Heard's Garden Tour Part II

denisez10(SoCal)May 3, 2009

Lots of tea tables set up at the gardens:

I'm not sure if this plant is seen much elsewhere, Loropetalum chinense, a witch hazel relative. Has a dark burgundy-leaved form too.

This is a plant I've grown for some time and saw it quite a bit on this tour, Calandrina spectabilis. Here it's paired beautifully with acidy yellow flowers of bulbinella:

Detail of a curbside planting with succulents:

Aeoniums are usually such a hit with the idylls, I had to include a few:

This hand was given permission to grab a peach!

This next garden was very spare, austere, built around a mid-century house, a one-level structure built to flow into the landscape, the back of the house usually mostly glass. The owner writes a gardening column for a local newspaper. The garden was enormous, with paths wide enough to ride a small pony on. Here's the "font" right outside the back of the house.

The entrance to the garden from the driveway

Here's a view of how the house curves around the landscape. (Note dueling photographer!)

This seating area at the far perimeter looks back at the house.

This gives a sense of the openness, looking back to the house. Decomposed granite was used extensively throughout the garden as hardscape. Must be an amazing place for parties!

This next 12-year-old garden sat on 3/4 of an acre in Huntington Beach, sitting on land formerly used to hold vast greenhouses for growing orchids. Condominiums have been built around this house. I'll try to get the photos in some order as one enters.

This line of red shrub roses runs the length of the property which abuts a flood channel, if I remember correctly:

Front entrance, boundary of red shrub roses to the left in this photo:

Looking down the pergola/porch:

Around the back is where things really start to happen, like this waterwheel...


Pathways all bordered in box

a golden locust?

Eden, cinerarias, and an obelisk

The golden cotinus with watsonia, a South African bulb

I thought this airy shrub was a breynia but more likely fallopia:

Solanum 'Glasnevin' with matching clematis

Queen's Wreath. Haven't looked it up yet but probably petrea:

Dovecote and viburnum in background

Fruit tree espaliers along the vegetable garden boundary

Hedge trimming detail around the statue


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Fun Fun Fun!

That first garden really had an east coast feel to it, these represent Californ-I-A better, imo. I just love going on garden tours with other Idylls - I get to see so much and my feet don't get tired :)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Exactly Saucy! I love this too. My favorite photo is that first one with the wrought iron framework and the colored ribbons hanging from the middle. I love movement in the garden and that's a very different way of getting some. I don't see Loropetalum around here. That is a very pretty sight with that vibrant boxwood? in front of it. Calandrina looks like you Denise. Very airy. Love the Aeoniums, they are huge. Very healthy looking peach tree. The rose chairs outside the gate remind me of Eden's pair. I like the water wheel pond. Those can't be hydrangea to it's left? Such bright colors, are they cinerarias? Love the large evergreen on the right edge of the waterwheel photo. The glasshouse, actually has clean glass. [g] Very cute mosiac birdbath with the cup handles sticking up. I enjoy a little bit of mosaics in the garden. Love the last photo. The Queen's Wreath reminds me of wisteria ...very pretty. Well, I'm glad you were able to do the tours Denise and thanks for taking us with you! lol


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What I love so much about being whisked off on these tours is how different the palette of plant material is from what I have here.

The use of very strong colors punctuated with "acid" accents is very, very cool. And of course the succulents always fascinate me (here in my wallow).

The pink chairs reminded me of Eden, too!

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Denise, these were great thanks for taking the time to share them with us ! Loropetalum is seen quite often here, a nice alternative to the sometimes invasive ways of Berberis. And all those cineraria ! I never seen them growing around here although they are sold.

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I really love these pics! A lot of them, including the chicken, reminds me of a garden that I went to in Boise with my sister and BIL.
Again, there are many that I either have never had, or that would not do well here.
Thanks again for posting these.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Marvelous -- I get the sense the first garden in this series is a "young" garden where the garden writer is still working on the bones, yet it will be mag one day. The 2nd one is obviously more mature and what I might imagine of a CA garden w/ a mix of "English" plants w/ the more exotic Z9 plantings.... sheesh, what an idea to put a water wheel in one's backyard! Lorepetalum Ch. is marginal here; I'd love to try it but doubt its winter ability -- farther south in VA it's no problem. These gardens are scrumptious.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Denise, did you have a favorite garden? I would like to try some of the cinerarias too, I only see them as florist plants here though.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Aren't garden tours such fun?!

Clearly California= roses....

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

I really enjoyed these photos. I need that yellow/blue birdbath. Now I'll have to go check out the other thread...

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Found a couple more. The finial on this fountain reminded me of those orbs that you roll in sand to make patterns, the name of which eludes me. And the little bird sat nicely for the photo.

Pergola. Euphorbias and duranta, Japanese maples

And another from the first garden I don't think I've posted, though I've noticed a couple double posts!

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What a great Garden.I wish I could have toured it with you. You did a great job showing it with your photos.
Thanks ,Norma

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I love the tea table what fun it would be to have a garden tea party there. The succulents are fabulous as well. So many great ideas. Thanks for inviting us along.

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