to run out to the dentists office for my yearly cleaning and while I was gone my computer rebooted itself because of a windows update and my word file is gone. It should have been in a temp file someplace but I cant find it. Needless to say the lost post was witty and insightful and now is gone so there is no way Ill be able to reconstruct my brilliant, missing post. Sorry guys. LOL

So the news at the dentists office is that Im in desperate need of another crown and Im giving in to the inevitable and have it scheduled for September. I really should have scheduled it for next week considering the condition that tooth is in but I cant deal with it right now. Im going to have to have some prescription drugs to sit in that chair again. I also need a night guard because I grind my teeth at night, great, I already have trouble sleeping. The good news is that I dont need another cleaning for a year because my teeth and gums are in tip-top shape. A facet of my OCD behavior is that Im meticulous about cleaning my teeth because I hate having dental work done so much.

Anyway, I found some lovely plants yesterday, a few abutilon with huge flowers and a lovely Solanum jasminoides Variegata that I cant wait to play with. There are just too many plants and not enough time.

Hi Drema! Great to hear from you but not great to hear you might lose your job. That is a real bummer. I hope your real estate sales pick up big time so you can do that full time. ~~ Glad to hear you had a terrific day for the shower. We had a beautiful week here last week too. ~~ Very neat that you are now among the artsy planter types. LOL I had to re-read your post because I thought you were saying you were losing your job because of us guys. LOL again.

T, you have been really busy there. Great to see you so focused on your curvy beds project. Im enjoying all your photographs of the progress. ~~ I thought of you yesterday when the local news carried a story about this fellow who went car shopping and when he left the dealership his truck door was covered with a swarm of bees. Must be the time of year for it. Did you ever find where your swarm moved to?

HI Bug, great to hear from you. I hope you can get a full day of work in before the rain. It didnt start here until about 2PM or so yesterday so I was able to do most of my crawling about the nursery before it got wet. ~~ I sure wish I could have gone plant shopping with Honey and Eden too. Wouldnt that have been a blast.

Mary, LOL about Clousseau and his mousie appetizer, then the Chef Boyardee for an entrée, does it get better than that???? You are too funny. ~~ A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Annie! Ah yes, I remember those days with my DD well. Good times. BTW, the next 13 years will go by even more quickly.

Hi Babs, so sorry about Chris job situation. That is a real bummer after all that hard work. Ill be crossing my fingers and toes for you and Chris on Monday, This has been such a long time coming for him Ill bet you all have a huge celebration when it is successfully done.

Eileen, I so agree with you about the weather people acting that the rain will ruin the day when you are in need of it. I personally love a good rainy day. It is only the weeks of dull and dreary/drizzly that can get me down in the spring. ~~ I love your container with those gorgeous violas. Is that a Scotch Moss Aurea? In there with it? And what are those other dark purple, ruffled coleus in there? So pretty!!! The only reason mine is so full right now is that the Abutilon and the Pennesitum rubrum are last years plants that were under lights all winter and the Iresine and the Fuchsia Golden Marenka are the big containers I got for cheap at the Keene Flower Show the end of March. Ive got a ton of really large plants to place and might just wind up putting some of them directly in the borders if I run out of container space. Dont you just love that Fireworks? A really pretty coleus. Im hoping it bushes out a lot for me. Im planning on pruning the other stuff in there as needed to let if have some space to fill in. ~~Those camassias are just lovely. Ive been wanting to use them for a while and Im really going to order them for the fall this year. I just adore your spring gardens with your abundance of tulips. I was really delinquent and didnt plant a single bulb last fall and it is showing in the gardens now. Ive promised myself Im going to really do some bulb planting this year for next spring.~~And your driveway is luscious!!! How tall is that tree peony? It is incredible! I had one in the back but had to move it to the side of the house so Im hoping to eventually get some size back to it. ~~BTW, never feel embarrassed by compliments. You are really creative and talented. That birdbath is stunning and the color is fabu-fabu.

Here are a couple more pics from yesterday. I just adore the spring foliage. Everything is so GREEN, lush and perfect

Im enjoying these tulips and the purple astilbe foliage next to the Sambucus The mid-ribs of the tulips echo the color of the Sambucus flowers and the purple astilbe foliage is the same red-violet as the edges of the Sambucus foliage. Id like to say I planned the whole thing but it really was a happy accident.

This clump of double daffodils have been blooming for quite a while now and I really love them. The emerging foliage of the Hakone albo striata hides the maturing daff foliage nicely.

This is my new dwarf Japanese pine on the left of the photo, Im loving this little evergreen corner of this garden

And a pic of the back gardens filling in.

Pansies and JM for Eileen, I know you loved this combination last year

OK time to go and pot up some dahlias Have a great day all I sure hope more of our missing Idyllers check in soon.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eileen, I probably said that backwards.....:-(
I have a plaque hanging on the outside of our front door that says "WELCOME Although our house is a mess, come in - relax - converse. It doesn't always look like this...sometimes it's even WORSE !!!
Your beds are looking good! My camassia is a real disapointment. Very few blooms. They are in several differant locations, and none are doing well.
Your tree peony is lovely, and the tulips are too.

I'm sorry about all the job woes. Since Nolon was self employed for the most of our married life we didn't have that problem. We just wondered from one week to the next if we would have enough income to pay bills and buy food!

Babs, I do hope all works out well for Chris.


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When I looked out this a.m. I could see that the deer copped off all the flowers of the double pink tulips that I posted a pic of the other day. They could at least have the decency to eat them but they just leave them on the ground. I will definitely move them. The areas that are closer to the house they dont bother. Especially if it is near Jadens dog house. Although, I did see a hosta that was munched by the house but out of Jadens sight.

I stopped this a.m. on the way to work at a plant sale. I didnt find much other than some homemade caramel rolls, a cactus, a couple of golden lysimachia for containers and an lovely blooming African violet for my moms birthday.

We are supposed to get more rain today. Rick isn't getting much corn planted, so we are hoping for a stretch of dry weather.

Ei, I would love it if you would visit. What fun that would be. Your pictures are so pretty. I love your tulips and the tree peony.

Eden, Im so glad you werent hurt by the asphalt. How scary. My ex-husband had it where a chunk of asphalt bounced out of a dump truck that he met and it went right through the windshield and hit him in the chest. Thanks for the link, Ill have to check it out.

Babs, best of luck to Chris on Monday. Yes it is a coleus.

Sue, I think that the variegated Polygonatum maybe trying to come back with one sprout, but then it looks like someone stepped on it during the siding project.

Marian, I could send you a piece of the fern leaf also.

T, LOL if your new curvy beds are where our missing plants are, then I dont care. Your cinder blocks sound like the river rock that we put down at one time and then a couple of years ago broke our backs digging it out.

RE: feathers, I see a bunch in the barn that are fairly good size. I dont recognize what kind of bird they are from. Obviously some kind that a cat can catch.

Deanne, the Lysimachia Golden Alexander sounds like a plant I would like. I truly love your latest container. It shows so well that you can have a lovely container without anything blooming. I really enjoyg seeing the long shots of your garden. You have such lovely garden art and the pansy/Jap maple is a fabulous combination. As for the asparagus, we love it and it is nice to give away. Sorry to hear about the tooth repair.

Drema, I can understand if you dont get much done in the garden. I know I didnt last year while planning the wedding. Sorry to hear about the job.

Mary, a teenager - now the fun begins ;o) A very happy birthday to Annie.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Well drat, I managed to get the stomach bug that is going around. I woke up this morning thinking that my fast food dinner had not agreed with me, but pretty soon it was obvious that there was more going on than that. My temp has hit 102. As much as they need me in the office this time of year, they really, really don't need this bug.

Drema, good to hear from you but sorry to hear about the potential job loss. I have faith that things will work out for you.

Babs, ditto that sentiment for you and Chris.

That's all for now - I still really ache. I haven't eaten anything since I had a half-bowl of cereal 12 hours ago. I need to figure out what osunds good. (Of course, no one is home with me but the dogs - and they're lousy cooks, they eat all the food before it's done!)

