The Lightning Bugs are Back

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)May 29, 2010

And they seem to be in greater numbers than the last few years.

They are a favoured harbinger of summer.

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None here yet and they were very scarce the last couple of years. Seems everybody around here has a lawn service and sprays and wonders how come we don't have any lightning bugs and butterflies, after all, they moved in the country to have all those things.

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The first time I saw Lightning Bugs was in VA. It was an awesome sight. Little lights lighting up all over the lawn areas.
Lightning bugs seem to be a continental or regional phenom. I never saw them in Scandinavia nor here in CA.
Glad to see that they are alive and well in your neck of the woods.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I had one in the house a week or so ago. I think it was the very hot weather we were having that drew them out.

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One of the things I miss from Iowa. We only get fake ones at the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disney land here in socal. I have not been to DL since I quit working there in '87.

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none so far this year but am waiting. The Pa lightening bug (Photuris pennsylvanica) is huge and such a treat to watch when there are hundreds of them in the woods. I was just reading about them and have living under a rock. I didn't know the females firefly doesn't fly. She lives on the ground.

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instar8(Z 5 N.IN)

I got 'em here, a freaky 2 or 3 weeks early...

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Finally saw one lightning bug yesterday evening. Besides ticks, insects seem to be absent. The sage (herb) is blooming, normaly visited by bees and bumble bees, this year nothing. I have been outsides most of the day yesterday and today and walking miles earlier in the week. It's the same everywhere. A couple of Bluets, and while mowing the same, battered looking Fritillary are all the butterflies so far this year. Even flies and mosquitos are absent. It's completely weird.

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