Maybe I'll go sit on the patio with the

gandle(4 NE)June 19, 2012

two shots of cortizone today. One in an arthritic knee and another in a shoulder. Don't remember why but every time I get a cortizone shot, sleep just doesn't happen. I even took a Lunesta about 2 hours ago and don't feel even a little sleepy. Guess I'll go commune with the cat. 1:09 AM.

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gandle(4 NE)

cats no help. 2:15 AM

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George, if the sleepy feeling comes, go with it! A nap can be a wonderful thing, no matter what the time.

Hope the cortisone shots help. (I'm sure the cat enjoyed your company.) :>)

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I could have kept you company. Am up since 1 AM and I am making sure I take Luesta tonight when I go to bed. My cat kept me company too. Of course now I could sleep when I have to cook supper.

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Some late nights, I wish I had a kitty by my side, but come early morning, I'm glad I don't have the kitty duties. I've been there done that.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Hope today was better.....cortisone is noted as a "jitters drug"...I hate that feeling.....when I was taking chemo they gave me decadron to combat the nausea etc.....awful!!
Hope the effects are over now....and hope the knee and shoulder feel better.
Linda C

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Hope the shots are working, had shoulder and both knees done in March. They used cortisone on my shoulder and some newer stuff called Hyalgan on my knees. Has helped a lot.

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