Murphy's 1 Year Old!...(More pup pix)

sheepco(MN z4)January 5, 2007

Okay, okay, don't look if you're tired of puppy pictures!

But it's Murphy's birthday, and since you all helped name him I guess I should show how he's fairing! Pretty bad photo, but he's now a beautiful 70# golden! Thanks for letting me share!

Nameless pup at 10 weeks:

Murphy @ 1 year:

"Stay" is not one of his strong points yet (Bad, bad Sarah...sigh, I used to teach dog obedience for communtiy ed. much to do, so little time...and SUCH a pitiful excuse since a few hours now will benefit BOTH of us for years to come. OK...a resolution!) So it's tough to get him holding still. I'll try to sneak in a better photo soon!

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Ooooooooooooooooo! What a handsome fellow!

*Beautiful* dog!

Ya know? ... That command "STAY" is sooooo over-rated! :-)

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Handsome devil, indeed!

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"...don't look if you're tired of puppy pictures!"

That's like saying, "Don't breathe if you're sick of the whole oxygen thing!" LOL

Murphy has grown up to be such a beautiful doggie!! He looks so soft. He can not "stay" with me any day! :)

Happy birthday, Murphy! *lots of cuddles and Brenda drool*


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oooo, i want to run my fingers through his brisket hairs! they look so silky. he is also looking quite serious in this pic.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Yeah, Lily just snatched his favorite Kong...You could see the thought process.
1)Hey, what happened?
2)Hey, how did that happen?
3)Hey, why me?
4)Oh, well. If I ignore it she'll forget about it and I can grab it back...

I think I caught the 'why me?' look.

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I have a beautiful little girl that would love to meet your Murphy. She is now 18 mths old and is the same color.

Happy Birthday Murphy

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lefd05(z5/6 westCO)

He's a beauty!

Here is my Golden Boy, Riley. He'a about one year old too.

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love your pond! i want one !!!

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sheepco(MN z4)

Beautiful boy lefd05! And how do YOU keep YOURS out of the pond? (Do the others like to take a dip now and then too?)

mamabear, care to share a photo?

And Murphy IS one of the softest dogs I've ever had, and he LOVES to cuddle! Ocassionally to the point of pushing the others out the way. But I try to give equal strokes all around!

Thanks for the good thoughts and kind words! I need all I can get, the powers that be are predicting 16 degrees BELOW ZERO when I go to work in the morning...UGH!


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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Sarah, et al, Beautiful dogs you have there.
Brenda is right, I wouldn't be happy without having a dog around, they are wonderful companions.

I would have responded sooner to the photographs but I'm still having problems with viewing some of them on my computer.
Sometimes they are there when I click onto a thread, other times I have to disable my firewall, to allow my own and some of the other [not all] photographs to download.
I don't know why that would be?
Anyway the dogs look great.


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lefd05(z5/6 westCO)

Fairytoadmother, you can get one at Kmart or Walmart this spring! :) The one in that pic wasn't real level and I came home one day to find it had burst. What a mess that was. So if you use those kiddie pools they must be very level. :)

I can't keep Riley out of my ponds and water gardens. He's a real pain in the butt that way. I've tried everything including completly fencing the ponds and water gardens off to themselves. He went so far to bust out the skirting around our mobile home, went under the trailer and out the other side to get into the water gardens. DH says he's going to fix his butt come spring when I set everything up again. He's going to use one of our electric fencers and put a hot wire around them to keep him out. I'm not sure that will even work. He seems to be able to outsmart us on about anything.

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