Popping in to say 'Hi!'

green_acres(5b)January 5, 2006

Hi everyone!!

It's been a while since I've been able to post although I've popped in once or twice for a few minutes to read. Thought I'd like to update you all since my move.

I got moved in June..toward the end of June. Took my fish and some essentials for ponding and setup a very small pond at my daughter's. We were there for several months and my internet access was extremely limited which is one reason I've not been in touch. I barely had enough time to check email a couple times a week.

Anyway, hubbie found a job and we finally found a home. A very nice home, BUT...(I hate this part) its in a manufactured home community. I'm supposed to be buying this house, it's brand new. I love the house. But...I don't know about ponding here. I can have a water feature, but not sure about a pond. We just moved here in October and so have been busy getting settled in and getting through the holidays. So glad the holiday ordeal is over!! Happy New year to all of you!!!

I lost the little pond. My Bad. That's the second reason I've not posted more recently...grief and guilt. I couldn't even bear to come here..haven't been here to read since Sept. I won't even go into it..it was a stupid dumb thing to do, but I do have 2 survivors in my aquarium indoors and 2 offspring in the hope that maybe....

So, I opened the thread about the appreciation of the forum thing (I should have known that was a mistake) and wondered if I'd stumbled into la-la land. But I couldn't help have a big hearty chuckle when I read Semper Fi's post! That broke the ice for me, Thanks Semper!! I needed that!! Got me to post here and " 'fess up".

About my new house...It's a nice BIG house with nice BIG rooms and plenty of storage space. Everything that was so cramped at the other place fits nicely in here with room to spare. I no longer hit my arse on the bookcase when I bend over to push the vacume, thereby landing on my head on the couch. I no longer have to pile the furniture on the couch to vac..what a blessing!

I've got a marvelous huge eat in spacious kitchen with over 30 cabinets..big cabinets with space on TOP of the cabinets for pretties. I LOVE the kitchen, and even have a center isle.

Master bedroom dwarfs my kingsized bed..huge master bath with double sink vanity, cupboards below and even a big closet. Master bedroom closet isn't a closet, it's a ROOM! I don't even need dressers anymore. Fits all our clothing, shoes and other junk(like christmas decorations and suitcases) with room to spare..and you can still use it as a dressing room.

There are two other bedrooms, one of which has become my "office" and the other which is now a nice little guest room. My husband's daughter and family came for christmas (they traveled 700 miles by car). We hadn't seen them for 2 years so we were thrilled. But they live too far away!

So, with all my worry, our housing turned out well.

My one and only complaint...no family nearby.

My daughter who was in this city ( the one we stayed with when we moved here) relocated to another state when her husband was offered a very desirable position at a different facility. And the daughter/grand kids who lived near me in the other state are now 400 miles away. This is what I feared most, and couldn't put into words. Didn't want to even think it, much less say it.

I can say however, that if my family were willing and able to relocate, I would be absolutely thrilled. I like where we are MUCH better than where we were. I like the weather better (but haven't really had to deal with any devastation peculiar to the land of Oz). There's more rain here, the soil is nicer and the climate moister. Got nice birds too. More/better places to shop, job opportunities and best of all, I like the folks I've met here. They are civil enough to at least say hello.

So, there's the update! Looking forward to spring and the hope of beautiful flowers/yard.


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Ima_Celery(OHzoned 6)

Hi GA.

Your move and new house sounds wonderful. Good for you that everyone is nice, including the birds.

I never "met" you but it seems like few if any of the people in the entire GW site can post now. There have been major changes with the log in and memberships today. I got through and wanted you to know that once the site's issues are resolved your friends will give you the warm welcome you expected.

I found a discussion about the GW changes in the Orchids Forum.

Nice to have met you and hope all continues to be the very best for you!


