Morning walk

lilosophieMay 12, 2013

I went hunting for wildflowers, didn't find the ones I sought, perhaps it is a bit early for the iris and the blue eyed grass, so all I could get is a picture of my house, as seen from across the pond. I think it's amazing how many shades of green there are this time of the year

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That is a beautiful photo illustrating the many hues of green. I've also been amazed at how many greens there are, even in one tree.
DD lives in Northern CA, and she has been taking wildflower walks since March and have found a lot of them. I think its a weather thing, her weather is totally different than mine here in the valley and probably different than yours.
Below is a collage of wildflowers on just one of her walks.
Wildflowers at Chimney Rock, Point Reyes, CA

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Point Reyes is a very special place, south of here and by the ocean, some of these will show up here in a couple of weeks or so.
My daughter is going horse camping with a riding group at Point Reyes in late June, she is riding a friend's horse

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To go for a nature walk is for me now a major untertaking . Where I formerly could walk 50 yards and was in woods, country lanes and fields, I have now front and backyards, asphalt and parking lots. A golf driving range, mowed weekly, also fenced, is sprayed, no flowers there. The most wildflowers I can find are in my backyard. When we moved here, we were in the country.

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Anneliese, the same thing happened here. We had 25 good years here. Some people never have one. We were lucky.

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DS gave me a sheet impregnated with wildflower seeds. All it said was to cover with 1/4" of soil and water twice a day. I planted them a couple of days ago. A first time experience for me.
Has anyone tried this kind of planting?

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Never tried it but sounds like it will give you a beautiful bed of flowers. Remeber, in the wild seeds will grow pretty much anywhere with barely any soil over them, this sounds abseloutely perfect if I'm honest!

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