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don_socalJune 5, 2012

Now some say the wisdom of trees is an old wives tale, but curiously enough the old wives hold by the truth of it. So I asked a gnarly old oak about the wisdom of trees but he only wanted to dance and didn't answer my questions.


Here is a link that might be useful: Old Moss Womans Secret Garden

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What a great way to start the new day. I always wanted a moss garden, but even the small one I started did not make it, too hot and not enough moisture. Mandatory water rationing don't help.

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What wonderful advice! They are words of wisdom for any time and age. I can't check the link, right now, but will do so when I come back, later.

I may not be an "Old Moss Woman", but I'm definitely in the "old woman" category. But knowing that age is mainly a state of mind, I'm having all the fun I can while it's still an option.

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