A Tale of Stupidity .....

mikeyismyfriendJanuary 8, 2006

.....Mine. :-)

My family went to Tennessee for a week to spend Christmas with my husband's younger brother, Nick, and his family. The XYs young and not so young were outside playing and blasting each other into oblivion with paint-balls and I thought I'd help inside by starting to trim the Christmas tree.

So there I was atop a ladder and stringing lights on a 10-12 ft. tree. If I could just stretch a little more ... oooo I could reach the other side of the tree. Of course I could climb down the ladder, move it and then climb back up like a reasonable rational person would..... But as luck would have it, I am just plain old lazy and have long arms and if I could stretch a little more.....

Oh Oh.... I started losing my balance... Better grab the tree .... oh better not because now the tree is falling over too .... I let go of the tree ...


Now I was no longer atop the ladder. I was lying underneath, having narrowly missed hitting my head on the table which surely would have killed me had I made contact! I landed on my side/ shoulder/ arm and hit my head on the floor.

Good thing there were no witnesses to my stupidity so I quickly go back up on the now moved ladder and continued stringing the tree. No one the wiser!

Until the next morning that is........

Over night the bruises started to show, the punished muscles tightened up, my right arm was numb for 2 days, my neck hurt (probably a mild whiplash I was told) and I had a headache like never before. LOL! So much for not letting on that I took a fall! I would have been better off being outside with the boys, young and not so young, and getting pelted with paint balls! LOL!

Hello? You folks still awake after that story? Hello? Tap. Tap. Tap.....

ChickaD x 3


~~Worry not that no one knows you. Seek to be worth knowing.~~

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Chickathreedeedeedee/mikeyismyfriend etc,etc,
I got most of the story okay.
But I have just one question.
Did you ever find out who it was that lashed you with the whip?

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I am afraid that would be too much information and not for the general audience. You know. :-)

C3D / Mikeyyaddayaddayadda.........

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I started laughing before the bruising/numbing/possible death comment, because I've seen the videos of tree-toppling antics on America's Funniest Videos. The fact that you (hopefully) didn't have any lasting damage from the fall (thankfully!) begs the question - why did you not film yourself decorating the tree? :D

Seriously, it's amusing when the video "stars" are strangers. It's not so humorous when it's C3D (or FTM, or me, or....) :D I'm glad you're ok!


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Hi Brenda.

It was funny but just another moment in the crazy real life I call my own! LOL! (Good thing, ehh?)

A video of the event? Perish the thought! :-) The boys and their fathers were outside at play. ~ I was going to say the ADULT XYs but they are still considered adults although they are XYs. :-) ~ The sisters-in-law and the girls were in the kitchen baking stuff and there were quite a few people in the kitchen.

I thought I'd start on the tree. I don't even think any of the pets saw my fall. If they did they did not tell any one.

It is almost like the time I was again putting up lights, but this time outside. In the front of the house on a ladder I finished attaching a section of Christmas lights and started to climb down the ladder. I thought I was at the last rung and stepped off and fell over backwards into some bushes.

I had not been on the last rung. I had been up 2 from the last. The bushes prevented serious injury other than to my pride. I popped up quickly and continued my work hoping against hope that the neighbours were not watching this latest foolishness. I never got a video of that event either so I think I'm safe. :-)

It reminded me of cats when they take a mis-step or miss their jump. They look around like: Yeah, I INTENDED to do exactly that! And they continue on. LOL!


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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Tell me please, did you study Christmas Decorating Techniques under guidance and instruction from Chevy Chase? lol

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"......Personwiththeoverlylongmoniker......" ?

This from the Ministry of Misinformationyaddayaddayadda and Honey Production? :-)

Oh no way! I taughted myself howz to do it. I need to take our Christmas tree down today or tomorrow. Having learned from my mistakes earlier, this time I will NOT let go of the tree as I am falling over. This should make for a very quick
take down of the tree.

~~~~Hmmmmmm. If you don't hear from me for a while, Horton, you'll know that things may not have gone exactly as planned. LOL!~~~~ I better take down the Christmas stalkings first, ehh?

Chick-a-3-Concussions later :-)

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sheepco(MN z4)

Maybe you could get one of the XY's to do - keep that video camera handy :) LOL Glad you weren't more seriously hurt!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

I thought I was the only one who... :)
I'm glad you are only bruised and not broken. Sandy

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Hi Sheepco and Sandy.

No injuries that a week or so in the Caribbean with my best XY friend couldn't cure. :-)

Well, our Christmas tree is down and out of the house. No ladder used. No climbing at all. No casualties. As someone else had noted I should not be left alone unsupervised! LOL!
How true!


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