Idyll 318 Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

lmcilhargieMay 16, 2007

We see changes everyday in the garden...and in life too!

Carry on Idylls!

Here is a link that might be useful: Changes

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Well, I'm feeling very behind here on the Idylls. You miss a couple of days and it's hard to catch up. I've loved looking at all of the beautiful pictures and reading all of the new plant lists. I've done a little plant shopping myself, 3 new j. maples, a daphne carol mackie, physocarpus nugget, fothergilla mt. airy, and assorted tropicals. We had some bad weather last evening, thunderstorms rolling through with 70 mph winds and even hail but there doesn't seem to be too much garden damage. Today is cool and drizzly so I think I'll try to stay inside and get caught up on laundry and vacuuming.

Happy Birthday T! I haven't been able to take any new pictures for a card but you know I wish you all the best. Enjoy your day!

Suzie, I'm so sorry to hear about your dh's illness. That's really a tough one to handle. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

I'm not even going to try to comment on all else I've read. You've all been busy and I do so enjoy sharing in your days. I'm off to get started on something around here.


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Happy Birthday T!

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Happy Birthday T.! I hope you get some much deserved rest!

Brenda, I get tired just reading your posts. Thanks to all who piped up about having children who went through the same things. It made me feel less embarassed....I didn't do it, he did (and he must get that from his father's side of the family, tee hee hee).

Eden, I need to be doing exactly what you're doing today! I'm going to be pants-less tomorrow if I don't get the washer going :)

Mary, Peter Pan sounds like fun and I'm sure all those long reheasals will make the show run seamlessly! It will be fun to attend on opening night!

Hello to everyone I missed...I definitely thought about you :)

I've got to go and take a long walk before the storms come. I have been walking in the morning, but missed today because of work. I had been weight lifting but an injury kept me out of the gym - time to go back.

I want is on my list of things I MUST do! I haven't shared my list with you all, but I have one....GW was at the top :)


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Michelle, what a cute picture of Kenzie! She's really growing up. I have such a hard time disciplining Bella because she always looks cute or does something that makes me laugh! Must have something to do with being grandma instead of mom. I don't remember ever thinking my kids were cute when they misbehaved, lol!

Deanne, those container combos you're working on are wonderful. You inspire me!

Saucy, I'm so glad we're at the top of your list! It's nice to have you back!

Why is it that I can find time to post throughout the day on cleaning days but not gardening days, lol? Breaks over, back at it...


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I'm envious of those of you have reported thunderstorms in the past few weeks. We had a small one this week-end but just a drop or two of rain accompanied it. I was on the highway further north and it was a traffic slowing downpour, but here - nothing. And the ground just isn't workable when it's this dry. I'm waiting for a drought to be declared. This is Chelone's fault for ditching her perovskia, and I predicted it.

For some reason, the big fat jumbo bees are congregating on one side of the patio lately. There is nothing there for them, unless their nest is in the brush behind the potted tomatoes. I had to set the sprinkler up there this morning so that the dogs could pass. Bees don't bother the pups, but Dannie thinks it's great fun to try and snap them into her mouth. Ouch! I thought she may have been stung in the palate yesterday, so now I have the waterworks going to keep the two species separate. This reminds me of Charlotte and wonder if GB has an update on how she's feeling today.

Monty acting odd today. He is my shadow and disappeared from the kitchen when I was making their breakfast. I had to retrieve him from the second floor. I did let him eat in the dining room instead of in the dog's room in basement, but he just stood there and wouldn't nibble unless I stayed with him.

I have convinced myself to plant or throw out any unplanted items on the patio today. That excludes cyclamen and hellebore seedlings. Yes, I'm serious about getting something major accomplished this vacation week! And since the weeding in the beds will never be finished, I think this is a good goal. If it's that great a plant I should be able to find a spot for it, right?

Eden, I haven't replaced my camera yet either. On my list of things to do this week is set up a new laptop and get a wireless router. Then a camera should logically follow right? It's Wednesday, how am I doing? Thinking of you and your mom and hope that your daughter is doing well. I miss seeing photos of Bella!

Michelle, tonight I will reward myself by visiting your photo albums. I love what I see when you post here, so it will be fun to go through your albums.

Suzy, thinking of you!

It's 86 in my backyard, but feels ok because the humidity hasn't arrived yet. OK, off to get dirtier than I am now. Hey Deanne, keep those photos coming!!!! Love them! T, I hope you are having a wonderful birthday doing whatever you want to do.

Hi to all! Cynthia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The update is..NOTHING yet. I must wait until next week's results of last night's second blood test. This is of course hard on me because I adore her, because it is obviously bothering her, because it is so slow getting anything to move forward, because DH insists it is just arthritis (!!!) and refuses to pay for tests and ignores my observations, and other stuff too. So when she is grumpy I'm a mess. Cynthia, thank you for the Merk site!

I weeded a bunch this morning, but there are acres left to do as well as planting.

DD noticed that IttyBittyBug had hiccups this morning. ;-)

Off to grump some more....

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

No time to post today (problems in PA).... but I did want to try to get the day right!

Happy Birthday (again), T:


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Afternoon all,

Well I didnt want to post this on the Wellness Idyll but yesterday after getting home from the gym I got slammed by a cold/flu/upper respiratory thing. I donÂt believe IÂve ever had one come on this fast before. Must be a flu of some kind as it has arrived with fever and chills, inflamed sinuses, dizziness etc. etcÂ. Good grief! I just got over a cold. This is simply not fair. Anyway, as IÂm not able to do much right now other than to blow my dripping nose and do an explosive sneeze from time to time I decided to vegetate with my laptop.

Eden, I guess you sent all those storms in this direction. We are currently under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and are under a Tornado Watch until 6:00PM. Crazy weather. ~~ How large does P. ÂNugget get? ~~ I really wish you could get another camera as IÂm missing your garden photographs.

Cynthia, like you, we really can use some rain. WeÂve not had nearly enough for this time of the year. The lawn grass is already burning in the sun. ~~ I LOL about throwing away anything that wasnÂt planted at the end of the week. IÂve actually Âshovel pruned several things here that IÂd been babying along for years, for what? I donÂt have that much space that I can afford to grow non-performers. So out went that old white phlox that was a continuous mildew problem every year. I feel liberated. ~~ I think it was you who asked about the ÂDiamond FrostÂ? Yes thatÂs the plant. Monique and Les had a couple gorgeous specimens last year and I fell in love. Has the look of BabyÂs Breath but keeps blooming and looking great all season.

So, IÂm loving all the birthday cards around here. Bug, what Epimedium, is that? Love the color of that one. Also what program, are you using to frame your cards, I quite like that narrow line in the frame.

Michelle, thanks for posting the link to your garden photographs. So beautiful!!!! IÂm planning on going back to peruse them again after IÂm done with this.

Bug, LOL about the hiccups! I remember that. ~~ So sorry you have to wait on news about Charlotte. Thinking of you!

Saucy, what does your DS have to do to regain his bus privileges? ~~ Did you get all those plants in the ground?

OK the storms are starting to roll in here so I guess IÂd better shut this computer down for now. Hope T is having a great birthday. Hello to all, hope you are having a great day

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T, I hope your day is an enjoyable one.

Deanne, I picked up a Diamond Frost yesterday too. I looked at it last year and then didnt buy it, but after seeing it in some containers I regretted it. How terrible that you are sick again. Perfect placement for the rock, but I cant imagine how you moved it. Your containers look lovely. I havent done any yet.

Speaking of weeding, my butterfly garden has so much quack grass it isnt funny. I think I will do the quick fix and lay newspaper or cardboard and mulch over the worse spots.

I am missing the pictures of Cynthia and Edens gardens. Not to mention Bella.

Kenzies offense was running to the road and not stopping when mom said no. She really wasnt crying, but was just a little peeved.

Saucy, we never had a bus incident, but werent without incidents.

Brenda, pretty scary stuff in the tractor. I dont really like being in the middle of a field when storms come up. You feel pretty vulnerable.

Cynthia, what a clever border around your picture.

bug, good vibes out to Charlotte.

Cindy, how nice to see a picture of your garden and Chloe too.

Kathy, is it Grand Canyon? We were there 2 years ago, but there are so many different vistas.

Back to work

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It's a downpour!

Thunder too, so Dannie is holed up in the bathroom. I was outside when it started, so didn't have time to put something soft in there for her. Monty is wearing his storm jacket which instead of a monogram carries the positive thought 'NO FEAR.' He's laying on the cold floor behind my chair and will no doubt be run over when I get up :-(

Timing was great though, as I'd just finished up planting 32 forget me nots and a dozen hellebores in a new corner bed I started with the cardboard/chopped leaves/compost method last fall. I have hostas in there too. I've wanted forget me nots somewhere ever since I saw Ei's spring photos of her yard. Ordered the seed last winter, but started it this winter. They look great, just amazing how much bulk those thread like seedlings put on in just a few months. Also filled in some holes in the front bed where I had lost (believe it or not) a few centauria montana in the last few years. It looks so good mixed with clumps of Geranium 'Bevan's Variety'. Not sure that's the right name for the geranium, but it makes huge low mounds and looks neat all summer.

GB, has your vet done a SNAP test for Lyme? Doesn't matter if you innoculate for that, as the vaccine is about 60% effective. There's a combo test now for Erlichia, Lyme and Heartworm. So when annual Heartworm test is done, two TBDs can be tested same time. Even if you use Frontline Plus, sometimes ticks get through. I'm sorry that you and Charlotte have to wait for results.

Deanne, so sorry to hear that you are sick again, maybe you need a SNAP test too :;) You shouldn't be fighting these colds and infections during gardening season!

Well, in the time it took to type this, the rain stopped. Maybe we'll get more later. (Sorry Dannie & Monty.) Lunch is in the oven and I'm starving, but have to eat fast so that I can reclaim more space on the patio!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cynthia, we are doing one test at a time. I need to take up collections for these...;-) Everything is done on a cash basis. They do have hearts in spite of this, money! So no, no SNAP test. We are holding off on the Revolution she was supposed to start on the 15th. (Which is basically poison as far as I can tell.)

The mower, my therapy, ran out of gas...

The dodecatheon is in bloom, looks nice with the mertensia, tiarella, forget me nots, bleeding hearts, tulips etc. The Spring Green tulips paired with Camassia will soon begin their show- one of my favorite combinations!

Rain tonight they say.

Haven't had my first clematis flower yet, but soon!

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I have my fingers crossed that Deanne is suffering from a less than 12 hour bug! That is terrible to be sick this time of year.

Cynthia, the t-storms here were quite fruitful - I have standing water on the lawn! Sorry the fur babies don't share your enthusiasm :) Zeus feels the same about the vacuum but would happily roam around in the rain.

GB, I'll cross my fingers for fast test results (with good outcomes) for Charlotte.

I wish I were at Mary's helping her with her dinner and guests....she always has something good! We're having steak, broccoli, and roasted sweet potatoes - good ole meat n two veggies :)

Gotta go get it on the table!


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My first clematis, asao, is blooming today. So are the tree peonies and the double fernleaf. It's been drizzling rain here all day and after the downpour last night, they're all drooping their heads. We're having a cold day. It hasn't gotten out of the 50s.

As for my camera, Brad was going to start a hunt for a new one this week but he's been working so much overtime lately, he hasn't had a day off in over a month and started working 12 hr days this week. I didn't miss the camera much until the garden started growing.

Cynthia, you'll love being wireless. I think it would be hard for me to go back now. The forget me nots will seed all over your garden for you and you'll have the most beautiful display of them next spring. I love them in my garden.

Marie, I hear the worry in your voice when I read your posts about Charlotte. I hope they find out what's wrong in the early tests. I think most of us have had experience with how expensive it can be. How sweet that Babybug had the hiccups!

Deanne, bummer that you're so sick. I know it's hard for you but take it easy and maybe it'll pass quicker. I was going to go with p.dart's gold but ran across the p. nugget, I think they're close to the same size, 6'x6' but I've read conflicting reports on that and also on which is the superior plant. I think nugget has smaller leaves and denser branching. They can both be whacked back in spring to control size. I guess time will tell if I chose correctly.

I need to do what Cynthia's doing and either plant stuff or throw it out. I confess that I have plants that have been living in the milk jugs I sowed them in two winters ago. My most exciting seed sowing news is that the one ebony angelica seed that germinated last year is looking like a really nice plant this year.

Oh also wanted to mention that I overwintered e. diamond frost. Now what to combine it with this year???

Brenda, glad to hear it's almost time for your "summer vacation". Sounds like you've been working hard. Glad you made it in from the field ok during the storm. If your storms were as strong as the ones we had here last night that must have been really scary!

OK time for me to scrub the kitchen floor. Such fun stuff I'm doing today!


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I just remembered one more thing I wanted to share. I've been looking for something I could use as a marker for Tim's final resting place near the feeding station. I came across this statue and ordered it today to place there to remember him by. I miss the little guy even though if he were here that angelica that I'm so proud of wouldn't have a chance in h*ll of surviving!

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Good evening

Our guests were delayed coming in from LA but the meal was designed to be able to wait so all is not lost - mushroom risotto, local asparagus, salad and some stinky French cheese(my favorite). Only one disaster - the vacumm started blowing instead of sucking as I was doing the last minute dash. In most households that wouldn't be a problem - but we had rather a build up. Neither Dh or I could remedy the thing despite taking everything apart. I resorted to the old fashioned brush and dustpan and will dim the lights and offer more wine.

Eden - I just love Tim's marker!

Deanne - I think I have your cold. I barely had one all winter and now I'm completely congested and my nose is raw from blowing it. And just when I want to be enjoying the lilac fragrance:0( Hope your's is short lived as its a double whammy for you. Do you think another glass of wine will help?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I suggest Hot & Sour soup at the first sign of a cold!
Dr Bug

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Vodka and a hot bath.

Mary your description of the problem and the solution cracked me up. The wine helps your sense of humor too. Very important. I do prefer entertaining at night for exactly this reason.

Eden, Tim's memorial is perfect! I have a concrete squirrel statue in chippy white. Was hunting for it last night in the Sea Foam rose which has completely engulfed the retaining wall outside of the kitchen. I need to find it, and move it forward, as the squirrel is almost as adorable as Tim's and always makes me smile when I come out that door.

I'm not ill but headed for the tub with my vodka and lemonade.(I'm on vacation so this is required!)

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Just a quick visit tonight, I am starting my watering regimen so that DS does not have to worry about the garden while I am in Indianapolis this weekend.
Deanne, what a bummer, yet another illness coming your way.If you fly to Palm Springs and sit out in the sun for awhile with a couple of Margaritas ???

Michelle, the pic on the last thread is Sedona, about 2 hours drive due south of the Grand Canyon.

