Whether weather?

lilosophieJune 6, 2012

Would you believe "Frost Advisory?" in June! We had a bit of rain, unusual, but happened before just prior to Rodeo, made it a "Mudeo" but don't recall a "frosteo" glad my tomato starts are not planted, not even purchased, so the nursery can worry about the situation, I'll wait a couple of days.

Temps are slated to be in the middle seventies for several days, good weather to do heavy gardening.

The bull-frogs, ever hopeful, are still singing, though it's getting cooler by the half hour.

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gandle(4 NE)

Yeah, I would believe that. Frost warnings are unusual here in June but couldn't be considered rare. We have had significant snows in June, always melts quickly though.

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As long as we have been here, turning on the heat in June is a first. Turning off the heat in February was a first too. Had no frost warning, my tomatoes are growing and it is supposedly getting warmer at night starting tomorrow.

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We got the rain and it was very unsual for June.
When I saw on the news, that it was snowing at 6K' I wondered how it would affect you, and now I know.
Crazy weather here in CA. LOL, about the bull frogs, hope it warms up soon.

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We just had a storm blow through.Thunder, lightning and rain for a while,long enough to do some good.

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We live in the fruit growing part of eastern Washington State. (Think cherries snd stone fruits followed by apples and lots of wine.) Never before have we had rain at least once a week all through May and June. Cold winds too. Very nasty when you are trying to keep up a garden.

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Whether the weather be cold
or whether the weather be hot
We'll whether the weather
What ever the weather
Whether we like it or not

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You got that right, Minnie!
It is a lovely, sunny day and started out ar 38� this morning - it's now a windy 70�. That's California? A little North of here is the Harley Redwood Run encampment, it's
a big event, bikers have been running pretty steady yesterday and this morning, they have entertainments, including a wet T-shirt contest, wonder if there are some brave enough to parade around in a wet T-shirt,. brrr.

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minnie, I like that weather , wheather ditty.
Our weather has been up and down this spring and I can see that our tomato crop will reflect that.Some tomatoes "set" during a few nice days early spring and they are doing fine, did not set during the cold spell but is setting aging in the last few days during nice weather.

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