Good thing I started a big, thick Michael Crichton book the other day. :)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well it is 52 degrees out overcast and drizzly. The weather gurus are predicting four plus inches of rain in the next couple days. I think that system that has been thundering on Marian is going to come north and dump some precip on us. Sue, they are predicting up to six inches of rain for you down in CT. I was thinking of last year when you were getting those new beds put in and we kept getting these torrential deluges that kept washing the topsoil over your patio. I hope it all is anchored down now. LOL

V!!! So what is this stomach bug that is going around the Idylls now? First Marian had it and now you are down with the flu. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Michelle, I know youd like this new Alexander. Im hoping it performs as well as the other variegated one. Glad you like the containers. Im tending toward making more compositions that are foliage only for some reason. ~~ I sure wish we lived closer so I could be the recipient of some of that asparagus!!!! LOL ~~ That is a bummer about the deer eating your tulips and hosta. Im so thankful that I dont have to deal with deer in the gardens. The woodchucks are bad enough but they dont take everything out the way deer do. ~~ I get the grey squirrels chopping off the tulip heads and just leaving the buds on the ground from time to time and it infuriates me. Like yours, they just leave them lying on the ground. It seems like they are giving you a nasty hand gesture, if you know what I mean? LOL

Marian, glad you decided to stay in view of Nolan when you were sick the other day. Glad to hear you are feeling better. How the heck did you give it to V though? LOL

Eileen, I love Annies Song! I used to sing that for weddings when I used to do that. ~~ I looked for that dicentra the other day but they didnt have it. Ill have to look further. What a bummer you think? Ill have to keep checking out other nurseries.

So I got another couple containers put together yesterday. I found this irresistible fuchsia when I went to Lake St. Gardens the other day and of course didnt resist it. It is called Blacky for good reason. (Yes, I know the last thing I needed was another fuchsia.) The corolla is the deepest purple so it appears almost black and the sepals are this fabu hot magenta, just about exactly the coloration of Magilla Perilla when grown in good light. So, of course, I had to plant them together. I also threw in my Iresine herbstii I had unbder the lights all winter, Coleus Trailing Rose and Coleus Eclipse Im so fond of.

And another very large chartreuse/violet container that is designed to coordinate with the other one I used that Japanese Maple Veridis as the centerpiece for this one. The large coleus is Alabama Sunset that I got as a cutting from Sue last summer. This one is the actual cutting. The plectranthus is one I had from a container last year and had under lights all winter. I also added one of my Abutilon pictum cuttings, a Heuchera Marmalade and Ajuga Black Scallop. I cant wait to see that Black Scallop cascading well over the sides of that light colored pot. Should be pretty. This is going to be for the patio in the back as it should take quite a bit of shade.

OK Im off to get a few more things planted before the rains come. Have a good day everyone. I hope no more of this flu is going around.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Well good gray, dreary morning. As Deanne said, we're expecting some rain although I haven't heard anything here about deluges. If you look at the extended forecast, it shows rain for the next week. We do need it. Poor Tom has the electrician coming tomorrow to hook up the hot tub. We'd like to get going (or at least I would) on putting that area back together but obviously the weather is not in our favor. This weekend is a washout anyway between my SIL's graduation party in Nashua (two hour drive) tomorrow from 5-10 PM and taking my MIL out for dinner on Sunday at 2. The rain on Saturday makes sense since one of my friends at work scheduled her out of state sister to come and tour my We've only had that planned for a couple of months now. I'm convinced that I cannot have garden company without rain. It's some sort of curse. have been a busy bee. Glad my days of new garden creation are over-more or less anyway. It's going to look great once you get some plants to fill in. Then you can just sit back on your porch and enjoy.

Deanne I may come up a little early tomorrow and go to the Mixed Border. Are you going to be around. We're planning to leave the dogs at my brother's condo during the party because of the timing. It is Rivier College, BTW. I guess the graduation is tomorrow too-hope it's inside.

V, hope you're feeling better today. Nothing worse than a stomach bug. Yuck.

Happy Birthday to Annie!

Drema, sorry about the job situation. Have you heard for sure that your job will be one of the ones cut? Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

You people are so far ahead of me with the containers it's laughable. Last night I moved more perennials from the curb garden. This is a distraction I just don't need right now. Since I don't feel like potting all this stuff up, I've been tucking it here and there in the garden so everything is starting to feel haphazard to me-a garden problem I was hoping to correct this year. At least the weather is conducive to moving stuff.

Marian, we that clean house plaque hanging in the hallway when I was a kid. My mom had 4 kids under 5 so our house was always a

Gotta run...hi to all I missed and who are missing.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Deanne, I forgot to spray my keyboard with disinfectant! LOL,
Sorry, V .......
I'm not sure I am over it yet. My lower back and stomach are hurting pretty bad, and I am having more stomach woes, plus more than usual headache and neck pain.
Drat! I am soooo sick of being sick!

Our rain is apparently over for awhile, but now we have gone back to early April temperatures. I think early May has got mixed up with early April. It was 40 last night, and every night for the next week are predicted to be in the 40s. I wonder how that is going to effect all the houseplants that I put out. I am not about to bring them back in! I am bringing in all the flats of plants, and the brug.

Deanne, The 'Sedona' coleus perked right back up in it's jar of water overnight. It's nice to know that the 'Alabama Sunset' is originally from Sue. Between your coleus & brug, Taryn's agastache seeds, orchids and Peony from Eileen, I am getting plants that represent many of the Idyll members. :-)

This morning is Nolon's follow-up at his doctor. So I've got to get off here and get ready to take him.


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Good morning everyone!

V, so sorry to read that you are ill. I hope you feel better soon!!

Mary, I hope Annie had a beautiful day to celebrate turning 13. The years fly by so rapidly! David still walking in the clouds? :o) Both of your children sound like they are great people.

Deanne, more great container pics!

Sounds like too much rain will be hitting those in the NE in the next couple of days. Hope it doesn't cause too many problems in your gardens.

This is just a fly by post.....I've got to get out the door in a bit. Hello to all!


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Last night it turned very cold and windy. I checked and all the plants that are in the holding area faired the wind quite well. Its supposed to drop to 38 the next 2 nights. That is a little too close to freezing for me. Especially with the number of plants I have out there. I may just group them close and put a couple empty big pots around them and make a tent.

Rick finally made it into the field the last 2 days. Although, we did get a little rain again last night.

I have been slowly working on the vegetable garden. I now have the center area done. I would like to plant it soon so I need to keep going. It wont be nearly as big as Maries but it will make it much more decorative and keep the grass out.

Hopefully V and Marian are feeling better today.

Deanne, another fabulous container. I have a couple of those same containers that you have in the first picture. How fun to make containers with such nice size plants.

Well, Sue if you ever need rain, just schedule a garden tour. LOL

Have a great day


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Everyone!

I got such a kick out of this little guy yesterday! I was watering some containers I had just potted up, when I noticed him staring at me so intently. He did not take his eyes off me for a second, so I finally got to thinking maybe he was thirsty and so I refreshed the birdbath with new water. He didnt seem the least bit interested in the birdbath and just kept on staring, so I continued my potting. About a half hour later Im watering in a few perennials I just purchased and there he is...still staring at me! Finally I moved away to water in another spot and then I noticed he made a bee line right to where I had been watering and he was pecking furiously at the soil! Finally I got the message...he was looking for worms and hoping my watering would make the soil easier to peck through...LOL! Told you we needed rain here! He was just so cute that I had to share him with you. So that was my big laugh and entertainment for the day. I know, I *am* easily amused!

And a good dreary morning to you too, Sue! ;-) Speaking of rain we are having glorious showers today...naaaa, naaaa, naaaa, naaaa to the weatherman! :-) The rains started last night and have been continuing all day today. Its a soft, gentle rain that will do wonderful things for my garden! :-) I am *so* thrilled! Although, I *do* understand what you all mean about days and days of grey, its just *here* we can really use the rain.

This will be a short post because Im recovering from our anniversary celebration last night..LOL! Time flies...cant believe its been 26 years. We went to a wonderful restaurant last night called Courtrights and I had 2 *delicious* pumpkin Martinis...that is one more martini than I can usually handle...LOL! Anyway I know it sounds weird, but it was delicious! Like drinking a liquid cinnamon spiced pumpkin pie with whipped cream! And the rim of the glass was coated with sugar and cinammon....Yum! :-) Would like to find the recipe for that one; think it would be a special treat for Thanksgiving. Dinner was delicious and I ate *way* too much. Paul and I shared our meals. We had the fixed price four course dinner which included things like:

Sauteed Hand Rolled Potato Gnocchi with Tomato & Roasted Sweet Corn Salad;

Tiny, Smoked Salmon Cucumber Sandwiches which my hubby thought were delicious, but which were probably wasted on me as I dont really like *anything* smoked;

Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Tartare Nicoise with green beans, black olives and diced potatoes in mustard emulsion;

White Wine Poached Pear with Crispy Brie and Toasted Almonds with Mesclun Greens in a Vanilla-Chamomile Vinaigrette;

Spring Asparagus Salad Frisée with aged Manchego Cheese, in a Brown-Butter Grapefruit Vinaigrette;

Grilled Filet Mignon with Sour Cream Chive Mashed Potatoes, Baby Carrots and Bordelaise Sauce;

Crispy Alaskan Halibut with Ragout of Sweet Pea, Fresh Coconut, Pistachios and Cucumber;

Valrhona Molten Chocolate Cake, which was like a chocolate soufflé with a dollop of whipped cream on top;

Lemon Meringue Tart with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Do you believe us little piggies?!? LOL! Thank goodness anniversaries only come once a year...I *cannot* eat like that! Luckily their servings are on the small side (like French restaurants do) and yet I still had a bit of a tummy ache this a.m....go figure! LOL! Anyway, it was wonderful and very special!

