Do you barter?

meldy_nva(z6b VA)May 9, 2012

Read not long ago that one out ten Americans barter; that is, engage in an exchange of goods or services for goods or services without involving cash. I think there are still websites devoted to this, but the last time I checked some out, they were getting rather rule-bound.

I recall only one instance of engaging in something that met the criteria for 'barter', and that was an informal but specific trade of X-hours of babysitting for making slipcovers for a danish-style sofa. Six cushions and two throw pillows for 100 hours - it was wonderful to go shopping without a toddler ;) We each felt like we got the best of the bargain, which is a sign of a successful trade.

Nowadays, I do more of 'returning the favor' such as sharing cookies and pies as they are made with a young neighbor who keeps my driveway cleared of snow and ice. We didn't have much cold stuff this winter, but I still thank him for past favors with stuff from my oven.

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No, I never did. Since my neighborhood is rather elderly, most people just go ahead and pay for whatever service is required. Most barter goes on across the backyard fence: you have too many tomatoes, I have to many cucumbers kind of trading.

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Plant swaps are big in mid-Atlantic region. You can also take any garden related things such as pots

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My brother does. All the time! But then, his industry and hobbies are skills well sought after. He's a master electrician and a HUGE gear head. I have nothing to offer, but I would if I could.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

We do engage in bartering whenever an opportunity presents itself. A few weeks ago, we invited friends to join us camping at no expense to them, including the food. In return, we asked if the husband would help us finish rebuilding the front porch at our rental house.

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In the States, did it all the time. A room in the house rent free in exchange for set hours of babysitting. Use of our full darkroom, in exchange for same. Baking for sewing.
Here, not so much as folks think it's weird, but slowly the organic gardening/permaculture and other "fringe" groups are embracing it. I love bartering and would do it for all sorts of stuff. I don't have cash, neither do you, but I can give you what you need and you can give me something else in return. I'm all for it!
And if you think you have nothing to offer, think again. All of those years of being able to cook, or clean, or knit, or watch toddlers, or anything at all is worth it to someone, who has something that's worth it to you. Never think you have nothing to barter.

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Some with neighbors, trees need yearly care so it is a good thing. Slowing down a lot so not so much any more.

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I guess it is not bartering, but in a certain knitting/crochet class we bring all of our left over yarn and we can pick what we want. I ended up with several small balls of different colors, enough to crochet several flowers for a shawl I crochet.
If I had to buy 1 skein of each color, it would have cost me a fortune.

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No I don't. If I have extra anythings, I am generous with sharing, and most of my friends do as well. That's about as close to it as I come. Under a lot of circumstances bartering is considered taxable and reportable income. I didn't want to go there.

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