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west_gardenerMay 23, 2013

I saw a show on Sunday that discussed colors and how they can
affect your mood. They said that a certain pink, named Drunk-Tank-Pink calms people down.
Instead of painting a whole room in that color, I made a test strip, and I don't know?
What do you think? Does it calm you down?

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Now I would feel stressed, but then I like pink of any shade only in flowers and apple trees.

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If the whole room was that color, as in a drunk tank, I would be curled up in a fetal position on the floor, in the corner. So while it certainly wouldn't make me feel better, I certainly would be quieter.

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Pink of any shade does not so anything for me, shades of green and some subtle blues do more for me, but much depends on where and how those colors are applied

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I haven't seen this for years. I remember when the results were first being mentioned... and then there was a lot of hoop-ta-do of scoffers vs believers, and then enough other folks tried it... and then the scientists more-or-less explained the effect... and then it was mostly forgotten. I see that new book has been published on this and related subjects, but I haven't read it. Yet.

The effect is a sublimnal (non-conscious) influence. Some reports claim the effect is short-term, but the definition of short-term varies considerably. There are also reports that it calms the color-blind. If you become interested in learning more, be very, very, careful that purported tests/reports used the specific shade; many claims and counter-claims are based upon other distinctly different shades of pink. Even the sample WG posted seems to me to be a bit off on this monitor -- and no doubt varies depending on your particular monitor.

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I guess of schools of thought have changed. I remember hearing a similar study and pink was the most irritating color. That those who were raped were often wearing pink. Not that I give that statement any stock, since loads of girls wear pink, but that's what they said. And that blue calmed people down. Maybe they both do and that's why nurseries are painted those colors. As well, smelling chocolate chip cookies, was supposed to calm people down. I'd probably just salivate!

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I found out from Wikipedia that some of the cells in our county court house is painted that pink. It did not say if it worked, and I['m not willing to do the test there.
Yes, the color might not look the same on all monitors, but I got the codes from Wikipedia, the RGB code is Red-255, Green-145, Blue-175, and the hex is (#FF91AF).
Interesting study.

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A county jail in the vicinity has pink uniforms for the inmates.

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lovetogarden(z4 NY)

I think this color might be cute for a little girl's room but personally, I don't think it's very calming. There was a color from Oxline Paints (don't believe they're in business anymore) called Wisteria Blue. It was sort of a Wedgewood Blue with a bit of purple in it. I painted my bedroom that color and never had any trouble falling asleep. It was ultra-calming. Wish I could find that color again.

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As long as you can find the color code, you can get a paint store to make a custom paint with that code.
Below is a link to some color codes.

Here is a link that might be useful: wisteria blue

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