This pic is for Cindy and Chloe---when I saw the photo on the last thread I was struck by the similarities in the placement of paths, lawn etc. Getting Tasha to stand still was a problem-she is bind and tends to pace when she is out in back...

See y'all tommorow, and...


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Eden, did you know that I think of Tim every time I see a grey squirrel now? I just love watching their antics and it makes me so sad when they make the fatal miscalculation in the road. I think the marker is perfect!

Mary, you and I have similar approaches to house cleaning. Do the best you're able when you feel like it, and don't sweat the small stuff. More wine? :) You could always come here to sniff the lilacs, mine won't be out for another week/two. (It's that cool coastal thing, you know).

Deanne, bummer about the cold! but take heart, the weather isn't going to be great this weekend and you'll have time to recuperate without missing much gardening time. Just heard that Millinocket Maine has sleet and freezing rain this morning... it's snowing in Greenville... and it's pretty raw out this morning. Once those thunderstorms came through yesterday afternoon the temperature started to drop, wind on the nose outta the northeast... white caps and brrrr!

Cynthia, I sure hope Monty perks up. It's amazing how much you really tune in to the animals in your home, isn't it? You just know when they're "off their feed", even just the littlest bit. I so wish you'd get a camera... there's so much that is interesting in your gardens.

I have to repair a zip on screen panel this morning and then make a boom tent for a sailboat. Not very inspiring work, but necessary. My coworker has been out all week and I've been alone in the shop; which isn't all bad since I'm able to listen to the Diane Rehm show on NPR. But it does mean I'm the only person there to answer the incessantly ringing phone and take all the messagaes. ;)

Maybe 'bug will find out about Charlotte today? Rex sends his best wishes for her return to wellness.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Ooops, sorry T...happy belated!

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Good morning

Just checking to see if the Birthday girl had a chance to stop by - perhaps it was a busy day with grandbabies. The cards as always are fabulous.

Last night went well - we had a really fun time with our guests who didn't leave till well after 11.30PM They loved the food, brought some nice wine and filled the evening with lively conversation. Fortunately I have an easy day today at work today, though the alarm sounded long before I was ready. Tonight is David's Ice Cream Social at school and opening night of Annie's play. I need to be in two places at once and DH has to fly to NYC. I think we've figured out a compromise cutting out of the social a little early but things will be tight.

Chelone - the Dianne Rehm show is one of my favorites. I'm so glad they are all archived which gives me a chance to catch up on the interesting ones I've missed. I'm an NPR junky and was pleased to notice Annie now turns it on in the morning if she is up on her own. (TV in our house doesn't get switched on till after supper) I can't imagine starting the day without public radio though weekends I spend more time listening to the British equivalent on the internet (BBC radio4).

I need to get going. It's in the 40's here with a high of 51 so I might need a sweater. The copious rain we've had the last 2 days was just what the garden needed though. Have a great day everyone


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone! Well Ive been faithful with the Zicam and this is day two of this cold/flu. Im hoping it really does shorten this thing. Cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle whine and moan and groan. No patience with being sick. Thanks for commiserating with me.

Mary! Oh no! I cant believe youve caught this too. Like you I didnt have a cold all winter until the one last month. ~~LOL so sorry but I did have a good laugh over the broken vacuum cleaner and your solution to the problem. Doesnt a nice bottle of wine fix a whole range of problems?

Chleone, I remember that the weather people did say it was going to snow in ME today. Thats just awful! Im so happy it isnt happening here. WE are supposed to get about four inches of rain before Saturday though. Hmmmm be careful what you ask for, right?

Kathy, beautiful path with the roses. Are those standards? I like the sunshine and Margaritas prescription.

Cynthia, Ive never tried vodka and lemonade. Sounds like it would be good. I also like the hot tub prescription. I might just pop in there as soon as I can bring myself to get out of this chair. Id love to see pics of that Sea Foam rose. ~~ So what is on your agenda for your vacation time today?

Eden, love Tims marker. That is just perfect! ~~ How great your Asao is blooming. Mine died over the winter. Im hoping it throws some new growth but so far Im not seeing anything. It really is a bummer because that clematis really provided a splash of color for that garden early in the season. ~ That P. Nugget looks like a winner. Im looking forward to seeing how it does for you. ~~ Oh yes, I have four E. Diamond Frost plants that were cuttings from Monique and Les then I went out and bought a couple more because they are such great plants.

Brenda, great to hear from you, Im looking forward to hearing from you more when you can take your summer vacation. That must have been a bit scary to be out in that field in the storm. Glad everything is OK.

Saucy, thanks for thinking of me, its been more than twelve hours now so I guess this isnt a fast one. Bummer!

Bug, it sounds like spring has arrived at the farm. More photos when you can would be appreciated.

Michelle, we rolled the rock one turn at a time. It takes a while to do it but that rock was too heavy for my garden cart or wagon, besides which, we couldnt have gotten it into the wagon without a lot of difficulty and risk of injury. ~~ I didnt have Diamond Frost last year either and Im thinking it is going to be a beautiful filler for the containers. I cant wait to see how it does.

OK I'm thinking I'm going to go back to bed. Have a great day everyone,

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Another cold gloomy day here today. The garden does look so nice and green though. You really do notice all of the lime green, chartreuse plants on cloudy days like this though. They seem to almost glow.

Mary, oh no, not a cold for you too. I don't know how you fit everything you do into your days. And you make it all sound so easy, even when you're sick. I'd love to be able to see Annie in the Peter Pan production. I've always liked the Mary Martin version and we used to watch it on video alot when the kids were small.

Cynthia, I love hearing about your days in the garden and with the pets when you're off on vacation.

Chelone, how long until the garage construction begins?

Hope the birthday girl had a great day!

Kathy, you definitely have the touch with those beautiful roses! Tasha looks like such a sweet little thing!

Cindy, sorry to hear you have PA problems again. Hope everything turns out OK.

OK I have Miss Bella today, so it'll be busy around here. She keeps me on the move!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Morning, all...

Im feeling relieved - didnt have to get on the road to PA altho it was very touch and go & Mom now has a new pacemaker... she's got the most amazing constitution -- almost lost her the day before & an hour before they decided they would attempt to give her a pacemaker (various other med problems w/ coumadin levels, and such prevented an immediate procedure; she'd been too unstable), anyhow, she apparently just started "chugging along" again - heart working, vitals picking up - they decided to go ahead w/ the procedure and she's doing great. Not out of the woods yet, but another Cat life consumed -- I personally think she's gone past the 9 number myself -- truly an indomnitable will to live - I cant tell you the number of times in the last 4 years that she's been in the 11th hour. I only hope I have half of her constitution for ailments that may beset me.

Well, turning to more positive fun things -- T, I hope you had a great day & babies were not sickly and behaved for their favorite GM.

Kathy -- that's neat - I knew our yards were somewhat similar. Would love to do roses like that against that one fence (have them on all other sides) but that is Chloe's "Dog Run" and Security Border Patrol route -- she's the yappy dog that races back and forth along that fence line when people walk on the bikepath which is the other side of the fence of the parkland behind. So, in bowing to Chloe's wishes [and great exercise for her], I left the fence bare from plants (despite its ugliness like that) and the grass/weed route there. I do however have clematis & roses on almost every other bare space of the other 3 fences!

Deanne - Im so sorry you're feeling poorly again -- you must have your immune system down somehow to catch things do you think? I thought that was discouraging about your osteo problems -- it's a vicious circle -- ya lose weight to help your knees and bones and then the dieting causes bone loss instead - sheesh. Im in a bind myself w/ being stuck on a weight plateau -- just cant lose the last 20 lbs nor can I drop 5 lbs - I just dont have the energy to do more exercising altho I know I must -- and extreme gardening doesnt seem to push it anywhere! Feel better soon.

'bug - Im sorry about Charlotte & her lethargy -- I was wondering if it were lyme disease myself too -- Worrying about our children, furry or otherwise, is very stressful and fatiguing. I hope you figure out the problem for her soon. I guess that's one of the luxuries of being single, I get to spend or "waste" all my $$ any way I want to.

Mary -- love your idea of emergency cleaning atmosphere! Bring on the wine.

Count me in as a forget-me-not convert -- Ei's wonderful yard inspired me in many ways -- and that was one of them -- I had a glorious display of them this year and have vowed to have them in most every bed -- as Cynthia says, it's amazing what little plants can do.

Well, gonna be a tough couple days at work so I better get to it.


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Hello and thank you so much for the birthday wishes and cards!!!

I spent yesterday helping DD#1 run errands with the g'sons. I either sat in the car with the boys or lifted them out of the car so she wouldn't have to do any lifting. I also did a little bit of laundry for her and then visited with my mother. Came home to clean my house and make dinner for DH and myself. LOL Nothing different in the day. I had hoped he'd offer to take me out to dinner but he didn't and it was fine. DD#2 and the twins didn't drive out (I saw them the day before my birthday) so the night was a very quiet one. I felt like I was running all day long for others, but it was okay as I know that it was necessary. No cake & ice cream either (my choice) so the whole day was a bit off kilter from what a 'normal' celebration has been in the past. I think the kids and DH had a harder time with the lack of gathering and party than I did, LOL. This year it just wasn't easy to do with their work schedules and other things.

Today is all mine!!! No twins to watch and no errands to run for others! :oD I'm not sure how I'm going to spend my day (there is always something to do here either in the house or outside -- I've not finished edging the new beds yet). But I'm thinking about maybe going to visit a nursery....just to look. LOL I'm really thinking that I won't buy any plants until fall so that I don't have to be concerned about sufficient water available to keep things alive all summer.

Cindy, glad your mom is okay! Eden, I hope your mother is getting answers and options. Sue, hope you are feeling better each day......Deanne and Mary---hope you feel better soon. Chelone, how are things with your mom? 'Bug and sorry that your dogs are having health problems.

Okay, 'nuf from me.......hello to all and thank you again!

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Am I the only one who buys annuals and immediately takes cuttings when I get home? LOL I picked up a few coleus and a couple of nice fancy leaf pelargoniums and always look for ones that will work to take a few cuttings off of.

We have been enjoying our fresh garden asparagus. Its so nice that it comes so early before all the other veggies. I spent a lovely evening in the garden. The weather is back to normal temps after our 90-degree highs and the wind has died down as well. They had predicted 37 last night, so I covered up the 2 containers that I had planted for my mom. It was 43 when I went out this a.m. but there was a thin layer of ice on the birdbath.

Cindy, great to hear that your mom is doing better. Good wishes for continued improvement for her.

Cynthia, Im envious of you being on vacation. Im having a hard time squeezing in a day with everyone else being gone lately.

Eden, I know what you mean about the chartreuse plants. I find myself looking around at the beds and thinking what beds could use a punch of that color. Tims memorial marker is adorable, it has such a happy look.

Mary, I remember those busy years, but oh what fun they are. Enjoy the ice cream and the play.


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Happy Birthday T!!!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The first shot is of Forget-Me-Nots for Cynthia...The rest are for you all, taken this morning (to try to cheer me up. Sorry I'm in a rotten mood, so photos only!)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Thanks for the eye candy, Gardenbug! what a treat -- you can't be or stay in a bad mood when you're looking at such wonders, can you? Love, love love it! Everything looks so fresh, green & that long shot of the border is simply breathtaking - makes all your hard, hard crafted work (I know you did there - had to) look natural and seamless. Whew!

because it's a non-birthday day, I will share this -- I think this thread might more correctly been called Changes & Modifications in the garden - Wendy's new walk & wall, Chelone's garage & revisions to her garden, Deanne's rocks moved and the like....

here's a bad shot of the paver circle I attempted to install...still cleanup & some fixing to do, but my change to the garden this year:

And I just have to share the leaves on this new Fagus Black Swan (another weeper) - it's tiny but I love the leaves!


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Beautiful shots Bug! And that's just what I want my forget me nots to do. If I start more this winter, the ones I planted yesterday will naturalize nicely. If I assume they'll naturalize, they'll be dead next spring every one of them. Loved all of your photos; did you start the dodecathon from seed? I never had luck germinating them. I did start asphodeline lutea this winter after seeing yours a few years ago. They're still in a pot looking for a place (6 of them, but I'll do a clump to make it easier on myself.)

I'm with Cindy on how nice it is to just make my own investment decisions for the puppy cats and kitty dawgs. I know exactly how much I spent on Monty and Katie in April, and can't think of anything better to spend on. I can deal with an ugly upstairs bathroom for another year. I don't believe in prolonging the life of my pets for my own benefit and trust the animals and the vet to help me know when it's time to say goodbye, but the quality of their life is a biggie. Who needs a new upstairs bathroom anyway? :-)

My success today was getting the agapanthus out of it's pot. Really, I've been saying I need to transplant it for three years now. I ended up attaching the pot with a screwdriver blade and a rubber hammer. The pot was plastic (nice looking though, so sad to sacrifice it), and I injured a finger pretty badly but have 7 left! I have to saw the root mass in half and then quarters. 3 divisions are now potted up, the 4th is thinking about testing out the winter in a well drained area of the garden. Hmmm.

Michelle, I do grow most of my plants from seeds, but yes when I buy a 'stock' plant, it's for cuttings! Interesting that Deanne says her Diamond frost is from cuttings. I want to try that, but only need one.

Deanne, go back to bed. Sleep allows your body to put all of it's energy into healing or fighting off infection. Thinking, digesting food, even reading take energy :-)

Eden, hope you are having a fun day with Bella, and T enjoy your 'mine all mine' day!

Cindy, glad things settled down with your folks.

Hi to all!


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Cindy, Your garden is lovely! I love all the structure you've incorporated, and declare it most beautiful townhouse garden I've ever seen :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Cindy! What a wonderful sight. I love the secluded area you have made!!! Yes to the 3 structures along the house wall, the variegated tree in the corner, the urn and stone circle, the vines, the iris, the clematis to be....ALL of it. No wonder you'd like to stay home. ;-) I think a tabby cat belongs there too.

Cynthia, I actually thought I'd weeded out all the forget-me-nots last fall, so I think you will have a fine start with those you already have. Every year is different though. This year they are everywhere looking fine with bleeding hearts, pink tulips...all sorts of things.

Oddly enough, I see similarities between Cynthia's and Cindy's gardens. Both use attractive metal work, vines (clematis), urns, and pinks, blues and purple. So soothing.

I have been mowing acres and acres of grass. You either mow, weed or plant and so I have always got catching up to do. Then there's the indoors work as well. Tomorrow DH leaves for Minneapolis, so I hope to catch up on work, weather permitting. Nice to have a relaxed schedule!

The report on Charlotte's health only comes next week, perhaps Tuesday. Waiting stinks. In the meantime I have been feeding her lots of rice with only minimal raw meat and veggies. She has been licking the forearm where they drew blood. She whines in her sleep and snores. Never did before. With DH away, I know where she'll be sleeping! :-)

For those who like to count, 45 more days...give or take... 'til IBB's arrival!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Forgot! Cynthia, I bought the white dodecatheon. They are a long time favorite of mine...Oh get serious, everything is a fave! I love white martagon lilies, narcissus Thalia, white gas plant, clematis name it, I like it!

