How dry?

lilosophieMay 4, 2013

Started off this morning with 8% humidity. I was working on weed removal and between the dry air and the fierce sun, decided to quit, go indoors, put lighter clothing on and guzzle water,, I don't think "Lilo-jerky" would be a good thing.
We hit 99ú yesterday, but today not quite that hot. NOAA said the wind would turn Westerly and increase humidity, but I just checked and 30 minutes ago, about 4 p.m. humidity was 6% (this is not a typo) and the wind came from NNW 8 mph, gusts 17 mph, that is not so good.
I read in the news about a small, quickly extinguished house fire, caused by a metal dog-bowl hit by the sun at a certain angle and started to burn the wood-siding. Makes me think of shards of glass or some discarded mylar somewhere picking up rays - scary

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If we just could have sent you our rain. The soggiest Derby since we are here. My guest started out for Louisville to get a good place in the in-field (forget about seat tickets, might as well buy the winning lottery ticket). They returned 2 hours later since they did not want to stand in a wet infield for the rest of the day. It has rained steadily since 9 AM.
I can't even immagine 6% humidity.

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How dry? Very dry around here in the Valley, There was a brush fire in a small field near a huge mall in SJ. I think it's the first time I've been glad I live in a "concrete jungle" rather than open space.
The heat finally broke this afternoon, but it brought the wind and that is not a good thing.
anneliese could you send some rain our way?
I saw on the news that the rain was coming to the derby and I was thinking of you, and wondering if your people would come home early with mud on their feet.

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