don_socalMay 31, 2011

There was an episode of Taxi that had Christopher Lloyd as Reverend Jim 'Iggy' Ignatowski giving a speech about his wife cleaning houses for a living and saving the small bits of bath soap that her employers wanted thrown out. It was delivered as only he could deliver it with emotion and amazing detail of how she smelled so good with the different fancy soaps all squished together. Amazing what a good orator can do with a mundane subject.

Do you save the small pieces and press them together for an extra bar?

Do you let them just wear down till the last piece melts into the wash cloth?

Do you throw them out because they do not give enough lather with out more rubbing to do the job?

This could tell a bit about who you are and how you think or even what era you grew up in, thrifty, frugal, spend thrift or picky.

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I put a new bar in the shower. The little piece goes into the soap dish by the hand basin.

Then, I couldn't tell you. They disappear. Does the Husband use them too? Or does he dump the pieces in the toilet? I'll have to ask him.

I may have told this one before....if so, I apologise.
A cousin was visiting. She remarked that she loved the way my bathroom smelled. I couldn't resist. I said, "well, you have heard about people that thing that their s___ don't stink. In my case, it's true!"

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Mom had a special little soap holder/strainer cage with a long handle.
All the bits of soap went in it and my brothers and I would swish it all around and get the warm bath water all nice and soapy---it was fun and that's how it was done in those days.
I think when I turned 9, I finally got the whole daggone tub to myself. What Heaven!
I'd slowly twirl and undulate the washcloth through the water, which then transformed into a beautful ballarina.
When I used to use bar soap, I just let it melt into the cloth---gone!

Now I use liquid soap---faster--can even double as shampoo if need be!

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We use mostly liquid soaps these days, body wash, hand wash etc. DH is the only one who uses bar soap, so he is in charge of that issue. I don't know what he does with the last sliver.
I'm in charge of keeping all other soap containers full and I buy large containers and refill the smaller containers.

Come to think of it, back when we used bar soaps I collected the slivers and put them in a cut off panty hose, tied the ends and hung them in the shower. It did not go over very well.

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I use liquid soap - Dr. Bronner's Castile hemp soap, I like the almond one, buy a big bottle, fill small bottles and dilute it - 2 parts soap to one part water. It goes a long way.

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You are speaking my language, lilod.

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When I was a little girl, my mother would put all the slivers in a pan, add a little water, put it on the stove and dissolve them. Then she used it as shampoo.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Dial soap has a nice concave bit on the logo'ed side. When the bar becomes a sliver, we get out a new bar, and while they're both wet, we press the sliver into the logo, and let them dry squished into the vertical hanging soap holder in the shower. Steve was surprised when I taught him this. He kept trying to use the slivers until they broke and he lost them down the drain.

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I smoosh what is left of the little old bar onto the big new bar when they're wet. It won't work if either one is dry. Does that make me clever? Oh wait, I just read Michelle's. I'm not clever since other people have already thought of doing it. Phooey.

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I use liquid soap all throughout my house. Which would seem to solve the sliver problem, but then I have the tiny bit left at the bottom of the bottle that won't pump out! So then I have a collection of mostly used soap bottles hanging around :)

I have a friend who dilutes her liquid soap, but she keeps diluting it until there's no soapiness!

I think I've mentioned "Clean the World" on here before, it's a non-profit that recycles the barely used soap from hotels and sends it to places that need it: shelters, Haiti, ect. I think it is the COOLEST thing. Someone saw waste and a way to fill a need. Last year or so, well maybe longer, probably 2009, one of the major news stations did a story over them, that's how I heard about them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clean the World

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We use liquid soap in the shower, bar soap at the bathroom sink. DH keeps his bar on his side--double sinks--what a wonderful invention!--and when it gets to the size where he doesn't want to bother with it, he puts it on my side. It's amazing how much more use I can get from a less than hotel- sized piece of soap. I don't mind rubbing longer to get it soapy/slippery; and I add water to what's left in the bottle of liquid soap, and get much more use from it, also. I tell my children my Scotch genes kick in, b/c I'm careful and thrifty with most other things, too. I don't think I was that way as a child, even though I'm what would be called a "Depression Era" kid. I think folks in general were more frugal before WW2, since it basically was what ended the Depression.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Growing up, bitsy pieces were put into a terry washcloth bag for use when bathing. That's a washcloth folded and then sewn together on 2 sides. there's a way of doing the folds so that when right-side out, there's a fold of material that can be flipped to close the bag, (which looks like today's plastic sandwich bags) and prevents the pieces from falling out of the bag.

Now adays, I collect the pieces and put them in an old nylon sock which is then tied to the outdoor faucet; handy for cleaning really dirty hands. Bar soap is used only in the shower in our house; DH is one of those people who never rinses the dirty suds off the bar. I think we were married about a month when I switched to liquid soap at all the sinks.

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meldy,that's a great tip about hanging soap by an outdoor faucet.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Dh likes bars; I like liquid. You'll find both at every water source in our house. The nibs get tossed.

Same at the outdoor faucets. Have a special wall-mounted holder for the bar.

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