As for the asphodeline lutea , that is a smart move. I had the white (!!!) version and it turns out it is a biennial! Bloomed once, then gone forever! The lutea is NOT biennial I'm told and gets very tall. Keep me posted.

BTW,Cynthia, the Angelica seeds you sent a long while ago (not gigas I believe) are up and growing, even though you guessed they might not make it here. So now I have mystery blooms a-coming!

And finally, I hear you all on spending habits for pets. Gotta have one's priorities, right? Pets and babies first, garden second, house maintenance next, food last. Or something like that. This is (beyond) the year for house painting. :( I need an ancient rich uncle's estate soon...but I've used them all up.

Deanne, you asked about the epimedium. It is called Saxton's Purple I believe. My favorite nursery has a huge garden for epimediums alone...and so that is one of the owner's new addictions. NOT inexpensive either.


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Busy here at work but I just had to comment on Cindy's garden pictures. I love your courtyard garden and the urn is fabulous. Thanks for sharing a few peeks at your garden.

Chelone, to answer your question, when I moved here 10 years ago there really was nothing, not even foundation shrubs. The grove and the blue spruces were here, planted by DH. I started gardening in 1998.

'bug, I've planted white gas plant twice and both times it turned out to be pink.

I guess I'll go home tonight and try some cutting of 'Diamond Frost'


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Oh my heavens! to return home and pull up such marvelous photographs is such a treat. It's even better when you find them after visiting your favorite nursery (Rolling Green, Deanne)! And coming home with a few new treasures (yep, the very ones I said I wasn't going to buy)... Clethra alnifolia, "Sixteen Candles" (lyrics, please, Ei.), Iris ensata, "Eden's Harmony", and Cimicifuga atropurpurea.

'bug, how could you possibly be in a pissy mood surrounded by such lovliness? and a month and half until Ittybittybug arrives?! Ahh... Charlotte... sigh. I understand (and you know how I feel about dogs). Worrying and fretting won't make the days pass faster, though. So take a deep, cleansing breath and do some extra patting and loving up of your sticky-mouthed cur. You'll feel better when you have more definitive information. (((hugbug)))

LOL about the bathroom, Cynthia... you oughtta see our "master bath". 16 years after moving in we STILL have the "temporary" surround... no tile. We don't really care THAT much, but it is approaching time to address it. Mum's bathroom is aesthetically more pleasing, but it is dependant upon the "mixmaster"... the sewage ejector. We treat that one with kid gloves. :)

Cindy, your urn and the entire "pocket garden" is BEAUTIFUL! I've always thought I'd like to live "in town", but it's never worked out that way. But if I did, your's is the sort of garden I'd want! The nursery I visited today has a lot of vines. One of the owners is very interested in clematis and she refers to using vines as "gardening in the third dimension". I love that. :) I'd love to hear more about that lovely urn... how did you come to possess it? (reminds me of Versailles and Fontainebleau). Is that Liriope at its base? I love Lirope, but have never had much success with it here.

Now, information on both Epimedium AND Rhododendrons with yellowing leaves... . I described the "symptons" and the site to Mrs. Rolling Green. She felt it was a nutrient deficiency, but then thought it might be too much water when I said we routinely Hollytoned it. Then I mentioned the large patch of Epimedium under it... that is thriving and growing gangbusters. AHA! Rhodies, Azaleas, Kalmia are particularly prone to difficulty when tough, agressive groundcovers establish themselves. There is competition for water (Rhodies are shallow rooted) and nutrients. My next move is to break up the Epimedium conference and pull back the Sweet Woodruff a bit and hit the Rhodie with some nutrients. And then sit tight for another year. The Sweet Woodruff is more benign than the Epimedium... and that has me wondering about the Asarum europeum under the Kalmia. But the Kalmia looks so bad I think it may well be beyond redemption.

I am an NPR junkie, too, Mary! We've been members for years and I'm very proud of our committed support to such a wonderful thing. The best thing we've done with respect to TV was to cancel cable! I dearly miss many of the shows on the History Channel, A&E, and Discovery, but now we turn it OFF when there's nothing we want to watch. No more "chewing gum for the brain". I told the cable company we'd consider their service when we were able to select the channels we wanted, NOT their preselected "menu". I want NO shopping channels, NO religious channels, nor do I care about channels directed to children. We want "a la carte" channel selection. End of story. I would be delighted, too, if my child gravitated toward NPR. But then... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? :) How's dem fiddle lessons comin'? what are you playing now OR what are you working on improving now? (Turkey in the Straw, I hope!)

Eden, the "nuked" area is going to be stumped next week and then the site work will begin. And there's a lot of it! there are huge drainage issues to address and we really need to meet with the contractor to come up with the final site for the pipes. That will determine what we'll be able to plant and where we'll be able to plant it. And MY goal is to keep a pretty dense buffer between the road and our yard. Lots of thinkin' and decidin' in the next few weeks. I'm alternately freaked right out and excited by the prospects. Every day finds me feeling differently than the day before. What's new with Bellatheball? My tree peony has 3 buds and I'm thinking about relocating it after it flowers, I want to love it, but... I don't. It's pretty, but not really my kind of plant. I'll find a new place for it and put things I like more in its present site. Funny that it took me so long to realize that, huh? How's Megan feeling these days?

T., I sure hope you've had a dandy day all to yourself! I applaud your careful selection of plants based on their water requirements; it's so important to the overall health of our planet. I live on a lot that is low and rarely dries out. I often long for the silver leaved plants that like it hot, dry, and sunny. But I've learned to "content" myself with ferns, and plants that like moist, acid soil. We water only occasionally here, and it's usually the lawn over Sanitary Ridge (required by town code, funnily enough). Mum is OK, but my brother and I have grave reservations about the daily care she receives with respect to her urostomy. I worry all the time. And am regularly furious at the price of the place and the number of things that seem to "slip by". I'm appalled, frankly.

Oh my! time to clean up the morning dishes before the birthday boy returns from work. I have a great cake for him. (T., IMO you really blew it... cake is requisite for birthdays, sister!).

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Wow! Great pictures! Cindy, I love your garden and would've never guessed it was the lot of a town home! I agree with Cynthia's observation that it is the best! GB, your place is always enchanting to me. Reminds me of my friend's farm in TN....I love it there.

I saw forget me nots at a house today and thought that I might like to add a couple of masses. I'm fond of muscari in the lawn early in the spring, too :)

Nick and I are still sitting here working on a flier for the local paper. We have several industrial/commercial contracts but we want to have a little residential business on the side to make sure we're staying afloat during these first years.

LOL...Nick is not crazy about residential because sometimes you get the cat hoarder - it happened once (years ago) but I think he still cringes :)



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Cindy, I love your little garden haven! The arches, the paver circle with the urn centerpiece, all of the vines and that fagus. I need one of those. I come to realize more and more that the solution for small gardens is growing things vertically and you've really accomplished that. It's just beautiful! I'm so glad your mom pulled through too!

Cynthia, just how badly did you hurt your finger? That just doesn't sound good. Be careful! I think it's a pretty good bet that the myosotis will reseed. It's traveled from my back garden to the front one on it's own.

Chelone, happy birthday to the helpmeet. So tell us more about the great cake! Bella's doing great. Meg took her to the zoo Monday, yesterday she was with my sister and played in the sandbox. My sister said she was covered in sand, even her hair was full of it, which all ended up at the bottom of the bathtub. She's having fun just being two! Megan has a Drs appt on Mon to go over her test results. Dr. has her on some strong vitamins that seem to be helping some. She hasn't had a spell in a couple of weeks. My tree peonies are blooming. One has 7 and the other 8 flowers.

Another one who puts babies and pets first here and I think Brad knows not to cross me on that. Next comes gardens, then house stuff and for all I care I'd be happy with a loaf of bread and a jar of peanutbutter as far as food's concerned:)

Marie, hope your feeling happier. I can't believe the baby will be here in 6 weeks. That'll be here before we know it. Hope Charlotte's feeling better too. Thanks for the pretty spring pics. Goes without saying that your garden is wonderful as always!

Deanne and Mary, hope the sickness is subsiding for you both too!

Michelle, I need to follow your example and take more cuttings from plants. I just don't know what to do with them all once I have them growing! Remember that I'm cutting down the container numbers this year...

T, hope you enjoyed your day of leisure! My kids were always up at my parents for the month of July, when my birthday is. They always said that was their gift to me, leaving me alone, lol.

Grey's Anatomy season finale is starting so tata till later!


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Hi Idylls, boy , I just dont have much time tonight, these damn business trips really screw up ones schedule. But I had to drop in to remark on the absolutely wonderful photos today ..Ive enjoyed them all so much. How ironic that tommorow Ill be in the Idyll time zone, but with no computer and wall to wall meetings .

Cant believe that mini g-bug is due to arrive in only 45 days( though for the individual carrying the load 45 days seems much longer !) , and bug your photos are exquisite .

Cindy , I love your paver circle and urn. I hope you will share a mid-summer shot with us too, it would be interesting to see the progression.

Deanne, the rose you saw are actually climbers, and if the camera angle were different you would see a shot similar to what I posted on the last thread of Sally Holmes and Eden.

So much more I would like to comment on but I need to pack and get some sleep. Ill be out of the loop for a few days so happy weekend to all and garden on !

Kathy in Napa

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The cake was 4 layers of almond cake, with passion fruit in between the layers, and a cream cheese frosting with crushed almonds pressed around the side. VERY rich, but a hit!

LOL about a "cat horder", Saucy. EWWW! I have an inkling of the smell and the potential for fleas. Do you think Eden, Cynthia, or I qualify? ;)

Cold and clammy here today. :( and to continue through the weekend. We need the rain, but I'd like sunshine. The rain may also put off the stumping for the garage; I can't imagine how much mud will be created over there. YIKES.

Cindy, I meant comment on your Mom, too (seems I always pass over the important stuff). You must be relieved, I'm amazed that Mum is still perking along in spite of the ravages of her misspent youth! I laughed at the image of Chloe running up and down the fence yapping away; Rex would be regarded half as benignly. ;)

Are any of you out there Apple users? It's time to consider moving on the a new computer and my brother loves his Apple, my BIL has just purchased one, too. Any thoughts to share with me?

Time to "make the cushions", I gotta go.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Cold and rainy here today. Good day for indoor activities.



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning everyone,

Well its a cold and gloomy day here also. The weather people are saying we are going to get four inches of rain in the next 48 hours and the temps will be in the 40s SO, I decided to get all the coleus in the garage YET AGAIN. Last year I lost a bunch of plants from exactly this kind of weather, cold and wet. I also took the three newly planted containers in the garage. That is just too much water for a newly planted 20" container. What a drama. I really thought Id be OK with leaving the plants out now. We are only three days from our last frost date.

Cindy, so sorry about your Mom. That must be such a worry. Glad she pulled through. ~~~~ Love your photographs with the circle of pavers and urn. What a lovely garden! I really like all the arches and obelisks. Ive got exactly that same obelisk in my rose garden.

Bug. Fabulous pics! Springtime is so beautiful on your farm. ~~ Thanks for the ID on that Epimedium. It really is a beauty.

Chelone, sounds like you had a great day at the nursery! ~~ RE house additions, I remember when we ripped the roof off this house in 2000, very scary stuff! WEre so happy we did it now though. I cant imagine living in that tiny house anymore. I remember having the same alternating feelings scared/excited when we started. You should have seen me when they had the huge excavator in the back digging the foundation for the dining room. That bucket kept swinging over the arch over the path and gardens but they never dropped a single clod of dirt on the gardens. I was still a wreck though. ~~ That cake sounds decadent!

Michelle, youve certainly done a lot of work in the last nine years. Your gardens are truly lovely in all seasons.

Kathy, hope you have a safe and productive business trip.

Eden now Im really wishing you had a camera! Tree peonies blooming?!!! Fantastic! I moved mine last year and dont have any flowers this year. ~~ Glad to hear Meg is doing better. ~~ LOL cutting down on your containers.

Cynthia, so I took your advice and went back to bed. Took a three hour nap, then went to bed early (8:30) and slept until 6:00AM. I must have been really tired! I never sleep that much, Im actually feeling a bit better this morning.

OK Im going to get my day started here. Im thinking I need to take another day off from the gym so Ill pot up the Rosy Dawn coleus that came yesterday. (So why on earth did I think I needed more coleus???!!! LOL)

Have a great day all

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Good morning

My mouth is watering at Chelone's description of the cake - I wonder if it comes in a gluten-free version.

Cindy - your garden with the pavers and urn is just delightful. I look quickly, took in the "C" and thought it was a shot from Cynthia. Both your gardens are gorgeous. Keep the photos coming!!

Deanne - my coleus spent the night under a thick fleece blanket (down to 41F) and I might drag them in if we're not warming up today. Glad you're feeling a little better. I'm still waiting for my cold to turn the corner but it will be the weekend before I can catch up on sleep.

Last night's performance of Peter Pan was really fun. The kids did an amazing job and the "flying" looked totally professional (they had harnesses and wires). I'm looking forward to seeing it again tonight.

Michelle - you're right about this time being so precious. As busy as things get I love being involved with all the children's activities and want to savor every moment I can.

Time to make tracks though I'd rather crawl back into bed.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sorry to those east of me, but OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING! I hope it comes your way too! Totally sunny, mist rising from the pond, high of 66F expected.

DH just left for the airport. I must buzz into town and get more rice for Charlotte's meals. She was acting so much better last night, but this morning she has been moaning again. It is going to be a long weekend for me, but at least we can share the bed. ;)

Then I hope to finish some mowing and do a bunch of weeding. DH helped me move the plants outdoors again before he left. That's a first! I haven't even thought about containers and coleus so far. I guess the vegetable garden is usually first thing on my mind, but it is so much work!

May everyone enjoy today, whether indoors or out!
44 days....

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

ok, it's 8:30 a.m. and Im drooling over the cake, Chelone -- yum! sounds wonderful....

It's going to be cool here too & windy; but we're supposed to miss the bulk of the rain headed northward. As Cynthia said, we've not had much rain here.

