Google and Memorial Day

kathyjane(z6VA)May 30, 2011

Google goes all-out for holidays and picks one out of many, many drawings to celebrate the chosen day on their logo.

For Memorial Day, it's a tiny flag and yellow ribbon on the bottom half of the page.

Just kind of figured they might do something with a little

more pizzaz than maybe a pic with 'Thank You' in it somewhere.

----Maybe I've been watching too many old war movies and seeing our guys get shot up fighting for others.

Makes me feel that it's one more thing that's polictally incorrect according to 'somebody'.

Maybe I've gotten too old and no longer understand how much things change over time.

Some things shouldn't change---I don't care how 'diverse' our country becomes.

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PC maybe, maybe not. Seems that some people don't like to be reminded that a debt is owed to our citizens who served in the military. It's not necessarily a monetary debt, but it is a debt of honor.

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I did not see the Google logo so I can't comment on that. But we've lived on our block for more than 36 years, and in that time, there have been fewer and fewer flags displayed during holidays. This year, there were only three flags displayed, all long time homeowners, including us.
I don't understand why people don't honor our country by showing the flag.

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