The water-lily barrel

lilosophieMay 14, 2013

The first one of the season opened fully today, the fishes are hungry and growing and a couple of frogs have moved into the case of the filter-pump, so I know things are normal.

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That's really beautiful.

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Yes, it is beautiful, and I luv "normal",

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What a beautiful picture, Lilo. Will the surface be covered with them?

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Love the picture. What fish are you keeping? Just wondering because I considered to do the same, not necessarily water lilies, but did not know what to do with the fish in the winter.

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The fish are primarily to control mosquito larvae, though i do feed them lightly every day and they come up for food when they "feel" (?) someone coming to the barrel. They are ordinary goldfish, matter of fact, they are called "feeder fish" because they are nor evenly colored. People buy them for their predatory pet fish. I decided not to invest too much in the fishes, they get stolen by the raccoons sometimes.
They over-winter in the barrel, pretty hardy sorts, as the liliy pads die in winter, I use fake greenery so they have cover.

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