Bullfrog in the snow

canuck_2010January 26, 2010

I found a young bullfrog in the snow on a frozen lake while cross country skiing.

I'm a bleeding heart for wildlife so picked him up, took him home, moved him in to a brand new terrarium set up and will try to keep him until spring when I'll release him.

It's January in Ontario, Canada and although we had a minor and short lived thaw that confused the frog, there's no open water to release him into and no insects to catch with the exception of the odd house fly... if I'm fast enough.

He's supposed to be hibernating and not eating, but now he's warm, awake, active and presumably hungry. Should I get some small guppies (or similar) from the pet store?

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

The pet store should sell grubs, mealworms and crickets. They would be better than the guppies. More and better answers on the discussions side of the forum.

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