So is everybody hungry now?...LOL! I know *I* am, but luckily there is nothing in this house to eat! :-)

Marian I *love* your birthday pics...such a pretty butterfly and is that Aso (sp.?) in the 2nd pic? Its beautiful. I cant remember what your Aso looked like, just remember I liked it a lot! Sorry to hear you are still a bit under the weather. Hope Nolons check up will be all good news! So then I will mail you seed of myosotis after they set. :-) LOL! I *love* the saying you have outside your back door...what a hoot! My mom would love that too! :-)

Michelle, I would love to come in spring. I think we would have lots of fun too. :-) Just hope I dont embarrass myself or you too much when I go gaga over all the tulips! LOL!

V sorry to hear about the flu...hope you're feeling like your spunky self soon!

T My son and I use to collect feathers we would find on our outings (hope big brother isnt reading this) and would place them in one of those magnetic photo albums. We have hawk feathers, an eagle feather, parrot feathers, exotic bird feathers from our many zoo visits, even parakeet and canary feathers from our own pets, etc. I still have the album cause my *son* isnt as sentimental as I am...LOL!

Deanne I *still* love that Japanese maple with the rich red pansies...*so* gorgeous and I am glad you posted it again, now I have to make some notes and remember to plant those gorgeous pansies under my maple next spring! Of course, *all* your pictures are stunning! I love the way you place ornament in the garden; Eden is really great at that too! Wish I had a better eye for it. That little evergreen is beautiful...I remember when you wrote about finding it. Nice that it will stay so small for so long. Thanks for the nice words about my container. The little golden plant in the front is an Angelina sedum. I saw a post from Marie (I think last year) with that one in it and I just fell in love. Bought 6 plants of it from Bluestone this spring. I will move this one at the end of the year into the garden somewhere, as its actually a perennial. The ruffly purple thing, believe it or not is Purple Ruffles basil. I love that plant and use it in a lot of my containers. Its not the most vigorous grower but I love that dark color and it has a beautiful sheen. Thanks too about my spring garden. :-) I *do* love spring! The tree peony is pretty old, Im guessing about 15 years anyway. Its about four feet tall, but *very* bushy. I have 3 other tree peonies, but this pink one is my favorite and it is the only one that doesnt have a name! Bummer about Goldheart! Im surprised you cant find it, but when I dig some up for Dotty, I can send you a piece along too, if you would like? Deanne your containers are so lovely! I can see how "growing things on" yourself really pays off in making containers look so lush and full right from the start! Just beautiful! Im with T...more container pics, please! :-) And, I know I said it before, but would love to see more container pics from *everyone* when you get to that phase. I so enjoyed *everyones* containers from last year!

Well girls, times awasting and I need to go pick up sis now, so Ill TTYL!

P.S. Thanks Michelle for the idea of how to cover my annuals. I think it's going to be pretty cold here too and wasn't sure how I would cover them all. Great idea!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Howdy folks! Rainy here too but I am glad. Things were at the desperate stage and the hose just wasn't doing the trick. How do plants know?

Well DH was busy with his computer this morning so I got the car. TROUBLE! First I went to a small town nearby to a place called Stonehaven Nursery. That's where I had seen lots of neat coleus. A few more ended up in the van, along with a really interesting pot. All these container photos are hard on my wallet ladies! This particular nursery carries the same lines of perennials as other places, but they are bigger and healthier and somehow significantly cheaper too! They have lots of cheerful Mennonite lady helpers too. A fun place to go.

I've been looking for special cedar posts for a new clematis walk I'm hoping to build. Drove to several places but still can't find what I need. It will happen sometime though...

There are so many plants in my back room these days that I can't use the washing machine unless I put trays on the floor. The wind and rain are too strong for taking the plants outside today even though the temperature is fine.

Our Horticultural Society's plant sale is Saturday morning and I should get out there and dig up more stuff, but I hate stepping in soggy beds and compacting the soil...

Last night Charlotte was out for her late evening walk and managed to sneak a Mallard egg from a duck nest by our pond. BAD BAD Dog! I hope the mother has returned to care for the other eggs but I don't dare walk over there and check because I'd terrify her. We had taken her and one of the cats to the vet's just before that and they determined that Charlotte has lost weight. Guess that mallard egg looked mighty good to her. I'll be feeding her more for the next little while.

A question for all: How does Mother Nature know when peonies are in bud and about to bloom? She ALWAYS produces heavy rains at this time of year that smash down the plants. They are too big to protect too! End of grunching.

Ei, that sedum Angelina multiplies. You can simply break off a piece and get a whole new plant. It works really well near dark heucheras too.

Thinking of Annie and her birthday, Taryn and her friends, V and Marian with their 'bugs', T and her curvy beds and mulch, Deanne and her dentist (ugh!), Drema and her job, and Sue and the street workers creating jobs for her. Fortunately it is a beautiful and exciting spring, and that eases the pain of problems for us all.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

In anticipation of the continual 4 days of 'rain showers' we expect to get here (me w/ day off tomorrow & hopes of gardening 4 days - almost as good as scheduling a garden tour, Sue, to get rain),
for happy anniversary (Ei), Get Well Soons (V & Marian), Happy Birthday (Annie) and a general Happy Mother's Day to all &
Happy happy to Idyllers:


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Good afternoon

Cindy - what beautiful pictures. The clematis are such a lovely rich color - they are making me anticipate mine even more. Will you still garden in the rain? - I do at times, but I get so incredibly muddy.

Thank you for the good wishes for Annie's birthday. Marian and Ei - yours were her first internet cards and she was tickled pink when I showed her. I hummed along to Annie's song - I haven't listened to it for a while. Your meal sounds scrumptious - how nice to enjoy a special evening together and I loved the little robin.

Do hope V and Marian are feeling better.

Michelle - glad to hear Rick could make it to the fields for a while at least. Send some of your rain our way - today's promised showers were micro-bursts that did nothing. I just came in from watering pots.

I wonder if Brenda is out on her tractor.

Sue - hope the weather gives you a break.

Today I took off from work to accompany Annie's class on a field trip. They spent the day at the Planetarium and Science museum in a really cool simulated space lab. The kids were each assigned a role aboard a space ship and completed a computer simulated mission. It was a fun way to spend the day and being with the older children was an interesting change from the little ones I work with. It was nice to meet some of Annie's classmates - there is much less parental involvement at middle school and I miss knowing everyone in her class.

Off to pot up some more veggie seedlings - 'Long Cayenne', 'Fooled You Halepeno' and 'mini red bell' peppers are ready for cell packs.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eileen, yes that is Asao. BTW, That plaque is on my 'front' door.:-)
I love your robin pic, and the story about it. We farm people are familiar with birds following behind farm equipment to get the bugs and worms that are stirred up.
I am so glad you are/were getting a good soaker.
HAPPY Anniversery! 26 years ......wait until it has been twice that... like we almost are! What an exotic meal. I have never had anything like that.

LOL, Marie, you are sure laying in the plants! But then, you have a lot of open space to put them. You have some very interesting species, many that I am not familiar with.
Naughty Charlotte...;-) Dogs will be dogs. I have forgotton, is she on a diet?
I have wire cages around my peonies, so they don't get smashed down, but the large double old fashioned white ones end up with their flowers looking like wet rags, and one of the new doubles had it's stem bent over the wire ring. It is in a vase in the livingroom now.

Wow! Wow! Cindy ! Such beauty! What yummy Clems, spacially the second one. What is it's name, and what is the little pink buds?

