Being a Robin mom is hard work

anneliese_32(6)May 8, 2012

Found this morning a robin fledgling sitting imobile in front of one of the neighborhood cats. I caught it, but the nest is high up in a cedar and I could not return it. Now I have it in a high forsythia bush sitting in one of those big garden tubs so it can't get out but the mother robin is afraid to get in. So now I dig for worms every half hour. Hard to do when it is dry.

I think the worms have a warning system. I found first a bunch of worms under some grass clippings I used as mulch, after a couple of forays no more worms. I dug, nothing to find. There go all my plans for tomorrow - I have to dig worms.

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Hope that baby makes it, if it's a fledgling it has a fair chance, I think - as long as you can dig worms. Are you going to give it flying lessons? that's a little harder, I think, hope all turns ut for the best.

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Been there, done that, trying to save a wild bird, and you are right, it's hard work. Good luck with the fledgling. Hope it works out ok.

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I'll never forget my first experience of
raising a baby Bluejay.
His name was Peeper and he was amazing.

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Please let it rain, let it rain. I spend more time digging to find worms. If robins would just eat birdseed, I got plenty of that.

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Couldya just water the ground? That always attracts robins to my yard when I do that. I assume it "draws" the worms to the surface. Could you find a container and add dirt, getting as many worms at one time as possible?

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Robin, that's what I am doing, water, put some mulch over it and a couple of hrs later I dig and put them in a container with dirt, but locally we had 2 1/4" of rain since February.I did double dig my vegeteable plot, 2 feet down and all is dry. A good soaking rain would get those worms to the surface.
My son is in an area with more rain and he told me that he is turning his compost heap over and bring me his worms for Mother's Day! (Grin)

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anneliese, that is about the best Mother's day story I've read. Congrats to you for bringing up a good son and also being a good birdie mom.

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Meal worms from the pet store may be a help, here is a copy/paste from a site that GW will not let me link to as they have spammed here. I just googled and it was the first one up but the advice looks good.

"Failing that, buy mealworms at a pet store. If you get them live, you'll need to snip the head off them before feeding to the bird, but most pet stores sell frozen mealworms too (thaw them out as needed)."

We have taken care of a bunch of birds over the years. There is a mourning dove in our aviary that was a rescue 20 years ago. She has an injured foot and wing but stays on the floor and protects and mothers any fledglings that come down by her. There are Diamond Doves, Bourke Parakeets and five different kinds of finches, she mothers them all.

I have a customer/friend of 20 years that had a hummer nest just outside he front door a few years ago. One of three babys fell out and she called me. I save nests I find and can't avoid cutting out of trees that are not being used of all kinds and Missy has them in a few glass cabinets so I took a hummer nest over and hung it next to the nest the baby fell out of. The parents were quite happy to take care of both nests and the baby was fine.

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Here is a more informative link...

Here is a link that might be useful: A Wildlife Tip Sheet

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