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pondmaninfl(z9 FL)

GA, let me be the first to say that I'm glad to see you back. I know how you feel about being away from your family. I moved 500 miles away from mine. Sorry to hear about your pond. Just chalk it up as a learning experience. I lost all my fish before during a three week stay-over at a friend's house while we were looking for a new home. I'm glad you like your new home. My wife and I are back looking for some property to buy but there's been a set back. All the employees where I work received a letter with their paycheck stating that the business was up for sale and hoped that everyone was able to keep their job when there was a new owner. Oh well, I'm going to start looking for a new job just in case.

Again, I'm glad to see you back.


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Generally, people fear change. GA, my hat's off to you for accepting it with open arms. Don't be a stranger.

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scott, feelin your pain man, feelin your pain. good luck!

welcome back, lady! your house sounds beauteous. your fam may be a ways away but you certainly have room to put them up for a few days, eh?

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Glad to see you back GA, you certainly have had a time of it these last few months. All's well that ends well!

Scott sorry to hear about your possible employment upheaval again.

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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

Welcome back, GA! So good to hear from you. I'm sure your positive attitude will smooth your way. And those closets! Maybe one could support an indoor pond?

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Welcome back, GA! Hopefully, your new area won't have that crazy weed spraying thing going on, either (that was you who posted that, right? If not, ignore that. :D)!

Hang in there. You, too, Scott! :)


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Hi GA - great to see you back! Would have said hello sooner, but I could not log on until today.

Your new home sounds dreamy. Yes, no more spraying from crazy municipal government folks! It's always gratifying to know good things come to good people! Take care.

aka CometTose:-)

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

GA, you have been missed. You will get past the no pond thing if you show them how beneficial and beautiful they are. Since it's a new community they may not have any rules set up at all. In that case, it's better to ask forgivness than to ask permission. Sandy

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spring217(z5 Colorado)

GA, glad to see you are finally settled in after your move. With the wind we are having in Colorado you may be receiving some additional soil to start planting this spring. Glad to have you back.


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Thank-you all so much for your warm reception! Sorry it took me so long to get back to thank you. I got an unexpected visit from DD in Oklahoma and an invite to go to her place and fish. There are three dirt bottom (private) ponds on the property that have been stocked (by the owner) with a variety of fish. We caught several very large, largemouth bass that I was able to bring home for the freezer. EXCELLENT eating!! YUM!

I think I might have spotted a possible pond..I'll have to mosy on over to that neighbor and check it out and see what the story is. Our rules say we have to check with the office before beginning any digging projects, but who says one has to dig to have a pond? :) None of the rules specify plants that one can't have :) and they do encourage landscaping. We'll see.

Sure wish I were rich...I'd pay off this house, by some land and do my own thing lol!

George, I do think most of Kansas IS simply Colorado moved by the wind! I can honestly say I don't miss the wind at all. We get a little bit but not like we got there. It takes me well over a month to accumulate just a little less dust than I got daily in CO. And I definately don't miss the feedlots! I was within a mile (as the crow flies) of a huge feed lot capable of holding 90 thousand head....There was always a brown cloud. One definately did NOT hang the sheets out to dry, there.

I might post some pix if that's ok..of the outside of my house so you can all see my postage stamp and perhaps advise me on plantings. One thing I'm not at all good at is landscaping and related skills (like house decorating, designing web pages, even choosing clothes and accessories). I sure could use some help because my house is placed in an area that makes it very visable. I'd like to decorate the outside in such a manner as to make it less visable or less noticible if that's possible..sort of melt in with the surroundings. I want the beauty to be apparent to ME, but not to the outside world.

I feel like I live in a fish bowl and am needing privacy.


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Hi GA.

Missed having you in the forum! The lovely new water feature (read: pond) that you make a part of your landscape may just encourage other members of your community to have water features of their own. :-)

Stay well and enjoy your new home! Please do post some pictures when you have time.


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Earth to GA! Earth to GA!

Hopefully, (a) you've got this thread set so it would send you an automatic email when a new reply is posted and (b) that email is still valid. Otherwise, I doubt if you would see this as it has been a longgg while since you last checked in (at least to my knowledge).

Let us know what's shaking.

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