Nolon didn't get that great of a report from the doctor.
He seens to think Nolon will have to be on a prostate med for the rest of his life, but the urologist didn't say that...? The Urologist had given him some of the pills, and they cause too many side effects for Nolon to want to use them regularly. Bubble bubble..toil and trouble! We should have "lived hard, died young,,and left a beautiful memory" !
( Eileen, do you have the lyrics to that song?)

I walked around the yard and did an assessment of the hail damage. I see that the hostas, hydrangeas, and kiwis all had leaf damage. I'm sure there are other things, but those three types are most noticable. Also, The dastardly deer discovered the new leaves on the Ernest Markham and pruned them ! They also ate the tops off of a couple of Heavenly Blue Morning that were just starting their true leaves. I have erected another fence around them! I've got to keep a stiff upper lip, or some bad words may slip out!


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It's been raining here since last night. We've gotten close to 2 in. and we have rain in the forecast for the next 6 days. The garden's loving it. I worked out there all day yesterday, moving and planting things, so the rain is very welcome. I'm starting to think of my container gardens. I have a Rosy Dawn and an Avant order which are both scheduled for the middle of next week and then I should have everything together to get started. I've been repotting all of the larger tropicals that I overwintered, the banana, gingers, colocasias and alocasias, and giving them all fresh soil. I stopped by the nursery this morning and bought 3 more 3 cu. ft. bags of potting soil. That makes 9 bags so far this spring, including what I used to sow my annual seeds. Like the rest of you all it seems I have plants and pots sitting around everywhere. Soon it will be time to put it all together. I can't wait!

Deanne, your containers are beautiful. I especially love the one with the little japanese maple. Funny that you should say that you're focusing mostly on foliage this year in your containers. I was just thinking the same thing about myself this morning as I was walking through all of the annuals in the greenhouse at the nursery and not picking up any of them. Well, I did get a 6 pack of some really cool petunias called pirouette purple.

Sue, at least you know how to end a drought in your area. Just invite someone over to tour the garden. What a bummer that you have to dismantle your curbside garden.

Marie, I'm so excited that you're really getting into creating some container gardens this year.

Cindy, You're garden is looking GOOD! I can't wait until the big fat buds on my clematis open. Your iris is such a pretty color. I have one iris flowering so far, Eleanor Roosevelt. It sounds like you'll just have to garden in the rain this weekend. I'd rather do that than have it too hot.

Happy belated birthday to Annie! Mary, knowing you and knowing what I do of Annie, I don't think you're going to have much of a problem teenager. Enjoy the teenage years. They fly by so fast!

Marian and V, hope you're both feeling better and getting over the flu. Marian, sorry to hear about the hail damage to your plants.

Ei, lol on the robin pic. You have such a great sense of humor. Happy Anniversary to you and Paul!

Marie and Michelle, you both talking about your vegetable gardens makes me think I should take up the offer of my neighbor behind me and put in a vegetable garden in his empty field back there. But then I think I already have more that I can keep up on. It sure is tempting though. Maybe next year. Bella would probably love working in a vegetable garden since she could eat the fruits of her labor.

I know I've forgotten things I wanted to say. That's what happens when I skip posting for a couple of days. Oh I do remember that I want to say glad to hear from Babs and good luck to Chris.

I'm writing this as I keep one eye on Bella running around so I should go. Have a good evening,


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Marie, I almost forgot that I wanted to post my favorite rhubarb recipe for you.

Rhubarb Custard Pie

1 prepared pie crust w/double crust
3 eggs
3 tablespoons milk
1 3/4 cup sugar
4 tablespoons all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 cups fresh rhubarb, cut in 1 inch lengths
2 tablespoons butter

1. Beat eggs, milk, sugar, flour, cinnamon and vanilla in a large bowl just until well blended. Stir in rhubarb.
2. Prepare pie crust and place in 9-inch pie plate. Spoon in filling; dab with butter.
3. Prepare top crust and place over filling. Pinch top and bottom crust together; turn under; pinch to make a stand-up fluted edge.
4. Brush pastry with milk; sprinkle with sugar.
5. Bake in 400F oven for 45 minutes or until pastry is golden brown.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Live Fast Love Hard Die Young - Willie Nelson

I wanna live fast love hard die young and leave a beautiful memory
I wanna live fast love hard die young and leave a beautiful memory

I don't want slow walkin' or sad singin' let 'em have a jubilee
I wanna leave a lotta happy women thinking pretty thoughts of me
I wanna live fast love hard die young and leave a beautiful memory

Now you may not approve of the things I do but it really don't bother me
So don't ever think you gonna tie me down I'm gonna stay footloose and fancy free
So jump back make tracks move out let the gals at me

I wanna live fast love hard die young and leave a beautiful memory
[ guitar - fiddle ]
I wanna live fast love hard die young and leave a beautiful memory

I'm a wampus cat let me grab my hat and baby come along with me
We're gonna do some fancy stepping we're really goin' on a spree

I wanna live fast love hard die young and leave a beautiful memory
I wanna live fast love hard die young and leave a beautiful memory

LOL Marian! Is that the song you were thinking about? I have never heard it before, but got a big kick out of the words! Is the music nice? I notice it calls for guitar and fiddle...I love fiddle. That Willie...hes a hoot! My favorite Willie Nelson song is this:

Willie Nelson - Always on my Mind

Maybe I didn't love you
Quite as often as I could have
And maybe I didn't treat you
Quite as good as I should have
If I made you feel second best
Girl I'm sorry I was blind

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

And maybe I didn't hold you
All those lonely, lonely times
And I guess I never told you
I'm so happy that you're mine
Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind
Tell me,
Tell me that your sweet love hasn't died
Give me, give me
One more chance to keep you satisfied
I'll keep you satisfied

He sings that song with such feeling and sincerity and I like to imagine thats Paul singing it to me...LOL! Oops, I guess I shouldnt let you guys see what a sorry cornball I really am...LOL! Marian, I didnt know what any of those dishes were either until I tried them yesterday!:-) But they were delicious...definitely a place for *special* occasions. Paul and I dont buy anniversary presents for each other; we just try to make a special night out for our anniversaries. A few years back we went to Kohlers in Wisconsin and that was really special too! Thanks for telling me how to spell Asao! Farm life is very interesting and educational...I never knew that about birds! So why do we call someone we dont think is very smart, a birdbrain? Birds seem pretty smart to me! :-) So sorry to hear about the hail damage and them darn deer! LOL about keeping that "stiff upper lip"! :-) Are you going to try that Morning Glory teepee again this year? I thought that was a neat project. I *do* remember you were having a few problems with it; did it finally work out? Oh and heres a pic for you...recognize this?

Yep, your Kong Mosaic! I spotted it at Sunrise while I was shopping there a couple weeks ago and swooped it right up. I have to think of a special container planting for it. What did you plant it with last year? I cant remember (my memory stinks) but I *do* remember that however you planted it I fell in love with it and knew right then that if I ever spotted the plant I would get it! :-)

Cindy your plantings are *gorgeous*! I *love* your colors and is that Josephine Clematis I see...LOL! We really *do* have a lot in common! :-) Yes, I have that one too! :-) Oh, and all your irises are beautiful! Do you know the name of that deep pink one in the forefront? Who is that gorgeous ruby colored clematis (I think the 3rd pic)? Been trying to guess what those buds were too...are those Thalictrum flower buds? Anyway, everything is just beautiful...Thanks for sharing with us! I *love* pics! :-)

Marie good to know about Angelina being easy to propagate. I am sadly lacking in the edging plant category and it will be great to be able to spread this one around.

Deanne & Eden, I know I should concentrate more on foliage (its what keeps every thing interesting all season long) but I *am* a sucker for flowers who is trying to reform! :-)

Eden that rhubarb pie sounds delicious and Ive already printed it out. I dont have any rhubarb of my own, but my single, male neighbor, who doesnt give a hoot about the previous owners (my Mrs. Shack's) garden has rhubarb, which hes allowed me to pick to use for my leaf forms. Think Ill go get some more this weekend for that pie. BTW, how do you know when rhubarb is ripe for picking?

Well, I better be off now, Dotty wants me to attend an art show at her sons college and Im not fit to be seen at the moment. Thanks everyone for the Happy Anniversary wishes...hope I reach as many as Marian & Nolon! :-)

P.S. Mary your veggie seedlings sound neat...I *love* their names. Only growing tomatoes this year; Kelloggs Breakfast, Paul Robeson, Mariannas Peace, Cuostralee and Horn of the Andees. Oh and one pepper, but its really an ornamental called Black Pearl...hope its as pretty as it looks in pictures!