Thanks, all, re all the compliments on my small world -- it's a work in progress - as you can see it's all on a downward slope & that alone presents challenges to getting things right there - I confess to feeling very intimidated by the fantastic gardens I see here, so I hesitate to share pics of my wee bit, but at the same time know I've learned a tremendous lot by seeing your fantastic shots and have been inspired by lots of things we talk and share about. [e.g., Eden's pavers last year & Michelle's potager project both convinced me I could & should attempt to add the pavers to that circle area this year). I think this is the first year it's starting to "come together" from maturity of plants, some hardscape finally in the right places, etc. I would wish for more permanent schemes for arbors and such but my HOA rules restrict that sort of thing, among other reasons. I've got visions of adding an old door under the Baffin rose at the end somehow to give an illusion of another room, etc., but havent quite figured out how to work that out. Im sooo flattered that you would even think to say my garden echos Cynthia's -- such a cool and serene place of echos and shadows that I've seen. Considering I have mostly full sun to deal with too, that makes me feel great to think I've accomplished the feeling of some serenity there too. I will try to be brave & post some other photos in the summer when it gets pretty wild. As you can see, Im a jammer & crammer -- not a spacer -- which can make perfectionists shudder! Im working on trying to diversify the foliage contrasts too, which is of course another challenge.

Deanne, with this weather I hope you'll continue to just rest & sleep -- sounds like the right prescription for making you feel better! And yes, I wondered if those 2 obelisks I got were the same as the one I thought I saw somewhere in your yard -- I wanted something to do an "entrance" that area & didn't want to do the usual rose arch for a number of reasons; I settled on large enough obelisks like that -- I've got them planted w/ Juuli & Miranda clematis (just planted this season) that hopefully will stay small enough to not overtake the obelisks but flower enough to give some color to the entrance. I'd love to do some white clems there, but couldnt find any that stay small enough.

Kathy, enjoy your vacation to Portland -- garden envy here!! Hope you have a terrific time & get a bit of R&R there too.

Chelone -- love your nursery selections; I love to hear people's lists of "finds" -- that's interesting about the groundcover possibly being a problem, since I too was wondering why you might have problems for kalmias and azaleas where I would think they'd mostly love it -- when researching magnolias & considering one for my yard, I learned that they too really have very shallow roots that cannot be disturbed -- so one has to not plant underneath them (i.e., no clematis either) & I remember deciding that I'd opt not to get one just because my garden real estate is too precious for not being able to underplant it.... I hope that works to remove the epimed., as I think kalmias are truly wonderful specimen woodies to have.

Cynthia -- haha re the bathroom budget -- dont we all do that, haha! I was thinking about it last nite & decided I think gardeners must be nurturers in their genes -- we all have pets and/or children in some fashion dont we? And we'd probably all follow the same list of priorities for concern & places to spend money, LOL!

Mary, I love hearing about your children's adventures & events - it brings back memories of that great time of life in my own DD's life -- as you say, cherish the moments!

Saucy -- o no -- no cat hoaders -- cringe & shudder -- I can only imagine!

Ok, enuf drivel from me... gotta find some energy to get thru an immensely busy day here.....

Who's counting days til IU event for us?


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It's beautiful here today too! I also drug in plants last night, but it didn't frost. High of 70F expected today. I have Bella again today and tomorrow so not alot of gardening will be going on. Frost is expected again on Sunday night so I'll hold off on any more containers.

Chelone, the cake sounds delish! Makes me want to bake something.

Kathy, I'll miss your posts and your pictures while you're gone! Have a safe trip!

From wikepedia: "An animal hoarder must be distinguished from an animal fancier (who merely keeps an unusually large number of pets, but has the ability to care for all of them) or an animal breeder (who would have a large number of pets due to the business). The distinguishing feature is that a hoarder "fails to provide the animals with adequate food, water, sanitation, and veterinary care, and is in denial about this inability to provide adequate care."

So Chelone, I think we must just be cat fanciers (with a few big dogs thrown in for good measure), lol.

Sue, what cha up to these days? Hope you're feeling stronger every day! We're about due for a nice chatty post from you.

Time to get the day started. Have a good Friday all!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Cindy, I'm glad to hear your Mom is doing better. It really shook me up when Mom was in the hospital. When I think about all the times she took care of me when I was sick, then for there to be so little I could do for's just hard. My thoughts are with you :)

Deanne, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, but dragging all those containers around....sheesh..would wear me out on a GOOD day ;)

Eeek! Cat hoarders?? I know one...really sweet lady, helluva gardener, but no one wants to go to her house. She had twenty-some last I knew. It's a sickness, really, lol! Some days I wonder what I'm doing with two dogs!

'bug, I'm thinking of you with Charlotte. Hope you are both a comfort to each other this weekend.

With any luck, today will be the day I finish working ground in front of the corn planter. The word I got yesterday is that it will be after lunch, so the ground can cream off a little. Of course, I've seen these guys take lunch anywhere from 11:00-3:00, so not really sure what THAT means, lol! Guess I'd just better be ready to drop everything and go when my phone rings. Some days I'm really glad I have a cell phone-other days it wouldn't break my heart to see it "accidentally" go down the toilet!
Got some really good yoga time in the last couple of days. I've been doing it for a year or so now, and that's got to be some kind of record for me. I'm never consistent about exercise. Guess I just had to find the right thing for me. Haven't been as good about getting the treadmill time in, but have done a LOT of walking in the fields, and walking in loose dirt is a SERIOUS workout!
Gotta run! Have a good day, all!!

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Nick's experience was a maze of cat carriers stacked three high, strong smell of ammonia, get the idea. I hope I haven't offended Eden has said, I'm sure you're all fanciers! I only know a junk hoarder, and she's really nice, just hard to visit. It must be a terrible disease...I have a hard time letting things go sometimes, but eventually I am able to reason my way to the garbage can or good will them.

I am a Zoo Keeper: one dog, one cat, two birds, and twenty fish (platys - live bearers - they're going to decorate an outdoor pond). I feel like there is always a cage to clean.....never enough newspaper or litter.

I'm not a sweets kind of girl, but that cake sounds really good, Chelone! Good pick, I'd say. How's the veggie garden coming? I enjoyed baby brussel sprouts yesterday and it made me think of the helpmeet's garden.

Brenda, we won't tell if you switch your phone to mute - you deserve a day off! I have a feeling you don't take too many of those, though :)

Deanne, your body needed some serious rest! I hope you are on the mend now. I also hope there will be no more pot schlepping weather!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my exciting spotting this morning! I saw my very first Baltimore Oriole. I heard they were in the area....this morning he bathed in the new bird bath in my mother's day garden!

Simple pleasures :)


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The wind machine has started up again, but it is warm and sunny. I only have 3 flats of annuals outside that were purchased this spring. Right now they are huddled against the north side of the house to protect them from the wind. I would like to get all the plants out of the house soon. We are actually supposed to have highs in the 80s for the next few days, so they should like that.

Mary, harnesses and wires do sound impressive.

Eden, one of the things I do with cuttings is give some to my mom. She likes the pelargoniums with the fancy leaves and since she doesnt take hers in for winter, I just give her new pots each year. I also made up her Mothers Day pots for her north facing porch with coleus cuttings, etc. Would that be regifting??? LOL

Chelone, "a la Carte cable" take it from one who works for a cable company, it would be a nightmare. I actually watch very little TV and often drive without the radio on. Sometimes just quiet is nice.

Our techs have told many a good story about the homes they get into. Amazing how some people choose to live.


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After reading all of your weather reports, I checked my own after closing a window or two. It's 55F at the moment, perfect gardening weather so why am I indoors? High today predicted at 58F.

Mary, the play sounds fantastic! Cables and flying?! Amazing they were able to do that given all the liability fears, lol. I'd go see it again too. What a wonderful memory it will be. Were you able to take any photos of the play?

I think we do have hording in our midsts. It's plant hording though, and Deanne seems to be particularly afflicted by Coleus!

I do 'home visits' for my greyhound group, and had two in a row this spring that boggled me. The clutter was unbelievable with every surface covered in stuff - not decorative doo dads - stuff! Parts of things and medications and papers and all sorts of junk that should be in closets or tossed away. An alarm clock plugged in and sitting in the middle of a bathroom floor. (Chew toy for dogs.) Cosmetics and toiletries all over the bathroom counters. (Death toys for dogs.) The thing I noticed the most were those plastic grocery sacks full of who knows what and piled so that access to chairs and doorways was tough. The applicant at the first messy home took chairs from the dining room and arranged them in a clear area so that we could sit and talk. The home visit the next week-end was almost exactly the same with chairs filled with bags too. What is it with the plastic bags anyway? Both were eye openers to me. I felt surprisingly neat :-) And I have my share of messiness here, with the office the room I keep off limits, but can pick up and put things right in a dedicated hour, not including the cleaning :)

The home visit I did last night was remarkable for it's calm neatness. Since it was a young male couple, I didn't know what to expect. Even the basement, which they warned me was a mess, was total organization! A very easy visit as they were right on with all of the safety and health protocols and had clearly done their homework. Lovely people, and since they live quite near me, I hope to see them around with their greyhound who will no doubt be as cherished as a child :-)

Lots of roses here are in full glorious bloom! Others are just smothered in buds waiting for the second chorus of bloom. I hate roses like Chelone hates dogs. Many do quite well with the limited sun here. I pruned some almost to the ground this year. Second guessed my self for weeks after the butchery was complete and there were no signs of life, and now am very happy that I did it! The branching is so symmetrical and lush, though they'll bloom a little later than the ones I pruned only lightly.

Cindy I love the way you lined up the arches against your wall. And the entrance is terrific. The iron and brick of course are my favorite things. I'm flattered that people are reminded of my garden when they see yours!

I have two potted trees I'd like to find homes for today. One is a Franklinia from seed germinated in 2004. Getting Franklinia through year two is the trick, and it made it, so I guess I should plant it soon? It's 3 feet tall and would be larger or dead if I had put it in the ground by now. The other is Ulmus parvifolia 'Variegata', which I got from Plant Delights the year I won their forecasting contest. It's grown really well in a pot and maintained it's variegation. A beautiful small leaved thing heavy on the white. Where to put it that a larger tree won't slam into it in a hurricane. There's the problem.

I feel for Eden and Deanne and others dragging pots in and out. I remember the years of late frosts in NH, and dragging hundreds of seedlings into the shed at night. If I didn't bother, I'd lay awake worrying about them.

OK, time to get out there and as Deanne would say 'hoik' (sp) more stuff to make room out there.


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I didn't get 'my' day, I gave it away. The twins' parents had an opportunity to spend a weekday together and asked if I'd mind having the babies so they could go do some out of town shopping. I said "of course I'll watch them" since I didn't have definite plans for my day and I think young marrieds need as much time having fun together as is possible---besides, I love having my g'kids around.

I have the babies again today and will have them Saturday along with possibly on Sunday afternoon as they are putting down hardwood flooring this weekend (with DH's assistance). I just watch my free time dwindle, LOL, but I know I'm really lucky to be able to spend a lot of time with my g'kids as they grow up so very fast.

The babies have just fallen asleep so I'd better get myself moving on housework that I can't do easily while they are awake.

I did go out this morning and planted two new rose bushes that I bought a few weeks ago. They were lovely when delivered but a couple weeks sitting in their tiny pots on my front porch hasn't done them any good. :o\ I hope they will do well now that they are in the ground. I still have a couple tomato plants to find a spot for---maybe will get that done tonight when the babies go home.

Cindy, loved your garden pics. I hope you'll show more long/wide shots.

Cynthia, how is the finger?

Oh! Joann Fabrics has a big sale going on for their pots, planters, their trellis' and arbors....all their outdoor stuff. 30% and 50% off, I think, if anyone is interested.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all, Im parked in my favorite chair in the family/dining room and enjoying the view from the windows here. The new rhododendron is quite pretty and Ive placed (not planted yet) that new Betina clematis by the bird house in the sundial garden. Im thinking Id like it there so the next day I have enough energy to deal with it I think Ill tuck it in there.

Cynthia, I hesitate to tell you that I just finished potting up my Rosy Dawn order of coleus. ROTFLOL! Only another twelve plants. Yes, I do have to admit that Im a tender plant hoarder specializing in coleus hording. Doug was such a peach yesterday and helped me move all the coleus back into the garage until the torrential deluges are over with. The strange thing is that I only just put them out. After my fiasco of killing some off last year I decided to wait until it was safe. Id checked the weather and it looked like we were all done with the cold so outside they went, then whoops! Another week of 40s and rain. Go figure?

RE hoarders one of our friends dad was so bad that there was no room to walk through the house anymore. He only had paths through his rooms. It took them months to clean it all out after he passed away. He also had some valuable antiques so they couldnt just get a dumpster and get rid of it. Everything had to be checked before it went into the trash.

Michelle, a string of 80 degree days sounds pretty fine to me right now; its 44 at 1:00PM! Hard to believe we had two days in the 90s last week. ~~ I never, ever turn on the radio in the car either. I prefer quiet too.

Saucy, how great about the Oriole! Arent they just gorgeous? Ive had one in the tops of the oak trees but he hasnt come down to where I can get any pics of him.

Brenda, so do you go into serious gardening mode after you finish up with the planting? ~~ Yes, indeed Im sick and tired of schlepping these tender plants in and out. ~~ 21 cats??? Eeeeuuwwww. I cant even imagine the odor. I have two kitties and that is plenty although sometimes Im tempted to get another spotted Bengal.

Eden, I cant believe you are supposed to get another frost on Sunday! Good grief! When is your last frost date? I was kicking myself for potting up those large containers when I had to move them in the garage last night. Like you Im thinking Ill wait until I dont have to move them around anymore.

Cindy, I think we all feel that our gardens are a work in progress. ~~ Love the idea of adding an old door! BTW, Im a jammer and crammer too!

Bug, so happy you are having a great day!

Mary, that play sounds like it was a lot of fun. Glad you are going to get to see it again. ~~ Hope you are able to shake off your cold soon.

T. you are a saint! Dont forget you need some time for yourself too! Thanks for the heads up about JoAnns Fabrics. Ill have to go and check it out.

OK time to run and think about doing something productive.

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Cynthia, yes we are hopeless plant hoarders. Funny, I have an Ulmas carpinifolia variegata that I got at Variegated Foliage during IU2 sitting in a pot waiting too.

Deanne, I only had to drag in things I'd already planted in container gardens. The coleus, etc were already in the little greenhouse. I keep telling you that you need one!

Hi T! Don't wear yourself out with those babies. You're watching them alot! If I have Bella more that 3 days a week it just tires me out too much and I really don't feel my best, so I speak from experience. It's much harder work for a grandma that for a young mom I've come to realize. Don't forget to take care of you too! Thanks for the heads-up on the Joann's sale, now to get there before the lurkers do, lol.

I'm just about to put Bella down for a nap and grab a couple of hours of gardening time. It's beautiful out there!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm indoors for a bit after weeding out one of the six rows of the vegetable garden. Thank goodness larkspur is easy to remove at this stage.

The asparagus is getting tall and with DH away, I'm not keeping up! Fortunately I gave some more away to my friend this morning.

I like to think of myself as a cat fancier, but when I get behind on the litter box, I fear I'm becoming a hoarder! With three cats I really must keep up with tidy-up duty, and there aren't many who offer to help around here!

