Embarassing Moments II

fairy_toadmotherJanuary 31, 2006

some of you may remember my previous rendition of trying to pass a solid mass through another solid mass...aka, my body through a window and a painful nose for a week.

well i have topped it. why do i do htis at school like i am some giggly schoolgirl? thank God, it was slow hour!

a couple of acquaintances of mine have told me my back pack is the size of an infantry field pack. probably more! anyway, i just came up a bunch of stairs, headed to the doors again (i really got to find another way out!), dropped something. on my way back up the weight of my backpack took me off balance and away backwards i went. i probably could have fell quietly, but NOOOO, on my way backward of about 3 steps i hit a support beam making a nice unmistakeable crashing sound. couldn't get out of this without drawing attention, heck no. the beam could have hit me center, but NOOOOO, rebound/slide off the corner and on the floor i went! butt down and feet in the air!

what can you do but laugh? and laugh i did, while someone was asking if i was ok!

*note to self: do squats with backpack on.

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

ACK, FTM, I hope you ARE OK...

I'm starting to figure out you MUST be considerably YOUNGER than most of us in this group, as I think the average over-35er WOULD NOT be laughing quite so much after taking a spill such as that!

Be careful... but thanks for sharing, too! :)

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I wish I lived closer to you, FTM, so we could use the buddy system!

We could bungie ourselves together, so that if one of us went out of control down some stairs (or headed toward a glass door that appeared to be open), the other one could give a good yank on the bungie to snap us right back into position. :D

It wouldn't be so bad if it happened in the privacy of our own homes, but it's so embarrassing when there are witnesses (other than family). It sounds like the bruises will be hidden, though! LOL


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Just keep thinking like a cat, FTM. I meant to do that, I meant to do that...:) Sandy

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lol, sandy....i might have gotten strange looks if i started tolick my paw!

had to laugh to hide the embarassment, jeff...i am 35 as of last october...pretty aggressive chiropractic treatment wouldn't ya say? all those books kinda broke the fall, too. :)

brenda, too true, too true...but, all that would do is yank us both down the stairs. if you rely on me to yank you back up, be prepared to be a landing pad! or maybe catch me on the 5th pass...BOING!BO-ING!....not to mention i would be tempted to yank just for kicks :) it could be fun!

so, lessons learned...1. i am not casper the friendly ghost or samantha (bewitched) 2. get going on those squats 3. act like i meant to do that 4. take ski poles to school

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Oh FTM, I'm so glad you're OK!

I am very afraid to fall on ice and am extra cautious, having broken both elbows in separate incidents. I don't want to repeat the feat and don't recommend it for any one.

But falling down steps or off ladders for me so far has left me fairly well uninjured. Better not push my luck ehh? :-)


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Dr. Bunson, I think you are taking things wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too literally again! When they tell you to "fall-out" of the classroom, that's just military slang for GET OUT QUICKLY!!! Just like cleaning your HEAD doesn't mean shampooing your nuggin'! (Head = bathroom) :-)))

Also, if you need help in training for squatting with a rucksack, I'm your huckleberry! We can have you sleeping comfortably with that thing on in no time.

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thanks chicka! i have also been the recipient of a butt freeze, or even a lower back freeze. not to mention brain freeze, lol!

semper...thought of you when mentioning my field pack sized back pack. funny, i am just fine if i have it on one shoulder. guess i am used to being off balance and cannot adjust to balanced loads....interpret at will :)

dr. bunson is beyond appropriate for me. i love chemistry lab, always have...i have yet to get the hang of "the head" though....hmmm, more double meanings there! it seems brain and body do not play well with others.

just glad this solid mass didn't pass through the other solid mass the other day. that would have been too many stairs to climb back to my startingpoint, and even more embarrassing!

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I know that I'm a sick individual (with a sick sense of humor), but I can't stop laughing at all of these visuals! I did forget to say that I'm REALLY glad you're ok, FTM. I was laughing too hard.

Speaking of laughing and embarrassing moments, I made the mistake of stopping off in the card (birthday, anniversary, etc.) aisle at the store yesterday while shopping. I didn't get hurt, but when I find something especially humorous, my faces scrunches up, my eyes start watering, and this frightening, high-pitched sound emanates from within. I couldn't stop, though. Every time I tried, I'd again think of something funny on one of the cards (Comedy Club, btw, which I highly recommend for any non-serious "holidays"), and the sounds/tears/face scrunching would return.

It was fine, until another customer decided to check out the magazines on the same aisle. I have a feeling that she thought I was crying, or rather bawling my eyes out, since my wailing was out of control at that point. She finally ducked away.

When I saw her later near the frozen food aisle, I could have sworn I saw fear in her eyes, right before she made a 180 toward the meat section.


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Brenda, I know what you mean about the card aisle. I spend a lot of time picking out a card just because I read so many. And some are just so funny. I stand there and laugh and get those looks from other shoppers. On day I was reading a particularly hilarious one and couldn't stop laughing. A man was watching me with a strange look on his face and I couldn't help myself, I went over to him with the card and said please read this, I just have to share it with SOMEONE!! He did, laughed and we both couldn't stop.
We finally stopped laughing and started talking, went for coffee and dated for a year before his job took him overseas. When he left he gave me a package to be opened at a later date and in it was the card. I laughed and I cried. What a guy! So you never know what, besides humor, you'll find in the card aisle.

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aaaw, bonz! and in honor of feb. the month of valentines.

that's ok brenda, laughing keeps us from crying! i do the same thing, laugh first, then apologize. those mental pics always get the best of me!

my name is ftm, and i am also a card addict....

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

I never see any reason to apologize for laughing, unless it's at someone else's misfortune.

Laughter is the music of the soul.

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absolutely, jeff! though initially it seems it is at the expense of the others misfortune. thus, the apology follows...

cackle first, explain later.

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Bonz, thanks for sharing that VERY cool story. Ain't it amazing how LIFE just happens when you least expect it?! :-)

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Dittos on the great story, Bonz! "Life is like a box of chocolates..." :D

If I don't get a good dose of laughter at least once a week, I find my life greatly lacking.


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