Okay, gotta go, TTYAL! Ei

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, thanks for the recipe! I'll make it on the weekend! I'll probably gain 10 pounds just looking at it. Now I need asparagus recipes- I'm really getting sick of it plain with lemon butter!

I made up my first real container this afternoon. I'm going to keep it a secret for a little while, just to make sure everything takes off well. I need to think about fertilizing it too, in addition to regular watering. I had to bring it back indoors because it is going to be windy, rainy and COLD tonight, around 40F. Boy, is it ever heavy! Somebody should write out CARE FOR CONTAINERS for us all...please?

I planted 2 rose bushes, so now I am able to do laundry again- until I buy something new! One of the coleus I bought has really changed colour and makes me wonder why I got it. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

I just wanted to say that all the work in the veg garden is rather exciting but it is so that things are easier to maintain, not really for more vegetables. In fact, more and more flowers are ending up there these days! I hope things will come together there soon and I can show it to you all. It will probably be a few weeks more though. Eden, a vegetable garden is really LOTS of work!

Cindy, is that clematis photo of Niobe? If so, you are way ahead of me! Things are at the bud stage here, not even one clematis bloom yet. Oh! I loved the Camassia photos, Ei...can't wait for mine to bloom. I have 2 kinds and saw some fat buds out there today! :-) Last year in Oregon we visited a fabulous native stand of Camassias...just a heavenly spot!

I think it is time for DH to learn a Willy Nelson song or two...I need something new added to his repertoire! :-) 'bug

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL, Eileen, I never was much of a Willie Nelson fan. I like my version better than his.....(Smile).
Nah, no teepee this year. It was not too impressive. I haven't even bought any Moonvine seeds this year.
YAY! You found a Kong Mosaic. Mine is planted with 2 impatiens( a pink and a white),2 sanseverias, and an angelwing begonia. They are outside now, by the well house. I hope they survive the cold nights! The Kong has survived, but is only a stub with a few dwarfed leaves. I am hoping hot weather will bring it back.I think a well-grown one is beautiful, ( and yours will be), but mine was rather a disappointment.

Re: Camassia, I was born and raised on Camas Prairie in Idaho. It was named after the Camassias that filled the swampy area in the valley. It is a sight to behold when acres of it are in bloom. It was renamed Centennial Marsh since I left there.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


It's raining, it's pouring, I wish I was still


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Morning,

Well, I just saw the weather radar and Sue is going to have a pretty soggy TGIF today. It is raining West of Hartford at the rate of 2 inches per hour. Incredible! Apparently this storm is heading north and east and should be here by late tonight or tomorrow morning.

I was a bad girl yesterday and skipped going to the gym and spent the day in the gardens. I got so much done! Im really happy with all the things I moved, planted and hoiked. This weather is perfect for shuffling things around because they should be over their transplant shock by the time the rain ends. It is supposed to rain off and on for another five days.

Cindy!!! Wow, wow, wow! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I love that huge double clematis in the fourth photo. What is its name??? I might have to find that. Those pink iris are also wonderful. Your photographs are such a treat. Im amazed at how far ahead of us you are there. Thanks for sharing those pics.

Marian, that marsh is amazing! It must have looked like an ocean of blue flowers. Very neat. ~~ So sorry about the hail and deer damage. That is so discouraging.

Bug, I surely wish I could see your new container or at least your new coleus acquisitions (I know how you hate coleus). I guess Ill have to keep the rest of mine secret too. LOL I put together another four containers yesterday. RE container care, in the beginning when they are first planted Im always careful not to overwater them. Ive lost plants in the beginning because they just stayed too soggy. When it is still cloudy and cold in late spring they still dont do a lot of growing. After they are more established and the weather warms I start watering every day in the morning even if weve had a rain the night before. Sometimes the canopy of the plants in the containers keeps them from getting well watered with a rain shower. At the end of the summer I have to water some of them twice a day depending on the temperatures. I begin feeding with a liquid feed like Miracle Grow at half strength once a week or so when they start showing some real aggressive growth. By mid-summer when you know the root mass is really full in the pots Ill feed every third day or so. I groom, deadhead and pinch and prune my container plants every day or every other day depending on how busy I am. Things like the Ipomoea batatas require frequent pruning to keep them in bounds and to keep them from overwhelming the other less aggressive plants in the containers. Normally there are some plants in a combination that dont do as well as others when you plant as thickly as I do. I will either remove the plant which isnt doing well or prune the more aggressive plants around it so it will have more of its share of the food water and light. I have found in the last couple years that if I pay closer attention to combining plants that have similar light and water requirements the container gardens do better. In the past Ive made the mistake of putting shade plants in with full sun plants and it was a challenge to keep them looking good. This year Ive used the Scotts regular potting soil and after that food gets used up (Ive found it takes about a month or so) Im going to try feeding with the Osmocote slow release fertilizer and see how they do instead of using the liquid feed twice a week. Last year I also had trouble with my dahlias in my containers. Ive found that dahlias do NOT like to be crowded in a container (or in the garden for that matter) and they really slow down flower production by the end of the season so Im going to give the dahlias in containers more room this year and see how they do. It always is a learning process trying to figure out what will keep them looking nice all season long. BTW I bought this nifty gizmo last year that is a wheeled dolly designed to move containers. It folds up to take up almost no space but can move 200 pounds. A very useful device for moving these big containers around. I think I bought it at Gardeners Supply but I dont remember for sure. Ill look and see where I got that from.

RE rain and peonies, Same here although mine arent anywhere near being ready to bloom yet except for my Molly which probably wont survive the rain tomorrow. I did buy some big double hoop supports for the peonies and Ill see how they do. Im hoping it helps. Every year when they get beaten to the ground from rain or wind or from just being too big and heavy and I didnt have time to stake them I threaten to hoik them then I smell their wonderful peony fragrance and enjoy a few of those extravagant flowers then they get a reprieve for another year.

Eileen, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with growing tons of flowers in a container garden. I love the flower filled ones too, just for some reason Im doing a lot of foliage stuff this year.

Eden that recipe for Rhubarb Custard Pie sounds divine! You know if I made that with eggbeaters and Splenda it wouldnt even be bad for me, well, except for the pie crust. LOL ~~ I worked out in the garden in the drizzle and off and on rain all day yesterday as well. ~~ How do you go about repotting the biggies??? Like the colocasias? Im like you and need another four of five big bags of potting soil.

Eileen, Love your robin photograph and caption. So fun! ~~BTW, that photo of the red pansies and JM is from this year and not last. I liked that spring combination so much I did it again and added the alyssum. Last year I didnt have the alyssum in that garden yet when the JM leaves were first emerging. I thought of you when I was planting those red pansies out so thought Id do a pic of it again for this year. Thanks for the ID on the sedum and basil. I think Im going to have to look for that Purple Ruffles basil. I quite like that. How large does it get? ~~ I dont want you to go to any more trouble to send me any more plants. Im sure Ill be able to find Goldheart here but thank you for the generous offer. ~~ Im still salivating over your anniversary dinner. Wow! Wonderful!

Michelle, how did your plants make out with the cold temps last night? Hope all is well. ~~ Glad to hear Rick finally made it into the field. Good thing you arent getting the rain we are supposed to have in the next couple days. They are talking six inches of rain in some areas.

Sue so I checked your post from yesterday and you did say tomorrow meaning today. LOL I thought I was losing it for a minute! Anyway, Ill have umbrellas for our trip to Mixed Border tomorrow. We might just have the place to ourselves.

OK I think Ive covered everything and everyone, have a great Friday everyone,

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! It's been raining for about two days now. I had to put my little veggies in the garage because they were drowning. And a few dreaded s***flakes showed their little faces last night.

The tummy bug has "left the building" and I'm feeling all better. The only final lingering consequence was that my appetite finally returned - at 11:00 pm last night! I was so hungry, I couldn't fall asleep until I finally fixed a snack.

Last night was DD's final band concert at the HS. After the concert they have a short awards program, and she got the top band award, which includes a small scholarship! I was very excited about that (can you tell?), but a little sad that DH missed the night because of work travel.

Marian, now I understand why you miss Idaho so much - what a beautiful area! If I may offer some unsolicited advice, you might do a little internet research on Nolon's prostate condition. I seem to recall that there was a study a few years ago that concluded that treatment in much older men really did nothing to extend their life or improve their quality of life, but sometimes the side effects of the treatment caused their quality of life to suffer. In other words, after a certain age, they found there was nothing to be gained by treating the condition. It's possible that this is the approach that the urologist is taking and the regular doctor isn't aware of this. But remember, I'm not a real doctor, I just play one on the idylls.