I'm one of the quiet ones. I rarely listen to the car radio. I do have trouble driving because I tend to fall asleep at the wheel, so if I suspect my eyes will close, I try to sing along with an oldies station. I like the house quiet too. I guess that will change when grandkids visit, ya think?

You can really tell spring is here. How? Well today on an outing, I passed THREE police cars oozing along the highway or parked and watching. And where are they when the real jerks are out? Beats me!

So I picked up some pea gravel for improving drainage on my lewisia plant, bought some basil and green pepper seedlings, and (oh Deanna!) found two strange but interesting coleus! One was a broken stem which I filched and potted up, the other a potted one called Amora.

Well, although I should do something about the junk on every horizontal indoor surface (blush) I am headed out once more to mow. Again. Fortunately Charlotte does not touch counter tops, plastic bags or anything but cats. I don't wear makeup either, so she is in no danger of eating mascara or lipstick. I guess I'd need to change my ways were I to adopt a grey. Cynthia, so glad you found another good home for one of the needy.


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Ah, the stuff I shovel pruned today! Very proud. Got rid of 3 Phlomis tuberosa (it really does have tubers!) which were suffering for lack of sun. This is one with gorgeous big leaves so I started them from seed 3 years in a row just to enjoy the seedlings indoors in winter. When I was in the front garden, a woman slowed down her car just to tell me how much she loved my front garden. I need to spend more time out front, the praise felt nice :-)

I've decided that white Alliums remind me too much of humongous dandelions gone to seed. I have noticed it in other years. Maybe just too many dandelions in the lawn this year so I'm sensitive to it.

Saucy, your business sounds like lots of fun - lots of work too I know, but having your own business requires a lot of creativity and strategy and sounds like you and your husband make a good team for this! I have never seen an Oriole, either in New England or in Maryland. My sister is near you and she spots them most every season.

GB, greyhounds right off the track are like full grown puppies. Tall enough to get into things, but they were protected from anything harmful, so would readily chew on a razor, or anything else left out that they could reach. Any food that was there's was put within their reach. So when they see food or anything interesting, they think it's theirs because it was always for them before. They learn of course, but when they come off of the track they need to be taught everything just like puppies. They're very docile and learn quickly though :-)

Oh, it's not A.Lutea, it's A.Damascena. Lutea is more common, probably why I typed that, and I actually don't really like the yellow one. I liked your white one GB! So if it's biennial, maybe I will put it in a pot so that I can be sure I see it when it blooms!

T, maybe you should plan to celebrat your birthday with us in July?!? Hint, hint. Well, I like the idea.....

Eden, I need to figure out the difference between carpinifolia and latin is failing me here. Parvifolia means 'small leaves.'

Time goes by quickly when you're on vacation. Got to get back outside!

Later, Cynthia

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LOL about the litterbox thing and multiple cats. I'm in AWE of Eden's solution. We've had between 3 and 5 cats for nigh on 16 years now and while they are permitted outdoors by day, inside is the rule at night. So, the litterbox is a necessity. Everyone gets along here, so we have one and it's in our bathroom. Under the sink counter. In plain view. But I "mine" that baby 3 times/day; first thing in the morning (before coffee making!), as soon as I get home from work, and just before I slink off to my bed. Droppings go into one of those biodegradable bags that I tie off when it's filled. That goes into a resealable tub until collection day. There's NO stink. It's just part of my routine (helpmeet never touches it unless I'm "away"). And the cats actually WAIT for me to clean it before they'll use it, lol. And yes, I scoop it out after they're finished. "Mummy cleaned your box for you! she cleaned it because she loves her little babykins and know you love a clean toidy... " . I'm certifiable. ;) Thanks Eden, for telling me I'm not a hoarder... I needed that. Good observation on Deanne, Cynthia.

I hope the cold is better, Deanne. I gotta hand it to you, NO WAY would I be willing to schlep annuals in and out of a garage! you "got it bad", girlfriend! I have purchased exactly NO annuals, nor have I even bothered to haul the big concrete urns out of the "board room". What's the point? it's too damn cold for annuals to do anything in the way of growing. I haven't even started watering the soil in the windowboxs preperatory to planting! I have looked for Browallia, though... have found none thusfar. What do you want to bet it will resurface as a "Proven Winner" next year? I don't have space or time to deal with seedlings, wish you were closer, Cynthia!

Would like to hear something from Norma, Yeona, and Sue... who's been uncharacteristically quiet.

Cindy, I feel the same way about sharing pictures of my gardens! I look at what others have done with zeal and the benefit of TIME and I'm blown away. It never occurs to me that someone might look at my gardens and think the same thing. Aren't we silly about that sort of thing, the whole lot of us?! I want to hear about that urn, its history, etc.. Please? And I'm going to repeat my heartfelt belief that those with very limited garden space are among the best gardeners "out there". Sure, you guys don't have much to fill... BUT! you have to get maximum bloom and show in a very limited space. And generally, with limited sunshine. I'm in total awe of your shrewd PLACEMENT and use of plant material. "Gaps" are not nearly as immediately apparent when the garden space is large and sprawling. Hat's off!! I want to see and hear more from you guys; you know how to "edit".

Brenda, the scale of farming in your area blows me away. I can't even feature the size of your fields... just not that way in New England, at all. I feel the same way when Michelle talks of wind. I have been thinking of "The Farmer's Wife" the PBS series of some years ago. I started to "get it" about farming in your area. And wasn't sure I thought the "system" was all that smart... heavily weighted in favor of agri-business. Thoughts/worries?

I have to go and kick the dog just to remind him who's boss.

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LOL about full grown puppies, Cynthia. They are bred and raised to RUN, no need to teach them about "manners" unless the manners relate to their maintenance. Nail clipping, physical examinations, etc.. "Obedience" isn't important until they've outlived their usefulness on the track! Reminds me of Thoroughbreds sold for use as hacks. Very sophisticated when it comes to handling and professional interaction (trailering, veterinarians, or farriers=no problem)... but woefully ill prepared for life in the "slow lane"... routine things like sheets flapping on a clothesline or kids on bikes would freak them right out. It's about training! and the confidence training instills. It must be very hard to assess a potential home. I don't envy you your assigned task. I recall feeling nervous when required to fill out an appliction to adopt an animal from the shelter, ;). But when we went up to get Rex we saw our application and it said, "awesome home for Rex if they decide yes". The fit has to be right or the adoption will not be successful. Rex had been surrendered twice before and had passed through 3 shelters in his 1 1/2 yrs. on the planet. He was nowhere near as "socialized" as your Greys were/are.

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Cynthia, I think ulmus carpinifolia is smooth leaved elm.

Sounds like everyone's been keeping busy this afternoon. I went out and planted a few things while Bella was napping and then took her for a "ride" on her bike. She's doing puzzles now, but I need to whip her up something for dinner.

Here's to a nice Friday evening everyone! It's after 5pm so it's now officially the weekend!


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I'm about to burst! Today's mail produced our first company check. I thought both owners should be present to open it, so I am waiting (patiently?) for Nick....


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Oh Saucy! YIPPEEE!!!

What great news.

(the woodstove is up to temperature; and it's getting cozier in here)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Well Doug is out looking at Heathers car which wouldnt start this AM. What a great Dad he is. Im back in the dining room easy chair after a lovely dinner of homemade turkey soup with fresh baked nine-grain bread. Yummy! Im thinking it is going to be an early night for me again. The cold dreary weather makes me tired.

So WooHoo Saucy!!!! Great news and congratulations to you and Nick!

Eden, I know, I know, I really do need one of those little greenhouses. I do have a couple of nice deep cold frames but they never got assembled and put up this spring for one reason or another. Too many other things going on I guess. But oh yes, we really are a pack of plant hoarders here. Im looking at my scads of coleus and wondering where the heck Im going to plant them all. LOL At least this year I have a reasonable amount of fuchsias. I didnt do nearly as many cuttings as the last couple years. Im actually feeling that a lot of the fun with the plants is going out in the spring and finding new ones so maybe Im going to cut back on my plant production next year. Although, I do have to mention here that I had a couple branches break of some coleus I potted up and I guess they sort of wound up in a glass of water to be rooted. LOL

So, Michelle, yes I still take cuttings, even when I dont need them.

Chelone, no kidding about ex-track thoroughbreds! They are complete zipperheads! Ive known quite a few people who had them and worked with them but that was not anything I ever wanted to deal with. Even the appendix quarter horses that are part thoroughbred can be pretty flighty. ~~ Yes indeed, I have to agree with you that Ive got it bad. LOL but when I see those four year old fuchsias blooming then I know its all worth it.

Cynthia, LOl about the white allium looking like overgrown dandelions. You are too funny and now Ill never see them the same way. Doesnt shovel pruning leave you with a sense of empowerment?

Bug, wish I was closer so I could be on the receiving end of some of that extra asparagus!

Nitey night all

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Saucy-My problem with days off is that they all come at once. (What a problem to have, eh?) Once I'm done in the fields, I pretty much do what I want, with my only obligations being that of a wife and mother to two grown kids and two dogs. That does eat up a fair amount of time, but I AM fortunate in my lifestyle...just get grumbly in the heat of the farming season, lol! Congrats on the first check!!!!!

Cynthia-When I want to feel neat and tidy, I go visit my one sister...she has to scoop things off the couch so you can sit down, and there are paths around stuff everywhere. The rest of us kids assume that her getting smacked in the head with a baseball as a child had some negative effect, lol! And, I am in NO way a compulsively neat person. My DB is half of a middle aged male couple, and he's constantly organizing and complaining about the mess....I have a feeling that the greyhound will be just fine :)

T-Sweet of you to give away your day, I bet it was greatly appreciated!

Deanne-Yeah, I go into serious gardening mode once the guys tell me I'm done. I try and do a little weeding, etc. here and there while we're farming, but end up playing a LOT of catch-up late in May. It's made me pretty good at moving/dividing at an off time and getting by with it. If you water a plant, spray it with Wilt-Pruf the next day and move it, it will almost always live. It may not be happy about it,! Farming and gardening collide at both ends of the season, so I just do what I can. I have some VERY impressive wild oats growing in one of my flower beds right now. They're still green, so I have a bit of time to get rid of them before they drop seed. I just try and yank whatever is closest to seeding, and hope for the best on the rest. Yes, the APARTMENT that the lady with the 21 cats lives in is no treat to the olfactory I said, sweet lady, but geeeez!

Chelone, the farming thing is all relative :) We have small fields compared to folks in Nebraska, Iowa, etc. I've seen on TV where crews with multiple combines travel through the corn belt doing MASSIVE harvesting operations. But, a 300 acre field looks mighty huge to me when I have to get across it with a 35' wide disk! And, as for wind, the kids were amazed at the difference between town and country after they moved from home. There's just nothing to stop the wind out here. Any time I read "sheltered location" in a plant description, I move on...ain't gonna happen here unless it's under a bushel basket. We watched "The Farmer's Wife" on PBS. It does seem to me that a lot of the profit from farming is realized by someone besides the actual farmer. I do hate to see family farming being taken over by "industrialized farming". Huge hog operations have driven people like us out of livestock. Part of me sees the business logic, but at the same time, there are an awful lot of eggs in one basket if disease goes through one of those big operations. I guess my greatest hope for the farming industry would be that we be able to make a decent living and not have to take government subsidies. There are so many loopholes and nonsense going on in those programs that it's unreal. Huge operations taking subsidies in several different names, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In our case, for the past several years, the subsidies were the only thing that enabled us to stay in business. Oh, well, who ever said life was fair?? I'd rather have less money and have my lifestyle than to be rich and answering to someone else.

The day played out about as I expected. DS came over to use the computer and visit, and was here until about 1:30. I potted up some tomato plants while he was's been too unpredictable to plant them out yet, and they weren't happy the way they were. He left and DH came in for lunch about 15 minutes later. He brought news that I didn't have to farm today. WOO HOO! BUT, I did have to take him to pick up a used flat-bed truck that he bought. It was located not far from the fields where we got caught in the storm. He was taking that truck to the fields down there, and was going to run my tractor for me. Then, he's driving it back to the's about an hour drive by tractor. I have to go to the shop and pick him up and take him BACK to where he parked the flat bed so he can drive it the rest of the way home. MY idea was for him to drive the flat bed home (a ten minute trip) and then I would take him back to the tractor, and have my freedom for the rest of the day. Somehow, my making two trips (and, once again, being ready to drop everything when the phone rings) made more sense. They won't let me be in charge, no matter HOW much I should be, lol! There is a bright side to everything, though. There's a lady who sells perennials along the way. Most things are $1 each, decent size starts. She has pretty common things, but I have a lot of space to fill, so stopped in there and dropped a $20 with no problem. Got home, and DD called to complain about DS..the living together is really not going that well. Big surprise. I had heard DS's side of the story while he was here. My input on both sides was pretty much "Grow up, be considerate of each other, and LEAVE ME OUT OF IT!" Phone just rang, DH is about 1/2 hour from being finished and will call me when he's close to the shop. Translated....he will call me so that when I get to the shop, I will sit and wait for about 20 minutes until he gets there. He hates to have to wait on a ride, LMAO!!! Sometimes, at the end of the day, I can't tell you exactly what I accomplished, but I know it was stuff that made me tired ;)

My "Buckeye Belle" peony has opened up, and is SO pretty! The sprig of wild oats growing next to it kind of adds something :) I've taken to calling that bed my "Zen" bed. There used to be a huge maple tree there that fell in a storm. Part was removed, and I'm left with some huge logs and a stump. When life gives you scurvy, make lemonade, I guess. It's turning into a decent garden, and a good life lesson. An older gentleman who used to farm and is now a landowner, stopped one day to tell me that he really admired what I was doing with it. What some would consider a disaster, I'm turning into a work of art. I think he's playing a bit fast and loose with the work of art analogy, but it sure made me feel good. My plan is to plant an oak tree there, and when the time comes, I want my ashes scattered there. Rather than a traditional headstone, I'd like a stone bench that says, "The true meaning of life is to plant a tree under who's shade you never plan to sit." Then, whatever happens to that flower bed happens. Must be the yoga, lol! And, for the gramatically gifted in the it who's or whose??? Last week, Mom's "estate" was settled. We each ended up with $87 and change, but she was rich in family. I'm using mine to buy the oak tree...seems only right.
And, with THAT bit of blathering, I'll sign off and go throw some laundry into the dryer.
Have a great evening, everyone!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Brenda, I feel as though I've just had lemonade with you! What a nice chat we had about farming, the kids, the oak tree. Just last weekend we planted a native oak in honor of our friend Ed. We sure hope it enjoys the spot we chose by the creek.

who's = who is - as in "Who's there?"
whose = belonging to as in "Michelle, whose grandaughter is Kenzie"

DD just called. I always enjoy that of course, but remember the days when long distance calls were impossibly expensive. Her calls are free...for some reason I don't understand. Anyway, their old hot tub is now working and DGS is delighted! DSIL is about to return after two weeks away. The lasagna is ready, the garlic bread and salad too. They hope to get garden work done next week, before DSIL travels once more.

