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Janis_G(z7GA)May 20, 2010

Never ever tell your stylist (is that what they are called

these days?) that you want a new hair style unless you

really, really mean it.

I was looking in the mirror one day last week and suddenly

it dawned on me that I was looking at a somewhat older woman

with the same hair style that had been around for awhile.

I needed updating. Something to wake me up to make me look

like I still had some life in the old girl.

"I'll go to the beauty shop" I thought. "A new hair style

will be good for me." "Lift my spirits and all that."

I made an appointment and (except for that little glitch

where I showed up on the wrong day and B wasn't even working

that day) everything went according to plan.

I plopped down in the chair and explained that I wanted

something new and different. B was so excited she started

cutting my hair right away. When she was through she said

she hoped I liked it and I stood up looked down at the floor

which was now covered with hair, lots of hair.

Is all that my hair? "It sure is" came the reply as I was

handed a mirror so I could see what the back of my hair

looked like. Surely, not all that hair came from me! I

was feeling kind of faint by now. I slowly raised the mirror

and turned around. "Lord luv a duck, I'm bald" I thought

and I made myself look. By now all eyes in the place were

on me. My hair was the center of attention.

Stay calm, stay calm, my brain warned as I turned this way

and that. " Shoot! I was thinking, my face looks fatter.

"I love it", I said trying to sound like I meant it.

B smiled and was clearly happy that I loved the new do.

The others started chiming in with positive comments.

I have to admit, it's growing on me. It's easier to keep.

My hair is curly now, don't ask me why. It just appeared one

day. I have to admit I did jokingly tell my aunt to leave

me her curly hair when she died. So now I have short curly,

wavy hair. My face still looks fatter but who cares.

I've started wearing purple now and I hunted up all those

amethysts in my jewelry chest and I'm wearing those.

If you've got it, flaunt it, especially after all these


Who knows I may take up smoking and have a butterfly tattooed on my butt.;0)

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I'll bet you look darling! It's nice to make a change.

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Janis----do the Butterfly next and post TWO pics---one of the 'do and one of the don't!!!!!
Thank Goodness you still have your sense of humour, if not your hair!
I'm sure it looks darlin' and the curls give you that girlish look, right?

Hey----I tried a noooo---I mean new, 'do last Fall with some chick who was 'sposed to be so good---she's in the downtown section of our town, which is being 'revitalized', and that means it's really still deader than 4 o'clock!

She kept talking about the local stylists who trained at the nearby school of cosmotology and how simple they were---putting out cookie cutter haircuts---well, SHE studied in BOSTON----MIT, maybe? Snort!!!

Anyhow, by the time I walked out of there, she had charged me double because she had to do the color over since it was slightly purple red---just off a wee bit from the Ash Blonde I'd pointed to in the book, I had whole chunk-hunks cut out of the 15 hairs on my head, and the color was now an orange-pink.
All I gotta say is, if I ever come across another hairdresser from the Boston School of Cosmotology, I'm runnin' for my life! ---it took 5 months to get right after looking at a weird stranger in the mirror each morning!

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Could use a new do also, but no matter which way my hair is cut, it does what it wants and it always looks the same. I have waves which even perms could not subdue. So I have bascically the same hairstyle for the last 60 something years, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, ever since I got out of pigtails.

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oh good a girlie thread! Fatter is probably the wrong word to describe your face. I'll bet it looks fresher and glowy. Longer hair can really drag down a face over 55 unless it's pulled back or up somehow. I'm glad you like it. Maybe you could give me some hints on curly hair..I'm lost. Mine has grown out enough now that it's probably about 4 or 5 inches long and nothing but curls.I don't want to cut it so right now between my baseball cap or visor,I look ok. But when it comes off...Geezy Peezy ( I miss Di..hope she is well) I look like little Orphan Annie with brown hair.

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I know when my hairdresser and I decided that it was time to go REALLY short - and I mean REALLY short, my first reaction when it was done was like yours: saying all the right "lovely!" noises, but inside I felt like crying. She knew, and looked at me and said

"It's just hair. It'll grow. And yours grows fast"

I felt better after that, and within an hour I totally loved it. In fact, it's time to have it done again and I can't wait. She knows me too well.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

I bet it looks adorable. I have had long hair most of my life, but the few times I've cut it really short, OMG it feels so good. Like my head is 50lbs lighter! It'll be great for the summer!

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I bet it looks awesome, Jan! And I bet you're coming around to enjoying the change. Sometimes we just need a new hairstyle to get out of a rut.

About a month ago, I had bright turquoise and emerald highlights put into my hair. I thought it'd be fun to do for a while, and then I'd just take the color out and put a "normal" color back in. I was back at the salon this morning having them pump the volume on the green and blue up a notch. Turns out having blue, green and auburn hair is a lot of fun!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

It really does take a while to get used to a change. If you didn't actually burst into tears, that's a good sign that your subconscious approves of the new look, lol.

I had my hair cut last summer. (Took a while to find someone recommended as able to actually cut wavy hair properly.) I'd been wearing it in a sort of knot on top of my head, and when she pulled the pins out, her eyes got really big; guess they don't often seen 4' of hair all in one bunch. Anyhow, she did a lovely job of snipping to short-short, and managed to cut so that the waves behaved. I was thrilled - it's cool, it's light-weight (the scales said I lost 3 pounds), it's easy to care for. Unfortunately, the B has managed only *once* in the past 8 trims to demonstrate her skill... mostly I walk out of there with less hair than guys had in the 1950's, only most of it sticking up at strange angles due to inconvenient 'cowlicks'. I'm on the search again for a good stylist.

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I'm so jealwous...

don't got no curls..

don't got no waves

get volume out of a bottle, along with something called
'root lifter'...

That will hold a moderate curl in for a single day, and the next day, if I want something besides the thatched hut look, I need to do it all again.

But it has turned from coal black to frosty white - that means I can have it any color I want whenever I want it...

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