Cindy, your photos are lovely!

Okay, I did a little experiment and previewed my post, and now I can't go back to check for more comments. But I can post a photo from a previous spring. Yesterday, I tried uploading some of my old photos to the Walgreens photo site and then I had them printed. Very convenient - I picked them up at my local Walgreens later that day. So here's a little glory of spring past:

Off to work now, as I'm leaving early to pick up DS from school. Stay dry!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Deanne, not to worry-no way is it raining 2 inches an hour here. In fact the prediction is 2-4" for the whole day, perhaps more in some areas. Tom was out setting up an umbrella over the hot tub this morning to make sure the electrician had a dry place to I guess he wants to make sure that gets done. I think he even plans to fill it and get the water heating before he heads into work. I'll try to get to your house by 2:30 tomorrow. Can Tom and the dogs hang out there while we're at the nursery? The mutts will be in their crates of course. I'll have to bring clothes for the party and change later. Jeez, the things I do for quality plant shopping time.

Cindy, you certainly have a jump on things in the Clematis department. This year I did a better job of supporting my Rogoochi right from the get go and it actually looks like something for once. Now if I could only get that Perl D'azur in the ground. Right now it's growing out of a pot and up some shepherd's hooks on the north side of my garage. Betty Corning has gone wild and her obelisk is to small. I need a gardener.

Camassia...another plant that doesn't like my conditions.

Okey dokey, time to stop being pokey.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

That Sue's a poet...
But she doesn't know it... :-)

LOL! In a rush to pick up mom, but had to comment. BBL!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Morning all....

Michelle, I forgot to tell you that I really appreciate the offer of a start from your fern leaf peony, but please don't go to that trouble.
Actually, right now is not a good time for me to be even thinking of adding more to my beds. I am STILL battling that durn intestinal thing! I felt SO good for awhile yesterday afternoon.....I thought I was over it. Not!
Add to that, this COLD weather.... and it is becoming rather depressing.
It was 40F 'again' this morning, and very slow to warm. even though the sun is brightly shining.

Deanne, I agree with Eileen. That combo of JM and pansies is outstanding. I have put the Coleus and Iresine in pots, and they are looking good. I need to pot up the coleus that I bought, but am running out of potting soil. I was going to get some yesterday, but WalMart was revamping their garden shop, and what I needed was outside. I'd already put some items in my cart, so couldn't take it outside, besides Nolon was out in the car waiting.

V, yes , I 'have' done all the Google research on the prostate problem. The med that the family doc wants him to continue taking is for easing the flow..... if you get my drift. I already got hin Selenium, and I presume he is taking it. There are a couple of other natural products that I need to get ( can't recall the names without looking them up). Nolon is very shy of doing anything that causes him discomfort. ( He hardly wears his dentures for that reason...) :-(
Speaking of "experiment", I finally discovered I can open one window of the thread to read, and another of the same thread to post to, and go back and forth from the bar on the bottom of the screen. Sure works better. That way, I can keep previewing what I've written, and I don't lose it if the dorky computer should go off line. The page I am posting on is " Perennials" , on the bar, and the other one is " Idyll #264...."

Yes , the marsh looks like an ocean of blue when the camas lilies are in bloom. It is a strong tourist attraction. The Soldier Mountains were the backdrop to our home where I lived the first 13 years of my life. Our farm was about 3 miles from the foot of the mts.( There was snow on the peaks all year around.) At the end of school each year the grade school had a picnic in the foothills, at the Pioneer Picnic area. I have pics of the entire class ( 1st through 8th) at the picnic grounds. Some of them show all of the students ( about 17) on a very long seesaw ( we called it a teeter totter).


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just finished more containers and I still have leftover plants! So far I like Coleus Aurora Peach and Rustic Orange the best. I made 2 orangy containers [old and cracked :(], and 2 silver and lavender ones. It really is an art trying to figure out how big they'll get, how much sun they'll need, etc...It takes longer to tidy up the mess than to create them though. Deanne, thanks so much for writing out instructions! I wish brand names were the same everywhere. I've been using lots of my compost for these as that's what I have around, but it is heavy. Oh well, this is a learning experience. So now it is about 50F and cloudy and depressing. Not even any showers so far. Don't know where to keep these plants now!!!

Just a few more newspapers to spread and then more chips to pile on the last of the grass paths. I'm on the home stretch!

Need to go work on the plant sale items that must be delivered tonight. Happy Friday...and Sue, I wish I was still snoring as well.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

For all of you who are mothers or have dealt with them...

With Mother's Day coming on Sunday, I owe my mother a big thank you for my formative childhood years!!

1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning."

2. My mother taught me RELIGION.
"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"

4. My mother taught me LOGIC.
"Because I said so, that's why."

5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC.
"If you fall out off that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me."

6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."

7. My mother taught me IRONY.
"Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about."

8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM.
"Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!"

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA.
"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."

11. My mother taught me about WEATHER.
"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."

12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.
" If I've told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!"

13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out."

14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.
"Stop acting like your father!"

15. My mother taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait until we get home."

17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You are going to get it when you get home!"

18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to freeze that way."

19. My mother taught me ESP.
"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"

20. My mother taught me HUMOR.
"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me."

21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT.
"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

22. My mother taught me GENETICS.
"You're just like your father."

23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"

24. My mother taught me WISDOM.
"When you get to be my age, you'll understand."

25. And my favorite: My mother taught me about JUSTICE.
"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you."

OK, now it's really time to get some work done. Can you guess that I'm avoiding something I don't want to do? lol


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lol Eileen I think Sue's on poet pills; )

So I really can't be here right now-are you feeling honored?

I'm so lame-no time to post a pic but eileen I owe you a anniv. pic and it sounds like you had a really nice time! Food is a good thing: )

I also wanted to say Happy Bday to Annie(Ryan sends a kiss-hope your mom won't mind; ).
V-glad that belly bug is gone-& congrats to your DD!

Michelle & Brenda-I've been hoping the weather cooperates with your farming schedules. Our county was declared to be in a moderate drought and many of the farmers have had to wait to do any plowing-I bet they hopped to it once this latest rain showed up-since it's scattered here hopefully we'll get enough to be out of drought.Such extremes there seem to be. I was dumb and planted annual dianthus and some coleus thinking they'd settle in better with this moisture...didn't think of the cold,duh.

Deanne thanks for your secrets for container growing-the competition will be stiff now that we too know your method to your madness lolol.; ) Hey this weatehr is at least good for the fuchsias,right? We must remain optimistic...I too will have to shuffle plants into the garage like V to keep the buggers from floating away.

Hey V-I am curious to know if that pink coreopsis I gave you for your bday made it through winter...I know it was pushing the zone so I was just wondering...hoping: )

I missed about Nolon-so he does have prostate cancer? My dad did. V, I think that's true that guys of advanced age aren't treated for the reasons your said. I know my dad's treatment(surgery) left him incontinent. Later it became hard for my mom when she had to care for him in that respect. She regretted that they made that choice. I suppose you have to review what gives the best quality of life.

I've been enjoying all the great pics from everyone!

OK so am I sounding lucid and calm? Truth be told...I am going to jump out of my skin. I didn't realize Chris' dissert. defense would affect me much(I just have to sit there and look coherent). It's crunch time-he's preparing the talk and rewriting as we all live and breathe.(I'm the kind of person who needs weeks of practice to speak well-he's got to speak for 30 min. about multivariate statistics and things I know nothing about or knew existed!)His evil advisor was up to old tricks by dragging his feet once again as Chris waited to get information needed to finish writing his talk-he didn't get home until 8pm lastnight. I guess you had to be there but the guy is fueling Chris' nerves and mine right about now. The guy is very lucky he'll be attending by conference call(he's in Nevada)..I think I'll make a poster of him and we can throw darts at his image while Chris speaks...THAT would be funny. Alas I am rambling but what hit me today is that over ten years of work is FINALLY going to be over. This accomplishment in the making was like an unruly appendage that followed us through our whole marriage,family illness/deaths,our two kids' formative strikes me that he actually *did* follow his dream and he *is* going to have it come monday.(give or take a couple months to commencement; ) I am so proud of him and today when I said goodbye I thought I was going to cry like a baby. Stress? maybe. I am just really happy for him.

Sorry I don't know why I had to tell y'all that but I guess I just had to: ).

OK now I've gotta go mat artwork for the show,and sew.


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Things are looking so pretty in the raised rock bed. White daffodils, miniature white iris, lavender and pink creeping phlox and some tulips are all putting quite a nice show.

