Hip replacement.Tennis anyone?

west_gardenerMay 4, 2011

DH (age 74, tomorrow) is still playing tennis and he's part of a very large group of what I call the "geezer players". There is a fellow who has a data base of about 1,000 players in the Bay Area. He schedules the players three times a week.

Yesterday, DH received a S.O.S. email saying that one of the members needed a hip replacement and he wanted to know if anyone had info in how to resume tennis after a hip replacement.

I don't know if we'll ever know what will happen to this fellow physically, but the passion is there.

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Passion is how some of us get through life.

Just sayin'.

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I had a hip replaced last Aug. I wouldnt try tennis or sking or running EVER AGAIN. All are high on the list of risks for dislocating the new joint Too much pain and too long of a recovery time to risk going through the surgery again due to dislocation.

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It's wonderful that he is thinking about playing afterwards, but I have a feeling that once it's done, he's going to see the wisdom of getting his exercise in just watching the others play.

He may the one in a million that could breeze through the whole thing. Let's hope he's smart enough to take it easy.

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It would be interesting to be able to follow his recovery but we don't know him and hubby never played tennis with him.
I wish him the best of luck and I hope he will hear that satisfying "twak" when the ball hits the sweet spot.
BTW, we have a friend who is 94 yo and he plays tennis every day.

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