shilty(6)May 9, 2014

Some of you know I lost my husband and my only child, a son, in the same year. In the intervening 4 years, I have remarried, he and I are busy seeing all we can see while we are in our seventies. Our last trip included Biltmore. I had toured this home twice before. He had never seen it. As a retired carpenter,he was very interested in the skills displayed in the house... as a person who saw it at $20 a head, and at $40 a head, I was dismayed to have to pay $62 a head this time around.

Oh - they've been very busy there. The parking is now 3 miles from the house. There are shuttles... You no longer can explore the entire... just these certain rooms, and once you've paid the $62 you need to pay an additional $10 for an audio recording explaining what you're seeing. And... as you enter one narrow corridor, there is the inevitable picture opportunity, another $10 or more - for those who are too intimidated to refuse...

And you have to wonder, as you lag behind other tourists, what did the Vanderbilts ever accomplish in their lives?

How is it that the 4th - 5th - or 6th generation needs to charge average Joe types $62 to see how they lived in their unbelievable wealth?

Maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning, but I ended the day being angry with myself for allowing the fleecing.


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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

Wow! Not my $82.

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Sounds disappointing to have a new experience for him (a joy) be soured by less for more and likely with the excuse that inflation is the problem.as it would actually be the result of the unnecessary increase in for the lesser value. The earning power of the dollar has been reduced while the amount of compensation for work has remained stagnant for a long time.

A mixture of condolences and congratulations from me to you for the emotional roller coaster ride. I can relate to the sentiments expressed and understand how difficult to even express.


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Hi shilty,
"As a retired carpenter,he was very interested in the skills displayed in the house." And I can see why, it is said that the castle builders in their time employed the best crafts men in the world, and I would also like to see their work and I'd be willing to pay for it.
It would be nice if the crafts men would have the means to promote their own work.

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