It got down to 37 last night, but is cool and windy again today. At least the sun is shining.
Tomorrow is my moms birthday. Laura and I are taking her to lunch at a Tea Room. If the weather cooperates we will also go to a country garden where they hold a plant sale to benefit an unwed mothers home. You can also tour their gardens while you are there. I havent been there, but it sounds like fun.

Deanne,. I should really post a picture of how I protected my plants last night. I have this old kitchen cupboard in my potting area. The doors fell off over the winter and I took the sides off and Im sure its only a matter of time before the whole thing falls apart, but for now I put the trays of plants in the shelves and then draped an old bedspread over the front. It really worked quite well. This a.m. I decided to just remove the bedspread since it is quite windy. I have to keep the process as simple as possible since I dont have time in the a.m.
I used purple ruffles basil a couple of years ago in some containers. I am growing it from seed again this year.
I think you have container care down to a science. Your cart sounds very nice. I have a regular 2 wheeled cart with an extra large platform that I move them around with.

Marian, what lovely photos of Idaho. Hey, no problem with the peony Id love to give you a piece. Ill get your address this fall. It isnt nearly as big as other types of peonies. I agree about the cold weather being depressing. Im ready for some nice days. It will probably go right into being hot.

bug, I hear you. That is why I am redoing our vegetable garden, because I am sick of spending so much of my time in there. Ours isnt really all that large, but plenty big for 2. As for containers, Im no expert, but I mix up my own potting mix. Potting soil, compost, sand, Osmocote, moisture crystals and a little peat. I usually design the container for the site I want to put it. Our patio is part sun, the front door is almost all shade and other areas are full sun.
RE: asparagus, we love it in omelets.

Ei, I got sedum Angelina last summer and I love it. I have already chopped off several chunks and spread them around. I made a succelent container for my mom for Mothers Day and I put a piece in there. I figure that way she wont have to worry about watering it. I got quite a kick out of your robin picture.

Eden, I make rhubarb custard pie too. Maybe I should whip one up this weekend. I was at Walmart last night and found the cutest hoe and rake for Kenzie. They are metal, so she will be able to actually work with them. (maybe not this year) I think helping grow veggies is a great way to get kids to eat them.

Mary, the science museum and planetarium sounds like a really fun but educational field trip.

Cindy, thanks for sharing your fabulous garden. I absolutely love that double pink clematis.

I hope that Deanne and Sue have fun plant shopping and dont get washed away.


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Marian-I can't seem to find out from skimming what Nolon needs his prostate meds for.In case I was,I didn't mean to be upsetting mentioning cancer since now I don't seem to see anything actually saying that in earlier posts. Sorry for my confusion: )

Sue I say almost all those things to my kids!too funny...I have to show that to AJ he will be rolling.

I have the procrastinators bug too...hey at least I have ajax cleanser sprinkled all over the bathroom's supposed for sit for three hours to work,right? hee.Oh just ten minutes...never mind!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

No, Babs. Nolon wasn't diagnosed with cancer, but with an extremely high PSA count. The cause hasn't been determined.
It sounds ao though you need those hugs worse than I..... ((((((((Babs)))))))

LOL, Sue ! I love it! Actually I never said any of those things, except versions of #s 4, 11, 18, and 23. My mom said something similar to #25.

Michelle, I guess I need to go back and look at the rest of that link....:-) I only saw the one that I posted.
Okay, we will cross the peony 'bridge' when fall gets here.
I *would* love to have one. I now have 9 peonies in the front bed, counting "Molly". Five more in other locations.
I am thinking the very same thing about the weather. I told Nolon this summer will probably be a summer from h_ll.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Labeling plants for the sale is a pain. They want all information, like height, colour, exposure...for nepeta and rudbeckia and oulmonaria and all that stuff. Yuck.

I tried hard not to say all those things to my kids Sue, but if you asked them, they'd never claim they had the perfect Mom.

Asparagus omelet! Now maybe that will be lunch tomorrow. I can't convince DH that an omelet is dinner.

Babs, this is thesis time of year here too, from the prof's perspective. Either way, a trying time. But one very nice thing was DH's student who told him he was the best advisor in the whole wide world. That really was important to him. He works so hard for his "kids" and only some of them realize it. This particular lady is a young Iranian mother with a sweetheart husband who also has just earned his degree. On the other side though, is a student who will not listen to what DH says, can't write a sentence, doesn't understand his own project. A real dilemma. DH ends up writing half of it for him just to meet deadlines...because the topic interests him. DD's advisor is a total jerk though, so I fear she may abandon all her years of study at this point. Grump. Maybe I should go scrub cleanser on the bathroom sink now...

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Babs, I would give the Ajax at least 24 hours.


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I've heard that Ajax works best if you just set the container in the room to be cleaned, and not open it. It is something magical and happens only if you never open the container. Try it......What have you got to lose?


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Thanks you guys for making me laugh! Too late T,I opened the Ajax! and Sue I didn't leave the stuff on nearly long enough-making mental note for next time. That's what I get for not checking here every hour on the hour; )...I'm pratting(Deanne's word)so bad that I'm making ham & bean soup while not doing all the stuff I'm supposed to. You guys are the influence I need.

Wouldn't you know it,Chris had a fender bender on the way to work: ( He's fine but I know his mind is elsewhere. The ironic thing was that just as he pulled out of the drive I suddenly thought I should have reminded him to keep his mind on driving-maybe if I had he wouldn't have collided(just someone's back bumper-only a scratch). The woman he rear ended had recent knee surgery-I hope that doesn't mean something.

GB,even from a professor's side of Chris' situation this advisor is still a self centered egomaniac and many of the profs were glad that he left for Nevada. On the flip side I have to be glad he's like that since Chris will be taking his place hopefully next year. Ironic.

Where's the vacuum... Maybe I better ask Eden if that's a good idea-I hear they are hazardous.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Evening Idylls!

Are you guys sure its Ajax? I set the container right on top of the toilet, unopened, just like T says...and nothing! Maybe its that "watched pot" thing? Ill check it again in the morning.

LOL! You guys are on a roll today! :-)

Hi Babs! Sorry to hear about Chris fender bender! I can tell that you guys are anxious! Sending positive thoughts that all goes well with the dissertation. I can imagine the stress, anxiety, pride, and relief all rolled up into one big emotion! I would be a bundle of nerves too! Yea, thats pretty admirable, isnt it...following his dream! Good for him! And youre a wonderful partner and support and Im sure Chris knows that and I hope he tells you that a lot too! :-) Congratulations!

Sue got a kick out of your Mother post. Hmm my moms favorite curse to me was "I hope you have a dozen kids and I hope they are all *exactly* like you!" Hmm...whatever did she mean? Oh well, the curse didnt work here, I only had one and he was as good a kid as a mom could hope for, thank goodness!

Marie I love the color of the camassia in your gorgeous pic! My camassia is a periwinkle blue, but I sure would like to add some of that pretty purple one to the mix.

You guys had me puzzled with problems with Camassia. I really didnt think it was that fussy of a plant, so I wanted to find out what its horticulture needs were (maybe I should of looked that up before planting mine?...LOL). Anyway, says they like to be moist before flowering and on the drier side after flowering. I dont know how that works with my planting. Mine are planted in my river bed a/k/a drainage ditch. But the drainage ditch is really only wet some of the time and average most of the time and there is no predicting when that area will be wet or dry. So, I still dont know why Camassia might be hard to grow and/or why they seem to be growing fine where I have them planted.

Marian what a wonderful environment you grew up in. Idaho is *gorgeous*! Thanks for sharing the link....thats a beautiful site with lots of great pictures. I *bet* that marsh is stunning! If you havent seen all the pics on that site you should go back and check it out. Im sure you especially would appreciate it. Im so sorry Nolon is having trouble. Thats a horribly uncomfortable feeling, I can well imagine. I hope he can find some relief, without the worrisome side effects. Sorry to hear youre not feeling well either. Hope you get that bug out of your system soon.

