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don_socalMay 1, 2012
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Before my time Don but a good one.

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I remember!!! I think I shall see if I can bring Peabee back. She had a lot of fun.

I can't remember now why I stopped with her. I think it had to do with that teensy problem we had with GP.

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ROLF at Janis_G's original post,

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I sure did talk a lot back then.
Don, thanks for the memories.
We had such a good time.

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Jan, I miss those days a bit. This place was the best then and yes you were the queen, or at least one of the royalty. Did you get a chance to check the street lights?

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Don---this was a hoot! Thank you for the laughs!---(Hope you don't mind my messing with your thread title!)

Jan, I can't help smiling when I say your name---you always blew the top off of this place with chorouses of laughter following your zany posts! It was nothing to wind up on the floor, holding ones' sides with unstoppable, cleansing LAUGHTER!!! I miss those great times, also....

---Thought I would say HI and that I miss this place---the memories are still around to make me smile, though!!!

Life is good.

House is a total mess, live in the garden and have morphed into a crazy old lady who goes out at night with a flashlight to tuck in the plants and talk to them as I do---they've come to expect it..
I love dirt and mud, sweat and rain, and sunrises and moonrises. My forgotten coffee cups dot the perimeters--if I find one with coffee still in it, I check for bugs, then finish it up.
It's a good thing---to be so free and happy.
It's a good thing to love the earth so much, to be rejuvenated by its smell and softness, to be stopped in my tracks by its' fragile beauty and character.

We strive all along the years to 'become'....
I've learned it's not in the striving; it's in the
'just being'.

----My daughter loaned me a library book entitied,
'Woodland Garden', by Beth Chatto, an Englishwoman.
I was just spilling over with joy in telling my daughter how enjoyable this book has been and how surprised I was when I realized a woman had written it----I really thought a man had authored it---it was the style in which she wrote that I just fell in love with---a no-nonsense, very educated and adept manner, yet, not in the least stuffy nor frilly.

My daughter said we could be sisters---we even dress alike.
I told her gardeners just wear comfortable, workable clothes, that's all! (Made my day when she said that, though!)
If you get a chance, take a look at it an enjoy her efforts and the beautiful photos!

I think of you guys and really miss the great times we all had---I think of you often as the days just race by....

I'll never forget you and will check in again before too long!
My love to all!

Thank you, my brother, for letting use some of your space---stay well and strong.

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(((((((Oh Kathy))))))

Your elan and joy are still there. I miss your kindhearted freedom. You remind me of myself when I was young and, well, myself. I am coming back down to that. Don't worry about bugs, drink away. They're full of protein.

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I miss you,KJ.You always make me smile and smiles are a good thing right now.

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