Time to sit back and read and then hit the sack. The plants are indoors once more. :)

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We have a finch feeder hanging from the eave in front of the kitchen window. When we eat meals we can watch the finches. Tonight we had a blue bird at the feeder. I think it was an indigo bunting. I have never seen one here before.

We watched "The Farmers Wife" too, it was very depressing. I believe it was in Nebraska. I dont understand how they can farm in some of the western states. When we went west 2 summers ago, I was amazed at how pitiful the crops were. Very small and sparse. It hardly seemed worthwhile. We are very fortunate to live in Iowa "Where the tall corn grows"

Since Rick was in the field tonight, I had dinner alone. I enjoyed grilled asparagus, onions, peppers, mushrooms and shrimp all in a foil packet. Yummy! Along with a glass of wine.

Deanne, funny how your weather requires soup and bread and we are sipping smoothies because it was so warm here.

Chelone, I just picked up a 4 pack of Browallia. I have never grown it before.

Night all

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Good morning!

I just downloaded the June issue of Whole Dog Journal, and their Editorial this month is: 'Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes', with the subtitle 'Repeat after me: Problems bring opportunities.' I like it!

Yes, I think I would enjoy it if Brenda had her own Saturday morning show on NPR, so that I could listen to it in the kitchen. A very nice way to start the day :-)

Don't you have to frame the first check Saucy? (Ha.) I hope that you and your husband had a nice celebration opening it.

Turkey soup sounds like winter to me too Deanne. I had swordfish on the grill and garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus, and my special lemonade (the kind with vodka in it.) How can I be talking food this early in the morning? I've been up a while?

GB, most phone plans are unlimited long distance here in the states. Is that available in Canada too? Perhaps that's what your daughter means by 'free.' (Nothing's free of course :-)

I started excavating a rock on Thursday. It's a biggy, but not in the same league as the one Deanne recently rolled out. There just aren't many rocks here, but each year I manage to dig in to remove or add something and voila! One new step for my side garden path. This one is big and there is a twinge in my back, so I'm leaving it alone for a bit as I don't want to join that club of people my age and younger who suffer back problems.

Brenda, I've weeded out a thousand baby oaks this spring. Who knew, I could be sending them off to idyll homes. I don't think it was a masting year last fall, but the acorn crop was unusually heavy.

Since Monty can only handle shorter walks now, I've taken to feeding him while I walk the girls and then after a suitable wait I feed the girls and walk Monty by himself. He can do about a mile before flagging. Last night, I let him out for a quick pee while I prepped his dinner and Dannie went with him while Katie hung around the kitchen in case any food fell on the floor. When I opened the door to call Monty in, he wasn't right there so I walked out and saw I'd left the patio side gate open. I was lucky that he and Dannie were not out long and hadn't found something to chase or they would have been far beyond voice range. Very scary! Turns out that Monty had found the compost pile in the side yard and Dannie was touring the greenhouse. My little garden hounds! As both came running, another dog came too. Ack! Neighbor dog had been rolling in my compost pile and didn't want to come with me, but I leashed her up and took her home. She's lucky that Monty didn't have her for dinner. I'm lucky too :-)

My coffee cup is empty, and only two days of vacation left, so I should get cracking here!

Enjoy the week-end!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Indigo buntings have been here for about a week. I look for them on May 11th each year, and that is the exact day the first one appeared! They are so beautiful with the goldfinches and cardinals and grosbeaks! The three cats are in fact studying the scene from the window as I type.

I think it is the first dollar bill that one frames, no? Anyway, congrats to Saucy and her DH!!!

It is time to shlep the plants back outdoors and then make the treck to the dump. I've used up $20 of gas in the mower in only 1 off to buy more. There's so much to do outdoors, I feel as though I'm taking one step forward and 5 steps back.


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I just listened to the most poignant story on Weekend Edition about mental illness and the effect it has on unaffected siblings. I immediately thought of Martie and her brother, I hope she was fortunate enough to hear it, too. It was by Carolyn Brown, I think.

Count me in as another who very much enjoys the tales from farm country. Brenda, I think the menfolk need to let you take over the organizational aspect of transportation!

Rocks and their excavation are part of the reality of gardening here "on the compound". I can't just dig a hole and plant something, it's not that simple; that's why I have beds that are sort of military in appearance and double dug. Removing the rocks requires the addition of more soil and amendments. Go easy on your back, Cynthia, the rock won't be going anywhere fast.

We have a bird feeder here, too. But it's out in the vegetable garden not next to the house. Out there, the birds have places to perch and they're able to keep a wary eye out for the cats. Without my glasses I'm not really able to distinguish the varieties, but we've had a Scarlet Tananger for the past few days; what a showy fellow he is, too! I've never seen an Indigo Bunting, either, but I recall them from the bird book when I was a kid. I will now remember then as 'bug's version of the San Juan Capistrano swallows. ;)

It was so raw here last night I wimped out totally and started a fire in the woodstove. It was a hit with the cats and Rex, too. All of them were sacked out around it. Had we homemade turkey soup here, I'd have slurped it down with gusto, Deanne!

I, too, was marvelling that flying harnesses were sanctioned for Annie's school, Mary. WOW! Last year I heard one of the funniest stories on NPR (This American Life, I think). It was about a production of Peter Pan that went very, very wrong. I was laughing so hard the tears were rolling down my cheeks. The visual conjured up was just too funny; Peter Pan ended up dangling from the harness, and Tinkerbell was apparently nothing more than a lightbulb on an extension cord... . It was priceless. It's sounds, though, as if Annie's play went more smoothly. :)

Dishes are done, breakfast is consumed, and I'm on load number two of laundry... feminine organizations skills!

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Hi everyone: )

Eden I marvel at how appropriate your Idyll title is for my life right now-I smiled when I saw it!As usual I am a million steps behind what's going on here-I don't like that.

Sorry to hear your mom was having trouble Cindy-good that she was able to get the new pacemaker though.

Deanne I hope you are feeling better?

T-HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm gonna have to owe you a pic as my most recent pics were on the fallen hard drive(lost!)and I have yet to take new pics(boo hoo). I hope you had an enjoyable day and did what you like(I hope you left some Bailey's for the rest of us?); )

What fabulous pics here!!

Mary I have been thinking of you as I think you mentioned something about cuts at the school you work for-I hope that hasn't been terrible for you. We are having major cuts that upset me something fierce. AJ's class has dwindled down to only SIX kids!!!!! As a result they are not rehiring his present teacher and his small class will be combined with another grade-it just floors me. His teacher is just so hurt and saddened to the core(I know she's also fit to be tied). So far teh gym teacher has also been cut(I think the new one will be part time)and there may be more to go since not all contracts have been signed. It's that whole scenario of dissolving higher paying positions and bringing in the newer cheaper teachers-I'm really thinking this may be the beginning of the end for this school so I have to start thinking about moving sooner than I had earlier thought. I'm lucky we have the flexible option of buying my mom's house. [Yes problems *do* bring opportunities!]

This a very busy weekend...Aj is in a math tournament this morning,then tomorrow Chris has commencement-he gets to wear a very cool tam and gown(I will get pics). It's going to be such a proud day for him.Unfortunately we will be missing the art show and music recital that happens the same day. AJ would have played his song flute and Ryan was going to sing with his class. Dad's big day kind of wins out lol.

I cannot WAIT till summer so hopefully I can be here more-except a school year's worth of clutter is getting quite noticeable....I may be doing declutterization(a Babism? or is that a real word...)

Oh well,take care and have FUN!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Happy Birthday T!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

So its 48degrees out, spitting rain, heavy overcast. Grrrrr. It looks like it is going to be leftover turkey soup and bread for lunch today. Yes indeed Michelle sure is strange that you are having grilled asparagus and smoothies and Im looking for hot soup. I still cant get over that we had 90 degree temps a week ago.

I think Ill play with my plants in the garage today and work up a few more container combinations. Hopefully the temps will warm up next week. I really need to get a pic of the wisteria this weekend too. Wish you could all see how pretty it is right now.

Brenda, how fabulous to get a nice long post from you again. So interesting to see whats going on in your life. I LOL about the difficulties of your DD and DS living together. Seems like they want you to pick sides. I also LOL about your DH calling to have you pick him up so he doesnt have to wait but you do. ~~ I love the idea of buying an oak tree with your inheritance. Also love the quote. Ive always thought it was pretty funny that I have benches throughout our gardens and I NEVER sit on any of them.

Michelle, Ive never grown Browallia either so youll have to let me know how you do with it.

Cynthia, love the quote Problems bring opportunities. A good motto to live by. ~~ yes indeed it does feel like winter here today. ~~ Take it easy with the rock excavations. My back has been a bit twingy since we put that behemoth in the wall last weekend.

Chelone, Ah yes, you live in rock central also. Isnt it frustrating to never be able to just plant something without excavating piles of rocks? Sometimes it makes me crazy. ~~ Too true about how devastating mental illness is on a family. My father was a paranoid schizophrenic, half the relatives on my fathers side of the family are mentally ill. It has affected every generation. My grandmother, his mother, was mentally ill. There were four siblings in his family and two of the four were affected. All of the four sibs families are affected. I have two siblings who are mentally ill and one whos never been diagnosed but is questionable. It is a terrible thing to deal with and it can never be healed only treated. The medications can be devastating to the liver and kidneys and my brother now has to be on dialysis the rest of his life. There arent any good solutions.

Oh BABS!!!!! Congratulations to Chris!!!! How fantabulous and FABU-FABU!!!!! What a proud day for your family. Good for him I know the dedication and hard work that takes.

Ok my coffee cup is empty and its time for a refill and to get my day started. I have to pot up some cuttings! LOL

Enjoy the day everyone,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Coleus Amore:

The mystery broken stem. I hope it recovers. I gave it rooting hormone powder and lots of water.

And yes, that's my muddy thumb.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good rainy morning! Can't complain about the rain, it was getting dry around here. I keep asking for rain on the days I have to work all day instead of the weekends, but nobody listens to me. It is only drizzling now, but everything is soaked, much too wet to dig. I have a bunch of new perennials out there waiting, but they will probably wait until next week at this point.

There is this wonderful local plant sale that is happening this weekend here (see link below), and I volunteered to work at the sale on Sunday. The perk for volunteers is preview shopping, so I got to shop last night (the sale started this AM). I was not the only one out there in mud shoes and a rain slicker shopping - I love gardeners! I got some ferns (maidenhair and Japanese painted), hellebore ('Mettalic Blue Lady'), asarum europeum, astilbe chinensis v. pumila, pulmonaria 'Little Star' and lamium 'Purple Dragon'. These are for my new shady wall bed, along with some hosta and other stuff I'll move from other places here. I have an aruncus dioicus that I think will hide the ugley meter. Other than that I don't really have a design in mind, I'm just going to lay out all the plants and move them around until they look good. Do any of you draw out designs on paper, or do you "wing it?"

I am hopelessly behind here, but I did see some beautiful photos in my quick skimming - loving all of them! Deanne, your combo pics were inspiring, and I love it that you have a combo with plants from fellow idylls. Cindy, that stone circle is pretty - you have done a lot with your small space. 'bug, spring sure is pretty in your neck of the woods.

Cindy, glad to hear your Mom is okay.

'bug, how exciting that your DD is due is a little over a month! How soon will you be headed out there to visit again?

Babs, that is sad about the school. Education is priceless, it is awful that financial concerns have to have such an effect. Congrats to Chris, you all must be very proud of him.

Deanne, hope you are feeling better soon. I've been fighting a cold all week, and the cold started to win mid-week. I'm feeling better now, but not much energy still.

Chelone, I did see that you are looking for browallia, I know a source nearby, they have them in six-packs. I'll be going back there when the weather gets reasonable again to pick up some annuals. They have 'Jingle Bells' (light blue), 'Marine Bells' (deep blue) and 'Silver Bells' (white). I had the deep blue ones last year and they are awesome - they kept going until frost cut them down. Let me know how many and which ones, and I'll pick some up for you. I'd like some of your toad lilies too.

Well, the rain has picked up again - I guess I'll catch up on some housework - the upstairs hallway is still crammed with boxes of summer things I pulled out when it was hot 2 weeks ago, but then it was a perfect gardening weekend so I never finished the job. Last night I wished I hadn't put the fleece blankets and turtlenecks away. Le sigh.

Waving hi to all, and wishing you a great weekend!


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HI Everyone

I am here at the Real Estate office doing floor time, so this gives me a great opportunity to sit down and read and write to the idylls. It has been cold and windy here. I think I may have jumped the gun on bringing out plants. Skip made himself a little succulent garden with plants we brought in for the winter. I was afraid they wouldn't make it, but he said it is cold in the desert, they can take it. They are hanging in there, but I think this wind is just too much. Hopefully they will bounce back, because it really is a cute litte spot. About a month ago, I injured my back attacking the Bermuda grass and tearing up the lawn. I should have done lasagne gardening, but I was trying to find a spot to plant my seeds and didn't have any sunny area. Yesterday was the first time I could actually bend over and tie my shoes without major pain. Putting on underwear was even trickier. Anyway, on Mother's Day Skip went out in my weedy mess and spent 2 hours pulling. Then he mulched it. And his back doesn't even have a twinge of pain. Oh for upper body strength of a guy. This is the best that area has ever looked. Now that is a gift I can appreciate. I think I kept reinjuring my back, because I kept bending over doing things in the garden without even noticing I was doing it. I was heading out the door to my mom's with a shovel in my hand and Skip said, don't you dare dig a hole. I hadn't even thought about it causing more damage. Anyway, I delivered her rose to her and my sister or a neighbor kid will dig the hole. So, that is what is up here. My garden is actually starting to look like something.It is so spread out, etc and I have too many different areas I wanted that none of them looked good. The advice about completing one area at a time is a really good method. I tend to head off in a bunch of different directions with no good result. Let's see what else is happening... my dog lost one of my garden shoes, and I have been looking for it for a month. Finally decided to buy some more, then realized that if I have to drive 30 minutes to the Mall, park, etc, it would be cheaper in the long run to have them delivered to the house. That way, I could be outside having fun and someone else can do the running. They came the next day. I also ordered a coat online from either Land's End or something like that. Anyway, it was really nice to come home from work, and have the package be there. I am thinking with the price of gas, it might just be cheaper too. I know it gives me more free time to do what I want at home. I don't like going to malls, etc. Now plant stores, that is another story.

Cindy, your garden looks so inviting. You did a great job with the brickwork. It sure looks like your plants are way ahead of mine as far as blooming.

