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don_socalJune 29, 2014

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
Jimi Hendrix

You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.
Jimi Hendrix

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.
Jimi Hendrix

Even Castles made of sand, fall into the sea, eventually.
Jimi Hendrix

You have to give people something to dream on.
Jimi Hendrix

Imagination is the key to my lyrics. The rest is painted with a little science fiction.
Jimi Hendrix

Rock is so much fun. That's what it's all about - filling up the chest cavities and empty kneecaps and elbows.
Jimi Hendrix

It all has to come from inside, though, I guess.
Jimi Hendrix

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Good Sunday morning!

I hate to admit that I recognize his name, but know little or nothing about Jimi Hendrix! He does/did have some profound statements, though.

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