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don_socalJune 24, 2014

Words are but wind; and learning is nothing but words; ergo, learning is nothing but wind.
Jonathan Swift

These two are not two Love has made them one Amo Ergo Sum! And by its mystery Each is no less but more.
Benjamin Britten

First of all, there was a volcano of words, an eruption of words that Shakespeare had never used before that had never been used in the English language before. It's astonishing. It pours out of him.
Stephen Greenblatt

The eruption of lived pleasure is such that in losing myself I find myself; forgetting that I exist, I realize myself.
Raoul Vaneigem

God was treated like this powerful, erratic, rather punitive father who has to be pacified and praised. You know, flattered.
John Cleese

What are the sources of poetry? Love and death and the paradox of love and death. All poetry from the beginning is about Eros and Thanatos. Those are the only subjects. And how Eros and Thanatos interweave.
Erica Jong

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Provocative subjects of your quotes, Don.
Lol, at Erica Jong's quote, I was around when she came on the scene and made a splash.
Jonathan Swift, yes, in a way he is correct. In one ear and out the other.
And Stephen Greenblatt's comment, it is true to this day,
I'm sitting here having fun thinking about your quotes.

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