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don_socalJune 20, 2014

Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.
Langston Hughes

Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.
Henry Rollins

What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man.
Robert Green Ingersoll

Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something.
Frank Zappa

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air.
Georges Bernanos

It's still scary every time I go back to the past. Each morning, my heart catches. When I get there, I remember how the light was, where the draft was coming from, what odors were in the air. When I write, I get all the weeping out.
Maya Angelou

The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.
Henry David Thoreau

It was luxuries like air conditioning that brought down the Roman Empire. With air conditioning their windows were shut, they couldn't hear the barbarians coming.
Garrison Keillor

All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.
Chief Seattle

I have no desire to prove anything by dancing. I have never used it as an outlet or a means of expressing myself. I just dance. I just put my feet in the air and move them around.
Fred Astaire

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Garrison Keiller's quote is so right on.
Joann and friends were horse-camping, they made a camp-fire, interacted with their horses and each other, and there was another group in the camp-ground, big motor homes, she said they never saw them, each one went into their own motor-home ad apparently watched TV, didn't even interact with each other.

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Wonderful quotes, Don.
It is so interesting how a scent, however faint, can be identified and remember from way back, and invoke all kinds of feelings.

I think one saving grace it that "they" have not figured out how to do smellovision (sp) yet, if/when that happens, they will lead us by the nose.

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It seems that smell-o-vision is still in play.

Here is a link that might be useful: smell-o-vision

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