RHS Exams

raweseusJune 11, 2014

Sooo, anyone else studying for the upcoming RHS exams?

L2 for me.

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Nope. Not even studying for LSAT, which is my next test. IF I take it. What are you going to do if you do well on it?

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Please tell me what are "RHS" exams; LSAT, I know, but not "RHS". Thanks!

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RHS = Royal Horticultural Society


They do gardening/horticulture exams in Feb and June if you're in UK. You can sit the exams outside of UK too but then it's only in June I think.

Their site also has gardening guides and plant info.

Hmm what will I do... TBH I am not entirely sure yet, interested in hydroponic farms in my town, but also want to do a working holiday, something like a vineyard in Australia.

LSAT = Law School Admission Test?

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It is. LSAT is the US law school admission test.


A vineyard in Australia. Oh my. I'll come! I hope you do well and enjoy whatever you choose.

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Haha thanks! I actually feel like I can pass...

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