I hope you looked at

gandle(4 NE)May 4, 2012

the moon this evening. Friday. 14% larger than normal and the closest to the earth it will be this year. We just sat out and enjoyed the sight until clouds rolled in about 10PM. Leone said she could read with the light of the huge full moon. Maybe I could read headlines .

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It woke me up at 3 o'clock. My bedroom faces West and the moon was sinking behind the hills, but before it disappeared it shone the bright light on me. It was awesome and I was moonbathing right in my bed. Tonight is clear again (and cold) but I shall have another full moon experience, it's magical

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As usual, if there is something interesting going on in the sky, we have clouds.

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It was awesome. I could see the different colors in the moon.

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I'm confused, my space sights say it will be at full perigee around midnight tonight. I hope so, because although I tarried outside last evening, the clouds rolled in and brought us monster storms. Tonight, it is partly cloudy, but clear enough to appreciate a moon. I just ran out and looked east and sure enough, it looks like a sunkist orange. Thanks for the reminder. Also, it's exactly mid-spring on the same night, and I believe there's a meteor shower " Eta Aquarid " formed by dust of Halley's comet. Good night to be out and about. Grab your fav beverage and a lounge chair.......blankie if need be.

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Saw it when the clouds shifted.

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