I caught the thief

gandle(4 NE)May 3, 2014

The cat just about lives outside since the weather has moderated. She insists on eating outside and I know better than feed her dry food, the grackels get most of it so I feed her dry food late in the evening when the grackels aren't active. This worked well with feeding her the canned food in the morning when she wants food. A couple of days ago I noticed that she was eating all her canned food much earlier than usual and when I would go outside she would beg for more food. I was sitting on a bench beside rhe shop door enjoying the sun and the relatively calm wind. I could ser dish about 20 feet away on the patio and the thief came and stole quite a bit of food. It was a robin. Thinking about it, robins eat meat, any worm they can find. and this one thinks canned cat food must look like a real delicatessen.

We feed the birds, sunflower seeds, mixed seed, suet cakes and nyger thistle seed but didn't realize I was feeding a robin. It went to the bird bath and took such a vigorous bathe that I had to fill it again. Not sure how I feel about feeding robins or rather a robin.

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I love robins, but think they truly are "dirty birds"; the water in our bird bath, which I try to change daily, is always really dirty! They are messy, too; they dig for worms in my garden and kick dirt on the sidewalk.

George, maybe your cat will change her mind about eating outside, since there are "food thieves" in your neighborhood! ;>)

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The dry catfood I put out gets eaten by birds and critters, the smallest amount eat the cats.

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Good for you that you caught the thief. That's half the battle.
I know from experience that Robins raid bird nests, eating both eggs and baby birds.
Now the question is what to do about it , if anything?

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