Babs, are you going to the big Botanical Garden program next week? They have a huge outdoor program with garden designs that incorporate music. They bill it as the one of the biggest outdoor events in the nation. I am going on the first day, which is Thursday during my lunch hour, then meeting a friend after work for a more leisurely stroll through. Stan Hywet Hall has a special feature right now too, they have 11 treehouses on display. And they are raffling off one. I bet your kids would get a kick out of it. I just saw an article in the Plain Dealer today, so I don't know how long it is going to be there, but I am going to try to get out there.

Deanne, your plants that you nurtured through the winter look lovely! What an accomplishment, and an inspiration for me to do better next year. I did get some to make it through, but they are sort of twiggy, if you know what I mean:) Where did you order your coleus from? I drove to Columbus a couple of weeks ago to the place I got Choco Loco from, but they didn't have any. I loved that coleus. I did get a new Bi Polar Bi Golly, since I killed my other one. Can't find any around here, so thought I might go online if I knew a reliable source.

Bug, your pictures look so nice. More inspiration....I bet you are getting excited to meet the baby. Hope all goes very easily for your daughter. Can't wait to see the little one.

Eden, if I didn't say it before, congrats on your daughter's engagement. I kept meaning to say something, but dont' know if I did or not. I like Tim's memorial. I would like to come up and see your garden again. I bet it really looks nice. More than that, I would like to have you guys come down here and give me advice about what I need to do:)I sort of feel like I am at a critical moment.

Monique: I definitely need you and Les to tell me what trees to buy. If you guys take a trip to Girards this summer, let me know. I am thinking of getting a Paperbark Maple from them. I still want that Abies Koreana Nanaimo we saw last summer, but they don't have one. They do have Siberlocke. How's Emma?

Sue, glad to hear you are getting up to speed again. I bet you are anxious to get out there. Good for you for listening to the doctor. Better to take time now than to pay for it later.

Susy, I hope your husband finds something that will help him with the pain he is experiencing.

Saucy- congrats on your first check!!! Good for you guys. Hope your business grows and grows.

Hi to those I missed. I think about everyone, but don't want to make this a novel......

Well, I guess that is enough from me for now, I hope you all have a great weekend!


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Rock excavated and moved. Perfect flat stepping stone!

Arbor installed on slope. Tricky, but my engineering skills (not!) saved me. It looks level.

Major pruning survived. (The trees and me. Bloody lip from backfire on the long reach pruner took my mind off of my sore finger for now.)

Nice to see long posts from Babs & Drema & Wendy! Drema, so sorry about your back, it was a good lesson for me. Bab's congrats to Chris and you. It was a long haul but you made it!

Shower time (therapeutic) and then I'll get dirty again. I'm so happy the newest arbor is in, (I bought it at HG a month or so ago and it matches 2 others). The Cecile Brunner roses were long enough to flop over the top of it even though it's much too narrow for the spot it's in. (My vet budget is unlimited, my arbor budget is $99 :-) And the roses are facing down at the moment but they'll figure it out, right?

Feeling dirty and sleepy and it's only 2:22.


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It's a soup kind of day, I guess. I got up and made a pot of Chicken Gumbo. I love it when okra hits the produce aisle.

Brenda, I too love reading about your have a way with words.

Babs, Congrats to the husband and the woman who backed him all the way! What an inspiration for your boys. Sorry to hear about's a sad state in every school system, I'm afraid.

Chelone, we turned on the radiators....made me cringe a bit, but I couldn't fit another layer on! If it had been 50 in January I would've thought we were having a heat wave, but after being warm, this is just cruel.

I went to HG yesterday and had to run out of there. All I needed were new sheets - good quality, good price sheets. They make you hike through all the garden aisles to get to the sheets :)

Everyone's congregating in the kitchen asking what's for lunch and it's 5pm.....LOL...I've got a lot of catching up to do in the kitchen. Don't worry, they eat fine :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well how come I did so much and have so much left to do??? No rock moving here today, but I did go to the dump and buy gas. Then I weeded an island bed near the bridge, mowed the front lawn, watered the new trees along a part of the creek (still the other half to be done tomorrow) and weeded one side of the bridge and pruned a rose there. Charlotte cries when she is lonesome, and so I have to visit her frequently. So much work yet to do.

It is turning cloudy now, but they say I don't need to protect plants tonight. Yeah!

Here's my maple to show Cynthia.

And I am very much enjoying these tulips this year. Can anyone identify them for me?

Just finished mango chicken for dinner and next, tonight's activity is a nice long bath! :)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all

Hi Drema! I get my coleus on line from Rosy Dawn Gardens. They have lovely plants and great shipping. I've not gotten any bad plants from them.

Cynthia, sorry but I lol about the bloody lip from the pruner. That is just the kind of thing I do all the time. I'm deadly with pruners and have drawn blood more times than I can count. Sounds like you've really gotten a lot accomplished in the gardens this week.

Bug that coleus looks like 'Pineapple Wizard'. Love that maple and those tulips are divine.

Saucy, we had leftover turkey soup today. You're so right another soup kind of day.

Well I worked in the garage today and got a few contaners potted up. Woohoo!!! Here are a few pics

So Mary do you recognize this purple pot???

Have a great evening all

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Another gloomy morning here; puntuated by Old Sol's feeble effort to break through the cloud cover. Forecasters have steadfastly maintained those efforts will be unsuccessful. Oh well.

Babs., congratulations are in order for your DH. I attended my BIL's graduation when he received his Ph.D. in mathematics; he was genuinely touched. I think he's coming up on one in Computer Science within a year/two... . It's the culmination of a lot of dedicated study, thought, and hard work. What an exciting day for your family! I hear you on the clutter... I confess to stillhaving Christmas stuff piled in the back room waiting to be schlepped to the attic area... it goes up when the window screens come down. But the weather has been generally too cold to open the windows! Celebrate well today, OK?

Drema, I've never had major problems with my back and I thank my lucky stars for that. A few years ago I had a nagging ache in my lower back and saw a chiropractor for the first time ever. An adjustment fixed the problem quickly and easily. But with every passing year I'm more cautious about what I will take on and how much I will do in one day! I hope you're feeling better and won't throw caution to the wind any time soon. I know what you mean about the "birdshot" approach to gardening... projects everywhere and none of them looking quite the way you want them to. It happens to me all the time. :) What saves my bacon (sort of) is that my plants have attained enough size and have been divided enough to provide some "massing", and that helps a lot, even if the show is more limited. Your Skip is a real honey to plunge in and help you out; what a lovely gesture.

I got a chuckle out of the bloody lip, too. Count me in as one more who incurs "self-inflicted" wounds in the course of gardening. And, know what? they always occur when I've done something I KNEW was risky before I undertook it! Not only does it hurt, but it serves as a nagging reminder of my own stupidity. But do I learn? the jury is still out on that one, I'm afraid.

Level... it's amazing to me how readily our eyes are able to discern level and plumb. Maybe it has more to do with what I do for a living, but I can spot discrepancies easily. The helpmeet marvels at how accurate my eye is when it comes to measurements in and under the 36" range. We were aplitting firewood the other day and I rejected several pieces as too long for the stove. Exasperated, he asked me how long the pieces were... I said 19" and he snorted. I was DEAD on, and confess to gloating. ;)

Do you use the stepping stones in the beds you have, Cynthia, or are you working on a pathway?

Deanne (and other container junkies) do you reuse the potting soil year to year? do you augment it with additions of compost, etc.? I tend to augment the potting mix, personally and I feed my annuals with every watering. I have not used those water retaining pellets very much. I think I added them to the north windowboxes, but have never bothered to replenish them and never thought they were a lifesaver. But, the windowboxes do face north.

'bug, I eyed some Primula the other day. I didn't pull the trigger on them, though. I was thinking of planting them in the bed alongside the pond, but there is much work to do to that area before more planting can occur. I've not done a search on their preferred culture, so anything you might offer would be of help in how I approach that bed.

I can't believe Memorial Day is next weekend. I don't even have the awnings up yet! the windowboxes are still bare, and the chilly, raw weather hasn't added any urgency to any of those tasks. Next week at work is going to be just brutal. Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are the biggies... the phone will ring incessantly, people will be crabby when told, "NO" and it will involve late days. Mustn't forget to take my "patient pills" and look for the humorous aspect of the chaos.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A gray morning here, but dry. I'm hoping for sun later on. There's tons of outdoor work to do, in spite of the black flies. Yesterday was my first day with bug spray, much as I hate the stuff. That's why I needed the long bath soak last night. I made it an event with a verbena/lemon scented candle...

Primulas: Mine are candelabra primulas and they reseed everywhere. I like that, but others do not. They reseed many meters away from the originals too, all through the "lawn" as well. I enjoy them along the creek where they grow with sensitive ferns...each duking it out with the other in the "spread department".

This is our long weekend in Canada, Monday being Victoria Day... Which reminds me that I'm bound to hear fireworks tonight. Any excuse for fun at the nearby campground.

I'm with you Chelone on the measuring. It is an acquired skill. I used to know 5/8ths of an inch from sewing. We also used to play with Cuisenaire rods with the kids...which taught us our metric measurements. I know 10cm is an orange rod, 1 cm is white. More recently this skill transferred to decibels. We needed to measure sound when sending formal complaints about the nearby gravel pit. I got really good at it and didn't need the meter...except for legal purposes. We could tell you the levels of sound anywhere we traveled, on a highway, downtown Toronto..anywhere, any thing. The sound of your washing machine, dishwasher, furnace, dryer, etc. Now I have lost the art, but could pick it up quickly if necessary.

I just checked my photos from last May 20th. We are indeed behind this year. There were clematis, allium and the flowering crabapple open by the 15th! My containers were already planted. Perhaps I should work on them today? No, it wouldn't be safe to put out the coleus yet! Maybe next weekend? We'll see. And who will water them when I leave for Alberta? Hmmm.

DD's website says this:

I am over 5 lbs and 18 inches long. My kidneys are fully developed and my liver is finishing up. I am 34 weeks old, only 42 days to go!


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It's cool, low 50s, and a misty rainy morning here. Saucy, it's been a cold spring everywhere. I had to turn the heat on in late April, which is unheard of here.

Bug, I know so well what that Acer looks like :-) Seriously, isn't zone 5 Canada colder than zone 5 US? In your best interests, I did a search on Full Moon and found it's good to zone 5 US. I'm here to help lol.

I had to hit Sam's Club and Trader Joe's last night and when I came back into the house, noticed only one rose glove was on the kitchen counter. I'd been pulling blackberries out of the neighbor's tree stump on the property line, and those long leather gloves are the only way to do that sort of thing. My other neighbors had brought the gloves to me from their visit to England a few years ago, and I love those gloves. Make me feel like superwoman :-) And the reason I cleared the stump was the Complicata Rose I planted there to cover it a few years ago. Huge single pink blossoms and one that can cover a LOT of ground. Fairly thornless too, so I didn't have to worry about people getting hurt. Link below, if you haven't heard of this one. It's a good choice for a 'wild' spot.

I turned the floodlights on and grabbed a flashlight, but couldn't find the missing glove. Went upstairs to settle Monty in and Dannie gave him a little growl from her pillow. I figured it was the rain (she's thunderphobic.) Well, a few minutes later I heard the growl again and looked over to find SHE had my other glove and was guarding it on her pillow. Since she never ever does anything 'wrong', and I've rarely heard a growl out of her before, it made me laugh. Katie I would expect this from, but Dannie never! I said 'mine' and she relinquished the soppy glove which is none the worse for being cherished :-)

The earth should be damp this morning and good for weeding, but I'm going to stay cocooned for a bit. I too tend to drift in the garden. A little bit here, a little work there. I figure that's ok, since it's a hobby, and it's relaxing not to be too focused, but it's true nothing ever seems complete. It took me a full week to get to that blackberry mess.

Deanne, the containers are as beautiful as ever, but I confess I'm drooling over your weed free grass. Some year I'll concentrate on the lawn here. Actually this morning might be a good day to put down some lime. I don't use any weed killers and anyone who has seen my lawn could guess that :-)

Sun is starting to come out here. Have a great day everyone!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cynthia, I bought the smaller tree because I could afford the risk. The larger one was in the 3 figures. I will have it in the only protected spot around and will be winter protecting it diligently. Obviously, I'm a nut case.

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Lots of people grow Acers in pots GB. Since they grow slowly, that might be a solution too. Take it to cool shelter in winter. A sunroom or enclosed porch would work.

I found two bags of Frank's Weed and Feed in cellar and spread it on the front lawn. (Thank you for the inspiration Deanne.) You all can figure out how long I've had it since Frank's has been out of business a few years :-) Need to feed the roses too. Then off to an open house for my adoption group.

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We actually caved in to hiring a company to treat our wildly overgrown lawn several years ago. I was ready to scream; dandilions and plantain smacking their lips at the fertile territory awaiting their onslaught... . Best thing we ever did!!! under control in one month, devastated by the end of September. On the recommendation of the "dandilion slayer", "call me when they begin to gain a foothold". I think this is the year... it's been fully 5 since he was here last. Healthy lawns are so vigorous that broadleaf weeds have trouble establishing themselves! Good luck, Cynthia, but do consider calling in the pros when things get too out of control!

I love the story of Mummy's rose glove, BTW. Good Dannie!

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Good news! Brad picked me up a little Canon PowerShot this afternoon. So I'm back in the picture posting business. I'm a couple of days behind on Idylls again. Yesterday I had Bella and still managed to get quite a few things out of pots and into the garden. Still more to go though. I'm watching Bella again this evening while Meg's working. It's cold out today but should warm up this week. Hard to believe that next weekend's Memorial Day already.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Back now from running various errands. Very interesting how each store has a nursery attached. The plants are often in terrible shape, totally windblown and unwatered, but occasionally you get there shortly after they've arrived and luck out. So I went to Canadian Tire for grass clippers for edging, which I actually found and bought, but happened to pick up some nice white astilbes too. Then passed a nursery which has good annuals, so picked up some dusty miller, variegated periwinkle and things for containers. Also found some eggplants for the vegetable garden. Then on to grocery shopping (ahem...) where I found more nice container stuff including annual grasses. The best place was the spot where I got terrific salvia black & blue. I think I'll make a pot of just that! Oh, did I mention I also got coleus? Sunrise and Wizard sunset. I hate coleus, in case you forgot.

It's darned cold and gray here (50F) so I'm not much in the outdoor gardening mood. I guess laundry calls....Hope your weekend is what you hoped for!


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Marie, we're hopeless. I went to Home Depot to purchase a new sprinkler and came home with miscanthus adagio and pennisetum hamelin too.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oooo I'm so jealous of you all. I've not found a single pot of annual grass or perennial grass anywhere this year yet and this is the first year I didn't save my pennisetum rubrum. Grrrr.... I'm waiting on putting a few arrangements together until I can find the grass. Jeesh...