Deanne, I worded it wrong...I *did* know that you repeated the pansy planting again this year. What I was *trying* to say is that it is as lovely this year, as it was last! That really is probably one of my all time favorite partnerships. In fact I was thinking that JM and Pansy pic would make a *stunning* cover for a book on Japanese Maples....with, of course, credit to you...and a little pay would be nice too! Hint hint to anyone out there listening! :-) Beautiful picture! The Purple Ruffles basil is not a big grower..maybe...1&1/2 feet (more likely a foot). Its not the most vigorous grower in the world, but I really like it. I love the color and the sheen is what really makes it special. Wish it were just a tad more robust. Thanks again for the *beautiful* fuchsias and surprise coleus Deanne! Everything is gorgeous. You are quite the propagator. What kind of soil do you use? I like the fact that it is light, but still holds together well. Also want to tell you thank you for sharing your container tips with all of us. Great to hear about your experiences and very generous of you to share all that great information with us. No wonder your plants look so fabulously happy! Who wouldnt be with a caretaker like you?!? :-) I have printed your instructions all I have to do is remember to follow them! :-)

My Love Lies Bleeding seeds never germinated! :-( I am bummed about that! Wanted to plant them in the tubs out front again with the elephant ears. Speaking of which, was it Honey, Deanne, or Norma who grew Black Magic Elephant Ears last year? Im sure it was one of you who posted a pic last year? Anyway, I bought them this year and really like them. Something has me puzzled though...all the leaves that were on the plant when I bought it are truly black, but I am noticing that new leaves that are forming are green instead. Ive been cutting them out for fear the plant will revert to green again, but then started thinking maybe its possible that they dont turn black until they mature? Although, the smaller leaves that had already formed on the plant when I bought it were black. Im confused. Anyway, whoever knows about this plant, do you know if the leaves should be black from start to finish or if it is normal for some of them to start out green?

Ive been thinking about Brenda too...hope alls well on the farm! :-) Hi Brenda if youre out there...come stop and chat for awhile!

V you have to tell us shade deficient people the name of the plants in your pic. I think I recognize the leaves of the trout lily? But, what is the pretty white flowering plant? Or, is that all one type of plant? I love woodland plants - wish I had better conditions for them. Ill have to try that Walgreens site. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Oh well, gotta go! Hope you all have a wonderful evening. I probably wont be able to be back until Sunday or Monday, but hope you all have a wonderful week-end. Warm thoughts and good wishes to Taryn...keeping you, your family & friends in my thoughts and prayers!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Whew, the Idylls have been zipping the time away - I missed some good laughs here ....The Mother's Day lessons are great! I've got to show my DD those.

got home last nite in torrents of rain -- and crazy person that I am, as you mentioned, Gardenbug - re peonies & rain - I couldnt bear the thought of my peonies being crushed to the ground - so there I am w/ umbrella & scissors in pouring rain, cutting the big blooms to take in the house!

But I lucked out today - electrician came early, installed the ceiling fan in an hour -- no rain, and I had the rest of the entire day to "play" -- it was squishy out (good for pulling weeds but no real stomping around in the beds -would pack it all down). It's amazing how far things are along arent they?

Yes, the light pink single is Cl. Matka Siedliska (2nd season but full of blooms) -- and Ei, you guessed it -- the double is that floosie "Josephine" -- aka my "sleeper" clematis that I thought died the first year; no sign of it for 2 yrs so I planted Cl. Prince Charles very close by -- & lo & behold, "Josephine" decided to pop up the 3rd yr. & become a "bedmate" of the Prince -- sigh - now I have a T2 & T3 entwined, but am afraid to move them apart....

And yes, the darker red is Niobe - for some reason one of the earliest bloomers for me -- but my Henryii, Julie Correvon & 2 Betty Cornings are both starting now too - apparently they are loving this cool weather. And Im not complaining.

The buds are Thalictrium Black Stockings - isnt it cool w/ the black stems? It's now opened to a fuzzy lite lavendar.

All this talk of pots made me go to 3 nurseries today for container plants -- boy, now I know why you're growing your own Deanne -- they are so amazingly expensive (in this area at least) - there was one new "nursery" that turned out to basically be a depot for "Proven Winners" & Monrovia - everything was their brand -- at this nursery, a 4" pot of coleus or dicondra, or most anything Started at $3.99!!!! Do you guys pay that much for 'em at your area nursery? The local Walmart has been wiped out for a couple weeks - nary an annual about.... so I bought more than I should have (what's new about that, uh?)... Still havent seen a sign of Ajuga Black Scallop in this area - I guess I'll have to go farther "afield" to find some. (Im taking notes re the container maintenance, Deanne, but dont expect to be able to compete re containers with you artists. I just hope not to kill anything!

Gbug- love your veggie garden -- it's looking gorgeous!! Im so envious - I dont think Im even going to grow a tomato this year -- just not enough space -- and probably have too much even for "container" maintenance, too.

And that camassia is so pretty - I have a few plants but they're in weird spot & not much noticed altho blooming. Such a pretty blue!!

Babs - Im sure Chris is well prepped for his "finals" -- it's sometimes harder being on the sidelines, isnt it?

Hey, I hear Ajax or Comet is for the garden!! something about iris, Im sure -- are u using in the house -- for what???? LOL....

Time to kick back - loved seeing the photos - I hope everyone has a great garden weekend (rainy or otherwise)...


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cindy, I have a greenhouse right near work that sells the 4" annual pots for 3.89. If you buy 12 or more they are 3.39ea. That is the best deal around here. They sell all the known varieties and the Proven Winners stuff. I am also able to get Salvia Black & Blue, S. Leucantha, etc for that price. The really unusual plants like Acalpha that come in 6" pots is usually 5 or 6.99. Yes, it's expensive.

We just came in from our first test drive of the hot tub. It was really relaxing in the light rain. The electricians who came to hook it up this morning asked Tom if we just go out in the yard when we feel like going on's about the long and short of it-vacation at home. Now we just need to get that area cleaned up with some privacy screening and bluestone and I have another place to put pots.

Poor distracted Chris. Babs, remind him to be careful out there.

OK, time to change into dry clothes and head to bed. My co-worker will be here with her sister for the garden tour at 10 AM. I hope they aren't expecting much. I may try to hit a nursery before that if I can find one that opens early enough.

Nite all!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

I had another very busy day here and potted up a couple more containers, got a bunch of cannas and dahlias potted up then bought another three huge bags of potting soil. Id completely run out yet again. I need to keep track of how much of this stuff I go through in a season. Im hoping to be able to get the rest of the dahlias and cannas put into soil and under lights tomorrow. Oh yes, I also had to start potting up the little caladium in individual pots. Id put them in trays and a lot of them were sprouting. I think Ive got thirty or so plants going now. Yikes! The box from Sams club had sixty tubers in it and I assumed many of them wouldnt sprout. More of them have already sprouted than I anticipated. Looks like Im going to have a bunch of caladium to tuck around the gardens. Neat!

V, so glad to hear you are over your flu. Yukky about the snow flakes mixed in with the precip. ~~ Congratulations to your DD on her award and scholarship. Well done!

Sue, so is the hot tub up and running??? ~~ No problemo with Tom and the puppies coming up for a visit while we go to Mixed Border. Doug was happy when I told him Tom was going to come up tomorrow. I hope you guys are't expecting a spick and span house. I'll get a few of the chunks off the floors but that is about all I'll have time to do before you get here. LOL about what we learned from our moms. It sounds like my mothers rule book for raising children.

Marian, glad to hear the plants are going well. I ran out of potting soil today too..

Bug I checked out those two coleus and I think I need them too. ROTFLOL I totally agree it takes as much time to clean up the mess from planting container gardens as it takes to plant them. It can be a bit of a challenge this time of the year to keep all the newly planted containers happy. It is either raining and cold or the sun comes out and fries them because we go from a week or two of cold and cloudy weather to an 80degree sunny day.

Babs, no kidding the fuchsia are happy with this weather. Theyre growing like crazy right now. Those new Peggy fuchsia are absolutely smothered with flowers right now. ~~ Ill bet you cant wait to hear positive news from Chris on Monday. Do you have anything special planned for the big day? ~~ So sorry to hear Chris had an accident but glad to hear he is OK.

Michelle, you are so clever to use that old cabinet to keep your plants safe. Yes Id really like to see a pic of that. Do you ever find yourself thinking you doing some weird things to keep your plants happy? I know my neighbors think Im a bit cracked and I dont care one little bit as long as the gardens look nice. LOL

I leave the Ajax on for only five minutes or so. I guess that is why it doesnt work all that well. Ill have to try the twenty-four hour technique Sue uses.

Eileen, I think that fuchsia I sent without a label with the red stems is called Lena. I remembered youd admired a photo of it a while back. ~~ my Black Magic would emerge with green leaves and theyd darken as they matured.

Cindy, great to hear you had a good day in the garden even if it was a bit squishy.

Yea, I just refreshed and saw Sue and Tom christened their hot tub!!! Too cool

Nite all

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