Back to normal (sort of)

lilod(NoCal/8)June 24, 2011

Had my six month check up with the bone doc, he was pleased with the healing, but my leg did turn out to be 3/4" shorter than the other one - no problem, I have a prescription for an insert, have to make an appointment to get that done, I am sure it will help to get me walking better.

December he may remove the pins, which will take care of the faint aches I get sometime. I think I want to have them, maybe make earring out of them?

Meanwhile I have moved dirt, planted tomatoes and cucumbers and squash - all in containers, and set up a container to grow pole-beans, using an old, wooden step-ladder instead of a bean-pole. Have to watch what shoes I wear and, so far, still use a cane.

I am truly blessed: how many folks my age are able to do what I do? I am not bragging, just fortunate.

The garden, untouched since last July, has gone feral and will need a lot of work. I discovered who are the intrepid

inhabitants and who are the sissies, it may surprise me and give me a clue.

So far I know for sure you can't kill coreopsis, cistus and buddleia, wondering what else is under all that tall, weedy grass.

It all will likely to be cleaned up by fall, so shall be the house. I was asked about Spring-cleaning and had to tell I didn't even do fall-cleaning 2010 LOL

Anyway, thought you might want to know...

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gandle(4 NE)

Good news Lilo. Glad to hear that things are almost normal.

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Lilo, we do want to know how you are doing. I am happy for you that your healing process is on track. It's probably been helped by your strong constitution. I'm impressed by all you're doing; I think I'm a few years younger than you, and know I don't do 3/4 of what you manange to accomplish.

Making earrings from the pins that will be removed from your hip sounds like a neat idea, both as a reminder and a souvenir.

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Lilo, I'm so glad you posted your six month check up and that things are going well. You certainly found ways to do some of the things you wanted/had to do without jepardizing your recovery.

Making earrings out of the pins sounds like a great idea. That's recycling in the best way. And also, it would be a fun thing to create.

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I'm glad to hear you are doing so well, you are so much more productive than I am.I'm younger and don't have a healing leg. Good for you!

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Lilo, great that you have such good news. I really can't complain either about my general health but I wished I could have done more in my garden this year.

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