Must confess, I bought several new fuchsias today.... Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! I could not resist, my fav place for annuals just got in some gorgeous Shadowdancer 'Betty' and 'Ginger'. I've been looking for 'Ginger' for two years. What else could I do except bring a few of them home????

Ok, back at it, dodging the raindrops today. It has been alternating between partly cloudy and tropical deluges.


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Deanne, I love those containers you put together. I can't believe how full and lush yours always look right from the start. Do you just prune often to keep the different components from overtaking each other? The problem I always have when I pack them in is something gets crowded out but I love how your's look so nice from the get-go. I found a Ginger last week, I also have Marcia.


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Hello Idylls

Wow, fantastic reading, pictures and news from everyone. I'll be dipping back in for more details.

Yesterday was the last performance of Peter Pan. No photographs allowed which is a shame as the kids flying 15 feet above the stage with a starry backdrop was spectacular. I enjoyed every performance. Last night was the cast party and Annie was almost in tears afterwards she was so sad it had all come to an end. She told me that in the play every person became a friend, but afterwards it's back to the cliques and circles that make up every middle school. At the party they had the "Paper Plate Awards" where everyone recieved a light hearted award. Annie's was for the "Best Female Pirate" and I think she'll treasure it along with her publicity photo that was put up at the mall.

Despite my cold dragging on (I'm now wondering if it is a sinus infection) the week seemed to get busier and busier. On Friday after my regular job (which is safe Babs, thanks for your concern) I put in a few hours gardening for my first garden client. I'm doing some new gardens for one of the directors at my old job. She is a real hoot, kept plying me with grapefruit juice and gin when I went to measure up the site, and told me she has been boasting to everyone that she has her own English gardener LOL! Although clearing the beds was hard work, getting to choose plants on someone elses budget is really fun. She would like to spend a little more on interesting plants so I'm totally excited about the whole project, plus I have free reign with design - just soemthing that will make her smile, so no boring yews.

I got home just in time to clean off for the show. Afterwards I took a few of the girls to Friendlys where the cast was meeting. The staff were anything but friendly, told us it would be an hour for a table, and took over 15 minutes to serve one customer from the ice cream window. Instead I offered to pick up icecream at the grocery store and had 3 car loads of kids stop by for ice cream at the house. Some of the older students from the pit orchestra came and it was fun to see them all chatting together. As we had had company only 2 days earlier it was one of the rare occasions when the house was reasonably picked up, though still in need of a vacuum. I tried again to sort out ours with no luck - it was like cleaning with the leaf blower. If I was a better housewife I'd have put getting it mended at the top of my list for the weekend, but my priorities are similar to Eden's:0)

This morning I stayed in bed till 10.30 AM. DH brough me coffe to drink and it felt great to rest up. I've been pottering all day, getting little accomplished but enjoying myself all the same. The weather is in the 40's and rainy so I don't have the urge to be outside. I think I'll make soup for dinner.

hope you all had a great weekend


PS Deanne - LOVE the purple pot! They are all spectacular.

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The tree peonies...

The new camera is very simple to use but as you can see my picture taking skills haven't improved, lol.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hola Idylls from sunny Cancun Mexico. I didn´t have time to get back to you before we left on our trip to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversery on the 28th of this month. Dh couldn´t take that week off, so we booked this trip last minute for this week.

Before we left, we worked litteraly dawn to dusk spreading 11 yds of compost, 8 yds of mulch and all the contractors finally showed up this past week to get the sprinklers up and running, the downspouts extended and re-routed, etc. Also, I got the entire pot ghetto planted just in the knick of time.

Also my niece needed emergency sitting services. So my cyber time was gone before I knew it.

I just wanted to let you know that I´´ve been thinking about all of you, I didn´t fall of the face of the earth, just been too busy. I´ll be back on line trying to catch up when we return on the 27th.

This is our first time in Cancun. Our hotel is perfect and gorgeous -- check out the Gran Melia Cancun online. The photos don´t do it justice.

Before I get kicked off the ´puter again, I´m waving Hi to all. I´ll read and catch up wwhen I get back.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

it says I still have more time. Eden, I love your tree peonies, Mine were blooming when we left. Deanne, I, too, love your containers. They´re always spectacular.
Cynthia, call in the pros. As Chelone says, it´s definitely worth it. We use Scotts. They put down the granular and it´s so very much better than the nitrogen the others spray. The difference is truly amazing.

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Quote of the day: "If I was a better housewife I'd have put getting it mended at the top of my list for the weekend". LOL, Mary, you are busy enough .....give yourself a break. And sick to boot!

I could knit a dog hair sweater on any day of the week :)

Deanne, you've out done yourself once more.

I want an Acer "full moon" now - thanks GB.

Eden, your tree peonies are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I have to rush off and get back in the kitchen for a quick soup dinner with kalamata olive bread! Left over from Sunday dinner with the in laws.

Things are going to be busy around here. We've had a set back that I'm not comfortable sharing online, but everyone's okay and we'll overcome. I wouldn't feel right by not telling you and pretending everything is okay in my world. Truth is I have some deep thinking and hard work ahead.

So I may be sporadic, but I'm going to try to hang in because you all make me feel special to be part of such a wonderful group.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hugs to you Saucy. Big ones. I think we all have setbacks at times and aren't very open about them...but we do understand even if we don't know the specifics. Hang in there friend! You are needed here. I loved your birthday stories.

How wonderful that Honey and Tom managed their get away!!!! It's always so much work planning a trip...but worth it once you get there. ENJOY!

Eden, that picket fence of peonies is glorious! So happy you have a camera!

I'm trying to pick up my knitting and finish it off. Maybe.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hip hip horray!!!!!!! Eden has a camera again! I've really missed your photos. Your tree peonies are GORGEOUS! Love them, especially that dark pink peeking over the white pickets. That's a painting waiting to happen. Soooo.... .happy you like the containers. Nobody but all of you here 'get it' and the neighbors and friends here think I'm all a bit cracked but it is such a very fun creative process and nurturing challenge to make a pretty container.

Eden, I actually really groom and prune things a lot in the containers and also if something is getting swamped I move it or just let it 'fade away' if the design stays balanced.

Mary, sorry you are still dealing with a cold. I've got a bit of a cough left but I'll be able to get back to the gym in the morning. Sounds like you had a great weekend with the children. I so know the feeling you get when a big production is finished. Doug and I used to belong to our local community theater and we'd do large musicals like 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown' and 'Oklahoma' etc. Anyway, you'd always really bond with all the cast and crew and knew it would never be the same again after the play was over. Each show was unique and it was always sad to say goodby to everyone when it was done.

Chelone, yes, I do recycle the soil in the larger containers most of the time. The only ones that are a problem are when I grew grasses as the roots are so dense they don't compost over the winter and you can't plant into it the following year so I have to start over with those.

Honey!!! Ola! Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely DH! Hope you're having a fabu trip! ~~ Thanks so happy you like the containers.

OK Doug has got some steaks on the grill and we are enjoying a cocktail before dinner, (Tanguery 10 Gin and Noilly Pratt vermouth, martini, dry, rocks with jalapeno olives, fabu-fabu)


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Lol, hey saucy, what color will YOUR dog hair sweater be? If you need any black, let me know, I've got PILES of it lurking in the corners. You should see when we open the drifts out from under the furniture like tumbleweeds :) Hope things improve for you ((Saucy))

Honey-Cancun?? Yay for you and Tom! Hope you have a BLAST!!

Geez, Eden, now I'm gonna have to get some tree peonies. I've got a blue million herbacious ones..why not!?

Deanne, as usual, your containers are maaavelous! Is that a strobelanthus (butchered spelling, I'm sure) in the last pot?

Mary, glad you got coffee delivered to ya in bed this morning-great way to start out the day.

Today is DH's birthday. We tried for the coffee in bed thing, but DD texted at 7:30 to extend birthday wishes, then Jim's cousin did a Sunday morning pop-in that lasted until 1:30 in the afternoon. I didn't get any weeding done, but I assume they'll still be there tomorrow. I probably should get off the computer and show some enthusiasm for cooking supper. It's gonna be bacon, eggs, and carrot cake. Man, that looks really bad when you type it out like that. Maybe add a salad, lol!? Plus, we got the Sopranos tonight, and since we're paying for HBO JUST to see it, they'd better have something REALLY GOOD planned for the end of the series! So far, last season and this, I've been a bit disappointed!
Have a good evening, all!
PS...'bug--It's gonna be SO exciting when we get to see some baby pics from you-I bet you're just hopping up and down in anticipation :)

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Yet another day in the 80s. We have actually had an unusually warm spring. We are getting pretty dry, but they talk chances for rain this week.

Eden, Im so glad you have a new camera love your garden photos. They tree peonies are so pretty. I was happy that mine made the winter. Although, miscanthus Adagio doesnt seem to have.

Cynthia, I wouldnt mind dandelions so much if they only stayed in the grass, but I hate how they seed in the middle of plants. Ive been spraying for broadleaf in the fall and its really showing this year. We have a sprayer that we pull behind the 4 wheeler and then I hand spray close to the beds. I really dont trust anyone else to do it. LOL

Honey, have fun!

Deanne, it sounds like you plan your containers. I just buy things I like and then set them all out and try to decide what looks good together. I have to say those pots you posted look like mine do ½ way through the summer.

Drema, take care of the back. My back gives me fits if I over do it, but I have learned to manage it pretty well. Exercise, walking and using a cart or wheelbarrow has helped a lot.

Babs, how exciting for your family. Congrats to Chris.

Chelone, I take my wheelbarrow and make a mix for my pots, fresh potting soil, compost, slow release fertilizer and moisture crystals. I will throw some old potting soil in also, but most often I throw that in the compost. So that isnt really throwing it away. In big containers I do leave the old stuff in the bottom where the roots dont go. Our bird feeder has a tree nearby that has a branch that hangs near it for cover. It works quite well and the gkids think its wonderful to watch the birds from the window.

RE: self-inflicted gardening wounds, hopefully everyone is current on their tetanus shots.

Last night we trimmed the double tops out of the blue spruces. Rick drives the skid loader and lifts me up in the bucket. They are really getting tall and we can barely get to the top. There are 22 of them. 2 had peeping baby birds and 2 had nests with eggs. I dont know much about bird eggs, but one nest had 2 of the palest pink and the other had white and black swirled eggs.

Rick finished his planting yesterday afternoon and volunteered to help me with a few projects. We planted a wildflower garden in the ditch. Im not sure if it will be a good thing or not. We always mow the road ditch in front of the house but have to quit where the ditch gets too steep. Rick had brought in dirt to make more of the ditch mowable, but then my Dad gave me some wildflower mix. The landscaping firm he worked part time for last summer gave him them. If it doesnt work out, grass is always an option. We named the area "Marvin Gardens" as in Monopoly and my dads name is Marvin.

Thats all folks!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good sunny morning everyone,

It is currently 52 degrees out and on its way to mid 60s. Woohoo, perfect gardening weather. Im hoping to get a bunch more of the pots planted up today and perhaps to take a ride over to Lake Street Gardens in Salem, NH to see if they have any of the Bella Hybrid Abutilons and Im also looking for a variegated, yellow lantana for my Lemon Meringue pot I want to put together. Im also hoping to get the hayracks on the fence planted up. Does anyone else ever plan your garden day and think you can cram two days worth of work into eight hours?

Michelle, I dont really plan all the containers but do exactly as you and get stuff then decide what looks good together. I do plan for a few where I want to improve on an especially good design from previous years or want to repeat something I particularly liked. The orange Bella Hybrid abutilon container I had last year with the Plectranthus Vanilla Twist and Coprosma kirkii I particularly liked and this year I want to add that marvelous Abutilon Souvenir de Bonne that I saw at Sues. the variegation will be perfect in that arrangement and the height will add some drama. ~~~ BTW Im so happy that Ive managed to save both of the pelargoniums you sent me from last year!!!! They are starting to get some nice growth on them now they are outside and one is setting buds. My lovely stained glass piece you sent me lost one of the elements and I need to find a person who does that to fix it. It was a piece off the hummingbird. I really treasure that piece because you made it for me! ~~Marvin gardens! Love it!

Brenda, Happy Birthday to your DH!!!! Mine is going to be celebrating his big 60 in July. We can hardly believe it as we dont feel a day over 30. LOL ~~ Yes that is a Strobilanthes in the purple pot. I actually bought that pot when I was out visiting Mary in Rochester last year. The pots were on sale and when I saw that purple one my brain immediately decided I HAD to have it and I HAD to plant a Strobilanthes in it. LOL Im hoping that it really gains some nice size when this weather warms up.

Sorry for the problems Saucy. Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.

Honey, Im amazed and am bowing to a superior force. You got all that mulch and compost spread AND planted your entire pot ghetto????!!!! You are amazing! Ive got what seems like a billion pots unplanted here. ~~ BTW did you catch my post about the overwintered dahlia tubers??? Youd be interested that all my tubers made it and I didnt fuss with them one little bit.

Ok hoping for more spring pics from people today. Im off to the gym and then to build another layer of dirt under my fingernails. Have a great day everyone

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Deanne, today I plan on doing at least 3 days worth of work. With DH away, I think big! I'll report back later.
The woodpecker is making his racket outside the window.
In the meantime, the treadmill is calling my name!
Then spray myself against the black flies...then,
Up Up and Away!

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Good morning

Today looks glorious - too bad I'll be inside at work all day. My thoughts might be creeping to the garden during my down time. Tonight we're hitting the low 30's (groan) - guess I'll be doing a lot of dragging in to the garage.

Saucy - hang in there. With time you might be able to turn your upheaval into a learning experience or catalyst for positive change.

Babs - congratulations for Chris. What an inspiring event for the boys to attend.

Honey - I too am amazed at what you accomplished. Enjoy that well deserved R&R in Cancuun. I was there 25 years ago and remember so clearly the crystal blue waters.

Eden - those tree peonies are to die for. Wonderful that you have a new camera - I'll be looking forward to more spring shots.

Need to dash though I'd rather Idyll and then spend the day in the garden.

Waving to all I missed


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all!
Hey, I found my face :) Not the greatest picture, but you get the general idea. I was trying to get the family to sit still for a picture at Thanksgiving.
I'm "on call" today, so I guess I'll take my phone and go attack the wild oats and see what happens. Have a good one, everybody!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Terrific!!! Yeah Brenda is in our rogue's gallery now!

I'm just in from major digging in the raspberry patch and edging the front berberis hedge. Three pails of raspberries are heading to town to the local Mennonite garden supply place. A fourth bucket full I'm giving to 3 other friends.

I also dug up some Japanese anemones. Who knows what else I'll pot up this afternoon. I actually hope to plant a few things too.


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