RE: My Stupidest Gardening Mistake - or- We Were Once All Newbie

KerstinJune 22, 2011

So many funny stories on here that my sides hurt! Which reminded me of one of my own. I bought 2 bags of pole beans. I had planted a total of 60 beans, mind u I have a garden w/ tomatoes,squash, carrots & pole beans. My garden is about 20x10, yeah, not a great idea, took over my whole garden & destroyed it, but of course while planting I just couldn't get all those beans in the garden (and u shouldn't waste what u bought, right?) so I planted the last 20+ beans along the side of my house along the fence line. Did I mention I live in town & ppl can see the ones next to the house? What a mess! And did I also mention I have six Bichons (dogs)? yeah, forget the ones along the fence thx to the helpful dogs barking at the neighbors & trampling them. Disgusting large 3-4 ft wide dirt & patches of grass all summer, Highly embarrassing after I've bragged to the neighbors while sweating in the sun planting all of this. Needless to say I came up w/ a brilliant idea this year....wait for it.. A Volleyball net! and TADA! This year we have the beans segregated on that net, problem solved! And even though this happend 3 summers ago & after tilling I somehow ended up w/ 1 mysterious carrot that would come back!... Oh how we all seem to over do it in the "moment of the green thumb!"

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Hi Kerstin, welcome to the Garden Party. I have not had many "worst" mistakes,thank goodness. But a whole lot of learning moments and missed opportunities.
We have a couple of apple trees, and early in my gardening experience, I used some of the cuttings as markers in my garden. A couple of the "sticks" took root and they budded and flowered. One was "planted" up-side-down and it still budded and flowered.
I did not want apple trees directly in my veggie garden, so I pulled out all the "sticks".
If that happened these days, I would have left the "sticks" in the ground as an experiment.

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Oh I got one!

Last year among a ton of other stuff, I planted some heirloom âÂÂMexican Sour Gherkinâ cucumbers. They grew really well and started coming in in great numbers

I tried one and didn't really like the taste raw - our new kitchen was under construction so there was no way to try any recipes or pickle them so I gave them all to a friend to pickle.

I must have missed one and it grew for many more weeks. By the time I found under the leaves it seemed to have "magically" turn into a cantaloupe.

Well, perhaps it wasn't magic and I forgot I planted a few cantaloupe seeds and assumed the un-labeled plant with a creeping vines was the cuke.

Turns out I gave a whole bunch of un-ripe cantaloupes to a friend who then pickled them...

I still haven't had the nerve to tell her!

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Welcome to the Garden Party, dzr4 .
I have realized one of my biggest mistakes is that I don't prune, trim, thin or shape my trees enough. I've found out that trimming a tree is a good thing. But it has taken years to learn the lesson.

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